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  • So i was reading and found this interesting poem
    it was originally in chinese but i translated it best as i can – can’t trust google translate >:(

    and i thought i’d share it

    [spoiler title=”Poem: Everything”]
    Everything is chance
    Everything is mere smoke
    Everything is a beginning with no end
    Everything is a fleeting search for nothing
    Every laugh has no smile
    Every pain has no tears
    Every language is repetition
    Every interaction is the first meeting
    Every hope contains footnotes
    Every belief contains moaning
    Every explosion has a moment of peace
    Every death echoes for eternity [/spoiler]

    It’s a little bit… morbid? Idk how to describe it precisely, and although I translated to the bets of my ability, I think some of it was lost in the translation (im so sorry lol)

    The original poem is/was by 北岛 (a chinese modern-ish poet) and you can find the original here, if i have any fellow chinese speakers>

    No real point to this post, just a little something

    • It actually means

      Everything is destiny
      Everything is smoke
      Everything is the beginning without ending
      Everything is a fleeting pursuit
      All joy without smile
      There are no tears in all suffering
      All language is repetition
      Everything is the first meeting
      All love is in my heart
      Everything in the past is in a dream
      All hope comes with notes
      All beliefs are moaning
      There is a moment of tranquility in everything that erupts
      All death has a long echo

      I speak some Japanese. Also the website lets you translate it to English

  • hiii its me, Ember I have chosen to post a cat breed of the week on here every wednesday!
    todays cat of the week: Bombay cat.
    Bombay facts!: Bombay cats are a breed of all black cats that were bred by the black American Shorthair cats and are mostly bred of Burmese cats. The Bombay breed of cat was first created in 1958 in Louisville, Kentucky, by the cat breeder Nikki Horner. Her goal behind this new type of cat was to develop a domestic feline that resembled its wild, much larger counterpart, in other words, she wanted a house cat that looked like a miniature black panther. Bombay cats are ALWAYS black and are known for their sleek body. The Bombay cat is actually quite rare, and in a very high demand for their beautiful green and copper eyes and black pelt. Bombay’s are black cats, and for some reason people do not find them worth anything because of the color of their pelts and the superstistions against black cats. Bombay cats love all people (usually) however, they often have one person that they REALLY love. Bombay cats do not need a lot of grooming because of their sleek, shorthair pelts.

    Personality: Bombay cats are very social and extroverted. They are sweet and love to cuddle up on your lap and then run off and play with the dust bunny’s on the ground. Bombay cats are sometimes like dogs, and sometimes people will take them outside for a walk with a leash! Bombay’s need lots of attention or your black kitten may turn slightly agressive for attention.

    Bombay cats are lovely and beautiful! I hope you learned something about Bombays!

    Fun facts about me and Bombay’s

    • Emberfox is a half Bombay/ half Abyssinian
    • I have a cat from the shelter which is half Bombay
    • I personally love Bombay cats and my profile pic is a drawing of a Bombay cat.

    That’s all for today! There will be a new breed next week!

  • hey so i know im already starting an NTA buttt
    i just made some awesome warrior names so would anyone be interested in playing if i started a murder mystery?

    • sure! i have a game like that so it would be fun for me to play it!

  • Daydream’s song was suffocated in a bunch of comments.

    That’s true so i’m reposting
    this is now my weapon to share my songs (:>

    I saw something shine, then my sight went red. It was painful, it felt like I was knocked in the head. My neck stung like a raging fire, and my one desire was to be awake. Was to see the light again. But I heard the terrified screams of the cats I loved. And I felt my soul, soaring like a dove. But they left me here in the dark down bellow. The pain in my throat blistered, and blowed, can’t you feel it though? I screamed out but I couldn’t open my mouth. I was trapped, lonely in darkness, and I was drowning in terrible blackness. Then I woke up in the stars. And I realize
    I drowned in my own scars.
    (Hoped you liked)


    [spoiler title=”Le dream “] this takes place the school year after the one where I broke into Kevin Chamberlin’s house in a dream btw. So all of 7th grade went on some 2 month trip to Canada to have a snow castle building competition. We were in teams, and mine consisted of most of my friends and the kid who I rejected who now hates me and my friend group because I told him I didn’t like cauliflower. So in the middle of building, this kid says “hey, wanna forget the past and be friends?” And I said “no, ur literally Sorrelstripe” and pushed him in the snow. At night, everybody else was asleep so me and my friend went into some forest to pick berries. There were a lot of weird animals. Like mushroom bunny weird. We found these robots that looked like brown bunnies that would get mad if you looked at them. Finally, we found a shrine where you sacrifice things to the robots (I won’t go into detail about what we had to sacrifice because that’s a bit rated R). We sacrificed ✨stuff✨ and then it just POOFED in a literal cloud of smoke and then my team won the competition [/spoiler]

    I will accept the name “Daykit” Becuz im unesasairily young
    COUGH COUGH 8 COUGH COUGH but I would prefer to be called Daydream

    • it’s like the emberden to get in find out riddles and clues and eventually in the end fill out the password or at least i think? i never tried to get in the viperdiner haha

  • My Day Today

    So I woke up at like 6:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep so I just read warriors on my ipad until 7 then went on the blog. Then like 5 minutes later my mom is lik “TAKE SOME PICS WITH MEH!!” I’m like umm sure. Then we go on the blog and none of my comments have been modded so yay. Then it’s time for online school, and it’s a half day, and our teacher’s baby is due in like 4 days so we basically had no work. Then I eat french toast and sausage for lunch even though its breakfast food, and then we go back to the blog ’cause i have no life. The End.

  • Chicken Breed of the Day: Andalusian
    I’ve wanted to have an Andalusian chicken for a long time. They’re such a beautiful chicken.
    Description: Andalusians are a quite slender chicken with a long comb and tail. They are known for the blue-gray color, which is the most popular, but can also come in white with gray spots, or black.
    Temperament: Very active and good at foraging.
    Fun Fact: Siblings of all three colors can come from the same parents, so the same brood of chicks will have mixed colors.
    My OCs of this breed: Rain; Mist; Galya; Wavetail; River; Drizzle

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