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If you’re on this page, you probably want to apply to become a member of BlogTeam and fill the role of Article Tsar.

As Article Tsar, it will be your responsibility to make sure a new article is published on BlogClan every day. (Several articles may be scheduled in advance so that you needn’t visit BlogClan every day).

Posted articles must match the format of previously-posted articles and include an image (training can be provided, although a basic understanding of WordPress would be useful. There are plenty of YouTube guides on publishing WordPress posts).

The successful candidate will also be required to be aware of unmoderated comments and help out with comment moderation when they feel there is a backlog of unmoderated comments.

To begin with, you will be sorely responsible for ensuring a new article is posted each day, although you will share the role of Article Tsar with Snakepaw, who is presently on a break. As a BlogTeam member you will have access to BlogTeam’s special area, where BlogTeam share comments and blog-related issues.

BlogTeam members require maturity, and all BlogTeam members must be super-trustworthy. They will have access to the inner workings of the blog and see comments before they are moderated. Their sole aim should be to maintain the happy, friendly, co-operative nature of BlogClan. Personal information, such as email or IP addresses, must NEVER be used or shared with third parties. Any drama-queening or abuse of power will lead to the immediate termination of BlogTeam membership.

(I realise that sounded pretty fierce, but it’s VERY IMPORTANT that BlogTeam power should never be abused).

This is an unpaid post, because BlogClan is a purely non-commercial site, run by volunteers. You will receive the great appreciation and gratitude of Kate however, and ensure the continuation of BlogClan.

If you are still interested in joining BlogTeam as Article Tsar, please fill in the form below.




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    • You can write and submit articles any time you like! Article Tsars are the people who read your article and make sure it’s up to Blog standards. C