Author: A Kate for All Seasons


I had Flower put to sleep yesterday. A growth in her nasal cavity was making breathing and eating increasingly difficult and I couldn’t bear to let her suffer any longer. She’s been a dear, sweet, trusting and beloved companion for sixteen years and I will miss her dreadfully.  Read more →

Cadvent Day 21

While you’re counting down the minutes, curl up by the fire, pour some hot cocoa and enjoy these festive pics. Thank you, Cheetahspark, Iceflower, Misty Moors and Swanfeather, for decorating today’s page. 🥳🥰 Let’s start with a cat in a hat 💕 Here is Cheetahspark’s cat, Max. Cheetahspark says “This is the time my brother tried to torture our poor kitty… Read more →