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Cadvent 11

I’m on a trip to my hometown, Birmingham, today to visit a school friend. I’ve not been back for 30 years and I hear it’s changed quite a lot since I was there. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new buildings. I love this picture Iceflower made of me. I think she’s captured me perfectly. Thank you! 💖 And… Read more →

Cadvent 10

Fifteen days to go! Are you getting excited? Let’s start today’s Cadvent with Iceflower’s dear little puppies. “Scarlett and Daisy! Just two snow queens enjoying the seasonal weather. ” They are so adorable. ❤️ And here’s a beautiful picture of a kitty watching the snow. Thanks for finding this, Shadowpaw. Do anyone have snow yet? Even lions have snow today!… Read more →

Cadvent 9

The 9th day of Cadvent is always a very special day because it’s my son’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Josh, also known as Hazelburrow. I hope you have a super awesome day. He was six when I started writing Warriors books. Wow. It’s been been wonderful, both the writing and the mothering. 💖 Our first picture today is a drawing by… Read more →

Cadvent 8

I love to start a Cadvent post with a fan pet or fan art, so keep sending in your special pics! 💕 This is Flamebriar’s cat, Lucy. “She kinda hates having the scarf on but it’s super adorable (don’t worry we took it off after wards).” She’s gorgeous and I am partial to a black cat. Thanks, Flamebriar for sharing.… Read more →

Cadvent 7

Look at this awesome pic of Holiday Me! 🌟 Drawn by Cloudypaw. Thank you! I love it ❤️ And how’s this for a warrior? It looks like it has a big snowy beard. Could it be Warriors Santa? Thanks, Monkeyfur for finding it and sending in the link. 🎅🏻 Shadowpaw found a snowy kitty pic too. Which warrior does this… Read more →

Cadvent 6

We have another BlogClan pet! Doesn’t Fallenshadow’s dog, Finn, look cosy? The winter is all about snuggling. I hope you all have fluffy blankets available. Thanks for sending this pic, Fallenshadows. 🌟 Frostfire found a cute illustration that makes me feel ready for the holiday season to begin right now! So cute 💖 Thanks, Wavesplash, for finding this beautiful picture.… Read more →

Cadvent 5

Today we have our first BlogClan art! A reincat by Sandpaw/frost. I love it! Thanks, Sandpaw. And another BlogClan pet! 💖 Stormberry’s cat Cocoa. 💖 “This is my cat Cocoa under the Christmas tree! The crazy look in her eyes is the look she gets when she’s playing or about to attack something.” 🌟 We all know that crazy look.… Read more →

Cadvent 4

Today we have our first BlogClan pet picture! Yay! 💖 Here is Snowpaw’s cat, Leo. He is very handsome and looks like he’s ready for the holidays already. Here’s another cat with baubles, found by Moonpaw. Thanks, Moonpaw. I love this. 💕 Plumeflake found a Moonin-y one. No cats, but how could I resist holiday Moomins? One of my favourite… Read more →

Cadvent 3

Hello! I have so many pictures to choose from, but keep sending in your links. And especially your own seasonal artwork, not to mention pictures of your holiday pets. ⛄️ Let’s start with a picture from Iceflower. Because Cadvent wouldn’t be Cadvent without Icy-pics. 💕 Willowstep sent in the next suggestion. It has all the seasonal elements and it’s pretty.… Read more →

Cadvent 2

I hope you’re ready. We are one day closer…⛄️🎄 Here’s a gorgeous picture found by Pebblepaw. So wintry! Thanks, Pebblepaw. 🌟 Another one from Icy, of course! 💖 And something different! Bluebellpaw sent this link: “It’s Gary the Snail from SpongeBob and technically snails in SpongeBob are like cats so Christmas Gary!” How could I resist? Thanks, Bluebellpaw. Very original.… Read more →

Cadvent 1

Welcome to the first day of Cadvent. I’m so excited! Are you? ❄️🎄⛄️ The first picture is from Iceflower. Icy has contributed so many fantastic Cadvent links this year that you’re going to be seeing a LOT of their suggested pictures. Thanks, Iceflower. I love and appreciate your Cadvent enthusiasm and dedication. 🌟 Pastelpaw suggested the next picture. It has… Read more →

Cadvent 2019: The Adventure Begins

This year’s Cadvent starts on December 1st 🌟🎄We have five days to get this party started. 🌟🎄 I’m hoping it’s going to be the best Cadvent yet and that it brings oodles of seasonal joy to everyone. 🥳💖 If you’re new to BlogClan and wondering what Cadvent is, it’s BlogClan’s Cat Advent Calendar. Every year we celebrate each day leading up to the… Read more →