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  • Hey everyone I’m starting a warrior cats RP on this page!

    Other clans – SunClan and LeafClan
    MistClan(main clan)

    Camp- a large hollow with trees and rocks, many crevices for making dens; always a little foggy (hence the name)


    Leader- Rainstar- grey tabby with pale blue eyes(me)

    Allegiances will be updated once new cats join!

    If you would like to join MistClan RP please comment below this information

    What you would like to be (warrior medcat etc)

    Your warrior/medcat(etc) name
    (would appreciate if it was related to water but it doesn’t have to be)


    What you look like

    ****Note**** you cannot assign yourself a mentor or as deputy!! These will be announced once the RP starts!!

    please join!!

    • Update: this is now my character claim page! The link to the RP page will be sent out once we have enough cats to start!

    • Can I join with my cat?

      Name: Honeypaw(dawn)
      Gender/pronouns: female, she/her
      Appreance: golden tabby she-cat with white chest and paws, amber eyes
      Personality: quiet, observant, kind
      Clan: Sunclan
      Sexuality: straight
      Rank: Apprentice

      • Yes! Although the RP is set in mistclan…the other clans are just for patrols and stuff. If you still want to be in sunclan though, that’s fine!

      • MEDCAT claimed: (if anyone else already has pls lemme know)
        Name: Whirlpelt
        Pronouns: she/her
        Appearence: Sleek black she cat
        Personality: Kind, smart
        Clan: Mistclan
        Rank: Medicine cat

    • Rainingmist
      I’d like her to be a medicine cat if possible, or if not she can be a warrior.
      She/Her pronouns
      Silver-and-white she-cat with pale blue eyes and long, sleek, silky fur.

      • A medicine cat will be perfect! Glad you’ve joined!

    • Name: Silverpaw (shadow)
      Gender/pronouns: female, any
      Appreance: Silver tabby she-cat with pale blue eyes, petite and fluffy.
      Personality: Blunt, kind, helpful, overthinks
      Clan: MistClan
      Sexuality: pan
      Rank: Med. App.

    • Name: Streamsong
      Gender and pronouns: female,she/her
      Appearance: thin,short-furred silver she-cat with a white tail tip,white paw tips,and pale yellow eyes
      Personality: optimistic,elegant,a bit self-centered
      Clan: MistClan
      Sexuality: straight
      Rank: warrior
      Age: around one year

    • Name: Foampaw
      Appearance: flecked black she-cat with blue-green eyes
      Pronouns: she/her
      Sexuality: bisexual
      Clan: Mistclan apprentice

      Name: Herringflower
      Appearance: solid gray tom with clear green eyes
      Pronouns: he/him or they/them
      Sexuality: bisexual
      Clan: Mistclan warrior

    • Avatar 🐅🌟Tigerpaw/shine (Tiger Dashing Under Shining Sun/Tiger Shine/Tiger) (mae/mim/mair/mairself, rav/rae/raven/ravenself, she/her/her/herself)🐅🌟 says:

      Imma crash join your party
      Name: Ravenfrost
      Gender: Female
      Pronouns: She/her and also mae/mim
      Sexuality: Asexual
      What I would like to be: Med warrior, a warrior who helps the med cats and knows some herbs but is still very much a warrior. Brightheart, Twigbranch and Briarlight are/were these. Brokenstar was too in his younger years, actually
      Looks/Description: Ravenfrost is a small, thin, agile, fierce, brave, kind, determined, compassionate, wild….. I could list adjectives all day. She is a small, thin, agile black and white she-cat with river blue eyes. She is very, very notable when it comes to fighting, but a poor hunter. However, she dedicates her time to learning every fighting move in the Clans, even going to the Dark Forest (or its equivalent) and meeting rogues at the border to learn their moves and always trying to be put on patrols so she can be in every fight. She has an ear split in half at the tip. Fuller description here:

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