Cadvent 2019 Posts

Cadvent 24

It’s Christmas Eve, my favourite day of the year! ☃️ Wishing you all much love. 💖 Thank you, BlogClan, for being excellent all year long. Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah. Indeed, joy and peace, however you celebrate this time of year. ❤️ Foxtail has sent the cutest picture of her corgi, Jemma. What an adorable doggo! 💖 And since BlogClan… Read more →

Cadvent 23

Can you spot the tabby in this picture Ivyleaf found? Snowcave! Thanks for finding this, Beaconpaw. ❄️⛄️❄️ And for those of you celebrating Hannukah, here’s one from Wavey. So cute! 🌟 There’s something so adorable about cat chins. Thanks for sending this link, Icy ❤️ Read more →

Cadvent 22

Happy Hannukah, BlogClan! Wavesplash sent a link to this seasonal cat. Wishing you much joy and peace for the season. 💖 Hanukkah sameach! Brambleheart sent a picture of her cat, Ren. This is my cat Ren under the Christmas tree! We have to often tell her to get off because she is VERY mischievous. Isn’t she beautiful? 💖 Here’s a… Read more →

Cadvent 21

I’m still loving seeing BlogClan’s pets. Today, Briarpaw’s kitties Emily (black) and Cleo (mottled gray and cream) snuggled up with each other. So cosy. 💕 And here is a picture taken by Pineblossom’s dad. These are some pictures of the birds in my backyard that my dad took! He sits by the window in his office and sticks the camera… Read more →

Cadvent 19

Here’s a cute BlogClan kitty. 💖 Flamecloud’s cat, Mimi. Hello, Mimi! Flamecloud says: This is one of my cats, Mimi, under the Christmas tree. She is very fat, although this photo does not give her stomach all the credit it deserves. She also likes to kill ornaments. (Flower used to be fat too, though you could never tell until she… Read more →

Cadvent 18

Look! Diamondflight has drawn a picture of her cat Mia. I love this jolly drawing. Thank you, Diamondflight! ❤️ And this is Moonpaw’s doggo, Luna, feeling cosy under the blankets. Cosy puppies make me happy! Thanks, Moonpaw. ⛄️ Wavesplash found this gorgeous pic of a gorgeous cat in the snow. Look at that tail. 💖 Thanks, Wavey! And here’s another… Read more →

Cadvent 17

Hey, BlogClan! Here’s Emperpaw’s kitty Bitsy (cute name 💖) in a Christmas hat, looking very cosy snuggled up to those cushions. Thank, Emberpaw, for sharing Bitsy with us. ⛄️ She’s adorable! And Moonpaw has drawn a picture! This is Cinderpelt in the Christmas spirit! I even wrapped her leg in holly. Thanks, Moonpaw, it’s joyful! Wavesplash found a very cute… Read more →

Cadvent 16

Moonpaw has drawn a picture. Alderheart wrapped in holiday lights. I love it! Thanks, Moonpaw. And this is Briarpaw’s kitty, Charlotte, exploring a wreath. (Note to self, remember to get Christmas tree. So many things to do this time of year.) Thanks, Briarpaw. She’s lovely. 💖 And because I love a gif and a kitty, I’m pleased Emberblossom shared this… Read more →

Cadvent 15

Look! It’s Cloudypaw’s kitty, Kesem. 💖 This is a picture of my cat, Kesem! She was sitting on me and I was wearing a Christmas-y sweater, so I thought it was fitting for cadvent. You were right, Cloudypaw. Your pic is the perfect way to start the 15th day of Cadvent. I love this snowy pic that Briarpaw found. How… Read more →

Cadvent 14

Hello BlogClan! We are already fourteen days into Cadvent. I’m getting very excited now. Let’s start with a BlogClan pet from Hawthornpaw. This is my cat, Bilbo, in a Santa hat. She didn’t like it, so we had to take it off right after taking the picture. Thanks, Hawthornpaw. Bilbo is a cutie and I’m glad she only had to… Read more →

Cadvent 13

I love to start a Cadvent post with a BlogClan drawing. This one is by Fawnspots. She says, I call this “A Special Gift” 😛 I drew this picture of me with my Blogclan buddy (and wife) Snowbreeze! I wanted to show the spirit of the Holidays, while also being a little goofy 😛 . Happy Holidays, Snowy! I hope… Read more →

Cadvent 12

Today’s BlogClan pet was sent in by Pineblossom. “This is my brother’s dog, Scooter! He’s the closest thing to a pet that I have, if you don’t count my fish. He loves tennis balls, squeaky toys, and being outside! He’s also super smart.” He is a handsome hound, but I’d also love to see your fish, Pineblossom! Monkeyfur found this… Read more →

Cadvent 11

I’m on a trip to my hometown, Birmingham, today to visit a school friend. I’ve not been back for 30 years and I hear it’s changed quite a lot since I was there. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new buildings. I love this picture Iceflower made of me. I think she’s captured me perfectly. Thank you! 💖 And… Read more →

Cadvent 10

Fifteen days to go! Are you getting excited? Let’s start today’s Cadvent with Iceflower’s dear little puppies. “Scarlett and Daisy! Just two snow queens enjoying the seasonal weather. ” They are so adorable. ❤️ And here’s a beautiful picture of a kitty watching the snow. Thanks for finding this, Shadowpaw. Do anyone have snow yet? Even lions have snow today!… Read more →