It’s falconpaws birthday on April 22 aka earth day!!


  • Claimed for various roleplaying!

    I am Rainstar, leader of MoonClan. You can start your own Clan or join mine!

    You can roleplay properly, like having conversations as if you were the character facing the challenges that you and your Clanmates and rival Clans create!

  • Rainstar: Alone. Well, I suppose I knew this would happen. Let’s hope I can find some rouges to begin a proper Clan! It’s such a shame ThunderClan kicked me out. I made an honest mistake! Grrr…

    Voice: I’ll help you…

    Rainstar: Who’s there?

    Voice: Heh. You’ll find out soon enough.

    (First comment modded is the voice!)

    • *Rogue stalks in, glancing around, scardly. You can tell she’s a nervous cat, and she looks kind*
      Dusk: Hello? Anyone here? I need shelter! I’m wounded – mousebrained foxes! I just need help until I can hunt again…

      breaks out of roleplay – P.S I don’t think I want to be the voice…. I want to be a member that helps to build up the new clan -though warning your, my character is honest and kind, and if it starts looking evil, she’ll start a rebellion, or break off of the group…. (that’ll be some really interesting and fun part if that does happen)

      • Dusk: Oh! You scared me! My name is Dusk – t-thank you for helping me, by the way. I might as well warn you now, there’s a bunch of foxes a while back – more than you can count! They attacked me; that’s why I’m so injured… I can’t thank you enough for helping me! I thought I would die, or starve, or, or…..

        Thanks : D

        • Rainstar: Welcome to my territory, Dusk. Hmm. I wonder what drew those foxes? Well, that’s the last thing on my mind right now. We’ve got to get you better! If only I had a med cat… Grr. Oh well, I’ll do my best. *walks over to hollow tree and gathers cobwebs and begins wrapping them around Dusk’s injured leg*
          I’ll be right back. I’m going to see if I can find some herbs. *walks off into trees*

          • Dusk: Thanks! looks like I’ll stay here…. by myself….
            looks around well, this is a nice place!
            peers into shadows around her gasp! w-what is that?

            • Menawhile, in the forest…
              Rainstar: Hmm… Ah, there we go. That should be enough. *bends down and picks up a mouthful of marigold and dock she had been gathering* Better go back to Dus- *Hears shreik* Oh StarClan! DUUUUUUUUSK! *drops herbs and runs back towards camp, claws unsheathed*

              • Dusk: is on her back, trying to defend herself while injured. She can’t quite see what’s attacking her, due to the blood running over her eyes, blocking her vision
                Rainstar! Help! I – I can’t…
                head is clubbed around , and she is cut off
                swipes claws viciously and attacker lets off a shriek, loosening it’s hold

                • Rainstar: DUSK! NO! Rainstar rakes the attacker’s muzzle and pins them to the ground, snarling. Who are you?

                  (Breaks out of rp: Do you or me wanna be the attacker?)

  • Breaks out of rp: Do you think we should get another to join? I could advertise…. but if we can’t then it’s all the same to me – you can choose whichever!

    • SURE 😀 yayayayay 🙂 I think we’re using the page from the link now….. but Rainspirit hasn’t confirmed….. You can read all the posts leading up to this if you want, to get caught up 😀 You could be the attacker, or the voice, or a double role as both the attacker and the voice, or some completely other rogue that wants to help, or that AND the attacker….. you’re choice 😀

    • Of course! Click on Wollow’s link and I’ll repost the roleplay there.

  • Thank you for advertising, Dusk! I really appreciate it. Let’s head on over to the secret page!

  • Can I join the roleplay, please? What do I have to do? 🙂

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