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  • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem) says:

    Random question time!

    1. What are your BlogClan nicknames? Who first called you that nickname?
    2. What is your opinion on Feathertail?
    3. What is your opinion on Cody?
    4. What is the weirdest thing you used to think?
    5. What is your most embarrassing memory?

    My answers:
    1. Turtle. Cheetah was the first person to call me that, I think.
    2. I love her! She’s super kindhearted.
    3. She’s tied with Jessy as my favorite kitty pet.
    4. Um… I don’t know 😛
    So, the actors who play Peggy/Maria and Laurens/Philip in Hamilton, Jasmine Cephas Jones and Anthony Ramos, are a loveboat irl.
    When my sister first told me this, I thought she meant that HISTORICAL Peggy and Philip were a loveboat, even though they’re aunt and nephew. I didn’t even realize she meant the actors were a couple until a few months ago.
    5. I actually don’t really get embarrassed.

    Have fun answering these questions 💚
    Also, if any of them make you feel uncomfortable for any reason, you don’t have to answer it 🧡

    Guns And Ships

    • wow can’t believe I was the first to call you turtle what a genius I am how did I possibly come up with it 😛

      1. I have no idea who first called me cheetah, spidey first called me cheeto, maybe also spidey for cheet??? kat first called me sparky, icy first called me cheety (>:(), lone calls me cheets, maple first called me xheetah, I can’t remember my other nicknames atm
      2. she’s fine! not my favorite but I don’t hate her
      3. she was pretty cool, again not my favorite but I have nothing against her
      4. oh man so many things. I used to think yosemite was pronounced how it was spelled and that there was another park spelled like it sounds. I also used to think green eyes didn’t really exist.
      5. SO MANY MEMORIES are embarrassing but I can’t think of anything specific right now let alone the MOST embarrassing

      EDIT: I got curious and did a lot of digging and the first person to ever call me cheetah was fally 😛

        • I mean I still don’t totally buy it pretty much every “green-eyed” person i’ve ever seen looks like they have blue eyes :/

          • I have green eyes it’s very weird to think they’re blue but I guess it’s possible 😛 this is kinda unrelated but aren’t blue eyes like a genetic mutation? Cool fun fact of the day
            Wait maybe you’re like kind of colorblind?? I have no idea how colorblindness works but maybe 😛

      • I have an idea for your nicknames go to the wiki >:DD then you’ll finally remember it exist 😛

      • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem) says:

        I thought the Yosemite thing to! 😛 It was only a few weeks ago I realized how it was actually pronounced. 😛
        Guns And Ships

    • 1. Idk
      2. I’m meh on her
      4. That cars are living things
      5. I have like a trillion!!!! (Even a few on blogclan)

    • 1. Everyone on here calls me Poppy and I’m not sure who said it first but it was someone on the game page 😛
      2. I’m pretty neutral on her,she’s sweet but not my favorite.
      3. Another sweetheart;I loved her helping Ferncloud work through grief.
      4. When I was little I thought bologna was made out of horses. Don’t ask because I don’t have an answer.
      5. Uhh probably that one time I was at school and didn’t lock the bathroom stall door properly and someone walked in. I’m cringing thinking about it now.

    • Free, and Cheeto called me that first; Freefle, and Coldie calls me that
      A lot of weird pronunciations
      So many

    • 1. Juju!!! Uhh two answers to this. Juju is my irl nickname as well, and the first person to call me juju was my best friend. On the blog, it was either Mink or Cheetah.
      2. She’s nice! I really liked her.
      3. She’s ok. I don’t really have an opinion.
      4. When I was really little, I thought that my great grandmother lived in a hot air balloon in Florida because of a dream I had. She lived in a nursing home in Connecticut.
      5. Just like. My first three months on BlogClan 😛 Idk if I think of a better answer I’ll come back to this one.

    • 1. Rocky. Falconstorm! (And Mountain, but I don’t remember who called me that. My other nickname is Mounty! That was me and Coldheart called me that first! <3)
      2. I love her! She's my favorite character! She's really kind and smart!
      3. I love her too. Not my favorite character, but I love how she helped Birchkit!
      4. I don't know 😛
      5. Oof, I don't know. I have a LOT of embarrassing moments, so much I can't even remember them! 😛

    • 1. Prism. Viper was the first one to call me that i think.
      2. i dunno
      3.who is dat?
      4. mostly stuff adults didnt really tell me I had to think somthing but most of the time i knew it was stupid

    • 1. My Blogclan nickname is Blaze(no surprise there) and I think Turtlepaw was the first one to call me that!
      2. She’s nice enough, she’d kind of bland personality-wise though.
      3. She’s decent, although I wish she had more character development.
      4. Hmmm, that Winnie the Pooh was a monster who would come to me in the middle of the night and drown me in honey if I misbehaved. (Yes, I had a wild imagination, and no, he never came to get me.)
      5. I have too much of these XD

    • 1) I don’t know who first called me Doe but I felt so happy when they did.
      2) feathertail is literally the best, a shadow in river clan is the best, FEATHERTAIL IS THE BEST
      3) so I don’t ever plan on reading past the series with Dovewing that I cannot remember the name of
      4) I used to think hide and seek was pronounced hide- ink- go- seek.
      5) Almost my entire 8 year old year, it wasn’t embarrassing to be then but WOW that was embarrassing.
      I’m glad it happened though because of experiences and making new friends and knowing what absolutely not to do

    • 1. My nickname is Pine, and I’m pretty sure you were the first one to call me that.
      2. I love her, she’s so kind!
      3. I love her, she’s one of my favorite kittypets!
      4. When I was little I thought that after people grew up they start getting smaller again until eventually they’re back to being babies. 😛
      5. I’m not sure right now. I know I have a few but I can’t remember (which is probably a good thing 😛 )

    • 1. This one will be a doozy to answer 😛

      Ebay called me Captain, Clo called me Cap, I dunno who first called me Falcon or Falc, Mojo called me Falco, Dovepaw called me Falconroni, Falling Feather called me Skipper, Creekkit called me Captain Kirk, and Whirly and Mojo both call me Takeshi (I think Whirly did it first though.)

      2. I love her, she’s great!

      3. I really love Cody!!!

      4. Maybe that I could shapeshift into an animal overnight, I dunno 😛

      5. Aw, man, I have a bunch of those 😛 Maybe every time I make a mistake in public, or maybe the one time during Halloween that I dressed up as Firestar but no one knew who that was so nobody voted for me on the costume contest.

    • 1. Golden, and I have no idea 😛
      2. She’s a pretty good character, not my fav though
      3. Wait, who’s..*searches up* OHHH HEERR I remember I wanted her to join Thunderclan, she was a great character
      4. for some weird reason i thought that losing a tooth would age me backward ;v;
      5. a lot. that’s all you need to know >w>

    • 1. Shimmer. The first person to call me that was Cheeto as well!
      2. I like her
      3. She’s cool B)
      4. I used to think these pipes on the side of a building were water slides… XD I also used to think these dog statues in front of a house near my own were real dogs… Those are only the ones I can think of off the top of my house ;aldsjfoa
      5. IDK

    • 1. Cinders I guess. (Don’t you dare call me Cindy)
      2. Good character, wish she didn’t die
      3. Neutral
      4. Probably that I had blue eyes but I have hazel eyes
      5. Maybe when my cat sneezed in my face? Idk…

    • 🍰🍓 𝙎𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙬𝙗𝙚𝙧𝙧𝙮𝙥𝙖𝙬/𝙗𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙯𝙚 | 𝙄’𝙢 𝙧𝙪𝙣𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙎𝙚𝙣𝙞𝙤𝙧 𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙧𝙞𝙤𝙧! 🍰🍓 says:

      1. What are your BlogClan nicknames? Who first called you that nickname: Strawberry! I don’t remember who called me that first, it just.. happened 😛
      2. What is your opinion on Feathertail: I like her! I wish she lived longer though :/
      3. What is your opinion on Cody: I also like her
      4. What is the weirdest thing you used to think: When I was like five I had a dream I could levitate slightly off the ground. In the dream I got put in timeout and had to sit in the corner, and I was so angry/upset I floated off the ground. Another was that I floated down the stairs like that. I managed to convince myself that I could actually fly irl and went around telling kids in school I could aghudshhv
      5. What is your most embarrassing memory: tbh I can’t remember rn

    • Bri, I just announced myself that and JuJu called me
      Neutral/like, I disliked her for a petty reason :p
      I like her 🙂
      i have no idea
      right now. right now. i’m appearing on screen saying “hello blahblahblah”

    • 1. bluebell i think this was is just the basic take first part of your name thingy, there’s bella which i think fally and viper called me it on blogchat? there is bell which asp called me first and then sponge which is cheeto!
      2. idk
      3. idk
      4. idk but i am sure there are some:P
      5. hmm

    • 1. I guess people call me Topaz on the blog sometimes. I have no idea who first called me Topaz lol

      2. I don’t care much about her

      3. i dont know who that is >:D

      4. I thought the restaurant Popeyes was pronounced Pope-yes

      5. Oh gosh here we go. So my teacher’s bf came to visit her at school and she lied to us and said that he was the principle’s boss. So little 9 year old me believed that lie and while my class was standing in the hall, i saluted to him. (you wont believe how much i cringed while writing this.) All he did was smile awkwardly but looking back it’s one of my most embarrassing memories.

    • 1. Flame, most commonly, I don’t remember by who, Flamey sometimes, again, don’t remember, Flamflam, started by Viper, also falmecludo specifically by Appleflower.
      2. She’s interesting in her graphic novel but kind of bland in the main series
      3. I don’t really remember her
      4. I thought barracudas were just something my dad made up and was shocked when I found out they were real.
      5. that’s staying a secret 😛

    • 1. What are your BlogClan nicknames? Who first called you that nickname?
      Hehe Ice. My irl friends who were also warriors fans started calling me Icepelt and eventually they just started calling me Ice.

      2. What is your opinion on Feathertail?
      She’s just kinda a normal character for me? I like her but she’s not my favorite.

      3. What is your opinion on Cody?
      I like her! She’s a great character 😀

      4. What is the weirdest thing you used to think?
      When I was 4-5 I thought I was an international swimming champion. I couldn’t swim back then.

      5. What is your most embarrassing memory?
      OH SO MANY. I… can’t really think of one rn

    • 1. Frosto 😎 I actually made a poll for it on the Blog (when I first joined, no less), I have no idea why. 😛 Luckily people answered it 😉 I thought the nickname was kind of weird at first but now I really like it! 😀
      2. She’s great!
      3. Oh dear I barely remember her 😛 I think I liked her though
      4. Well I used to think that babies were born from the belly button 😛 there are SO MANY pronunciation ones though. I have a running list 😛
      5. Oh goshhhh uhhh probably in fifth grade when I accidentally did the wrong homework and thought my teacher was correcting the wrong one and told her and then she publicly shamed me and gave me a mark (it was a punishment thing, kind of like detention but not nearly as bad) 😛

    • 1. Smoke. It was Cheetahspark who first called me it.
      2. I was crying when Feathertail died. She was so encouraging and sweet!
      3. I forgot who Cody was. Was it one of the cats in the flood in Bramblestar’s Storm? aahhh i forget Thunderclan has sheltered and met so many Kittypets
      4. I dont know nothing is really significant enough to put on here
      5. When two of my friends told my kindergarten crush i liked him. Then claimed they didnt know it was a secret. i spent the rest of the recess crying on a bench. T.T

    • 1. What are your BlogClan nicknames? Who first called you that nickname? Everyone just calls me Red 😛
      2. What is your opinion on Feathertail? she’s okay
      3. What is your opinion on Cody? I like her!!
      4. What is the weirdest thing you used to think? my parents always tease me because I used to call tsunamis “salamis” and went around talking about the “giant salami in Japan” because there were tsunamis in Japan when I was small
      5. What is your most embarrassing memory? oh heck there are so manyyy
      I have a history of getting locked in bathrooms

    • 1. What are your BlogClan nicknames? Who first called you that nickname? Peb—thanks goes to Fally! She first called me this and I instantly favored it over ‘Pebble’ :3 Pen—Fawny! Peo—me 😛 it was a typo, and Blackie carries it on it’s legacy to this day
      Pepple/paw—either Pineblossom of Cheeto
      2. What is your opinion on Feathertail? She’s total awesomesauce
      3. What is your opinion on Cody? Who’s that again?
      4. What is the weirdest thing you used to think? There must be something but I can’t think of it
      5. What is your most embarrassing memory? I’m not gonna go there :>

    • 1. Frosty, I don’t know who first called me that though
      2. I like her, it was one of the saddest deaths for me when she died
      3. I like her!
      4. Hmmm… at first I thought that the alien in ET (the movie) was actually a scary monster that would warp into my living room in the night. So the next day, I was actually afraid to wake up and get out of my room because it led straight to the living room. I overcame my fear and went in. No, ET was not there.
      5. I don’t know… can’t think of any at the moment, but I think one was when I first did coding and I decided to try out my project on my own, and there were like a million bugs.

  • The spiral shaped mac n cheese noodles taste better than shells and elbow noodles in my opinion :3

    Does anyone else love mac n cheese as much as I do? 😛

  • Has anyone seen Minktail recently? They haven’t been active on An Age of Blood and Bone and I haven’t seen them on the blog in a while either (I was also on a hiatus so maybe they said they were going to be inactive and I didn’t know 😛)

  • 🍰🍓 𝙎𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙬𝙗𝙚𝙧𝙧𝙮𝙥𝙖𝙬/𝙗𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙯𝙚 | 𝙄’𝙢 𝙧𝙪𝙣𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙎𝙚𝙣𝙞𝙤𝙧 𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙧𝙞𝙤𝙧! 🍰🍓 says:

    I have a WoF theory! It does contain spoilers for the series though.

    I was rereading dragonslayer, and I think I know who Sky is! I think he might be Peril’s twin, who had no fire in him, and was said to have been drowned in a river. What if he survived, and is actually Sky? And it was Kestrel that was soaring overhead, but was searching for Peril. I can’t really remember if it said that Perils twin was drowned in the first book or not (I think it did.) so correct me if I’m wrong

  • Random questions but they’re writing based!

    1. What is the title of your favorite piece?
    2. What’s a trope that you love?
    3. What is the title of your most recent piece?
    4. Have you ever considered writing a book? What would it be about?
    5. How long have you been writing?

    My answers!
    1. I’m Not Agoraphobic!
    2. Slowburn ships!!! Or secret spy missions at elegant galas!
    3. Bachelor in Paradiso (if i run fast enough abc can’t sue asdfghjkl)
    4. Yes, I’m writing Bachelor in Paradiso right now lol. It’s an interactive fiction story about a dating show that goes wrong!
    5. Uhhh I’ve been making stories for a long time, but I got serious about writing like two years ago?

    • 1. Every piece in my series Sisterly Devotion is my favorite.
      2. Idk if these count but I love hurt/comfort and super-perfect relationships.
      3. I haven’t written in a while (writer’s block strikes again) but if I remember correctly it might have been my short story Light’s Forgiveness.
      4. Yes! I’d write many books about chickens, chickens, and more chickens.
      5. Ever since I was a toddler asking my mom to write down random stories I came up with.

  • 🍰🍓 𝙎𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙬𝙗𝙚𝙧𝙧𝙮𝙥𝙖𝙬/𝙗𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙯𝙚 | 𝙄’𝙢 𝙧𝙪𝙣𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙎𝙚𝙣𝙞𝙤𝙧 𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙧𝙞𝙤𝙧! 🍰🍓 says:

    Lightingshadow, can I have a very detailed description of your purrsona or a reference? For reasons that do not involve making a mentor-apprentice artwork 😉 (just posting this on here so she’ll probably be more likely to see it)

  • Last night I had a dream that BlogClan had an update and there were only 3 things under Need Company?
    I was so confused.