I had Flower put to sleep yesterday. A growth in her nasal cavity was making breathing and eating increasingly difficult and I couldn’t bear to let her suffer any longer. She’s been a dear, sweet, trusting and beloved companion for sixteen years and I will miss her dreadfully.  Read more →

Cadvent Day 11

I’ve have a wonderful weekend in Lincoln, enjoying the Christmas Market and, more important, Josh’s 21st Birthday. So today’s first Cadvent picture is cat-less, but it’s fairly festive.  Now on with Cadvent Proper! Thanks, Brightpaw, for finding this exhausted kittypet. Clearly, seasonal prep has been all too much. Here is Owlfeather’s cat, Oliver. Owlfeather says: “His Warrior name is Olivefur… Read more →

Cadvent Day 10

Hi BlogClan. We’re nearly half way there. Cadvent is the most joyful time of year. 🎄☃️🌲 I hope you’re spreading joy around your friends and family. They’re probably quite stressed and anxious about all the things they have to do, so a smile and a word of praise and encouragement will probably go a long way. Put your festive fairy hat… Read more →