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Dovewing’s Eyes

This has recently been brought to my attention: “In The Fourth Apprentice pg. 41, Dovewing’s eyes are first described as pale golden – but that’s the only mention of her having golden eyes. Every other known mention has her with blue or green eyes. Apparently they were blue through most of OOTS and green through AVOS.” This came as quite… Read more →

Trailing Stars: Chapter Twenty Three by Winterwhisper

Trailing Stars: Chapter Twenty Three by Winterwhisper edited by Sorrelstream illustrated by Jayfrost There were two sayings: 1. “It’ll get worse before it gets better.”2. “Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.” Winterpaw remembered next to nothing of his human life except these two phrases. They stuck with him, swirled in his head, and acted as… Read more →

BlogClan Calendar News

Hey hey! 🙂 I’ve made some changes to the BlogClan Calendar. Events will no longer recur. So if you have an upcoming event – like a birthday or clanniversary, you’ll need to add it each year before it happens. Don’t forget you can add your own events to the calendar – if you’re hosting a contest or organising a wiki… Read more →

Movie News!

It’s still on folks and moving toward production. 😄 News was released yesterday that “Award-winning Hollywood pair Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger have signed on as screenwriters.” Read the whole article here. We have screenwriters! This is FANTASTIC news. Aibel and Berger are very experienced and highly-respected screens writers and I am delighted that they want to write for the Warriors… Read more →

Trailing Stars: Chapter 22 by Darkpaw

Trailing Stars: Chapter Twenty Two By: Darkpaw Edited by: Lionfire illustrated by Jayfrost Jayfrost’s patrol was back. She had the herbs. Darkpaw felt a wave of relief swamp over her as she greeted the patrol, she and several others were demanding them to tell them what they did. Curiosity filled the air, and Jayfrost had pressed herself to the ground, overwhelmed by all the questions. Darkpaw… Read more →

Cadvent Day 24

Hurray! It’s Kate official Favourite Day of the Year. I LOVE Christmas Eve even more than Christmas Day. I will spend it cooking, listening to the radio, spreading cheer and wrapping gifts. I hope you have a lovely holiday. Thank you for sharing Cadvent with me and sending in your fabulous Christmas links, artwork and pet pictures. I’ve enjoyed them… Read more →

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