BlogChat Rules



  1. No being rude to other members or attacking/abusing them in any way.
  2. No swearingoffensive or discriminatory language of any kind.
  3. No giving out of personal information (last name, email address, home address, etc.).
  4. No spoilers for newly released Warriors books until one month after its release. If someone in the chat says they have not read a book yet, no matter how long it has been since its release, do not discuss spoilers from it.
  5. Same goes for movie spoilers, book spoilers, anime spoilers, etc. One month after release.
  6. No spam/trolling/etc. (repition of phrase/gif/image more than five times without variation or a new purpose).
  7. No advertising or linking external chat hosts or sites with the exception of Warriors Wiki and official Warriors sites.
  8. No linking sites or pages with swearing and/or other offensive language on them.
  9. Please try to make everyone feel welcome! Blogclan’s a place for us all to enjoy and have fun here!


(Important: Exceptions will be made for offenses of either a particularly troubling or ill-intended nature.)

  1. First Offence
    1. A verbal warning will be given.
  2. Second Offence
    1. Another verbal warning.
    2. Depending on the nature of the offense, offending comments will be deleted.
  3. Third Offence
    1. Temporary ban from the chat for the period of one day.
  4. Fourth Offence
    1. Temporary ban from the chat for the period of one week.
  5. Fifth Offence
    1. Temporary ban from the chat for the period of one month.
  6. Sixth Offence
    1. Temporary ban from the chat for the period of one year.

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