• Welcome… To Ashen !! !!!!! !!!!!!
    This is a science fiction, action adventure roleplay with some light fantasy elements! It will feature cats, robot cats, and an inescapable testing facility run by a malicious artificial intelligence program!!

    Here’s the Info Page, where a notable amount of exposition and world building can be found! A great place to start your adventure 😀

    And when you have a question about the roleplay or want to level up your powers and sanity, the Questions and Level Up Page is the place to go! You can also draw and write about your characters even if there’s nothing to level up 😉

    This is the Character Creation Page! Here, you can create as many tragic backstories and lovable personalities as you want your cats and simulacrum to have! Just remember to wait until I accept your character before you use them 🙂

    Finally, *drumroll…* It’s the Roleplaying Page!! Once your character is accepted, they will spontaneously appear here, where you are free to do anything within the laws of science with them! Well, as long as you follow the rules 😛

    Aaaand that should be everything! I hope you have as much fun as I do, please don’t comment on this page, note that the art for this page was mostly drawn by someone else, and I’ll see you in approximately 5.6 seconds!!
    Let the Testing begin!

    Ashen Laboratories, copyright 2056, all rights reserved.