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  • I hope you all love me enough to encourage me on my latest venture.
    As you know, I have always been After That Clout. I Chase That Clout on a daily basis. And thus my name…is undergoing a change.
    I am no longer Viperfrost. I am:
    I Chase That Clout
    I Am That Clout
    I’ll Get That Clout
    I am The Cloutlover
    cloutclout out

  • so i have to go to the grocery store wow cars go vroom in the car i listened to crab rave which was a vibe and then i got books because i need to read more and so now im posting this because of a fellow cloutchaser

  • Good day everyone I thought I would like to share my ballpit log with all of you. I have been living in the ballpit for 3 days now so it’s time for an update

    Day 1 –
    It’s cold and dark and there are orbs everywhere. This is inherently an unpleasant situation, I don’t want to stay here for the rest of my life but I will have to. I’ve established that there is no food here so I will have to get someone to deliver food to me. I’m ordering macdonalds but they said that they can’t deliver to the ballpit. Therefore I may starve here

    Day 2 –
    The ballpit is warm and safe. I do not like the world outside of the ballpit. What am I talking about ? the ballpit is dark and scary. They don’t even have mcdonalds here. But the ballpit is my life now, I will have to exist here happily. Will I ever be happy existing in the ballpit ? Who knows.

    Day 3 –
    Ballpit is life. Ballpit is all that there is to society. We are nothing more than many orbs meant to be a part of a bigger orb. Join the orbs in the ball pit. Come and join us. We have mcdonalds now,,,, the delivery arrived

    Anyway this is your message to join the ballpit

  • yea viper with the purrs!

    ❄️🐍Viper Inc; Arson & Flamethrowers🐍❄️ on BlogClan Tavern
    ❄️🐍Viper Inc; Arson & Flamethrowers🐍❄️ on Gaming Discussion Page
    ❄️🐍Viper Inc; Arson & Flamethrowers🐍❄️ on BlogClan Tavern
    ❄️🐍Viper Inc; Arson & Flamethrowers🐍❄️ on BlogClan Tavern
    ❄️🐍Viper Inc; Arson & Flamethrowers🐍❄️ on BlogClan Tavern

  • “When you stood up, walked away barefoot
    And the grass where you lay left a bed in your shape
    I looked over it and I ached”


  • So yesterday was my birthday 😛 i forgot to say that but anyways. Yeah. Do i feel older? No. Do i feel different? Nope. Am i suppose to feel different

  • I just found out that Dear Evan Hansen is being made into a movie and Ben Platt is Evan and I’m freaking out

  • Forgot to mention that I submitted an art portfolio for a program at my school! I probably won’t get in (there’s like one spot left lol) but it was fun putting it together!

  • Ugh this sounds completely ridiculous but I’m gonna ask it anyways.

    Does anyone have any clue what a good noise-cancelling headset might cost?

    My sister has one but it plays music, which I don’t need, I know there are ones that just cover your ears and block noise. And I’m seriously considering asking my mom to get me one because I’ve discovered that I literally cannot focus on anything with even the slightest noise. So I feel like it would really help diffuse tension in my house as well if I could just tune everything out. But I’ve never worn one so I’m not 100% sure they work that way anyways so 😛 But I know my mom won’t get one if it’s incredibly expensive so…

    Idk, thoughts?

  • Small update: the entire sixth grade is completely split in half. There was this guy who broke up with his girlfriend because a teacher told him to (me and most of my friends still think we’re wayyyyyy to young to date), and now everyone is taking sides. A girl in my social studies class got in trouble for yelling at one of the guy’s friends in the halls last Wednesday. Another girl in my homeroom flat out pushed her desk away from the guys because she didn’t want to sit next to him.

    Ngl, me and my friends are kinda on the girl’s side, but that’s mainly because the guy who broke up with her was not popular amongst a lot of people to start. But yeah, pray for me. The one good thing about online is that people can’t actively engage each other. That is, if you don’t count the neighborhood where one of my friends lives…..

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