BlogTeam Den

Welcome to the BlogTeam Den!

Art By Viperfrost. Looking for more purrsonas? Click here for a document with all BlogTeam purrsonas!

Got any blog-related questions? Or have you simply come to remind yourself of who the mods are? This is where they lurk…

And so, BlogTeam would like to formally introduce themselves! Who are BlogTeam, you may ask? BlogTeam are a collection of volunteers who keep the blog running by moderating comments to make sure they’re blog-friendly and deal with any other issues that may come up on the blog 🙂 Time to meet them!


Roles: Article Editor

Pronouns: She/her

Hello! I’m a Chinese-Canadian university student and one of the Article Editors in BlogTeam. I love photography, reading, and writing!


Roles: Article Editor

Pronouns: They/them

Hey everyone! I’m Birchy and I help Emb schedule articles for the blog. I’m a senior in high school and preparing to head off to university!! I love writing, reading, drawing, video games, and theatre!


Roles: Monthly Round-Up in Cats Editor

Pronouns: any pronouns

Hi! I’m an American college student and I write the Monthly Round-Up in Cats. I have been on the blog since 2012. I love dogs more than anything, and in my free time I enjoy drawing and writing!


Roles: Moderator

Pronouns: They/them

Hiya! I’m Josh, a non-binary moderator living far off in the wilds of Sweden. I really want to say “nice to meet you!” even though I can’t see who you are, but I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and assume that yes, you are nice! You probably won’t see me around much in the comments, but I’m a lurker working behind the scenes with the rest of the wonderful BlogTeam. I’ve been part of the blog since – checks notes – 2012, oh blimey o’riley. Time flies.


Roles: Allegiances Tsar, Clanniversary Tsar, TSGN Tsar

Pronouns: Any (Surprise me!)

Hello! I’m an American high school student and work the BlogClan Allegiances alongside Goldi. In this capacity, I work on updates for the Allegiances and manage the Senior Warrior campaigns. I make Clanniversary posts as well, and head the TSGN project. I exist somewhere within the bounds of time and space and consider my cats to be a main focal point of my life. I spend my free time reading books, working on my first novel, and improving my art style.


Roles: Birthday Editor

Pronouns: She/her

Watch as the elusive Cheetah tries (and fails) to come up with a creative mini-biography for herself… Anyway, I’m the Birthday Tsar around here, which means that I create birthday posts for each of our fabulous members! I’m a run-of-the-mill American high school student who enjoys reading, writing, theatre, and everything in between.


Roles: Allegiances Tsar, Art Tsar

Pronouns: They/them

Heya! I’m Goldi. I’m the Medicine Cat of BlogClan. I’m an American high school student and an Allegiances Editor on BlogClan, which means I manage the official Allegiances and Senior Warrior campaigns! I am also an Art Tsar, which means I upload artwork submitted by BlogClanners to Flickr. I’ve been on the Blog since February of 2016 and every moment since has been amazing. During my spare time, I like to draw, crochet, and hang out with my pets.


Roles: Contests Host, NTA Host

Pronouns: She/her

Hi! I’m a Canadian high school student and my role on the Blog is just helping out where I can! I paint and play soccer in my spare time outside of studying and trying to get good grades.


Roles: BitS Editor

Pronouns: any except she/her

Hello ! I’m a British college student who’s been on the Blog since 2017 ! I’m passionate about educating people on the LGBTQ+ community, and I love talking about warrior cats. Some of my other interests include Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, and Doctor Who.

Feel free to ask BlogTeam any questions below! Want some help on the blog? We’ve got your back!

If you’re looking for your Warriors questions answered, you probably want to head to our Ask the Experts page instead!

Oct 20th note: We’re going to stop answering wiki-related questions or requests. Please post those on the Tavern, as regular members can edit the wiki! It doesn’t have to be a mod helping you out.