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  • Dawnpaw/petal (Glory) *Tries to think of something interesting to put in her name but can't think of anything, so she puts this in instead* Dawnpaw/petal (Glory) *Tries to think of something interesting to put in her name but can't think of anything, so she puts this in instead* says:

    Hey blogclanners! I found this on the web and I thought, why not fill it out? Here is the photo. If this link doesn’t work then use this format below

    First Warriors book you ever read
    Favorite Prophecy
    Saddest Death
    Funniest Scene
    Best Supporting Character
    Favorite Character
    Most Evil Character
    Favorite Canon Couple
    Best Battle
    Rock or Midnight

    Here are my answers
    Firestars Quest
    Either Cinderpelt or Bluestar
    This part from Long Shadows:
    Jayfeather: Mousefur, for the last time…
    Mousefur: The last time? Good. Now go away
    Probably Cinderheart
    Ivypool or Squirrelflight, but I also like Leafstar
    Grey wingxSlate
    The Great Battle
    Midnight? I don’t rly like either of them

    • Into the Wild
      Alderheart prophecy
      When Alderheart and Needletail meet Bob in The Apprentice’s Quest
      Crowfeather x Leafpool
      Great Battle/Eclipse Battle

    • First Warriors book you ever read-
      Crookedstar’s Promise, but I didn’t finish it since I was borrowing it from my friend and gave it back to her soon.
      First one I actually finished was Into the Wild, many years later.

      Favorite Prophecy-
      Hmm… maybe the original one about Firestar.

      Saddest Death-
      Honeyfern :'(

      Funniest Scene-
      When Honeypaw told Foxpaw “You’ve proved you can catch a sleeping cat” about him pouncing on Lionpaw.

      Best Supporting Character-
      Sandstorm and Oakheart

      Favorite Character-
      Honeyfern and Jessy!! <3

      Most Evil Character-

      Favorite Canon Couple

      Best Battle
      The battle against Breezepelt at the Moonpool because Honeyfern was so heroic. <3

      Rock or Midnight

    • Into the Wild
      idkkk but im going to go with the original: “Fire will save the Clan”
      Gray Wing
      toadkit annoying jayfeather (there might be others but i don’t have any of the books with me right now except bluestar’s prophecy)
      Ivypool or Bluestar
      hmmm Brokenstar
      Ivy x Fern or Fire x Sand
      The Great Battle
      Idk but I’m just going to go with Midnight

    • Into the Wild
      the blood will spill blood one
      Either honeyfern or cinderpelt or sorreltail
      that part when mousefur complains about kits but a warrior exposes her by revealing that she was teaching kits to pounce on stray warrior tails outside the warriors den yesterday
      In the first series, graystripe. In the second series, leafpool. Third, idk. Fourth, Turtle Tail. Fifth, Hollyleaf. 6th, idk. Seventh, idk
      uhhh i have a lot of them
      gray wing x turtle tail or brackenfur x sorreltail or leaf x crow or sand x fire
      the OOTS battle

    • enter the clans
      embrace what you find in the shadows, for only they can clear the sky
      when hawkwing got shot by a water gun and he thought it was blood 😛
      Fallen Leavesssssss
      Fallen Leavesssssss
      the great battle

    • First Warriors book you ever read- Midnight
      Favorite Prophecy- idk tbh
      Saddest Death- Leafpool. I cry every time
      Funniest Scene- i also dont know
      Best Supporting Character- Briarlight
      Favorite Character- Leafpool
      Most Evil Character- For me, its Darktail
      Favorite Canon Couple- hmm… Dovewing and Tigerstar
      Best Battle- The Darkforest Battle
      Rock or Midnight- Midnight all the way

    • First Warriors book you ever read- the first Ravenpaw graphic novel, followed by the first book in power of the three 😛
      Favorite Prophecy- Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red
      Saddest Death- Ravenpaw’s about the only death that made me sad 😛
      Funniest Scene- uhh I don’t know
      Best Supporting Character- Ravenpaw
      Favorite Character – Thrushpelt
      Most Evil Character- Probably Brokenstar?
      Favorite Canon Couple- Ravenpaw x Barley
      Best Battle- the Great Battle
      Rock or Midnight – rock

    • Here are my answers:
      First warriors book I ever read: A Stranger in SkyClan
      Favorite Prophecy: The Prophecies Begin/Power of Three
      Funniest Scene: (There’s a lot but I have to go with this one from The Fourth Apprentice):
      Jayfeather: Hey that’s mine! Put it back!
      Thornclaw: Are you mouse-brained? I need it. It’s only a stick.
      Jayfeather: It’s my stick. If you don’t bring it back in one piece, I’ll…I’ll
      Thornclaw: Okay, I’ll bring your stupid stick back. Keep your fur on.
      Ivypaw: Do you think the heat is getting to Jayfeather? Thornclaw’s right. It’s only a stick.
      Dovepaw: Maybe it’s medicine cat stuff.
      Ivypaw: Yes, but what happens to us if our medicine cat gets bees in his brain?
      (I don’t know why I find that so funny)
      Favorite Character: I have so many…..but probably Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, Cinderpelt, or Brightheart…..but I like a lot of cats
      Most Evil Character: Mapleshade
      Favorite Canon Couple: SandstormxFirestar (I really don’t understand canon characters and stuff)
      Best Battle: The Great Battle
      Midnight or Rock: I don’t like either of them but honestly Midnight is so much better than Rock.

    • First Warriors book you ever read : Into the WIld
      Favorite Prophecy : The Sun Trail prophecy
      Saddest Death : Ferncloud, because the kits were so adorably sad
      Funniest Scene : BERRYSTUMPYTAIL
      Best Supporting Character : Brightheart
      Favorite Character : Ivypool
      Most Evil Character : Ashfur
      Favorite Canon Couple : Brightheart X Cloudtail
      Best Battle : Great Battle
      Rock or Midnight : Midnight

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  • welp, yesterday was first official soccer practice i’ve had this year (i’ve had a lot more but this is the start of the official season) and i rolled my ankle, got hit in stomach with the ball, and my knee got kicked with cleats. soooo bam, the dawn of injures has begunnnnnnn.

  • I have been informed by my friends that I am the author of the communist manifesto. I do not know what to make of this new development in my life 😛

  • *Repost*
    A poem about Honeyfern and Berrynose! For Pinestripe, who won first place in my short story contest! (Sorry, it’s not that good)

    I know I’m not the best cat
    Bitter, not at all sweet
    But when I see her
    My heart feels complete
    She’s kind, and smart
    Friendly, with all her heart
    Dappled gold
    Like bumblebee’s honey
    On days I’m cold
    I look at her
    And feel warm all over
    Breathing in her scent
    I’m in love, I know
    I’m worried for our future
    But right now I’m in the present
    I love you, Honeyfern.
    I love you will all my heart
    Nothing will ever make us part.