Cadvent 2018 Posts

Cadvent Day 7

This Christmas, I would like a butter dish. What present would you most like to celebrate your holiday season? Our first picture is adorable! A cosy Christmas kitty ❤️ Thanks, Silversong, for finding it. Emberblaze found this picture. I think we night have had it in previous Cadvents, but it went so well with the video Sundance shared that I couldn’t resist.… Read more →

Cadvent Day 6

Good morning, BlogClan! Time always seems to speed up this time of year. We are hurtling toward midwinter, although on the other side of the planet, we are hurtling toward midsummer. But whether you’re about to celebrate the longest day or the shortest day, here are some seasonal (or unseasonal) pictures to cheer you. Thanks, Iceflower for finding this picture.… Read more →

Cadvent Day 4

Hello, BlogClan. I hope you’re feeling sparkly and tingly. I am! I’m just finishing up Warriors 7.2 The Silent Thaw. Squeee. You’re going to love it! Let’s start this Cadvent Day with a brilliant picture. Iceflower’s pup, Daisy, who looks as though she’s just found out she’s on the naughty list. ❤️ Here’s a wonderful picture found by Dawnpaw. (The… Read more →

Cadvent Day 3

I am LOVING the pictures of your pets! Thank you, BlogClan. keep sending them in. (pssst….send in any more seasonal cat pictures you find. I want this to be the most festive Cadvent ever 🙂 ) The first picture today is Bluebellpaw’s cat hiding in the Christmas tree. Very beautiful! What’s their name Bluebellpaw? Iceflower found the next cutie. I… Read more →

Cadvent Day 2

Hello, BlogClan! Are you involved in any seasonal events at school or college? A play? A choir? It’s a wonderful time of year to get together with others and be expressive and creative and celebrate to joy of being alive! I love this picture drawn by Crystalkit! So bright and full of chocolatey cheer 🙂 Jasminepaw found the next picture.… Read more →

Cadvent Day 1

I’d like to wish everyone in BlogClan a fantastic Cadvent ❤️ Thanks to you all for being here and making BlogClan such a lovely place to be 🤗 I hope you’re ready for some frosty feline cheer to brighten the darkest days of midwinter. Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, BlogClan welcomes you to join in our happy… Read more →

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