Cadvent 2017 Posts

Cadvent Day 6

Today is where time seems to speed up and Christmas starts feeling closer and closer. Have you started wrapping presents and writing cards? It’s another special day on BlogClan because we have a BlogClan pet in our Cadvent pictures. Today we have Aspenpaw’s cat, Pierre (great name for a cat. I suspect a lot of cats are secretly French). So… Read more →

Cadvent Day 4

What are you Cadvent wishes? Have you put your tree up yet? Do you even have a tree? Tell us about your holiday traditions. Today’s pictures are special because we have BlogClan pets! Lionfire has sent in pictures of Mr and Mrs Bunnikins. 🙂 Hello, Bunnikins. Mr Bunnikins Mrs Bunnikins And here is a very cosy picture of a Christmas… Read more →

Cadvent Day 2

Cadvent is brought to you today by Swanfeather and Christmas Iceshard! Christmas Iceshard has created our first piece of Cadvent art. Woohoo! Just looking at it is putting me in a super-holiday mood 🤗🎄🎅🏻 Swanfether sent in a link to this cute kitty. I love the look of concentration on its little kitty face ❤️ Read more →

Cadvent Day 1

Welcome to Cadvent, BlogClan’s special celebration of the days leading up the the Holidays! I hope you’re feeling snowy, and that you have a mug of cocoa-with-whipped-cream in one paw and a string of popcorn in the other, because the countdown begins now! I’d like to wish everyone in BlogClan a fantastic Cadvent ❤️ Thanks to you all for being… Read more →