BlogClan Allegiances: Updated July 1st, 2021

285779_110931519048898_987490266_nThank you to ShadowFlower who designed BlogClan’s logo and a HUGE thank you, Viperfrost and Goldenfawn, for working out BlogClan’s Allegiances each month and to Jayfrost for writing a brilliant FAQ (see below)…

Important! Before you post anything, be sure to read these instructions!


Welcome to the Allegiances page! This is the page where you can fill out a form to have your name posted on the BlogClan allegiances, just like in the Warrior books. To be clear, having your name put on the BlogClan allegiances isn’t a requirement to be a member of BlogClan. All you have to do to be a member of BlogClan is comment anywhere on the blog. Getting your name on the allegiances is just a bonus.

I’m Viperfrost, and I’m in charge of sorting through forms and putting the names and descriptions you submit to me onto the allegiances. I’m going to walk you through how you can get your name on the allegiances. Please read the instructions below before filling anything out. Don’t worry, this isn’t a complicated process, it’s a very simple form. I just want to make sure you’re clear on everything before you fill out your form.

If you do have any questions, post them in the comments below and let me know. But before you ask me anything, please check and double-check these instructions to make sure your question hasn’t already been answered in this list.

Important Information

This list would take forever if I updated it every time a new form showed up in my inbox. Therefore, the allegiances will only be updated the first day of every month.

Don’t ask why your name hasn’t been put on the list yet if it isn’t the first of the month. If it’s the first of the month, or it’s past the first and you submitted your form last month, and you don’t see your name on the list, definitely let me know. I will put you on the list right away if that is the case.

And if I continue to forget to put you on the list, nag me and badger me all you want with comments. I am a forgetful person, and I will definitely not mind your constant reminders.

But if you submitted your form within the month and it isn’t the first of the next month yet, do not ask me why you aren’t on the list yet. I will likely ignore your comment, or tell you to read the instructions.

Also important to know – incomplete forms will not get you posted on the Allegiances. If you send me a form that doesn’t have one of the required sections filled in (everything other than the final section, the one without a red star beside it), then you will not appear on the allegiances until you send me a completed form.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s go over how to get your name on the allegiances.

The Forms

In order to get your name on the allegiances, you have to fill out a form. There are two forms that you can fill out, with two different purposes. I’ll tell you about them here.

The Main Form

The first form is the the Main Form. This is the form new members should use to fill in their name, the appearance of their purrsona, and other important information I need in order to place you on the Allegiances. It is also to be used by members who aren’t new, but who have been taken off the allegiances for whatever reason, and want to be put back on.

Click here to access the Main Form

Change your BlogClan Purrsona Form

The second form is the Change your BlogClan Purrsona form. This form is for members who are already listed on the allegiances, or who have already sent in a form, but wish to change either their name or the appearance of their purrsona. That is the only purpose of this form.

Click here to access the form to change your BlogClan Purrsona

Become or Vouch for a Senior Warrior Form

The third form is the Become a Senior Warrior form. This form is for members who have met all the requirements to become a senior warrior, and would like to be officially made a senior warrior. This form is also for those who want to vouch for someone to become a senior warrior. The requirements to become a senior warrior are explained in the link below.

Click here to access the form to become a Senior Warrior or the form to vouch for a Senior Warrior

We will only use your data to update BlogClan’s Allegiances or to contact you regarding BlogClan and the Allegiances.

I believe this introduction, and the instructions on each of the form pages, should explain everything to do with the allegiances process in a complete, satisfying manner. As I said, new members, please read over this entire introduction for whatever form you are using before filling out your form. If you have any questions, make sure they aren’t already covered by these instructions. But if your question is not addressed there, be free to ask me anything you need in the comments below.




CAKESTAR – long-haired dark reddish-brown tabby she-cat with pale amber eyes


EMBERDAWN – dark ginger she-cat with blue eyes


ICEFLOWER – black-and-white she-cat with yellowish-green eyes


HAZELBURROW – hazel cat with white legs and turquoise eyes
FLAMESHINE – black-and-ginger she-cat with blue-and-green eyes
JAYFROST – grey-brown tabby she-cat with a fluffy tail and dark amber eyes
KAT – fluffy cream-and-brown tortoiseshell cat with grey eyes
EAGLECLAW – jet-black tom with azure-blue eyes
WILLOWLIGHT – grey mink she-cat with darker stripe and aqua and green eyes
BRAMBLEFIRE – golden brown tabby demi-tom with darker brown stripes and blue eyes
RUSSETFEATHER – russet tabby she-cat with a white ear tip and dark green eyes
MAPLEDRIFT – dark ginger cat with white flecks, blue eyes and tufted ears
WILLOWSTEP – mottled grey tabby she-cat with white chest and pale green eyes
MOONBREEZE – lithe dark grey tabby she-cat with pale turquoise eyes
VIPERFROST – black tabby she-cat with dark grey paws, muzzle, and chest, electric cyan eyes
CHEETAHSPARK – sleek black-spotted tan she-cat with emerald-green eyes
RAINSHINE – small light grey spotted tabby she-cat with blue eyes
BIRCHFOOT – long-furred black she-cat with blue eyes
OWLNOSE – long-furred brown tabby she-cat with white markings and golden eyes
PINEBLOSSOM – dark red tabby she-cat with darker paws, pale tail tip, and pine green eyes
MONKEYFUR – orange and white tabby tom with jade green eyes and a skinny long tail


GOLDENFAWN – small fluffy ginger-and-white cat with light green eyes
FLAMECLOUD — white she-cat with dark ginger tabby patches and bright green eyes
BLUEBELLSPONGE — fluffy dark grey-blue cat with dark blue eyes
REDDUSK – small, lithe she-cat with bright violet eyes and sleek russet fur
COLDHEART — slender light silver she-cat with green eyes, blue tail tip, and white paws
BLUEHEART — lithe, broad-shouldered, dark blue-grey she-cat with piercing dark blue eyes
WAFFLEHEART — fluffy chocolate calico cat with lilac eyes
APPLEFLOWER — red-and-cream she-cat with bright green eyes
RIVERFROST — silver she-cat with darker markings and green eyes
AURORALIGHTS — grey-blue tabby tom with emerald eyes
SNOWPUFF — white slender she-cat with blue and amber eyes
PINESTRIPE — slender brown she-cat with black stripes, a cream chest and paws, and pine-green eyes
TANSYPOOL — pale grey she-cat with darker markings and amber eyes
FALCONSTORM – tan she-cat with brown markings and amber eyes
FALLOWHEART — dark brown tabby she-cat with pale amber eyes and white paws
PEAKSPOTS — fluffy short light-brown she-cat with white markings and big blue eyes
LEMONCLOUD — white-speckled yellow she-cat with amber eyes
LARKPETAL — dusky brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes and white markings
DRIFTINGSPOTS — grey she-cat with darker and lighter spots and dark teal eyes
EMBERSTREAM — light brown she-cat with dark brown stripes and brown eyes
DARKWING — sleek black she-cat with a white paw and green eyes
HARESPRING — sandy-colored she-cat with mask of tan around eyes and green eyes
CINDERSPARK — calico she-cat with grey muzzle and paws and blue eyes
REDRIVER — cream colored she-cat with rusty colored flecks and ice-blue eyes
SPARKSHIMMER — sandy-gold she-cat with jet-black paws
WEEPINGTHROAT — slim blue tortie smoke tom with a ginger-dashed throat and grey-blue eyes
DOVESTREAM — light grey cat with white markings and blue eyes
LILYBREEZE — petite and fluffy tabby she-cat with white patches and pine green eyes
BRAMBLEHEART — small, fluffy brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes
RABBITFLOWER — brown she cat with green eyes
RIVERFLIGHT — light brown she-cat with emerald green eyes and pale muzzle
LIGHTNINGSHADOW — light grey she-cat with bright blue eyes
STARBLOSSOM — silver-and-black tabby she-cat with aqua eyes and white star-mark
WILLOWSTRIPE — silvery-grey she-cat with blue eyes
ROOTHEART — brown she-cat with green eyes
DUSKBREEZE — slender tortoiseshell she-cat with olive green eyes
FLAMESTREAK — ginger she-cat with dark paws, white mark, and green eyes
PALEMOON — white she-cat with black spots


SNOWBREEZE – dark grey she-cat with light cream chest and tail-tip, freckles and blue eyes
SANDPAW — fluffy bright orange she-cat with forest-green eyes
EAGLEPAW — golden tabby she-cat with a white chest and emerald green eyes
TREEPAW — sturdy light brown tom with brown splotches and forest-green eyes
TURTLEPAW — orange cat with green eyes, white paws, a pale grey chest, and a white tail tip
SLATEPAW — sleek grey she-cat with white markings and green and blue eyes
RAVENPAW — fluffy black-and-white she-cat with blue-and-green eyes
POPPYPAW — tall, semi-fluffy silver she-cat with dark green eyes
STORMPAW – white-and-silver she-cat with blue eyes and black tipped ears
STARPAW — black she-cat with white star-like flecks and dark brown eyes
AMBERPAW — pale ginger she-cat with blue eyes
FERNPAW — blue-grey cat with a pink scarf
SHIMMERPAW — tall, light grey cat with white markings
SHIMMERPAW – silver she-cat with darker stripes, white markings, and blue eyes
ICEPAW — pale grey tabby she-cat with white markings and ice-blue eyes
BRIARPAW — small light brown tabby she-cat with white markings and pale green eyes
SNOWPAW — pure white she-cat with curly fur and blue eyes
FLECKEDPAA — small light grey cat with light brown markings and darker flecks
VANILLAPAW – sleek cream-coloured she-cat with amber eyes and brown markings
EMBERPAW — small black and grey she-cat with white legs and green eyes
WILLOWPAW — pale silver-grey she-cat with ice-blue eyes
ICEPAW — black tom with bright blue eyes
MISTPAW – cream she-cat with light grey paws, face, and tail tip, pale blue eyes
WHIRLPAW — smokey small black she-cat with grey swirls around her head and light green eyes
COMETPAW — grey she-cat with lighter patches and violet eyes
CINDERPAW — sleek grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes and long tail
GRACEPAW — night-black she-cat with pale grey hind paws and aquamarine eyes
WOLFPAW — grey and dark grey she-wolf with a white muzzle and dark green eyes
HAZEPAW — grey-and-white tabby she-cat with light blue eyes
WHISPERPAW — pale white she-cat with ginger markings and deep forest green eyes
FEATHERPAW — light grey she-cat with a lighter grey markings and unusual dark grey markings
FLAMEPAW — reddish she-cat with cream markings and emerald green eyes
FROGPAW — long furred brown tabby she-cat with emerald green eyes and a long tail
SHADOWPAW — fluffy black she-cat with icy blue eyes, tufted ears, and faint dark rosette markings
HOLLOWPAW — misty-grey she-cat with icy blue eyes and white paws
DAZZLEPAW — sleek cream she-cat with white markings and hazel-green eyes
PETALPAW — ginger she-cat with white, petal-like spots and big blue eyes
RABBITPAW — grey-and-brown tabby she-kit with black-and-white markings and amber eyes
MINTPAW — ginger tabby she-cat with leaf green eyes
VALLEYPAW — pale brown tabby-and-white she-cat with clear blue eyes
LITTLEPAW — dusky brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes
FERNPAW — silver-and-white tabby she-cat with sky blue eyes
STARPAW — lithe black she-cat with white markings and blue eyes
OTTERPAW — stubborn, light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes
FUZZYPAW — a ghost cat
BLIZZARDPAW — very light blue she-cat with white markings
LILYPAW — small black ragdoll she-cat with white markings and blue eyes
STRAWBERRYPAW — white she-cat with orange markings and pale blue eyes
EMERALDPAW — silver she-cat with russet paws and emerald-green eyes
SWIFTPAW — light yellow tabby tom with a lightning shaped scar on side
ROSEPAW — medium grey she-cat with darker markings and lighter stripes
CHERRYPAW — pale ginger tabby she-cat with a thick coat and green eyes
FEATHERPAW — pretty silver tabby cat with white tail-tip and paws
DREAMINGPAW — red she-cat with golden flecks
DAYPAW — yellow cat with white patches, blue eyes, and soft fur
DEWPAW — black tom with white chest and a scarred flank
BLOSSOMPAW — mottled tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes and white spots
HAPPYPAW — white she-cat with orange tabby splotches, a flat face, and green eyes
ADDERPAW — light brown cat with dark brown freckles and dark brown speckles on back
SPRINGPAW — white cat with a light brown/tan back and face
SKYPAW — slender tortoiseshell she-cat with striking sapphire blue eyes
STARPAW — lean silver she-cat with white paws and white chest and electric blue eyes
DOEPAW — brown she-cat with white spots on her back
FREEPAW — cream egyptian mau tom with beautiful emerald eyes
SPARKPAW — black she-cat with amber eyes and a white tipped tail
HEARTPAW — cream cat with blue eyes
SNOWPAW — small very scrawny dark grey she-cat with blue eyes
PRISMPAW — cream tom with white paws and blue eyes
VORTEXPAW — grey cat with long legs and cyan eyes
FROSTPAW — pale brown she-cat with cream dapples and ice-blue eyes
FEATHERPAW — pale grey tabby she-cat with lighter grey markings and pastel blue eyes


DAYKIT — blonde she-cat with white markings and hazel eyes
HOLLYKIT — sleek white she-cat with silver markings and sharp ice blue eyes
GOLDENKIT — cat with yellow fur
PANCAKEKIT — sparkly silver she-cat with iridescent eyes
MINNOWKIT — dark silver-and-white she-cat with pale blue eyes
SUNNY CAT — black-and-white she-cat with orange eyes, yellow horns, and a red collar
SPLASHKIT — black and white spotted she-cat with emerald green eyes
LIONKIT — white tom with golden spots and three scars running down his eye
SILVERKIT — silver she-cat with two black paws and ice-blue eyes
ADDERKIT — blue-grey she-cat with green flecks and blue eyes
SNOWKIT — fluffy silver-grey tabby she-cat with a white muzzle and pale blue eyes
LEAFYKIT — black she-cat with green eyes
RACCOONKIT — fluffy light brown nonbinary cat with darker stripes and cream markings


RAYMOND – a cat you don’t deserve
COPPERCLAW – copper-brown tabby she-cat with green eyes and one white paw
DAWNMIST – graceful silver-grey tabby she-cat with green eyes
SILVERWIND – silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes and white paws
JAY – large, grey she-cat with swirl patterns
BADGERFLIGHT – pale brown tabby she-cat with pale blue eyes and one white paw


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