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  • Random question of the day: What’s your favourite (TV) show?

    Mine is definitely Carmen Sandiego 😀

  • For some reason it’s been by dream to be a voice in Blixemi’s thing The Missing Light
    but im to unnecessarily young

  • I know its not my birthday or clanniversary or anything like that, but I’m doing this to thank a bunch of people I think should be thanked:
    Viperfrost  – I could say a million things about Viper. She’s super funny and sweet and so kind. She’s a snek, and an arsonist, and there’s just so much I should thank her for. Viper, thank you for being so awesome!
    Mapledrift – I could say a lot about Maple too! Xe’s so friendly, and when a blogclanner needs help on topics such as LGBTQ+ topics, pronouns, ect, bug is always there! Nova (Is that how u use it?) is super awesome and cheers me up when I’m sad. Thank you, Maple!
    Bramblefire – The best mentor EVER! Ke’s super smart and nice, and we bond over different topics, like Moons or our band teachers XD. Whatever it is that makes us bond, I’m happy about it! Thank you Bramb, for being such an awesome mentor!
    Pineblossom – PINEYYYYYYYYYY. Piney is super awesome and so kind to everyone around her. She’s talented and just all around awesome!!! Thank you for being amazing, Piney!!!
    Bluebellpaw – Bella is just one of the best people you could ever meet! They give off an amazing happy vibe, and I’m so happy I got to know them! Thank you, Bella, for being a fantastic person!
    Darkwing – Darkie is amazing! She has amazing art, and she cheers me up, and she’s such a great singer! She sings some great Marina songs :0. All in all, she’s just this kind, talented person who I’m so glad I met. Thank you Darkie!
    Willowpaw – WOLLIIII! Wolli is so sweet and just really amazing omg. Hir is super talented and loving and I’m so so SO happy I got to meet hir. Thank you Wolli <3!
    Emberdawn – Embix! The best deputy of the blog ever! She’s so awesome and sweet! She’s super smart too! She helps make this blog a way better place! What would the blog do without her? Thank you, Embix!!!
    Turtlepaw – TURTLEEE! You’re such an amazing part of the blog! You’re helpful and kind and really awesome in general! Thank you for being an awesome supportive friend!
    Rosesong – Rose is cool! They are nice and talented and all around amazing! One of the most supportive friends ever! Thank you for being so amazing and supportive, Rose!
    Meadowpaw – Dawny is super sweet! She also is creative and just really friendly in general, and I’m glad I got to meet her! Thank you Dawny :3
    Larkfeather – LARKIEEEE *Screams* Larkie is super fun and creative and friendly, and the B E S T soul sister anyone could ever have! Thank you, Larkie, for being such a fun and friendly person and a great influence to me!
    Redblaze – Aed is amazing!
    She’s super gifted and just amazing (I’ve probably said amazing way too many times in this lol) But she’s just…an amazing friend and she knows how to make others feel better! Thank you Aed!
    Eagleflight – AQUILA! Aquila is super fantastic and a very artistic person! She supported me and everyone else on the blog, and still does! She’s an awesome friend! Thank you so much, Aquila!!!
    Snowbreeze – Snowy is your all around friendly person around the blog, and she’s very helpful! She’s also really nice and very smart! Thanks, Snowy!
    Pearpaw – Pearr! I don’t really see you around the blog anymore, but I remember talking to you on discord, and you were such a nice and awesome friend! Thank you for being amazing!
    Sunnipaw – Heyo Sunni! You have always been there when I needed someone to talk to or a hug, and your my sib <3 Thank you sooo much for being this amazing <3333
    Moonbreeze – MOOON Thank you so muchh for being so supportive of my weird choices and things, and you’re so nice!!! You also are an amazing artist and writer ! Thank you again for being a very supportive smart friend!
    Birchfoot – Birchy is just a super awesome person in general. They are friendly, smart, and really supportive ! Thank you Birchy !!
    Thistletooth – Thist is an excellent friend ! She is legit always there when I need to vent or talk to someone. She is also really smart and talented, and just a fantastic friend <33 Thanks, Thistt
    Everyone else that my brain cells recordly forget to put down – Everyone on the blog is really friendly, talented, amazing, awesome, and wise in their own ways !! Everyone here has been so SO kind to me, and for that, I thank you all <33333333

  • hahaha. I chocked on water. i am terrified

  • Hey bloggies, i have some bad news and some worse news. I doubt mapledrift is gonna be happy with this. Bad news (doesn’t concern maple) is I’m discontinuing my new series, The Unwanted Elemental. And the worse news (concerns maple cuz he loves this fanfic) i am discontinuing Whitestar’s Faith. Thank you for reading this announcement. Goodbye. And also, I’m good on school, it never interrupts me so there’s something diff causing me to discontinue.

  • QUESTION OF THE DAY: On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate cows?

    … And since it’s FRIDAY we also get a FUN FACT

    FUN FACT OF THE (fri)DAY: You can’t hum while holding your nose. Try it.

  • yay im still on allegiances! i like how i am described. Question: do I have to submit another form for April to keep my name on there?

  • blogclan mod appreciation day is 4 days after I return to full time in person school. yAY… YAY!

  • Has anyone here been to Disney World (Orlando)? I’m possibly going this summer and I want to ride Tower of Terror… but I’m terrified. Can anyone tell me what it’s like? Don’t sugarcoat it I want to know the truth!

    • I went to Disney World when I was 9 so I don’t remember much 😛 I know I definitely didn’t do the Tower of Terror but I hope you have fun!

    • I go every year (my uncle works there) and I have never rode the Tower of Terror, I have a big fear of falling, but my cousins say it’s pretty scary so if it really scares you, I probably wouldn’t. Ride the Rockin’ Roller Coaster though, that one is a blast!

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