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  • Some random questions I have:
    1. Did RiverClan really not realize that Silverstream was expecting kits until she gave birth? Really? Unless the kits were born early. That would also account for the unusual difficulty she had, to the point where….
    2. Who are Darkstripe’s father and littermates? I know his mother is Willowpelt.
    3. Cloverfoot didn’t have an apprentice, so how could she be deputy of ShadowClan?

    • Darkstripe IS Graystripe’s Half brother, so that could give a clue!

    • 1. In TPB, there is a scene where a RiverClan cat tells Silverstream that she needs to take it easy because she is pregnant (or something along those lines), so they did know, but I’m assuming she just never told them a specific father

      2. Darkstripe doesn’t have a canonly confirmed father or canonly confirmed siblings, we only know his mother

      3. I think Tigerheart/star made an exception for her, but Kate thinks that Birchbark was her apprentice (it’s not canon, though).

    • 1. I think the Clan knew Silverstream was expecting kits, they just didn’t press the topic of who the father was. I think.
      2. His father is unknown, he didn’t have littermates but his half-siblings are Greystripe, Sorreltail, Sootfur, and Rainwhisker.
      3. That must be a mistake. Brambleclaw didn’t have an apprentice, either, when he was made deputy. Sometimes it happens.

    • In Leopardstar’s Honor, Leopardstar teased one of her clanmates for mooning over Silverstream.

  • And also-
    Did Sol know that there would be an eclipse? Or was he just using “the sun will go out” as a metaphor for “bad things will happen”?

  • Some more random questions: (I really need to keep track of them so I can just post them all at once instead of two or three in random comments)
    1. If Briarlight’s spine was healed in StarClan, does that mean that Brightheart will have two eyes again? And what about Jayfeather?
    2. Is Sasha still alive?
    3. Is Jessy still alive?
    4. Are Stormcloud and Cherryfall mates?
    5. In Daisy’s Kin, Daisy thinks that Mousewhisker is her only living kin in the Clan-but Cherryfall and Molewhisker, Berrynose’s kits, are alive and well!

    • 1. I’m not sure if Bightheart’s injury will go away, since I think somewhere it says that cats who die and go to StarClan choose if they’ll keep their injuries and scars, but Jayfeather was born blind, so I don’t think he’ll gain sight in the afterlife.

      2. It’s unknown.

      3. Same a Sasha.

      4. Not canonly.

      5. It was probably a mistake, there’s a lot of cats to keep track of in the series.

    • 1. I’m pretty sure Brightheart’s eye will at least heal slightly, but Poppypaw was right, she’ll probably choose, though I think since when Jayfeather is seeing StarClan cats he can, well, see, I believe Jayfeather will regain his sight.
      2. I doubt it.
      3. She wasn’t mentioned much, but it’s definitely possible.
      4. No.
      5. I believe that was an error 🙂

    • 1. Brightheart will probably have 2 eyes and Jayfeather will be able to see, like incidents like Snowkit’s
      2. She’d be very old if she were
      3. Most likely, yes
      4. No
      5. She probably forgot about them

    • 1. yes, bc Jayfeather can see in his dreams, and its logical that they will let brightheart be fixed.
      2.No one knows…..
      5.veeeeerry SMART OF YOU!

  • Is Brindleface canonically Whitestorm’s mate? (I take Willowpelt and Whitestorm as canon-)

    • It’s a BlogClan word for persona! Purrsona. Like how cats purr. 🙂
      Basically, it’s your public apperance/personality.
      Like I’m Mountainpaw, and my purrsona is a fluffy greyish black cat with blue eyes and white markings. 🙂
      Hope I could help! <3

  • Was Graystripe at Feathertail and Stormfur’s warrior ceremony? Hawkwing and Violetshine were at Twigbranch’s and Finleap’s. Although not Finleap’s family, for some reason.

    • I believe that was a special arrangement made just for her, because Alderheart wanted Twigbranch to have her family at her warrior ceremony.

  • Sol’s mother, Cinders, told him and his siblings stories of warriors that lived in the sky. Was that “SkyClan warriors” lost in translation, and over the years and retellings? Or was it a convoluted misunderstanding of StarClan? Or a combination of both?

  • SolarFlame (clan name) SolarFire (ancients name) Flame that soars through sky( tribe of rushing water) Solar (kittypet) Flame (rouge) says:

    Why did Appledusk not go to the dark forest?
    He cheated on mapleshade then lied to her and I’m pretty sure the clan bcs when hr called it a mistake NO he knew perfectly well what he was doing

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