Whoop Whoop
    I’ll be doing things here hehe
    May post chapters to fan-fiction I’m writing if I ever publish it
    Play games
    Talk about stuff
    I don’t know

  • Who’s Dat Cat time hehe

    WINNERS! 🙂
    Cat 1 was Russetfur, guessed by Sunny Cat!
    Cat 2 was Poppydawn, guessed by Dawnpaw!
    Cat 3 was Fallowtail, guessed by Briarpaw!

    (The book I referenced from was Yellowfang’s Secret)
    100000000 points – Me >:)
    1 point – Briarpaw, Dawnpaw and Sunny Cat

    Round 2 time guys
    1. Light brown tom
    “As if they felt they didn’t belong with the rest of their Clanmates” (this was said by another cat about a group of cats including Cat !!)
    He’s from WindClan
    Cat 1 this Round is worth 2 points!

    2. Black and white tom
    “Well, we don’t have to take them there. If that’s really what you want, then we’ll bring Rowanstar to you here.”
    He’s from ShadowClan

    3. Pure white she-cat with green eyes
    “I don’t care. Just fix it. I don’t want to have a limp.”
    She’s related to Sunbeam

    Happy guessing!

  • In the meantime more dog facts
    There is such thing as a Giant Schnauzer

  • This secret page is in hibernation. I’ll use it as a discussion page later for my fanfic

  • Thank you for the secret page, Ospreymist! I love your name, btw! But are you sure you want to give it to me? I sure you have great use with it by um, um, um, um, saying that there are also such things as um, um, Pandacats! No offense but lol!