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  • ok guys, so tmr im having a sleepover with swiftmorning and im nervous, any tip’s to not be nervous?

    • just remember that swiftmorning is your friend and you’re just hanging out! <3

    • I was super nervous when I had my first sleepover too, especially since it was a friend I hadn’t seen for a year. But when I got there, all my nervousness vanished and I had lots of fun:)
      By the looks of it, you and Swiftmorning are very close so there’s no need to be nervous. I’m sure you’ll have heaps of fun when the time comes:D

  • Alternative titles for Dear Theodosia from Hamilton.

    The Saddest Song In That Whole Dang Musical.
    A Song Guaranteed To Make Turtle Start Crying Within Five Seconds.
    A Way To Forget About Your Life Because You Can Only Focus On Burr Wanting To Be A Good Dad.
    The Song That Will Make You Cry.

    As you can probably tell, Dear Theodosia, in my opinion, is just 😭😭😭 However, despite… um, the emotions it gives me, it’s my second favorite Hamilton song, only after Wait For It, my favorite.

    MothPool Shipper

    • did you hear the “dear theodosia” refrain that was scrapped from the musical?
      so good
      i cried a lot

      • no
        I didn’t
        but it probably can’t make me cry anymore than the original :p
        MothPool Shipper

    • Yay! I love that song and Wait for it too!! I love Burr! But I have to say, the saddest song in my opinion is Stay Alive Reprise 😭😭😭…
      I might have cried twice.

    • I’ve never cried at that song askyctuddhjb 😛 the only ones I think I cried at or teared up were the last one and the Philip one (you know the one :(( )

      • I teared up during those, too!
        Well, I didn’t actually like Philip (he was kinda annoying in my opinion) but I teared up when he died because I hated seeing Eliza sad.
        As for Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story, I did tear up, but I’m not sure if it was because I was still emotional from The World Was Wide Enough, or because of the actual song itself.
        MothPool Shipper

  • Arrrrg just got on lunch break 20 minutes ago and I haven’t eaten anything because my mom is doing a video and it’s taking soooo long (she’s been on since I got off P.E which was an hour ago) i’m very sure that by the time she’s finished lunch will be over. she is not letting me in the kitchen.

  • if anyone want’s to add me on roblox my user is: bluestarlover600

  • Avatar 🐅🌟Tigerpaw/shine (Tiger Dashing Under Shining Sun/Tiger Shine/Tiger) (mae/mim/mair/mairself, rav/rae/raven/ravenself, she/her/her/herself)🐅🌟 says:

    Let’s revamp Trailing Stars!!!
    I noticed that the latest part was published two years ago. We need to start it back up! Come on, we can’t forget a story about our Clan! And with such a creative plot, too! We can’t just let that die out. It represents the communal spirit of BlogClan! When we feel down, we lift each other up. We need to say the same for our book! It’s down low. Why don’t we give it a raise?
    But we can only do it together. Clanmates, we need to team up and take it to the finish line!
    So let’s do this thing!

    • that is so kind of you!! i always love to see support and enthusiasm on the project C: the second-to-last chapter is just waiting on chapter art before publication <3

  • Here are a bunch of Hamilton related questions for those of you who’ve seen it. (My family finally convinced me to like it- I no longer hate it. 😀 )

    1. Who is your favorite character?

    My answer: Burr!

    2. Who is your least favorite character?

    My answer: Philip!

    3. What is your favorite song?

    My answer: Wait For It!

    4. What is your least favorite song?

    My answer: Say No To This!

    5. What is your favorite ship?

    My answer: Burr X Theodosia!

    6. What is your least favorite ship?

    My answer: Hamilton X Reynolds!

    7. What song makes you cry?

    My answer: Dear Theodosia!

    8. What’s your favorite part?

    My answer: I haven’t finished watching it yet, but for some reason I really liked the part in Meet Me Inside where Hamilton yells at Washington. I don’t know why!

    9. What’s your least favorite part?

    My answer: Hamilton’s affair. Just… why, Hamilton, why?

    10. Who are your top three favorite characters?

    My answer: My favorite is Burr, my second favorite is Angelica, and my third favorite is Eliza.

    11. What are your top three favorite songs?

    My answer: Well, this might change as I watch more of the musical, but currently my favorite is Wait For It, my second favorite is Dear Theodosia, and my third favorite is Satisfied.

    12. What are some of your favorite songs?

    My answer: As I stated above, my favorites are Wait For It, Dear Theodosia, and Satisfied. Some of my other favorites are Nonstop, That Would Be Enough, and The Room Where It Happens.

    13. What songs make you emotional? Not necessarily sad per se, just emotional.

    My answer: That Would Be Enough actually made me tear up. Eliza just cares about Hamilton so much, and her love for him just really showed in this song.

    Another song that makes me super emotional is Dear Theodosia. It’s just like… Burr just wants to be a good dad. I cried during this song, actually stopped crying during Tomorrow There’ll Be More Of Us, but I was still a bit of an emotional mess until What’d I Miss.

    14. Who’s your favorite rapper?

    My answer: Angelica. All. The. Way.

    15. Who’s your favorite Schuyler sister?

    My answer: Angelica!

    I’m eager to see everyone’s opinions! 😁

    MothPool Shipper

  • My grandma had a rabbit called White, and White sometimes gets lonely. So she put in one of her chickens, and now they do everything together. They eat together, they sleep together, everything! 😀

  • I just wanna give a special thanks to Viperfrost today :3

    Viper gave me answers to my questions and was nice in general. Vip is funny and binds the clan together when we need it 😛 ily Viper! <3333
    As for all the other clan members and mods, I could go on and on. Y’all are amazing and the blog is a part of my life because of you cats ;3
    ilysm <3333

  • Who else thinks that Birchfall should be gray, not brown? Here’s why: birch trees are gray, not brown. Ferncloud, his mother, is gray, and has not one gray kit. His appearance was originally gray. His daughters are gray.

  • when you eat ice cream and you have to bite it instead of licking it: ._.

  • I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve wanted to talk to someone, and reply to them… And just given up.

    Like, I’m not even part of the conversation but I have a personal experience I want to add. But then I can’t phrase it correctly or it sounds rude or could get misinterpreted or I could have my facts wrong so then I just hit the backspace and am like “nah next time”

    Especially if no one would actually care what I had to say vcjdnvkcvnefbdks

    FYI I just gave up replying to one of your replies cheetah

    • that actually happens to me so much

      I’ll want to jump in and say something related but I’ll think it’s too weird or I don’t want to interrupt

      and considering all the weird information I’ve shared on the blog if I think something’s too weird it’s definitely strange

      also everyone always cares what you say blue, you’re awesome and funny and I love how genuine you are

      also also it’s fine, you’re the one actually having to keep up with them and do all the work whereas they just pop up unmodded on the handy dandy dashboard for me

    • mood
      i do that all the time tbh
      especially with one groupchat and I feel really bad about it because they’re good friends but I cant say anything helpful because they constantly talk about the dream smp