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  • I recently gotten obsessed with the songs Revenge Party and Love Story

  • Remember to love yourself everyone! Be happy you’re alive <333 do not mind the fact that i said, ‘ARGH MY LIFE SUCKS’ when i hit my leg

  • okay lets do a poll. if ur a good ole American, comment “e”. if you’re from the uk, comment “t”. lets see where warriors is most popular ^^

  • if you’ve seen the newest gathering post you will see that the schedule is out and that there will be a super cool game of ✨blogclanners trivia✨… however! I will need some information in order to make this happen so feel free to reply to this post with both interesting and generic facts about yourself if you so desire! what’s your favorite color? food? animal? book? tv show? most interesting thing that’s ever happened to you? stuff like that! if I don’t get any replies then all the questions would have to be about me because I don’t have any other information 😛 anyway have an amazing end of your week and I hope I see y’all at the gathering!

    • favorite color: light pink
      favorite food: tuna
      favorite animal: chicken
      favorite tv show: scoobyy-doo or avatar or taskmaster
      favorite book: ghost

    • (I’m just gonna do this as if this is my first time on the blog) Hello! I am Flamepaw/flower, but feel free to call me Flamey! My mentor is the wonderful, extremely beloved Cheetahspark, and my favorite colors include teal, turquoise, indigo and magenta! I love tacos and sushi, and to me, tigers and servals are the absolute best, though numbats aren’t far behind.

      I am a HUGE Hunger Games fangirl, and I quite like the Aru Shah series as well. My favorite TV show (currently) is The Simpsons, but in a few days it’s bound to be WandaVision! I have an English cream golden retriever puppy named Magnus, which means great, and a black and white cat named Bella, which means Bella. I used to have a cat named Toby, but he was hit on the road.

      I have a twin brother who is one minute younger than me, and the two of us could not be more different! I am in middle school and am 11 years old. I have sprained both my wrists, the first in 3rd grade when I fell on the blacktop, the second ice skating with friends. I am asexual and aroflux, and I love to do many things, including reading, writing, rock climbing, skiing, dancing, hiking, biking and horseback riding. I still have yet to fall off a horse, though I’ve come close a few times!

      I live in Colorado and I love listening to music, though I can’t draw to save my life! In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my friends, though many of the, say I’m scary sometimes😛. I can also eat a tub of cotton candy in under five minutes, and my favorite YouTuber is TennelleFlowers. I dream of one day becoming an ecologist or a writer, along with becoming head of the fish and wildlife service when my best friend becomes president😛!

      I am a night owl, and I can go to bed at 1 in the morning and wake up at 7 feeling like I’ve gotten 10 hours of sleep. I also greatly look up to people such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Annie Oakley and Jane Goodall.

      That was a lot longer than I thought it would be.

      • Oh, one other thing about me: I am 5’2 1/2, and I have been taller than my brother ever since we were born.

      • I love all animals! Some of my favorites, though, include squirrels, chickens (of course!), cats, and numbats. I also really like hamsters, rats, ducks, snakes, chipmunks, caterpillars, webspinners (which are these little winged bugs). This list could go on and on since, as I said, I love all animals.
      • I have 4 cats, 4 chickens, and a sugar glider
      • Favorite Warrior cat: Honeyfern
      • Warrior cat I defend most: Jessy
      • I love making characters
      • My favorite drink is water
      • One of my favorite fictional characters is Olympia from Odd Squad
      • I speak Russian.
      • I love rainy days.
      • I’m really social and love being in big crowds.
      • I want to have pet rats (I’ve had some in the past)
      • My favorite book series besides Warriors is Vet Volunteers.
    • ♡ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟 (𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟𝕓𝕣𝕖𝕖𝕫𝕖) - Moon of Silver Winter Sky (she/her) ♡ ♡ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟 (𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟𝕓𝕣𝕖𝕖𝕫𝕖) - Moon of Silver Winter Sky (she/her) ♡ says:

      ooooh okay uh

      fav color: light turquoise
      fav book: the dead queens club, six of crows bc six of crows
      fav animal: horse
      fav music group: (g)i-dle or iz*one pls don’t make me pick
      fav tv show: pokemon xyz

      i love ramen, and i once at a full box of annie’s mac and cheese in under six minutes. my (show, i don’t own him) horse’s name is leggs (aka leggy boi and/or leggo my eggo), i haven’t fallen off him but i’ve fallen of two other horses, i’ve been riding for 4 years now. my favorite fictional character WHICH EVERYBODY SHOULD KNOW lmao is alain from pokemon and it’s an issue 😛 my ult kpop biases that nobody cares about are soyeon from (g)i-dle and eunbi from iz*one but you’re not gonna need to know that 😛 i like to write pokemon fanfics, i haven’t read warriors in over a year and rly need to catch up, and same with wings of fire 😛 my latest fanfic was titled “27.99×86.93” please do not ask, but i finished it 10 minutes before the first minute of 2021 and i’m extremely proud of it. my other favorite fic i’ve ever written is called Ignire, and i’m currently planning a series called The Fire of a Thousand Stars. my favorite pokemon is Sylveon, my favorite pokemon type is Fairy.

      i’ve been on blogclan for a few months over 3 years now, i joined on november 3rd of 2020. i ran for medicine cat in the last elections and didn’t do too hot, i was (supposedly, according to kate in a comment way back when???) shortlisted for allegiances chat editor in the last mod applications and i honestly am not sure why but thank you and i’m very honored haha.

      i am one of two “moo”s on the blogclan discord, the leader and oldest member of the unofficial moon army, and the one who first said the joke about blogclan having as many moons as jupiter. i have never changed my name while on the blog, but changed my purrsona appearance from, essentially, a silver tabby to a dark silver tabby 😛

      also, i’m 5’7″ and will probably hit 5’8”, so i’m pretty tall 😛

      i really like washi tape and have 270+ rolls and way too much of it, i enjoy drawing (digital art) and bullet journaling as well! i mostly do pokemon and kpop journaling 😛 i play way too much pokemon for my own good and like to play on the ranked VGC ladder in-game, and got to the second highest tier last season and will hopefully get to the top this month. i’ve been playing viola for over five years now and i hate it but it’s fineeee, apparently i’m decent but idk about that 😛

      and, MOST IMPORTANTLY I LITERALLY JUST THOUGHT OF THIS – i ran a somewhat medium lived collab here on blogclan called seasons of night, it was inspired by the guardian herd and it was great fun while it lasted 😛 bonus points if you can name the final four writers of the fic hehehe

      so anyways i hope that’s enough for you cheetah lmao feel free to stump everyone on my random trivia that literally nobody knows about me, it’ll be great fun! 😛

      • wow moon it’s so impressive that you managed to be here for 3 years while still joining in 2020 how do you do it :0

        • ♡ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟 (𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟𝕓𝕣𝕖𝕖𝕫𝕖) - Moon of Silver Winter Sky (she/her) ♡ ♡ 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟 (𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟𝕓𝕣𝕖𝕖𝕫𝕖) - Moon of Silver Winter Sky (she/her) ♡ says:

          lkdsjkdls typo sorry 😛 i meant 2017 but you prob knew that haha, it’s been a long first week back 😛

    • uh
      my favorite color is green
      my favorite food is carnitas because…. it’s like a pork taco but better
      i have no favorite tv show but my favorite movie is
      yknow what screw it here’s random crap about me you get to read through
      I love red skittles and braiding my hair. I have a crush on Elsa from frozen (I mean let’s be honest who doesn’t) I can’t swim for the life of me. I love the history of England, I love art. I like Mac and cheese and I prioritize good grades. I have a pink robe in my room I grew out of eons ago but I still wear it because it’s there. I am obsessed with organizing stuff.

    • mwahahaha time to test out these epic format options on blogclan since i’m finally on my laptop while making it (hopefully) useful at the same time

      favorite color: dark gray
      favorite food: cupcakes (oh my GOD vanilla cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes have me in TEARS)
      favorite animal: birds! (like pigeons, doves, chickens, ducks, geese, tiny birds, aaaaaaa)
      most interesting thing that ever happened to me: indirectly and unintentionally called a restaurant worker a horse (which happened thanks to us both having the same first name)

      aggressive thinking

      native language: spanish
      pets: 3 fantail pigeons and 1 gray tabby cat
      random thing about myself: i am the 3rd person in my family to have a birthday be on the 3rd (my mom, my 2nd oldest brother, and i have our birthdays fall on the 3rd, and i am the last/third born >:) if that made any sense)

      you too have an amazing weekend and see you at the gatheringgg *fades into the hype train*

      (using my laptop has made my fingers super happy so i feel like i might’ve spouted gibberish or been dramatic on some)

    • Favourite colour is silver
      Favourite food is salmon/ chicken
      Favourite animal is the Jaguar
      Favourite books (not including Warriors) is six of crows/ Harry Potter and many more
      Favourite tv show is idk. Maybe when Loki comes out
      Favourite sport is basketball

    • Favourite colour: blue, red or yellow
      Favourite animal: the wolf
      Favourite weather: cold and raining/snowing
      Favourite Tv Programme: Doctor Whooo
      I have two cats
      My favourite ice cream is vanilla or honeycomb (or mango sorbet)
      My favourite fruit is a mango

    • FUN omg

      fav color: purple
      fav food: garlic bread
      fav animal: elephant
      fav book: the hate u give
      fav tv show: skam
      most interesting thing that’s ever happened to you: when i was chased by a sheep and thought i was gonna die
      year i joined: 2017 (i think not a lot of people know this cause i was inactive for 3000 years but i do talk about it in every other sentence so yeah)
      im norwegian:P (i also talk about this in every other setnence but still)
      i love rihanna more than i love myself, but she hasn’t released music since i was 11 so my fav artist is currently sza!
      i tend to write a lot of typos which makes people bULLY ME >:C
      i have a cat
      i love apples
      that’s not true i dont really care for apples i’m just trying to think of things the pRESSURE IS TOO MUCH

    • Fav colour: purple or yellow
      Fav food: Cookies and cream ice-cream! (If that’s a dessert, then pepperoni pizza!)
      Fav animal: Birbs :3
      Fav book: Warriors ofc! My fav warriors book is Veil of Shadows, tho. I also like Harry Potter as well! 😛

      Other facts:

      • I love art! I’ve been a digital artist since 2019!
      • I also love Among Us ✨ 💖 I’m the one person who prefers to be a crewmate, haha.
      • I write fanfics sometimes, but loose motivation mostly xD
      • I’m average height, 155cm (5′ 1)
      • I’m very good at attempting to sleep but my brain wishes other things, so I stay in bed doing nothing for 2 hrs. 🙃 👍
      • I’m from Australia!
      • My fav warriors characters are Rootspring and Hollyleaf!
      • I have been on BlogClan for 2 years, I joined September 10 2018!
      • I have changed my purrsona completely once, for a day xD. Her name was Tidesong, a dark gray she-cat. But my first purrsona was Sandstone, a ginger tabby she-cat, then Sandfrost, she become a dark ginger tabby, then a blue dilute calico, then a pale ginger she-cat, then finally a bright orange she-cat.
      • I used to be really active in 2019, ah, the memories xD
      • Have a noice day!
    • trying to think of something even barely interesting about myself 😛 uhm the most known things are probably like . wrote ce . living in the land of santa claus and sauna . joined in 2016 . yeah 😛 uh i’ve studied 4 languages,,, native in finnish fluentish in english mediocre in,, swedish and german 😛 very beginner in latin 😛 idk if this counts as language knowledge but can read hangul [the korean alphabet…?] 😛 (that’s not hard though 😛 ) i have a sister and a dance group that has competed and performed pretty much in the finnish cover dance scene aaand my first name was so rare when i was born that there were under 100 of us in the whole country 😛 and when i was elementary school aged i wrote and directed and performed three plays, co-choreographed three dances for talent shows (i do not want to remember), made (and edited) countless movies with my friends, wrote a dozen of stories, was at an art school thing .. i wonder where that creativity and productivity is now ??? 😛 seems like i used it all up before i even turned 14 😛 that’s everything that’s kinda interesting i guess haha 😛

    • alright here we go
      gender: female
      sexuality: questioning
      rank: apprentice
      age: 11 almost 12
      claniversary: June 26th
      birthday: March 2nd
      mentor: darkwing

      Color: blueeee
      food: emm can’t decide
      animal: catsssss
      book: squirrelflights hope
      warriors character: fallen leaves
      warriors ship: hollyxfallen
      time of day: afternoooon
      season: winter

      interesting and random facts:

      • I broke my arm two years ago
      • i have a digital clock on my desk 😛
      • I have a cat called Flora
      • huge procrastinator (my New Years resolution was to stop procrastinating and I’m procrastinating on that)
      • I can’t think of anything else to type


      • warriors
      • wings of fire
      • hunger games
      • kotlc
      • hamilton

      also I probably won’t be doing this gathering because it literally fits perfectly into my sleeping time 😛

    • Favourite Colour: Brown
      Favourite Food: Moroccan Flatbread
      Favourite Animal: Bear
      Favourite Book: Tailchaser’s Song
      Favourite Film/Movie: Interstella 5555
      Favourite Music Artist & Song: Daft Punk & ‘Digital Love’
      Interesting Facts:

      • I commented in 2013, but did not join until 2016
      • There is a star in Andromeda named after myself
      • I was the Blogclanner who suggested that Blogclan fursonas could instead be called Purrsonas.
      • I have Norwegian and Scottish ancestry.
    • favourite colour: azure
      favourite food: pizza
      favourite animal: arctic fox
      favourite book: if it’s a novel on it’s own then The Ruby In The Smoke
      favourite tv show: doctor who
      most interesting thing that ever happened to you: I was on CBBC’s Blue Peter and it’s incredibly embarrassing because my family always brings it up… 😛
      or maybe the time I went and picked up and started stroking these penguin sketches in a museum and my mum just looked at me horrified because they were the originals from an Antarctic expedition, I think Shackleton’s, from the 1900s 😛

    • favorite colour- purple
      Favorite food- cinnamon buns and tacos
      favorite animals- wolves
      favorite books- hunger games, warrior cats
      favorite tv show- possibly the she-ra reboot
      pet- my dog, Mocha 🙂 She’s a former Romanian street dog who went through four homes before us and she’s the goodest girl
      Hobbies- reading, writing, painting, drawing, playing piano
      Favorite warrior cat- Jayfeather
      Least favorite warrior cat- Bramblestar (Brackenfur deserved to be leader! Not him)

    • favorite color: yellow or light green
      favorite class: writing or band (I play trumpet)
      favorite food: margarita pizza
      favorite animal: all of them
      my pets: Coop, my Boston Terrier
      favorite dessert: Chocolate cake
      favorite activity: Reading outside on a sunny day
      favorite TV show:
      siblings: one brother
      favorite video game: I don’t play any
      favorite movie: I like any comedy or Disney movie, though my family loves Marvel and Star Wars so I watch that too
      favorite book: way too hard, I would have to make a list
      languages I speak: Only English and Spanish, but I want to learn French

    • Oh ok 👌🏻

      Favourite Colour: Any type of blue and also gray (at the moment)
      Favourite Food: ack-idk
      Favourite Animal: 1. Cats, 2. Dogs, 3. Snow Leopards, 4. Guinea Pigs, 5. Snowy Owl 6. Tigers
      Favourite Book: fave book series; 1. Warriors, 2. Percy Jackson. Favourite Books: The Last Hope? idk
      Pets: A poodle named Tigger. He is male, two/three years old (in dog years) and actually quite curly, even for a poodle and is medium brown. He’s medium sized and has the longest legs you’d ever see on a poodle. (I also got him from an adoption centre about six moths ago, but he’s very sweet and gentle)
      Also formally two Guinean pigs. Popcorn and Bambi.
      Favourite TV Shows: um well, most of my favourites are actually Korean tv shows, so I’m not gonna include them here. I do like Dance Moms though.
      People I look up to/celebs I like: actually, I don’t have any celebrities I like and the people I look up to is my parents. The only people or should I say cats that I like is probably Jayfeather, but I don’t think he counts lol.
      Hobbies: I love reading books. I also write here and there. I used to be more passionate about writing, but I’m getting interested in other things rn. I also like games and watching YouTube.
      Short Backstory: Well, I am a 12 year old Korean girl that used to live in Australia until last year and now lives in Korea. I’m an only child and in between a girly girl and a tomboy. I am a book worm/nerd/quiet/shy/sporty/loner so you could say I’m a mixture of everything.

      I could probably go on forever but I just don’t feel like right now xD

    • Favorite book: Nightfall (KotLC)
      Favorite color: sajfdfjs WHY CHEET WHY umm i really like mint 😛
      Favorite food: right now? pudding 😛
      Favorite tv show: now that varies….. i don’t have a lot of time to watch tv anymore….. but i really like cooking shows!
      Favorite animal: red panda
      Favorite drink: CHERRY LIMEADEEEEEE

      Random Facts:
      i badly scarred my arm during basketball practice when someone’s nail went in my skin 😛
      i have trypophobia, phonophobia and some long other ones that i don’t know yet 😛
      I live in TN!
      i have a fear of falling down a escalator and getting smushed 😛 lol
      I have a younger brother (Stormkit) and and older brother (Nightpaw who will be Nightfrost soon!)
      I recently discovered that i have an unhealthy obsession with minecraft survival XD
      I have no pets 🙁
      My grandma and aunt foster cats!

      is that good? 😛

    • I don’t think I’ll be able to be there :C


      Color: Black
      food: Salad
      Animal: Arctic Foxes
      Book: Warriors- The Last Hope
      Additional stuff: I’m still active and I’m Korean

    • Favorite color: orange
      Favorite food:baked mac n’ cheese
      Favorite animal: bobcat or cow
      Favorite book: the green glass sea
      tv show: i don’t really watch tv

    • Colour: Dark blue or purple
      Food: TACOS
      Animals: Cats and Wolves
      Book: Escape (Ask if you need author)
      TV Show: Victorious (Cat X Bibble)
      Warriors Characters: Tie between Jayfeather and Mapleshade

    • favorite color: dark blue and green
      favorite food: peanut butter and melted chocolate ships on a tortilla
      tv show: nature on pbs
      i have one turtle names shelly
      favorite computer game:

    • ahhhhh ummmm

      Color: Purple
      Food: idk fried chicken
      Animal: Siberian tiger has a special place in my heart
      Book: idk right now it’s the Catcher in the Rye
      Tv Show: The office!!
      Interesting thing: god i’m boring idek uhhhh i played luana in the tests lol

      I’m bi, half-black and live in America. I have a gremlin of a cat, Luna. She’s named after Sailor Moon because of the spot on her head. I used to have Bearded Dragons named Smaug and Rumpelstiltskin. Currently obsessed with Choiceofgames which is basically choose your own adventure games but better and online.

      I don’t know, I’m boring 😌❤️

    • Ewo.
      Favorite color: um…silver, black, white, teal, grey-blue, purple…
      Favorite food: Brisket. Me bees a Southern gal. (Also fettuchini alfredo.)
      Favorite animal: dolphins and cats
      Favorite book: Nadya Skylung and the Cloudship Rescue, along with The Selection Series and The Siren, and the My Hero Academia mangas.
      Favorite TV Show: Um…My Hero Academia.
      Most interesting thing that’s ever happened to me: um…oh no….well, I mean, I did start a YouTube channel…
      Family: Three brothers, mom, dad, two cats, a dog, a fish *and a partdrige in a pear tree lol*
      Friends: ANYONE
      Skills: singing (most people say ;w;), drawing ig, writing, reading at like 175 wpm, painting, listening to music nonstop
      Weaknesses: being kind to myself
      Do I have a Himiko Toga plushie in my room: uh, yes. yes I do. And you cannot have it.
      Fandoms: NSatCR, Avatar, Warriors, WoF, The Selection, Doctor Who, Reese’s Puffs lol, Hamilton

    • fave color: greeeeeen
      food: green beans
      book: blackbird girls(about Chernobyl in ukraine. read. now.)
      aniaml: hamsterrr
      tv show: carmen sandiago or gillmore girls which i watch with my sister
      most intersting thing: life quarantine

    • Ahem

      Favorite color: red
      Favorite food: lasagna
      Favorite animal: penguin
      Favorite book: Idk the scythe trilogy
      Tv show: Star Trekkkkk

      I joined the blog in 2018… technically 😛

      Nothing interesting happens to me cheet, you know that. Of course of course I love the Beatles, my favorite album of all time is Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys, I have a cat named Tribble, I’m in 9th grade, and I live in Virginia 🙂 I also play the ukulele, guitar, and cello 😛

    • favorite color: seafoam green but that’s complicated so blue
      food: pizza
      animal: arctic tern
      book: six of crows and the golden compass/northern lights probably
      tv show: don’t have a favorite

      My apprentice is Stormpaw, I live in the mountains, I love all things outdoor like but not including to: skiing, hiking, biking, etc. I dance, I do lots of art, and I have an unhealthy obsession with music. I joined in July of 2017, but I’ve had some very notable spurts of inactivity. I play the guitar, I’m in choir, and I WAS in band. I have had/fostered many pets, like guinea pigs, parakeets, and cats, but currently I have a dog and a bunch of fish

    • Favorite color: orange
      Favorite food: orange push pops
      favorite animal: I like all animals, but I’d have to say cat here
      favorite book: give me any interesting fantasy book about animals and I’ll read it
      favorite tv show: im banned from the tv right now, sHHHH
      interesting fact: I was held back a year- I’d be in 9th grade but because of an annoying world studies teacher that gave 10-20 page long assignments per day, I am still a middle schooler 😛

    • -My current favorite colors are dark blue,mint green,and pale purple
      -I’m vegetarian
      -I love all animals,but my current favorite are foxes
      -I play Pokemon,Hollow Knight,and Animal Crossing
      -I’m bisexual

    • Favorite color: Pastel geen (green, it’s a joke with my friends)
      Favorite food: Anything with tofu lol
      Favorite animal: Any cat. I like ocelots and sand cats best
      Favorite books: Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and any warriors book
      Favorite tv show: BNA (Brand New Animal)

      Here’s some more random things!
      I am weirdly obsessed with small collectibles, pins, and stickers. I love collecting them, but it takes up space 🙁 that makes it hard, because I enjoy collecting things. I also have a giant collection of rocks/crystals, which I’m also weirdly obsessed with.

      I don’t have a sexuality! I decided not to label my feelings, and be open to everyone. If I did use a label I’d be Pansexual, but I’ve decided not to label myself.

      I’m 10 and almost 11

      I loooove writing! It helps me calm down if I’m anxious or angry with myself. If I’m really panicky I will try writing, if a paper and pencil are available. It also gives me something to do if I’m bored. Plus, it’s helping to stop my problem with scratching myself (I haven’t stopped scratching myself fully, I’m doing it less though which is good!)

    • favorite color: shades of blue
      animal: hmm idk probably cats lol
      book: don’t read haha but spongebob comics i guess
      most interesting thing that happened to me: idk
      i like spongebob

    • Favorite color: dark blue
      Food: macaroni and cheese (specifically annie’s cheddar shells)
      Animal: cat
      Book: Gideon the ninth or Six of Crows, can’t decide
      Tv show: M*A*S*H
      Most interesting thing that’s ever happened to me: uhhh I’m sure there are some interesting things in my life but I can’t think of any right now 😛
      Random facts:
      -I am on a science olympiad team
      -I like to go through and correct warrior cat coat colors so that they are genetically correct
      -I have 2 middle names
      -I am an earthling
      -I have two kitties named Mimi and Cecelia
      -I want to be a scientist when I grow up, hopefully something to do with genetics

    • Favorites

      • Color: Pink
      • Animal: Cat
      • Food: French fries/poutine
      • Book: Hard…… maybe Warriors: Moth Flight’s Vision?
      • Warrior Cat: Spottedleaf probably.
      • Subject: Uhhh French?
      • Cat breed: Maine Coon or Siberian(because Siberians are the official cat of Russia, where I was born)


      • Mean people
      • Too much sugar
      • Sweet and spicy things(like, decide! Sweet or spicy?)
      • Caramel popcorn
      • Pringles(they made me throw up once)
      • Store bought cheese(my dad said they’re made of plastic once, and I’ve been nauseous whenever I’m around cheese since)
      • Rats

      Some information about me

      • I speak Russian
      • I was born in Russia
      • I have 4 adorable sweet little cutie kitties, Pechenka(Russian name, meaning cookie), Moussik, Poussik(both are black) and Vita. I have one she-cat, Muka.
      • My birthday is on July 3rd and my Clanniversary is on August 6th.
      • I am a Ravenclaw, and my patronus is a Swan.
      • My 3 things I hate most in the world are dots, circles and holes, people saying bad words, and things that aren’t spelled correctly.
      • I’m 13 years old.
      • If I could be in a Clan, I’d be in RiverClan because of my love for water or ShadowClan because they seem super cool. I would want to be a Queen or Deputy.
      • I am a Rooster in Chinese Zodiac Signs.
      • I like to read, sing to myself, write, draw, take walks and be on BlogClan. I love swimming and soccer, and love the beach and winter-y landscapes.
    • This sounds like fun! 😀

      My favorite color as a child was blue all the way, but I love all colors now – however, if asked the question, I will still pick blue in the end since it was there for me, in a sense! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s a great color. 😉

      I am a morning person. I love waking up early – but not if I go to sleep super late! 😛 I’ve always wanted to see the sunrise, and I love being outside in the morning. Speaking of outside, I try to get out there at least once or twice every day. I love roaming around and checking out all the sights and gardens – nature in general I love! 😀

      I love fog! Maybe too much, if that’s a thing . . .? 😛 Whenever it is foggy outside, I like to go out there instantly. It feels so refreshing! I also enjoy rainy weather. ^^ My least favorite kind of weather is when it is cloudy (so the sky is all gray) for days on end. 😛

      I’m half-Dutch on my mom’s side! 😀 Some things we do is throw Dutch words into random conversations – I don’t pronounce gouda like “gouda”, it’s always going to be “how-da” with a rough H 😛

      When I was younger I used to be afraid of elevators, since there was an accident where my sister and my grandma got trapped in them. My dad and I were searching on all the floors we could find since we didn’t know where they would eventually land.

      My favorite TV shows include MLP:FIM, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Anne With an E! I love basically any Disney Reinassance movie – Disney in general – and I also really like Old Hollywood movies and Pirates of The Caribbean.

      I enjoy reading the labels of things, like boxes and bottles. 😛 I am also a huge musical person and love Hamilton, The Drowsy Chaperone, The Count of Monte Cristo, and more! And my dream is to become an animator! 🙂

      That’s a lot of facts, so enjoy reading through them, Cheetah 😛 Also I would love to see some Cheetahspark trivia 😉

    • Favorite color: pale blue/teal
      favorite food: sushi and avocados
      favorite animal: cats and horses (specifically nöffy, the icelandic mare that I ride!)
      favorite book: n/a, i love them all
      tv show: n/a
      most interesting thing that ever happened to me: i had a surgery on my legs back in august
      fears/phobias: acrophobia, i have panic attacks just by getting any higher than my bed’s headboard
      sort of superpower: veeeeerrrrryyyyy flexible
      insecurity: my ridiculously skinny body
      favorite place to go on the internet: blogclan, youtube
      best friend on blogclan: I consider myself friends with literally anyone ive said one word to because I’m very antisocial but moons, clo, and captain
      quirks: I constantly have to be doing something with my hands

    • Color: Light purple

      Food: Chicken alfredo

      Animal: Eh wolf or dog(dobermanssss)

      Book: Maze Runner

      TV Show: Supernatural

      Interesting thing that’s happened to me???: Uhhhh I think I’m technically still married to a dog does that count 😛 Oh I’ve also had toe surgery 😛 Orrrrr I got my mom a cardboard Castiel for Christmas and he keeps showing up in random place of the house now that’s interesting 😛 gbnjvkfjgnvkfdojnfb pick one 😛 I also love Stray Kidssssssssssss

      I’m not even gonna be at the Gathering so tell me what happens 😛

    • Frosnolga
      Fav color : Coral/Orange
      Favorite food : Is something called “Sopes”, or tamales, THIS IS SO HARD!!
      Favorite animal : Is A flying squirrel
      Fav Pokémon: Sceptille
      Fave Tv show : Idk, probably just The Office
      Fav Video Game : Pokémon Platinum
      Fav Game that isn’t Pokémon : Idk… Bioshock? But it is scary
      Fav anime : As isn’t obvious enough, Pokemon Indigo league
      Least Fav animal : HORSE 100000%

      I am your typical warrior cats nerd and I love to hike in nature. I am also a 14 year old libra (born on October 4th) born in CA. I am a bisexual cis girl (possibly non binary). I hate horses cuz when I was 9 I rode one and I think you can see how that went. A disaster.
      My fave warrior cats (in order) are Tawnypelt, Squilf, Gray Wing, Ashfur, Yellowfang (alive), Breezepelt, Dovewing, Ivypool, Thrushpelt, and Sasha. My least favs is Bramblestar and Silverstream. I also speak Spanish and French.

    • Introduction

      Hello there! My name is Falconpaw, but that is bound to change quite soon. I’m an apprentice in eighth grade, and will be Falconstorm afterwards. I’m most commonly known as Captain, named after Captain Falcon of the F-Zero games.

      “Just because you live somewhere doesn’t mean that your heart dwells in the same place.” ~Me

      Born in the same hospital as Harrison Ford, I have lived in Chicago for the majority of my life. In 2014, I moved to Puerto Rico for three years before moving back due to my dad getting a job and the upcoming hurricanes, the first of which struck in my birthday of 2017. Of course, I’d much rather be over at the beach during Christmas, with my dad’s side of the family who were quite wealthy and would always cook up a huge feast. But alas, I am not there anymore, and I am freezing to death in Chicago once again. :/

      ” And I… am… Iron Man.” ~Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avengers: Endgame)

      When it comes to movies, my go-to genre is action and adventure, although animated movies are also high up there. My favorite film franchises include Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and more that I can not think of right now. Heh. My favorite movie of all time is, unsurprisingly, Iron Man. The movies I did watch a lot of as a kid include the Curious George movies, and for some reason I had an obsession with Pinocchio as a child even though it is quite creepy.

      “Swing your arms from side to side, come on, it’s time to go! Do the Mario!” ~Mario (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!)
      When we’re talking TV shows, game shows are the best. The king for me is Takeshi’s Castle, alternately known in other countries as MXCin the United States or Showdown! in Japan, where it was originally filmed. Other classic favorites of mine are Wheel of Fortune, and, of course, Jeopardy!. Other than game shows, I watch the Star Wars shows, including Rebels, Clone Wars, and quite obviously The Mandalorian. Soon following suit will be WandaVision, the newest Marvel show that is predicted to set the pace for the next phase of Marvel movies. As a kid, however, the crown belonged to Guess with Jess, Wild Kratts, and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! (My life revolved around that show, no joke :P). However, I also adored Dinosaur Train, Arthur, Cat in the Hat, Sid the Science Kid, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Super Why!, Curious George, Barney, Dora the Explorer, Strawberry Shortcake, Go Diego Go… I can go on forever…

      ”Hello! It’s-a-me, Mario!” ~Mario (Super Mario 64)

      Video games make up a huge part of who I am. When I got my first console, a black Wii with New Super Mario Bros. Wii and the soundtrack of Super Mario Galaxy, it was never actually intended to be for me. It was supposed to be for my mom, who wanted to use it with her Just Dance game. Long story short, she never actually played Just Dance so I would play Mario on it practically all day. And then more Mario games joined the collection along with a Mario plushie. And then my brother wanted a Wii U, so we got that and even more things. And then came the Switch, and there were even more games, more merch, and more Mario in general…

      In first grade, one of the most popular games at my school was Minecraft, which I didn’t have. Until the day we moved to Puerto Rico, where my mom downloaded it. And so began what is possibly the best part of my childhood.

      Also, bonus, I really want Pikmin 3 Deluxe. I honestly never really cared for Pikmin until I started to actually watch the videos Nintendo posted, and I eventually downloaded the demo. It is such a good game. I need it in my life. But I’m too poor to actually but it. Also, my parents have no idea what Pikmin is so they’ll be demanding an explanation as to why I want to get a game with walking plant creature things and a little chubby astronaut side with a bigger nose than Mario and three individual things of hair who honestly looks kinda cute (He is indeed in Pikmin 3 Deluxe though, in the Side Stories), I’ll have to explain, something I’m horrible at doing.

      That’s it, I don’t want to do any more… Unless someone tells me too, in that case I’ll be happy to tell you every Mario game I have. Until then, farewell, and may StarClan light your path!

  • wowcode

    feels weird being able to see everyone’s names on my laptop, i’m always on my tablet and there are multiple blank or spaced names

    time to get to work, samsung

    useless fact of the decade: felines have the potential to possess whiskers

  • How do you put things in spoiler boxes? I want to put the allegiances in boxes for my fanfic so it doesn’t take up too much space but I don’t know how.

    Had to get that out of my system! I’m good now.

  • I just found out about text adventure RPGs :0 They are funnnnnnn

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