• Alright guys! The purrsona game is over!

    I’m going to have to give the winning point to Falling Feather, Rootbeerpaw is awesome!

    Alrighty now your next challenge is to create a new warrior code with atleast 3 codes that would make for the most interesting Warriors book yet!

    Here’s mine:

    Each clan must have 3 leaders
    All medicine cats are not allowed to talk to eachother
    And forbidden love is now the only type of love

    😛 Have fun and im excited to read everyone’s wacky codes!

    OH and the winner of this round will win a secret page!!!

      • Kits can only become apprentices at 56 moons old
        When a kit becomes an apprentice, they have to kill there leader’s nine life’s to show that they are ready to be mentored, if they quit they have to wait another 56 moons, if they loose, well… Bye apprentice!
        No warrior has a chance of becoming deputy, only apprentices
        Bonus!!! (This one won’t count as one apart of the results, it’s just for fun 😛)
        All warriors are exiled from the clan if they lose a battle

    • If there is any disagreement about a piece of territory, and who it belongs to both clans have to share it. Or no one can hunt there.
      All cats are allowed at the moonpool/stone
      The whole clan gets a say on who the deputy is unless they have a sign from starclan

      • Here are the rest of my rules!
        Medicine cats may have mates, but if you have kits they have to be given away to a different clan.
        To become a leader, there shall be a second vote of all the senior warriors, elders, and queens to vote if the cat is worthy of being leader.
        When a leader is in bad health on their last life, the deputy shall become leader in place of them.

        • Ohhh I like the medicine cat one! That would be really interesting!!! Even more so if the kits did not know what Clan they came from!

    • If there is any disagreement about a piece of territory, and who it belongs to both clans have to share it. Or no one can hunt there.
      All cats are allowed at the moonpool/stone
      The whole clan gets a say on who the deputy is unless they have a sign from starclan
      Sorry if this is a duplicate

    • 1. In order to be allowed in the clans you must sacrifice your front right paw to the moonstone/pool
      2. Leaders cannot make decisions without talking to StarClan first
      3. Eating fish is outlawed so RiverClan doesn’t get an unfair advantage
      4. If a warrior or apprentice chases a moth or butterfly they will be stuck in the nursery for a moon
      5. Making dirt anywhere other then the dirtplace is strictly forbidden
      6. Failure to abide by the warrior code will result in spontaneous combustion

    • 1. Everyone must be covered in jello from head to paws
      2. To become an apprentice, you must catch and eat fifty butterflies, unless your name is “Firestarkit” and if your name is that, you are the leader and you have to change your name to “Firestarstar”
      3. The medicine cats have to stay in trees all day and have to wake everyone up by yowling like an alarm clock.
      4. Eating any prey other than the following is FORBIDDEN:
      And Veggies
      Any other prey that are not those four are to be dropped in the waterfall to sacrifice to the fishies.
      (Not to do with anything, but my friend’s warrior name is Veggiebunch, should I invite her to BlogClan?)

    • 1. Apprentices can skip territories whenever they please.
      2. Medicine cats are the leaders of the Clan, the leader is just a puppet.
      3. Kits are switched between Clans every two days.
      4. Leaders are banned from having kits.
      5. Queens are the only ones able to become deputy.

    • To become an apprentice, you have to mentor a warrior
      Every gathering there is a cat swap (a cat from WIndClan would have to go to ShadowClan forever etc)
      To become leader you have to have been swapped
      You must feed the leader first, Queens and Elders eat herbs
      A leader can only be mates with another leader
      Medicine cats can only come from RiverClan
      You must never catch any voles, they are bad omens
      Each year the Leaders must go up to the Tribe and secretly feast on voles

    • Cats can only be leader for a moon and after they are killed
      all cats other than leaders have nine lives!
      Cats can only eat cats of other clans

      This is my first time playing ( I’m new ) I hope i win!

    • There can only be one queen in the nursery
      Medicine cats can have mates and only their kin can be medicine cats
      Queens must be related to the leader in some way

    • Hmm okay let me see…
      1. If you disobey the leader, the cat who did must listen to their least favorite music as a punishment (even though cats don’t have music). For example, let’s say a warrior named Ihateopera (that was a random name that I came up with XD) disobeys the leader. For punishment Ihateopera has to listen to opera
      2. Elders have no duty’s at all, warriors must work nonstop
      3. Hunting is only limited to mice. If you hunt anything other then mice, Starclan will come and zap your prey and make it a ash pile
      4. If apprentices break rules, they will be punished by being forced to play games instead of duty’s
      5. Medicine cats can have kits and should always heal their kits first if they are hurt, “MEDICINE CAT KITS GO FIRST”-Lavenderfox
      6. All cats must be named after food, cheeses, berrys, miscellaneous objects
      7. Apprentices can become deputy’s
      8. Kits can become any rank except leader (exception in shadowclan, super strong kit overthrew the leader :p)
      9. Before apprentices can become warriors, they must fight another till one dies, whoever lives becomes a warrior. The other cat? Well they’re dead
      10. Before a cat becomes deputy, the cat must go to the moonpool and then tear one claw and throw it in the moonpool. If the cats claw floats in the water, they are worthy. If not they will suddenly get an incurable sickness and die
      Well that’s it! As a bonus, here is a story I made based off the rules I came up with. (Don’t worry! It’s short, the allegiances might be long though :p)
      Leader: Goudastar
      Deputy: Carrotpaw
      Medicine cat: Bluecheese, apprentice: Cheddarpaw
      Warriors: Cilantroheart, Macaronikit, Xylophoneclaw, Deadlynightshadekit (looong name), Appleshade, Fridgefreeze, Bananacraze, Cucumberkit, and Ramennoodle
      Apprentices: Parmesanpaw, Watermelonpaw, Piepaw, Blueberrypaw
      Mentors: Fridgefreeze, Deadlynightshadekit, Cucumberkit, Ramennoodle
      Elders: Bedsleep, Strawberryface
      (I’m to lazy to do the other clans :p)
      The short story
      A cream coloured tom sat in front of a stunningly pretty she-cat, the tom looked quite nervous, his eyes darting around as if he was in danger. “Bananacraze, I thought you knew better.. you know what this means..” The she-cat sighed “B-but Goudastar I-I was just taking a small break…” “Bananacraze, I’m serious. You can’t take breaks!” The she-cat snapped. The she-cat turned around to face a small orange tabby “Carrotpaw, please get the box that makes noise” (a radio) “Yes Goudastar!” The tabby ran out of the area, soon to come back with a box. Bananacraze looked nervous, giving Goudastar a pleading look. The tabby hit a button and noise started coming out of it… Watermelonpaw looked around nervously, hoping not to fail her assessment. Finally she spotted a mouse. Leaping on it she delivered the killing blow. “Thank you starclan for this prey” she said in her head. The bushes behind her started rustling, she turned and jumped “Good job!” A kit squeaked at her “Oh! It’s just you Cucumberkit. So, do you think I will pass?” Asks Watermelonpaw nervously “Yeah, all you have to do now is beat Parmesanpaw.” Watermelonpaw remembered now, she had to fight her own brother… Watermelonpaw looked down sadly, as if imagining burying her brother already. “Come on Watermelonpaw, we should get back to camp.” Cucumberkit turned around and headed back. Watermelonpaw looked back, and then turned and ran following her mentor. Parmesanpaw looked around the clearing anxiously, “Oh cmon where is she?!?!?” He thought to himself. Spotting Watermelonpaw walking into the clearing he ran towards her claws unsheathed. “Come on sis. We have to fight!” He dug in his claws into her shoulders. “Watermelonpaw, stop holding back! Either I become a warrior or you do!” Watermelonpaw looked scared “I don’t want to.. I wish we could both be warriors, like they used to do!” She said, wincing in pain. Finally Watermelonpaw unsheathed her claws, giving in. Watermelonpaw watched Parmesanpaw closely, looking for a weakness. Suddenly they both heard a awful wailing coming from Bananacraze’s mouth. Parmesanpaw turned, and then Watermelonpaw lunged at him “I’m sorry!” Watermelonpaw cried, striking the killing blow. “I.. I just killed my.. brother…” she said shocked… Watermelonpaw turned to see who was wailing, out of curiosity. She saw Bananacraze wailing, a bunch of noise coming from a box beside him. Goudastar walked up to her, “Congrats Watermelonpaw, your warrior name is Watermelonfire”
      That’s it! Bye! Hope everyone is safe 🙂 by the way, sorry this is so long!!

    • Leaders are exiled every time a kit is kitted.
      Leaders can only go to the Moonstone/Moonpool on Gathering nights, meaning they have to miss the Gathering.
      Apprentices lead rebellions against Twolegs every quarter moon.

    • When a Clan leader dies the deputy must fight any other rivals for the leadership ⚔️
      Only medicine cat toms can have kits 🐱
      Apprentices must be sent on spying missions for their assessment 🕵️‍♂️

    • 1. Newly appointed warriors have to go on a spying mission.
      2. Medicine cats are allowed to have a mate and kits.
      3. A cat can only be a deputy if he has, went on a spying mission, has a mate and kits and was a warrior for 6 moons.
      4. No warrior can neglect a kit in pain or danger. But if the kit is from ShadowClan if must be black or you have to leave it.
      5. If your forbidden love dies you must retire from a warriors duties or an apprentices for 7 days to have time to grieve.
      6. When you go to the Moonpool you must drop a mouse in it as an offering to Starclan.
      7. A warrior is allowed to become mates with a kittypet if the kittypet leaves the Twolegs.
      8. Every medicine cat must have an apprentice.

    • -Everytime a new cat joins the clan,a leader must prod every clan memeber’s paw(themself,kits and elders included)and the newcomers as well,then fix their blood together to show that they’re part of the cult now.
      -The clan must treat each other like siblings(ex:calling ur friends bro,or sis)
      -You must wake everyone up by headbutting them in the stomach.HARD.or else u get killed by the kits.

  • The code is considered stupid and they have to do the opposite of everything it says
    The clans must commit war every time they see each other that’s not in the gathering
    Deputy’s will fight there leader after they loose a life the leader only gets to use one life until they get executed by the clan if the deputy loses they die and the leader will pick another deputy and has to lose another life until they it happens again
    It’s murder mystery between all the clans one cat will secretly choose a murderer and they secretly have to kill cats without any others noticing
    There are a ton of cats so they don’t run out
    Dark I now 😵😵😵😵😵😲😲😲😲😦😧😯😩😫

  • 1. Deputy is chosen by sneaking off into a TV show’s set (think Ninja Warrior) with his leader and complete the course in less than 5 minutes. If he fails, he is slaughtered on the spot until someone passes.

    2. Instead of talking about the clan’s problems, Gatherings consist of watching every MCU movie, and they are held weekly.

    3. Members must always talk in rhyme. If they don’t, they will be executed.

    4. Members must always eat fish and chips, nothing else.

    5. Elders are banished from the Clans and must become kittypets.

    Failure to follow the code will result in immediate death by being thrown into a volcano.

    (Darn, this is supposed to be a reply…)

    • Alrighty I have decided a winner! Sorry it took so long, I was procrastinating 😛

      The winner is… drumroll please….

      Brambleheart! Congrats!
      The Clan must worship potatoes
      Kits are automatically leaders until they become apprentices
      Warriors must fight to the death to become deputy

      Here is your secret page 🙂

      Make sure to type “claim” on the page Bramble so I know that you got it! If you don’t claim it within 3 days you lose it!

      The next challenge is to combine Warriors with any other book/movie/show series and explain how the two will go together!


      Warriors x Harry Potter

      Firestar will be Dumbledore and will occasionally go off character just like does in the movies

      Each kit born must be sorted into a clan. Kittypets, rogues, and loners are considered Mudbloods.
      At the end of the warriors 7th year they retire into the Elder’s den.

      the winner of this round will most likely win a secret page, i just have to go grab one real quick haha

      • Warriors and The Lion Guard
        Obviously, we need to make our Lion guard sooooo
        Firestar=fiercest because he’s the leader
        Graystripe=bravest because my mind equates Graystripe to Bunga for an unknown reason
        Sandstorm=fastest cuz Sandstorm is pretty fast and she reminds me of Fuli
        Dustpelt=strongest because everyone else is one of the five original apprentices and Dustpelt must be pretty strong to be doing all that construction
        Ravenpaw=keenest of sight because his entire life has been influenced by something he saw, and what he saw was super important. Also, just like Ono, Ravenpaw lost his rank as keenest of sight, though this time when he ran away
        And here are the other random thrown in stuff
        Bluestar=Simba just like Simba, Bluestar (at the beginning) was all knowing, always right and amazing
        StarClan in general=Mufassa, do I really need to explain?
        The Pridelands=ThunderClan, it’s the main place where all the action is
        The Outlands=ShadowClan, it’s the place where all the evil is
        WindClan=the Backlands, not as important as Pridelands or Outlands, but still there
        RiverClan=RIVERCLAN DOES NOT EXIST RIVERCLAN IS JUST A MYTH….but fine. RiverClan is hakuna matata falls. There’s water there….and Bunga/Graystripe lived there for a while…
        SkyClan=the Tree of Life, they both lived very far away from the other clans but after a while established a bond
        All medicine cats=Rafiki/Makini/royal mijusi, they both do all of the medicine stuff
        Evil lion head Scar=Tigerstar the first. They both sit there dead and give out orders to the living
        Janja=Darkstripe, doing whatever Tigerstar says, though Darkstripe never gets redemption
        Aaaannnnnddddd that’s all I can think of.

      • Warriors and A Series of Unfortunate Events
        this is gonna be pretty short because there’s not much tradition in the books but oh well

        Should any kit’s parents die (perish in a terrible fire) they will automatically be pursued by a kittypet named Olaf, who wishes to steal something they inherited from their parents (the location of some mouse-infested burrow, perhaps?).

        also i wasn’t here in time for the codes but i think mine were interesting so here, read them if you want:

        1: All tomcats are allowed to kill without banishment, punishment, etc.
        2: Medicine cats are allowed to have kits (preferably with another medicine cat)
        3: Kits become apprentices as soon as they open their eyes (brokenstar’s logic)
        4: She-cats can either have no litters or two or more litters.

      • Spoilers for Pll books and show and Warriors

        Warriors X Pll (surprise surprise I chose pll. 😛 )
        They are both extremely brutal, and have lots of characters dying! (i have no idea why I put an exclamation point there…) Also, Toby – I mean, nope, it’s Toby, okay, Toby’s a lot like Ashfur. When Spencer realized that Toby was A, she went off to try and date some really stupid guys. (seriously Spencer?!? YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THIS) But, when she started dating Wren, a fake British accent guy that job just changes to fit with the story, kinda like Kirk in gilmore girls, but that’s for another time 😛 . So, when she starts dating Wren, he tries to kill her. Like ASHFUR with Squirrelflight and her “kits”, but then Spencer doesn’t have any children because she’s in high school, so he just results to killing her instead. But, then, she’s stupid enough to get Mona into tricking her that Toby’s dead(with a body that I think is actually Wilden’s body, but I can’t remember tbh) So, then, Ashfur is A. Ok, just ashfur IS A. and the impostor… but, yeaaaa. So, I think I know who is A… but WHY SPENCE, WHY. WHAT DID HANNA EVER DO TO YOU….why, just why, do they have to include pictures in quizzes. WHY. So, there ya go.
        Ashfur = All the A’s
        Squirrelflight = Spence
        Leafpool = OMG YES EMILY
        Hollyleaf alive = Hanna
        Fallen Leaves = Caleb
        Brambleclaw = Wren (gag)
        Crowfeather when he’s finally gonna die = Maya
        All the villains in Warriors = ARIA (gag gag gag she’s a protagonist but not to me she’s not)

      • Warriors and…. GREASE

        Nightcloud – Rizzo
        Leafpool – Sandy
        Crowfeather – Danny
        Squirrelflight, Whitewing, Sorreltail and Mothwing – Sandy’s ‘gang’
        Breezepelt and other WindClan toms – Danny’s gang

        So Leafpool/Sandy and Crowfeather/Danny were together, but Crowfeather/Danny was also with Nightcloud/Rizzo at one point. Nightcloud/Rizzo gets annoyed that they are together and is just generally horrible.
        I can really imagine Crowfeather and Leafpool singing Summer Nights together 😛

      • Oh oops I submitted, I didn’t see that you chose a winner :p well, my submission won’t count now sadly

      • Warriors and. . . Pocahontas? This’ll be a little sketchy.

        Pocahontas- Leafpool. Leafpool always tries to save the ones she loves. She and Pocahontas both succeeded!
        Crowfeather- John Smith. Crowfeather and John both loved someone and knew it was against the rules but still loved the other.
        Umm. . .
        Mapleshade and Ratcliffe? They don’t care what they do to get revenge/power.

  • Hi ebay just saw your post about the winner of the contest! I dont know if i can do this one since i dont really watch movies and shows but i do have about 30 secret pages and if you need any as prizes for your contest ask me ! Links have been giving me problems on BlogClan but i can send them to you on LiveChat if you want 🙂

  • I didn’t forget about this…

    Who did a wonderful combination of Warriors x The Lion Guard 🙂

    Since last round the winner didn’t claim their secret page, you can have it Bloom!

    Now, now what to do for this round… I know!

    You get to write one super edition, and Kate has tasked you with the job of taking one boring undeveloped cat from any of the clans, living or dead, and to make their lives as crazy and interesting as possible.

    So your challenge this time is to come up with your main plot points, character, and chaos for this superedition! (No actually writing required, just the basic outline)

    Aaaaaand the winner will also be rewarded with a secret page!

    • Leafshade’s

      Leafshade is tired of living her life, doing the same thing every day. She sets off on a journey of her own, trying to find her place in the world. When she meets the Kittypet Raffe, her whole belief system is thrown for the loop. Raffe comes with her on her travels, but is killed when they encounter a gang of rogues. Leafshade gathers Kittypets and other rogues, teaching them all how to fight, along with other runaway clan cats.
      Just when Leafshade thinks everything is going right in her world, a strange voice calls out to her. One she recognizes. It tells her to go back, back to the clans. But Leafshade ignores it. Her life is well, and she is respected here.
      But in her dreams, she sees her mother Lilyheart, and her sister, Honeyfur. She is confused, and has knows she has to choice.
      But what is the right choice?

      That was long. I might actually end up posting this on the fan fiction page.

    • Ooh. Main character: Cloudpaw. Clan: SnowClan. Bloodstar has become crazy. He is forcing his cats in battle every day. Using fake prey-stealing and other things like that as an excuse. Bye changing the warrior code, forcing battle, the clans are at risk. One night, at a gathering, NightClan launches an attack. StarClan is angry an sends a lightning storm. Bloodstar curses at them, and goes back to camp with his clan, mid-battle. Later, Bloodstar’s deputy’s dies, and he chooses an elder. The elder isn’t forced into battle, so he doesn’t die that early. When you get your name, Cloudpatch, you are invited to a battle ingest Bloodstar with, Venomstrike, Frostflake, and your best friend, Waveripple. Only a small group, because your latching an attack on only Bloodstar. Everything is left unguarded, except for Bloodstar’s den. It would be impossible to sneak in, so you just go to your Clan and report what you saw. A lot of time latter, Bloodstar drowned himself in a puddle. You latter figured out his medicine cat was feeding him bad herbs, that everyone new was horrible to feed cat’s. It is becoming leaf-bare. There is a great sickness among the Clans, with very few things to eat, very few herbs to use, the clans are at risk. Your cat’s are starving, some have to eat worms. It is hard to survive like this, but after a wile, you find some loners when your hunting. Cloudpatch decides to talk to them about the disease, and they said cheese burgers cure them, but the trees have no leafs, and there not growing anymore. At a border patrol, you saw them again, and they said they could be found in two leg dens. Moon also added, “you don’t want to go in there.” You tell your clan this news, the are mad because you talked to strangers, but also happy because you found the cure. “Cheeseburger’s, isn’t that right?” Well making dirt, a medicine cat finds a cheeseburger under-ground. It stops the cure for your clan. At the next gathering, Froststar makes an announcement that 3 cats died, but they found a cure from a group of rouges. They said, “crab cakes.” The other clans Ocenclan, CloudClan, and NightClan said they found the same group, but they said different stuff. “Sushi, Pickles, and rice balls.” Shortly after the gathering, you figured out the food was poisoned, and the poison made the disease disappear, but also made a worse disease, so it wasn’t worth it. Luckily, the clans already experienced it, so they new the cure, and used it. When leaf-bear ends, everyone is happy. But there is still something wrong. “Is it just me or, has the clouds turned red?” In the distance, there was a great fire. “We need to get out.” They decided the clan was going to send a patrol to check it. Head of the patrol, you find yourself trembling. When they got there, the fire was so huge, and was about to swallow them. They ran. The patrol reported to the clan, and at the next gathering, the clans wanted to leave. No one argued, they left. Well, someone did argue, StarClan. With StarClan not on there side, they start there search. They searched, and searched, and searched. But, nope. Nothing. They go back to there home, burnt. They couldn’t stay, but there wasn’t anywhere to stay. All five clans needed to sleep out in the open, in bad danger. It was a risk, but the best risk they could take. A wile later, they find a nice place, perfect for the clans. It has an ocean with a lot of sand, perfect for OceanClan. NightClan can have that mash . . . With that river that flows from CloudClan to StormClan, with a great willow tree, and caves, perfect for dens. SnowClan could have the mountain over there, has enough trees and bushes for dens. The deputy of SnowClan dies, and you get picked for it. You get to go on a hunt to find a communication with StarClan. You fined the moon tree, being the place where medicine cats go at a half-moon. Your leader dies in battle, pretty shortly after you became deputy, giving you your leaders name, Cloudstar.

          • Here it is:
            Duststar’s rage
            I have nothing to call it, the name really doesn’t fit it.
            Main character: Dustpelt
            Plot: Dustpaw is having a nice life. His littermate is Graypaw. He loves playing with him a lot. A new cat became an apprentice.
            Dustpaw automatically becomes best friends with him. Graypaw doesn’t like it, he is worst enemy’s with Firepaw. He kills Firepaw. Bluestar blames it on Dustpaw, and Dustpaw has to leave the camp for 4 moons. Graypaw gets to go to the next gathering, and Dustpaw spectates. He is mad, because most cat’s want to kill him, he thinks of the worst thing he can do, and dose it.
            He walks into the gathering.
            He says he didn’t do it and he should be let in the clan. Some cat’s belief him, some cat’s don’t. Bluestar decided that Dustpaw can be let back in the clan. So much cat’s protest. Graypaw speaks up, “why should he be let back in the clan? Why should we trust him? He’s obviously making an excuse! Every murder would do that!” Yowls of agreement rang though the air, Dustpaw wanted to attack Graypaw, but that would be a horrible idea. ShaowClan agrees . . . WindClan to . . . Let’s see . . . RiverClan is not sure. Well, I guess I should leave then. He turned around, and started to walk away. Then a cat-Spottedleaf-Firepaw’s mother- follows him. She whisperes something into his ear, “I know you didn’t do it, come, you need to go back to the Clans, trust me, they need you.” Dustpaw followed without a word, he was very confused. The leader stuck to her Idea, so he could stay. At home, his mentor ditched him, and wouldn’t train him, so he needed a new one. Only Spottedleaf was fine teaching him. She was a good mentor, except the apprentice duty’s weren’t that fun. He had no friends. Ether the patrol didn’t tell him they were going, didn’t let him do anything, or usually he never is picked. He can’t go to any gathering battles, and cat’s treat him like a kit. But that doesn’t matter. The clan needs me? How? There just treating me like a kit, so how? one day, the deputy Redtail died in battle, some cat’s didn’t mind to much, he was a bad deputy. Then, Spottedleaf, yes, Spottedleaf, became the next deputy.
            It was awesome.
            He was let into the patrols, could go to gatherings, he could battle, and go on fox raids.
            Graypaw got his warrior name, Graystripe, and teased Dustpaw.
            2 moons latter, Spottedleaf talked Bluestar into giving you your warrior name.
            This was really un-famous for the other cat’s.
            The clan is starting to like you a bit better.
            You are a good warrior.
            Your clan is great enemies with ShadowClan, especially Cinderfur. The senior warrior was a bad cat. He was really vicious, and just evil.
            Later, Graystripe was sneaking out of camp. Uh-oh, yeah, that must be bad. Dustpelt was the only one who new. He decided to leave him alone. After 3 moons he was still doing it. He found out the time moved. Maybe a different thing . He followed Graystripe were he was going. Graystripe was talking to Lionheart and Cinderfur.
            Dustpelt didn’t tell the Clan.
            Not yet.
            He came to a surprise when Graystripe went into a different place. Oakheart, who just got his warrior name was in a field near there. Graystripe, Lionheart, and Cinderfur looked like they were tracking Oakheart’s sent. I better get there before they do, Dustpelt thought. He saved Oakheart, but was mad at his brother for trying to kill a cat. “Ug, we lost him. We better get home before anyone notices us.” Dustpelt sprinted home, trying not to get caught. Next time Graystripe went out, Dustpelt told the clan. Nobody believed him.
            Just when he was getting trust.
            Nobody trusted him. Why did everyone trust Graystripe? He’s a murder. Hmf.
            Sometime later Dustpelt saves a cat. A lot of cat’s actually. The leader likes him. The Clans still not sure. Sometime terrible happens, Spottedleaf gets captured by towlegs.
            Graystripe becomes Deputy.
            With Graystripe Deputy, the Clan’s are in danger.
            Life is long and stressful until Spottedleaf comes back.
            Dose this mean Graystripe can’t be Deputy anymore?
            It doesn’t.
            Graystripe stops seeing Lionheart and Cinderfur. Dogs have come to the camp.
            They made a plan, and Dustpelt was in it. (It’s the same plan that they used in the books)
            But instead, Graystripe steers the dogs towards Dustpelt. Dustpelt is confused and wasn’t ready for it. He manages to get out, and steers the doge towards Bluestar, the closest cat. Bluestar is also confused, and Dustpelt tells her the story well there running.
            Bluestar doesn’t belief him, and trows him into the pack.
            Spottedleaf saves him, but sacrifices her own life.
            The leader of the pack dies, so all the cat’s are safe.
            The Clan griefs.
            A cat stands up and said they saw Graystripe do it. Dustpelt joined in and said he saw him sneaking out, and Graystripe killed Firepaw. Graystripe and Lionheart were banished from the Clan. Dustpelt was the new Deputy. When the cat’s looked to see if Graystripe and Lionheart where out, Graystripe and Lionheart got captured by Twolegs.
            Later, There was a bid rat battle, Bluestar lost one of her life’s, and in Leaf-bare, She got green coughs and died.
            Dustpelt got earned his leaders name, Duststar.
            He was a good leader.
            A great leader.
            Died by Scourge, Leafpool, and
            And yes, Cinderfur is a cat, a cat from the prophecies begin.
            Hope you enjoyed!

    • Main Character: Birchface
      Plot: Birchpaw is just a regular apprentice, training with his beloved but sometimes stupid sister, and his best friend Ravenpaw. However, once Ravenpaw decides to train as a medicine cat, Birchpaw can’t believe it. This tears the two apart, and makes Birchpaw more lonely then he had ever felt. However, with the help of his sister and his parents, he moves on. Another horrid blow is dealt to Birchpaw once his mother is killed in a battle over sunningrocks, and another cat is lost. He makes it through all of this, but once he becomes a warrior, he realizes that his apprentice is training with the dark forest! The only way Birchface can reach the dark forest to help Flowerpaw is through StarClan, so he is forced to work together with Ravenwing, and along the way, he realizes why he was so upset when Ravenwing became a medicine cat. He loved him. After the two of them make Flowerpaw realize training in the dark forest was wrong, Birchface tells Ravenwing how he feels, and Ravenwing feels the same way. As the son of the leader, Birchface needs to set an example, so a relationship with a medicine cat is wrong, though Ravenwing can’t be a warrior, as that would leave ThunderClan without a medicine cat. They agree to meet in secret until they figure out what to do, however they never do as Birchface dies the same way his mother did, drowning in a battle at sunningrocks. In the epilogue, Birchface is reunited with Ravenwing in StarClan, and he has to comfort Ravenwing that all of Mapleshade’s murder was not his fault

    • Brackenfur (the patrol guy 😛)

      Brackenfur’s terror and sadness as his sister is nearly killed, leaving him with a bitter grudge, wanting revenge against Fireheart. He plots with the Dark Forest, pretending all the way to be a ‘good and loyal warrior’.
      He destroys almost all of ThunderClan, but when his sister finally dies, it just makes him more angry.

      He plots with Hawkfrost to kill Firestar with the trap, asking Ashfur to take the fall for it. Ashfur agrees. Firestar loses a life, and Brackenfur feels like his revenge is complete.


      He learns the secret to breaking into the real world by asking StarClan, then tells the DF. They break through, and kill Firestar. He finally feels happy, and triumphant. But when he sees Sorreltail die, he begins to question it. Was his revenge worth the cost? Or was it just the start of another pain, another bad life?

    • Swift Minnow (A Windclan she-cat from dawn of the clans)
      It starts off about how she was born as a rogue with her parents. Her mother had left her right after she had finished nursing her. Swift Minnow had a careless and irresponsible mother, unable to care for anyone else other than herself. She was left alone with her father, she had no siblings, just her father. Every time her father left she was afraid that he would leave, at first he proved himself as a good father to, at the time, Swift. But, a while after when Swift almost got killed by a fox, he realized that he couldn’t handle the grief if Swift died. So, instead, he chose to leave. The story goes on for a bit how Swift lives the life of a loner, and then stumbles upon a weird guy named Reed. He seemed to know a lot about herbs, so Swift decided to give him a chance. After some time, they develop a bond, and they have that cute moment where they decide to be mates. XD Soooo, then later on they get kidnapped by some even weirder than Reed weirdos. 😛 They run like the wind, and later on Swift and Reed find out they’re Windclan. Windstar hypnotizes them and makes them think that it was on their own accord that they had become warriors. THEN when the first medicine cat is born, Moth Wing, Swift Minnow gets insanely jealous because Reed Tail and Moth Wing have something in common, HERBS. Sooo, she has this whole murder plan set in place, but when the information has come out, that Moth Wing is mates with Micah everything is fiiineee. So, the murder plan goes out the door! 😛 Then, it ends when she has three little kits of her own and then leaves Windclan because she’s just like her mother, jk, jk. It ends when she has three little kits of her own! 😀 Every story has it’s happy ending. 😛

    • Blackclaw’s Love
      Blackpaw is in love with Mistypaw. He’s not afraid to admit it. He’s loved her since they were kits. If only she would once look his way…..
      Blackclaw asked Mistyfoot to go hunting with him. She said no. She said she was tired. She went hunting with Stonefur.
      I’m going to ask Mistyfoot tonight. At the Gathering, I’m going to pull her away and ask her to be my mate.
      “Mistyfoot…… I love you. I know we grew up in the nursery together, but I love you as more than a sister. I love being around you, and my heart aches when I’m not, and in every battle and on every hunting patrol and in every tough situation, I ask myself ‘What would Mistyfoot do’. I don’t feel complete without you. I understand if your mad at me for dragging you away from the Gathering, but I really wanted to be alone with you. I want you by my side, not just as a clanmate, but as my mate, and, if it was something you wanted, as the mother of my kits. I don’t feel complete without you. I understand if you don’t feel the same way, but I just had to tell you.”

      “Blackclaw….., you are a great warrior, and Crookedstar depends on you greatly, but……… I just don’t think I’m worthy of you. I’ve always thought you were the sweetest cat there was, and I’ve wanted to be with you since we were apprentices, but I just don’t feel like I deserve you. There are rumors about me, and there are so many other RiverClan she-cats who would be lucky to have you as their mate and as the father of their kits.

      “But Mistyfoot, it’s not them I want. It’s you. If I compared you to Leopardfur, I’d say you looked like a StarClan Warrior compared to a rouge. I love you. Will you please be by my side? Will you please be my mate?”

      “Of course, Blackclaw. I will stand by your side in every battle, and I will be right next to you in hard times. I’ve wanted you for so long. I envisioned having you as my mate for moons. I just can’t believe my dream is coming true.

    • Blossomkit’s tale:

      Blossomkit, an ordinary kit of ShadowClan, died in a battle that was too violent for apprentices, let alone kits, driving out WindClan for more territory. She rejects StarClan, not knowing how a good and kind clan could let this happen to her. Wandering around as a ghost, she meets a cat named Moonlight, who can see her. Blossomkit tells Moonlight what happened to her, and Moonlight tells her an tale, of how an ghost named Spire found a lake, not far from there, and it turned him back into an living cat. Giving her directions, Blossomkit travels there, not knowing that Mosskit and Adderkit were following her. They meet Rock at the lake, and Blossomkit discoverers that Mosskit and Adderkit had followed her, and Rock does what he does in the “Meet the Clans” warrior book. After that, Blossomkit realizes that she doesn’t want to become living, and returns to StarClan. Many moons later, (Spoilers for the Broken Code) she watches from StarClan, The imposer destroy everything, she realizes that the clans are living at the same lake that turned ghost’s living. At the end of the SE, she knows that she might have to tell the clans her tale to get Bramblestar back… whether she likes it or not

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