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  1. March 29, 2020 at 3:18 am

    This took about five and a half hours to draw 😛

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    these are Sadie and Fortune, Treasure’s parents! I thought giving her mom (and her maternal grandparents, Kenzo and Dixie) stereotypical border collie names would be funny, so that’s what I did 😛
    sO here’s Treasure’s backstory, copied and pasted from my google doc lol
    She had a relatively average upbringing for the first two years of her life. Her parents were great, her grandparents were a heck load of fun, she had an epic friend group, life was pretty sweet. One day she started to notice that her parents were acting a little odd. Her grandparents noticed as well, and they had no idea why they were acting like that. Her parents seemed really fake-happy, and let her do whatever the heck she wanted that they usually didn’t let her do. For example, she’d always wanted to go swimming past the shallow parts of the ocean, but they’d never let her because it was dangerous. Although she was happily surprised when they finally let her go out, she ended up getting stuck in a current far away from the beach and had to be dragged back in by a trained chasseur. They were also really secretive and appeared very apathetic toward her. After about a week of this, her parents told her that they were going to head to the Desert Realm to collect some medicinal herbs only found there and that Honeycomb (the medic) had sent them. They said that they would be back in a few weeks at most. Treasure was confused, but said okay and they left. She mentioned it to her grandparents, assuming her parents had told them too, but they didn’t know this. She also asked Honeycomb why she’d sent her parents instead of going herself. Honeycomb’s face took on this look of immense confusion because she knew for a fact she hadn’t even spoken to them recently, let alone sent them to the Desert Realm. Honeycomb, Kenzo, and Dixie talked to Queen Kahuna and King Iceberg (Frost’s parents, who were king and queen at the time), who in turn talked to King Ollivander and Queen Rayna. Neither of them and nobody in the Desert Realm had seen Treasure’s parents anywhere. They all told Treasure that they were likely dead and that it wasn’t her fault, etc, etc. Instead of being sad or blaming herself, Treasure was livid. She despises her parents for abandoning her and her grandparents and everyone without even saying anything. Her grandparents raised her from then on.
    if you’d like you can try to guess what exactly happened, but I’m not going to say anything definite 😛


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