TS Chapters

Trailing Stars: Chapter Twenty Six by Kat

Trailing Stars: Chapter Twenty Six by Kat edited by Monkeyfur illustrated by Jayfrost As the sun proudly peeked over the distant hills, the sky painted itself in soft oranges and pale periwinkles.  The morning sun illuminated the delicate dew that swayed gently on crowded blades of emerald green grass. The water drops cascaded down onto the soil as a small… Read more →

Trailing Stars: Chapter Twenty Three by Winterwhisper

Trailing Stars: Chapter Twenty Three by Winterwhisper edited by Sorrelstream illustrated by Jayfrost There were two sayings: 1. “It’ll get worse before it gets better.”2. “Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.” Winterpaw remembered next to nothing of his human life except these two phrases. They stuck with him, swirled in his head, and acted as… Read more →

Trailing Stars: Chapter 22 by Darkpaw

Trailing Stars: Chapter Twenty Two By: Darkpaw Edited by: Lionfire illustrated by Jayfrost Jayfrost’s patrol was back. She had the herbs. Darkpaw felt a wave of relief swamp over her as she greeted the patrol, she and several others were demanding them to tell them what they did. Curiosity filled the air, and Jayfrost had pressed herself to the ground, overwhelmed by all the questions. Darkpaw… Read more →

Trailing Stars: Chapter 21 by Jayfrost

Trailing Stars: Chapter Twenty One By: Jayfrost Edited by: Hazelburrow illustrated by Jayfrost          The ferns surrounding the camp rustled lightly as the patrol brushed past them. All around the camp, the cats of BlogClan watched wearily as their Clanmates disappear beyond the ferns into the forest. Once the last cat was gone, nervous murmurs began to ripple through the crowd.… Read more →

Trailing Stars: Chapter 20 by Willowpaw

Trailing Stars: Chapter Twenty By: Willowpaw Edited by: Cindertail illustrated by Jayfrost   I yawned and opened my eyes to slits, my gaze blurry. Sunlight was streaming through the gaps in the apprentices’ den, leaving dapples of shadow over the field of nests. Someone prodded me in the side again. “Go away,” I meowed sleepily, closing my eyes again and rolling over. Another prod.… Read more →

Trailing Stars: Chapter 19 by Geckopaw

Trailing Stars: Chapter Nineteen By: Geckopaw Edited by: Dawnkit illustrated by Jayfrost   Geckopaw could hardly register the words Cakestar uttered to the Clan. The only words she cared about were the names of her Clanmates called into combat. Treacherous, bloody combat. After the patrol had left, she vaguely remembered Cakestar assigning a hunting party, but for the most part she listened with deaf… Read more →