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  • I need an idea for the StarClan sharing place in my fanfic. Does anyone have any ideas? (No moonpool or moonstone)
    ty (:!!!

  • Viper has done it again…..

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    • ❄️🐍Viper In The Box; Worst Restaurant Chain🐍❄️ on BlogClan Tavern
    • ❄️🐍Viper In The Box; Worst Restaurant Chain🐍❄️ on BlogClan Tavern
  • Reposting because it got buried immediately bhjfcdbhfcj

    Weekly Song Lyric #8 Answer!

    “We’re not broken just bent, and we can learn to love again”

    P!NK – Just Give Me a Reason

    So, I was basically raised on this song 😛 It came out in 2012 and I always listened to the songs on this album. And um, if you look at The Truth About Love, you’ll see there are some songs that my mom obviously kept hidden at that time but y’know let’s not mention those here 😛 We also listened to a bunch of clean versions of some of the songs so 😛 But anyways, this has always been one of my favorite P!NK songs, and it made me so happy that a lot of you knew it! 😛


    Congrats you guys guessed ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt and made me incredibly happy 😛 Thanks y’all 😛

  • They’re re-releasing the Firestar, Graystripe, and Jayfeather plushies on the Warriors store!

    Finally, I can get Graystripe…

  • I invented a Clan creator! Try it out if bored! 😀
    (Also, it does not have to be a favorite, just one you like!)
    Fill out everything below!

    (Clan name) Favorite ecosystem: _____ Clan
    (Leader name) Favorite predator bird: _____star
    (Deputy) Your warrior name prefix and favorite warrior cat suffix: ________
    (Medicine cat) Your least favorite cats prefix and your suffix:
    (Place they speak with StarClan) Favorite plant: Moon_______
    (Camp) Favorite weather: (If sunny then close to the sun, if rainy then in a sheltered place, etc.)
    (Number of warriors) Favorite 2 digit number: ___________ warriors
    (Number of queens and kits) Favorite 1 digit number: _________ queens and kits
    (rest) The rest is up to you! Where does this Clan live? What’s it’s history? Are there any other Clan’s nearby?

    This is my result:

    Clan: OasisClan (Or SavannaClan)
    Leader: Kestrelstar
    Deputy: Mountaintail
    Medicine cat: Sharpstorm (I know, Sharptooth isn’t technically a cat….but I still hate him! 😛 )
    Sacred StarClan place: Moonsequoia. They have to climb onto the highest branch to meet with the moon and the stars. 🙂
    Camp: Cozy place always bathed in Moonlight or Sunlight, by a river that gurgles soothingly.
    Number of warriors: 18 😀
    Number of queens and kits: 7. Opalshine, mother to Rubykit, Frostykit, and Goatkit, and Leopardspark, mother to Breezekit and Skykit.
    History of OasisClan: One night, Feathertail visited Kestrel, a loner, telling her about the clans. It turns out the Twolegs felt remorse for cutting down the forest, and stared re-planting the trees. Feathertail knew only, because she could walk with the tribe of rushing water, and was closer to the forest territories. She told Kestrel to build new Clans, and she would be safe and happy. So Kestrel did so, naming her Clan OasisClan after RiverClan. Instead of ShadowClan, Kestrel helped Dusk, her friend, create DuskClan. Instead of ThunderClan, Kestrel helped her other Clan create StormClan. Instead of SkyClan, Kestrel helped her mother make CloudClan. Instead of WindClan, Kestrel helped her cousin make BreezeClan.
    OasisClan, DuskClan, StormClan, CloudClan, and BreezeClan were the new Clans in the woods, all named after the previous Clans. Feathertail, and a few other StarClan cats help guide them through the Moonsequoia. Kestrel became Kestrelwing, then Kestrelstar, leader of OasisClan.

    Hope I could make a good bordem buster! Have fun! 😀

    • ForestClan
      Leader: Falconstar
      Deputy: Pinefern
      Medicine cat: Brokenstripe
      Sacred StarClan place: Mooncreosotebush. They speak with StarClan through the raindrops that gather on the leaves of the bush.
      Camp: Under a cozy, sheltered bush.
      Number of Warriors: 37
      Number of Kits and Queens: 3 queens and 7 kits (they’re both my favorite numbers) Softcloud- mother to Mistkit and Snowkit. Nightshade- mother to Duskkit, Oakkit, and Treekit. Rugpelt- mother to Branchkit and Scarletkit.
      History of ForestClan: Brokendusk was a former Warrior of ThunderClan who was exiled because of her forbidden relationship with Stormstone- a RiverClan Warrior. She became a loner and took shelter in the forest, living under a large bush. After her exile, Brokendusk had three kits and gave them Warrior names- Falconshine, because of the kit’s courage and quick mind, Fishstorm, after her mate and the prey his Clan relied on, and Pinefern, after Honeyfern- Brokendusk’s former Clanmate who had been a close friend of hers and sympathized with Brokendusk, while the rest of her Clanmates got angry when she revealed her secret about being with Stormstone. When the kits had grown, and their mother had gotten old and frail, Honeyfern came to Pinefern in a dream and told her that her and her siblings must build a Clan- in order to give Brokendusk protection and continue living the way their ancestors had. Pinefern told her siblings about the dream, and Falconshine, who was the most confident, took over and made a plan to find cats who would be willing to join. They had trouble finding willing cats, but they did find one ally right away- a nameless tabby stray who had been having dreams about strange cats, whom Falconshine recognized as StarClan by her description of them. Their new friend persuaded some of her acquaintances to join them, and soon they were off to a good start. They named the new Clan ForestClan. Everyone agreed that Falconshine was a natural choice for a leader, so she became Falconstar. She named their new tabby friend Brokenstripe- after her mother. She asked if her ambitious brother wanted to be deputy, but Fishleap seemed more nervous than usual and later admitted that he was drawn to the lake outside the forest. Brokendusk said it was because his father was a Riverclan cat. Although they would miss him, Fishstorm’s family encouraged him to follow his heart, and he became Fishstar of LakeClan. One night, Honeyfern came to Brokenstripe and told her to follow the smell of rain. It drizzled early in the morning, and the moisture brought out the scent of the desert creosote bush. Brokenstripe followed it to the large bush, where Honeyfern awaited her and told her that she would be the ForestClan medicine cat and come to this bush- the Mooncreosotebush- once a moon and talk to StarClan. Brokenstripe obeyed her, and when she came again next moon StarClan told her that there must be four Clans. She delivered this message to Falconstar and together Falconstar and Fishstar found a loner named Hawk- who became Eaglestar of Mountainstar, and a kittypet named Mimi- who became Rabbitstar of FieldClan. The clans mostly live at peace. Because of what Brokendusk went through Fishstar and Falconstar did not approve of the no cross-clan relationships rule and it was decided that cross-clan relationships are allowed.

      This was super fun! 😀

    • BeachClan (not technically an ecosystem but shush)
      Well, my favorite is the Harpy Eagle… so Harpystar it is!
      Deputy is Bluesong!
      Medicine cat is Darkflower!
      I’m madly in love with night sky petunias,,, so Moonpetunia
      Sheltered camp!
      64 warriors lol
      5 queens
      The history, hmm…. Seasons ago, a group of cats from the clans by the lake left. They were set on creating one large community instead of separated clan. Ummm the Moonpetunia is a small group of flowers in a cave, with a hole in the ceiling that the moon shines down through.

      Dangit, lowkey want to make this clan 😛 This was really fun!!

    • OceanClan!
      Moonpool XD
      Camp is a half covered half uncovered area. My kitties love cloudy weather :3
      19 warriors
      7 queens and kits

      This is years after the og clans lived. There is OceanClan And DesertClan. They are Complete rivals and DesertClan’s leader, Sandstar is cruel and feisty. OceanClan is dying and Crowstar is becomig weak too. Will Sandstar rule both clans?

    • clan: forestclan
      leader: kestrelstar

      (im doing first prefix and suffix to come to mind) deputy: breezesong
      medicine cat: brokenface (xd)
      camp:spring, so kinda like the camp of my other clan lilyclan
      12 warriors
      9 queens and kits
      rest: so it was once a territory of a legendary wolf pack, twolegs drove out the wolves and mother nature drove out the twoleg’s, some rouges,loners, and kittypets decided to make a clan.

    • BorealClan
      Leader: Ospreystar
      Deputy: Redwhisper
      Medicine cat: Breezeblaze
      Place they speak with StarClan: Moonash- they touch their noses to the pool of water in a dip in one of the roots.
      Camp: a snow-covered forest clearing next to a babbling brook
      Number of warriors: 24
      Number of queens and kits: 5

      These thick-pelted cats have lived in the frost-covered forests for as long as they can remember. The harshness of their territory has made them mistrustful of outsiders. These cats have evolved warm pelts that moult in the summer. Most of them are pale colours. Although black and ginger cats aren’t unheard of, they are rarer and tend to hunt only in the summer.

    • Clan: Oceanclan
      Leader: Owlstar (or Hornedowlstar) Light brown tom with piercing amber eyes with light gray ears.

      Deputy: Ivyfur (I did my second fave cuz if I did my 1st it would be Ivypool) Light gray she-cat with a black muzzle and green eyes

      Medicine cat: Firewhisper (YES I HATE FIRESTAR) Mute flame colored she-cat with blue eyes and white paws.

      Sacred Starclan place: Moonrose- In a small cave there is a crystal shaped like a rose with a small spring of water coming out of the rose. A cat touches their nose to the cold water of the spring to talk with Starclan.

      Camp: An open plain surrounded by trees. The camp is my the Sun-drown-place but there are never any disasters. The sun or moon shines down on the camp every day.

      Number of warriors: 18

      Number of Queens and kits: 8

      History: Owlstar was formally a kittypet named Owl. He never left his Twolegs and always took care of them. Until one day. He was abandoned by his Twolegs. He learned how to hunt from a loner named Ivy. Who was friends with Fire. One day they all stumbled apon a small cave with a crystal shaped like a rose with water flowing from it. When Fire got stung by a bee on her nose she felt the water that was coming from the rose. The water was cold. She touched her nose to the water to soothe the pain of the bee sting. She fell asleep later on and woke up in a plain surrounded by trees. The Sun-drown-place was nearby. Fire heard someone call her and she turned around and saw her ancestors. Riverclan cats and all the other clan cats. Fire woke up from her dream and she was in the small cave again. She saw Owl and Ivy and tried to explain to them what she saw by writing in the dirt. She had a dream the next day. The cats of Riverclan told her to tell Owl and Iyy that they need to start a clan and to lead them to the plain surrounded by trees which was by the Sun-drown place. Owl became Owlwing then Owlstar. Fire became Firewhisper the medicine cat of the clan. Ivy became Ivyfur the deputy of the clan. Owlstar named the clan Oceanclan. Later on cats joined and recieved clan names.

  • Soooo my best friend who I haven’t seen for two years might be in my writing class next year so excuse me while I ahHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  • 🦦 ♥ 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚔𝚝𝚊𝚒𝚕 𝚒𝚜 𝚁𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚂𝚆! ♥🦦 🦦 ♥ 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚔𝚝𝚊𝚒𝚕 𝚒𝚜 𝚁𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚂𝚆! ♥🦦 says:

    You’re all pogchamps ily

  • SkyClan leaders!
    Skystar- Pale gray tom with blue eyes
    Birchstar- Tortoiseshell brown and white striped she-cat with amber eyes
    Beechstar- Dark brown tabby tom with milky blue eyes
    Mothpelt- Tortoiseshell dark brown and white tom with blue eyes. Died avenging his father, Beechstar’s death before getting nine lives
    Maplestar- Ginger, brown, black and white she-cat with warm amber eyes
    Dewstar- Black she-cat with speckled white fur and pale blue eyes
    Hawkstar- White tom with few brown and black stripes, blue eyes
    Robinstar- Dusty brown and cream cat with ginger chest fur and warm blue eyes. Gender unknown.
    Rowanstar- Black and brown tom with yellow eyes
    Duskstar- Black cat with yellow eyes. Gender unknown again. 😛
    Fennelstar- Pale brown and dark brown cat, like Sasha. Gender unknown again.
    Flystar- White and black tom with green eyes.
    Cloudstar- Pale gray tom with white splashes over fur and blue eyes.
    Buzzardstar- Tabby ginger tom with green eyes
    Spiderstar- Black tom with long legs, yellow eyes.
    Firestar- Haha, I know, but he was their leader for a while
    Leafstar- Brown and cream she-cat with amber eyes
    10 toms and 4 she-cats, counting 3 unknown genders. I wonder why there are always more male leaders then female. 😛
    Hope you enjoyed! Which Clan should I do next? 😀
    Some SkyClan facts! 😉
    -SkyClan left the forest 20 years before Bluestar was born
    -Ebonyclaw stuffs moss around her collar to muffle the sound of it’s bell
    -Every SkyClan medicine cat knew that they would have to leave the forest one day
    -Tigerstar is a descendant of SkyClan, so when he said every half-clan cat should be killed….
    -Birdflight is older then Cloudstar

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  • Headaches are sooooooooo fun :/ On a brighter note,I’ve had a bit more energy and could actually do a few things today.

  • I just ran my iPad (don’t worry it’s fine) into the side of the door and I said “ow.” That pretty much sums up my week. 😂

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