• To tidy up the storyline a bit, should villain cat (Viperfang for now, I guess) have an army of rogues after they’ve gained power?

    Also, what power do they have?

    (Whoopsies new page)

    • It doesn’t have to be viperfang, but it is a good idea, and yeah I think an army of rogues never hurt anyone! (Wait…)

      Do you have any idea for power? I’m blanking.

      • Some power that StarClan gave them with the intention that it should be used for good, but it is actually used for bad…

        Mind reading
        Always convincing cats to tell the truth
        Manipulation of time
        Being able to kill a cat with little to no effort
        Brainwashing a cat
        I don’t know

        • Maybe we could change up the second one a bit to be instead of making cats tell the truth making cats say what they want? I’m not sure, what do you guys think?

  • Okay round up:

    Lilycloud of SomeClan exists. She gets a clue that will help her stop the villan. Her sibling goes missing due to vengful rouges but she blames it on OtherClan

    The villan of OtherClan has the power to control souls or something but “can only control one cat at a time and can’t control what the cat is saying, so we need to stop the cat and get the other cat’s soul back”

    • Hmm I think this is good but I do like the idea of the villain being the main character. And maybe we shouldn’t narrow down the possibilities of powers quite yet… hmm idk

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