• Dawnpaw/petal (Call me Glory or Dawnpaw, and no, don’t call me dawny or anything. That’s meadowpaw’s nickname.) Dawnpaw/petal (Call me Glory or Dawnpaw, and no, don’t call me dawny or anything. That’s meadowpaw’s nickname.) says:

    So guys I have been working on my drawing as I never have rly done it before, and tried drawing ivypool today. I am trying to get a link to the picture so you will probably see it in a reply to this. Wish me luck on my drawings!

  • I have two characters! I think I requested them a LONG time ago, like many many months ago but I don’t think anyone drew them! (tbh I don’t remember if I even posted it, ooooof) Ok!
    Here is mine most OG OC I have ever created.
    Name: Crosshatch
    Nickname: Cro/Croi
    Gender and Pronouns: Male, He/him
    Personality: A fierce, nice tom who loves to run through the woods, he is rather friendly but he still snaps at his enemies
    Purrsona: A deep, warm brown tabby tom with light green eyes, white paws and nose. He is quite average sized and strong.
    Scars: he has a scar across his nose and a long one across his neck that goes to his shoulder
    Background/Pose: Background is pastel green and I don’t care what pose

    Now for my favorite OC ever
    Name: Seapaw/foam
    Nickname: Sea/Foami
    Gender and Pronouns: Female/ she/her or they/them
    Personality: young and shy, very sweet and caring but still fierce in the face of battle, very curious, loves butterflies, and cute
    Purrsona: very light gray she-cat with wide sea foam green eyes and black, elegant tabby stripes, small and rather cute, sleek, not extremely fluffy but very soft.
    Scars: None
    Background/pose: You can honestly chose all of this but maybe try to sneak in a butterfly?
    Other: tysm if your able to draw them, it would mean so much to me.

  • hey everyone i want to make a map call, im just looking for some early people who might be intrested, im not in to using discord but for those using it you can use discord to communicate with each other, i dont have a big animation software and id rather do a map rather than an amv/pmv , otherwise ill be using scratch. nothing is final yet of course and we would have to either set up a secret page or communicate at least with me, here, but again the people who preticpate can set up a discord, so what we are thinking is a silverstream x greystripe map to the song south of the border, if we get enough people i will get out the map templates as soon as i can via youtube and people preticpating can pick their parts, if not enough people want to, i might just make a solo one but that of course, takes 10x longer xD give your thoughts and possible communication plans since i dont plan on using discord below if your intrested! thx!

    • I’m interested! I can animate a little! :>

    • I am intrested- except idk how to animate.

      (I love that song, south of the border)

      • thats tough on the animate part if you cant maybe somone can animate your drawings for you? if that can be worked out that would be great but maybe we can get a still shot in there somwhere

    • [link redacted]
      heres the link to the doc with all the info and as i said if anyone has ideas for the other map parts, change in the previous map parts, new song idea, or anything else put it in the secret page! thank you so much wolflight for providing us with one its a big help!

      • sorry, but no google docs allowed on the blog because we can’t moderate stuff that happens on them 🙁

        • can i post it on a secret page? if not i can just post all the info and line art on there it would just be more of a hassle

    • sorry incorrect link heres the one to the pagehttps://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2017/06/10/happy-birthday-goldenfawn/goldi-1/ hope this works!

    • I’d be happy 2 participate! I can animate but not like those crazy good peeps on yt…

      • sounds great! ill get a map call out on youtube as soon as i get the templates and the song into a vid it may be a few days the art on it wont be super great but it will just be a general feel of it along with it ill attach a link for all the info about each part changes can be made if somone has a better idea for the parts or the song im not hoping for the best map ever xD i can barely animate myself ill get more details out once i finish all the line art, map call, video editing for the map call, and part discriptions give me maybe a week? ish stay tuned!

    • OKI so i got a beginners animation app so i could maybe help wif this! <33

      • great! and just a quick question to the mods i know i cant share a google doc on the blog but can i share a youtube link? ill need to if im to share the map call

          • it should be! i dont really plan to add any curses or blood into the vid except maybe in the death scene of silverstream? maybe this may be asking a bit much but can i also have the link to the google doc that i was talking about in the vid discription? if not its fine 🙂

            • i’m gonna say yes because you’re sharing it through a site that’s not blogclan and therefore not breaking any blogclan rules, plus if someone clicks on a link from youtube we don’t hold any responsibility for what they see on that link if that makes any sort of sense 😛 so yes! good luck with the project, I’m excited to see it <3

      • cool! and just a quick question for all of you, im listining through the song and a lot of it wont make sense for the map and it would be hard to base the map off the song unless i change it and it would be a totally different map, do you guys have any better songs that fit this ship? the story goes from when greystripe falls through the ice- to greystripe residing in riverclan just so you know if not ill just keep the song but it wont really be related to the map except maybe a few parts we could animate to the song thanks!

        • main reason im asking is because i want to strike this before i get to far in, ive been watching a bunch of maps and i realized either the charicters are singing the song, or the animation in some way resembles the song another way could be if somone really wants our current song to be the one, you could write a script that i could change in some slight ways that would resemble the song, thats a lot of work though the only thing is i dont know that many songs so nothing comes to mind so i was hoping maybe youve got somthing thanks again!

        • I have an idea. Probably the song Nancy Mulligan for Graystripe and Silverstream? You can listen to it. It seems kinda fitting! It’s by Ed Sheeran

          • i like it! i may be able to do somthing with it i want to get a few ideas here im going to paste what was going to be the current script(subject to change) in the secret page just so yall can get a better idea but this will be one of my top picks

          • wait a min i may hae found the perfect song, what about love story from taylor swift? when i think about greyxsilver i think of romeo and juliet sorta i think it could work what do you guys think?

                • hey everyone would you rather it be love story or nancy mulligan in the end they are both great songs i personally like nancy mulligan better but its a very fast paced song what do you guys think? i can go either way!

      • thats fine! everyone is welcome! once i have it ill post more info ill have plenty of time to at least finish the script tommorow

    • Your Name: Everpaw
      Character’s Name: Everpaw
      Headshot or Fullbody: Headshot
      Description(Eye Color, Pelt etc.) silver she-cat with ice-blue eyes and a tail that gradients ice-blue
      Accessories: an ice-blue oval gem on each leg
      Background(Simple backgrounds please!): something like, pale blue, gold, and silver paint splashes? if your art program doesn’t have a brush that’s a paint splash, then zigzag lines that are different shades of ice-blue
      Expression: happy and kinda surprised
      Pose: just the head with a little bit of an angle
      Other: Thank you so much!

    • Your Name: Emberpaw/fox
      Character’s Name: Emberpaw/fox
      Headshot or Fullbody: Fullbody
      Description(Eye Color, Pelt etc.) sleek extremely dark gay and/or black she-cat cat with forest green eyes, white legs and freckles, white tail tip. (if the drawing is in light then its extremely dark gay with black muzzle, ears and back but the orignal describtion is the one above)
      Accessories: silver bracelet
      Background(Simple backgrounds please!): pastel green 🙂
      Expression: friendly, smiling but still looks fierce and happy
      Pose: idrc, your choice
      Other: female, and tysm!!!! <33

    • Your Name:
      Character’s Name: Lilykit
      Headshot or Fullbody: Headshot
      Description(Eye Color, Pelt etc.) Calico she-cat with bright blue eyes
      Accessories: maybe a little fern or some plant wrapped around the ear?
      Background(Simple backgrounds please!): no backround is fine <3
      Expression: Mischievous
      Pose: no pose since its a headshot <3
      Other: can a fang stick out?
      Tysm! Your art is lovely btw :3

    • Your Name: Mistfeather
      Character’s Name: Mistfeather
      Headshot or Fullbody: full body
      Description(Eye Color, Pelt etc.) cream colored she-cat with light gray paws, tail tip, ears and light gray mixed with cream face. Pale blue eyes
      Accessories: none
      Background(Simple backgrounds please!): dark grey
      Expression: thoughtful
      Pose: sitting with tail wrapped around paws
      Other: breed is a ragdoll, female

    • Your Name: Lil
      Character’s Name: Silverpaw
      Headshot or Fullbody: Full body
      Description(Eye Color, Pelt etc.) A petite and fluffy grey she-cat with one silver eye and one blue one.
      Accessories: Something medicine cat-esque
      Background(Simple backgrounds please!): Maybe a pale blue or something that reminds you of RiverClan
      Expression: A little nervous/shy
      Pose: Something kinda playful
      Other: tysm! I love your art!

    • Your Name: Falconstorm (Captain)
      Character’s Name: Falconstorm (Captain)
      Headshot or Fullbody: Fullbody
      Description(Eye Color, Pelt etc.) Captain is a tan she-cat with brown patches: one on her forehead, one on her back, one on each shoulder, two S-shaped ones on her chest- they face inward- a brown tail, and brown back paws. She has warm amber eyes.
      Accessories: Captain’s hat
      Background(Simple backgrounds please!): Light blue
      Expression: Determined
      Pose: Standing, with one front paw up kinda like the example
      Other: Thanks!
      Thank you!!

    • Your name: Stormpaw(flurry)
      Character’s name: Stormpaw
      Headshot or fullbody: Fullbody
      Description: Silver-and-white tabby she-cat with bengal cat markings on forehead and blue eyes. Has soft fur with white paws and a long, sleek tail with a fluffy white tip and a torn ear.
      Accesories: Earring (any earring shape is fine).
      Background: A stormy gray
      Expression: Alert
      Pose: Standing or sitting (whatever is easier for u)
      Other: (What the markings on forehead look like) https://i.pinimg.com/originals/0f/29/2b/0f292b53522ec743d8bca98d3c0b1eff.jpg

    • Your Name: Dandelionpaw
      Character’s Name: Rosemarystar
      Headshot or Fullbody: Headshot
      Description(Eye Color, Pelt etc.) Scruffy, skinny dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes
      Accessories: None
      Background(Simple backgrounds please!): Just a white background is fine! :>
      Expression: Evil smirk (Like she’s planning something evil!)
      Pose: Doesn’t matter with me!
      Other: Nothing else! Thank you! :>

    • Your Name: Moonpaw/pelt
      Character’s Name: Moonpaw/pelt
      Headshot or Fullbody: Full body
      Description(Eye Color, Pelt etc.) Mottled (spotted and tabby) black and dark gray she-cat with a few white flecks, one white paw and green-blue eyes
      Accessories: None
      Background(Simple backgrounds please!): light blue
      Expression: whatever you think looks good
      Pose: crouching
      Other: Thank you

    • Your Name: Wolflight
      Character’s Name: Firewhisker
      Headshot or Fullbody:headshot
      Description(Eye Color, Pelt etc.) calico she-cat with green eyes
      Accessories: wings made of fire
      Background(Simple backgrounds please!): no backround
      Expression: tired
      Pose: in a sleeping position
      Other: thank you!!!

    • Your Name: Snakepaw
      Character’s Name: Snakepaw
      Headshot or Fullbody: Headshot!
      Description(Eye Color, Pelt etc.): Periwinkle blue eyes,pelt color is pale ginger fading into white with darker ginger tabby stripes! She has a small heart marking between her eyes and a distinct M marking on her forehead! She also has the ginger tabby stripes on her head! She is ear poofs on the tip of her ears and inside her ears!
      Accessories: She has a small Cornflower on her ear
      Background(Simple backgrounds please!): Just a lovely pale blue!
      Expression: Smiling calmly!
      Pose: N/A
      Other: She is 7/10 floof

    • Your Name: Sunny Cat
      Character’s Name: Breezebriar
      Headshot or Fullbody: Fullbody if u can!
      Description(Eye Color, Pelt etc.): dark brown Scottish Fold tabby she-cat with copper brown eyes and a raccoon-like tail. Ref: https://freeimage.host/i/B2qsaf
      Accessories: n/a
      Background(Simple backgrounds please!): any turquoise pattern would be gr8!
      Expression: sleepy
      Pose: https://freeimage.host/i/B2qUQt
      Other: Breezebriar, believe it or not, is my mum’s purrsona! She doesn’t intend on ever visiting BlogClan tho 😑

    • Your Name: Vanillapaw/spark
      Character’s Name: Vanillapaw/spark
      Headshot or Fullbody: full body
      Description(Eye Color, Pelt etc.): lithe, slightly smaller than average cream-coloured she-cat with warm amber eyes, brown paws and left ear, and cream-to-brown gradient on slightly fluffy tail. Her underbelly and chest are white.
      Accessories: a vanilla flower tucked behind ear
      Background(Simple backgrounds please!): tan colour
      Expression: sweet, a bit cheeky, playful, and if possible a wink
      Pose: something playful
      Other: she’s female, and thank you so much! <3

    • Your Name: Redblaze
      Character’s Name: Windstar
      Headshot or Fullbody: is full body okay? You can do a headshot if you don’t have enough time!
      Description(Eye Color, Pelt etc.) Mostly white tom with dark brown patches, ice blue eyes, a missing right ear and a scar across his muzzle.
      Accessories: –
      Background(Simple backgrounds please!): a blank one is fine!
      Expression: evil grin >:D
      Pose: I don’t mind! Sitting?
      Other: –

  • Here you go Lil!
    I hope you like them! <333333 (srry if they look a little strange, im trying out something with the muzzle :3)

  • I will be taking more headshot requests! :3

    Name (of le cat you want be to draw):
    Floof of head:
    Backround (oPtIoNaL):

    Ty!!! <3333

    • Form:
      Name (of le cat you want be to draw): Mistfeather
      Appearance: cream colored she cat with light gray tail tip, paws, ears, and light gray mixed with cream face, pale blue eyes
      Gender: female
      Floof of head: normal, not a lot
      Accsessories: none
      Expression: thoughtful
      Backround (oPtIoNaL): white

  • If anyone would like me to draw their purrsona the same way I drew my profile picture, please tell me, and fill these out:
    Pelt color(s):
    Eye color:
    Fluffy (yes or no):
    Very fluffy:
    Fluffy tail:
    Short or long whiskers:
    Anything additional (I can add feathers or leaves behind ears, stick between paws, herbs in mouth, etc) :

    • Pelt color(s): Pale ginger fading into snow white!
      Eye color: Periwinkle
      Patterns: Tabby markings(Darker ginger)
      Freckles: Same color as The tabby markings!
      Fluffy (yes or no): YES
      Very fluffy: YES
      Fluffy tail: YES
      Short or long whiskers: Medium
      Anything additional (I can add feathers or leaves behind ears, stick between paws, herbs in mouth, etc) : A Cornflower tucked next to her ear!
      Other: Thank you <3!

    • Pelt color(s): Brown with black stripes.
      Eye color: Pine Green.
      Patterns: Tabby Stripes.
      Freckles: None
      Fluffy (yes or no): No
      Very fluffy: No
      Fluffy tail: No
      Short or long whiskers: Long
      Anything additional (I can add feathers or leaves behind ears, stick between paws, herbs in mouth, etc) : Two creamy white feathers behind ear (to represent my two chickies).
      Scars: None
      Thank you! 😀

    • Pelt color(s): black and white she-cat with a red collar. Also has yellow horns on either side of her head that allow her 2 shapeshift. Ref sheet is here: https://freeimage.host/i/qksEdu
      Eye color: orange
      Patterns: n/a
      Freckles: you choose 😄
      Fluffy (yes or no): yes (about 6/10)
      Very fluffy: n/a?
      Fluffy tail: same as above (about 6/10)
      Short or long whiskers: in the middle
      Anything additional (I can add feathers or leaves behind ears, stick between paws, herbs in mouth, etc) : n/a
      Scars: n/a

    • Pelt color(s): cream
      Eye color: amber
      Patterns: brown paws, brown left ear, cream-to-brown gradient on tail
      Freckles: no
      Fluffy (yes or no): no
      Very fluffy: no
      Fluffy tail: yes, slightly
      Short or long whiskers: medium
      Anything additional (I can add feathers or leaves behind ears, stick between paws, herbs in mouth, etc) : a vanilla flower tucked behind ear
      Scars: no
      Thank you!

    • Pelt color(s): White or Off-White with brown patches
      Eye color: Mid or Deep Blue
      Patterns: Brown tabby patches on pelt
      Freckles: No
      Fluffy (yes or no): YES PLEASE
      Very fluffy: YES PLEASE
      Fluffy tail: YES PLEASE
      Short or long whiskers: LONG
      Anything additional: Yellow Star-shaped flower with red feather and/or leaves (all behind ear or on head)
      Scars: Small short scar on cheek

      Thanks! 😀

    • Pelt color(s): dark blue-gray and light blue-gray
      Eye color: icy blue
      Patterns: face, tail-tip, flecks on back, toes all light blue-gray
      Freckles: slightly 👀
      Fluffy (yes or no):
      Very fluffy: no
      Fluffy tail: only the tail-tip
      Short or long whiskers: short
      Anything additional (I can add feathers or leaves behind ears, stick between paws, herbs in mouth, etc) : flower behind ear and herbs in mouth
      Scars: no biddable scars