• [spoiler title=”Chapter 1, Part 1: Round 10, The Aftermath, and Supervisor Elections”]
    Note: This is not a chapter. It is a skit.

    Round 10 + Aftermath: 
    At the beginning of Round 10, Iapetus is exiled because of the spy thing. The round proceeds as normal but then Gale and Marshmallow revive because they were in their cosmodog forms, NOT their normal forms. Encie and Moonwing trick them into transforming into their normal cat forms only to realize they’ve been tricked, but before they could revert to their cosmodog forms Venus interrupts and kills both of them permanently. Afterwards, most of the moonsies confess to their parents about the death courses (and tell them to watch it), except the ones who didn’t confess didn’t because they knew they wouldn’t accept it, so Moonwing allowed them to slide. 
    Earthie found out about the death courses in Round 3 and never tried to stop his daughter from hosting it, and told nobody except Venus (who already knew it by Round 2) and Mari (which is why she appeared in Round 4) and its location. After Moonwing switched locations to keep the secret, he quickly found out and told Venus and Mari again about the new location, which explains how Venus found Gale and Marshmallow and killed both of them. Saturn also knew about the death courses the entire time through flscs sent through the portals but didn’t tell anyone. Rhea was mad that all the work she put in to prevent the Room 3.2 Moonsies from escaping was actually a waste and disbanded the forepaws. Yure doesn’t really care about her children in general and was probably listening to airpods when Miranda confessed. Nep and Salace let Tritonus get away because they always let him get away. 

    Supervisor Elections:
    Moonwing: Heyo Moonsies, it’s been a while since DBTM 1: Round 10. Lets host DBTM 2!
    Encie: You know, sending planetmortals to the death courses is kind of boring now. 
    Moonwing: Yeah, I was thinking that too. DBTM 2 will be in the same style as the IDK Server game, Everyone Dies™, except with willing planetmortals. 
    Encie: I am sure that would get boring pretty quickly. 
    Moonwing: Sooo behold, SUPERVISORS! The supervisors are us, of course. Each one of us will supervise on contestant. And no, we won’t put our lives on the line. We kind of just sit there, watch, root for our contestant, and occasionally help them and walk next to them. And if we do get killed, remember, we’re cosmodogs. With the power of my moonstone bracelets, every cosmodog on the battlefield who gets killed will instantly be minecraft-respawned. 
    Encie: I have several questions. First of all, what happens if someone accidentally or intentionally kills you, and WHERE IS THE BATTLEFIELD? (whispering: I kinda hope its Omnia I haven’t seen Glacier in a verrrryyy long time and I wonder if she’s still alive)
    Moonwing: Omnia. Or Earth, if you would like to call it that. And if someone kills me, you do remember I gave an extra pair to Charon, Phobos, and Europa, right?
    Encie: Yesss, but what if they are also killed?
    Moonwing: Extremely unlikely for all three of them to be killed. (whispering: Europa always escapes unscathed for some reason)
    Europa: (texting: The new fish™ is also a defense tool, not just for offense. Get it right Luna)
    Moonwing: (texting: You’re crazy.)
    Europa: (texting: Hey at least I don’t keep two of every single 92498239492 species of planetmortal in existence in the living room as pets and raid everyone’s closets with spy robots every five seconds to find more planetmortals)
    Moonwing: (texting: Yeah, no one can be crazier than dad. You’re still crazy tho.)
    Miranda: Uhhh Luna you said there would two guests coming? My siblings specifically?
    Moonwing: *clicks out of TextChat* *clicks back in TextChat and sends text messages* 
    *Titanion and Ariel enter the Meeting Room*
    Moonwing: Behold, our guests! They will be supervisors for one contestant. Phobos and Deimos will also supervise the same contestant. So that means we’ll be needing 11 contestants. Also, if they prove themselves useful then they get the chance to permanently join. 
    Deimos: I am pretty sure I’ll be doing 99% of the work. (whispering: no offense brother)
    *Iapetus enters the Meeting Room*
    Moonwing: Excuse me but weren’t you banished a long time ago
    Iapetus: Well yeah, but since the forepaws have disbanded, that doesn’t really matter now, right?
    Encie: I mean, he isn’t a threat anymore, so I guess he can linger here. BUT WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US NOW?!
    Iapetus: A contestant! You’re all getting one, right!?
    Titanion: I’m sharing mine with my sister with eyes…
    Deimos: Moonwing said I’m sharing my contestant with my brother but what she really means is that Phobos is sitting out for being incompetent.
    Phobos: The Lord Luna the Overlord would never do that!
    Iapetus: Well LORD LUNA, would you mind if you give me one?
    Moonwing: Mayybee, Charon, raise the number of contestants to 12!
    Io: You don’t have to do that, just give my contestant to him.
    *Callista enters the meeting room*
    Moonwing: Excuse me but didn’t your brother tell you that–
    Callista: Just because my teenage brother told you something doesn’t mean its true. 
    Callista: Also, I came here to receive my contestant. If Iapetus is able to ask for one easily, then I should to because I’m actually part of the group while he was exiled long ago. 
    Moonwing: Yess, raise the number of contestants to 13, please! (whispering: Yes, you can ask for a contestant easily, but it’s gonna be harder to get rid of the one you have now)
    Moonwing: Actually, scrap that. I don’t like the number 13. Raise it to 14, please! Ariel and Titanion, you will both supervise different contestants. 
    Callista: (angry whispering: Make it fifteen.)
    Moonwing: Does it look like I can grab relevant enough dogs out of nowhere?
    Callista: (angry whispering: Make it fifteen.)
    Encie: There’s plenty of relevant dogs in here that’s still not part of the Moons of Relevance. There’s plenty of candidates.
    Moonwing: I mean, plenty of candidates is still better than none, but still not that–
    Europa: I agree with older sis. 15 is a much better number than 14. 
    Encie: I mean, Tethos and Dione are valid. Since the disbanding of the forepaws, they no longer seem too tied to Rhea anymore. Rhea however…
    Titanion: Come on, Miranda is the only Yure-Doggo in the Moons of Relevance! Why can’t the 15th supervisor be one of my relevant siblings?
    Charon: How ‘bowt my roommate Dysnomia? She’s Eris’ daughter and older than both Encie, Miranda, and Mimas. 
    Moonwing: I don’t even know who she is. But if you know who she is, I guess she’s a valid candidate.
    Moonwing: Sooo the candidates for 15th supervisor are Tethos, Dione, Umber, Oberon, and Dysnomia. 
    Europa: I think our brother is also a–
    Callista: He’s not going to be too happy. I can prove it. (texting: would you like to oversee a planetmortal in the hunger games)
    (Response: Lol no 71 siblings are easier than 1 hunger games planetmortal)
    Moonwing: The candidates are set. Since I don’t have any of their contacts, Titane, since you are the oldest out of your siblings, you can send the text message to Tethos and Dione, Titanion, you send the message to Umber and Oberon, and Charon, you send the message to Dysnomia. Within 5 minutes, I expect all five candidates to arrive in the meeting room. If not, they will lose their chance. 
    Five Minutes Later…
    Moonwing: It seems like all the candidates for 15th supervisor has arrived. 
    Phobos: But how are we gonna resolve this?
    Moonwing: With a handy dandy election, of course. 
    Tethos: Are we supposed to give our speeches out nah?
    Moonwing: No speeches. This election will be short and the speeches will only lengthen it. 
    Moonwing: How about I start it off with my cast. But instead of saying our votes out loud, we write our ballot on a strip of paper then reveal it to everyone. Got it?

    The Results:
    Moonwing voted for Dysnomia because so there is more “blood diversity”. 
    Phobos voted for Dysnomia because Moonwing did and he also saw her casting her ballot. 
    Deimos voted for Dysnomia for the same reason Moonwing did. 
    Europa voted for Dione because she has a taste for fish. 
    Io voted for Dysnomia because she “hates her the least”. 
    Despite not being in the meeting, Gany sends a text message voting for Dysnomia for an unknown reason. 
    Callista voted for Dysnomia for the same reason Moonwing did. 
    Titane voted for Dione because she is his sister after all and he likes her more than Tethos.
    Encie voted for Dione because she used to be her friend, and because she likes fish.
    Mimas voted for Tethos so she can assassinate him later. No one is sure if this is a joke. 
    Iapetus voted for Tethos for the same reason Titane did, but its just that he voted for Tethos instead of Dione. 
    Miranda voted for Umber because she “doesn’t really know what [she] is doing right now and just voted for one of [her] siblings because why not”.
    Tritonus voted for Oberon because “she is Titanion’s twin sister, after all…”.
    Charon voted for Dysnomia because she is his “roommate”. 
    Titanion voted for Oberon because she is his twin sister.
    Ariel voted for Umber for the same reason Titanion did, but it was just that she voted for Umber instead of Oberon. 

    Moonwing: Aight, Dysnomia has won with 5 votes!
    Titanion: 5 VOTES?! I only remember counting 4 strips of paper with the word “Dysnomia” written over it!
    Dysnomia: You may not know who I am, but I’m not just a WORD!
    Moonwing: Remember, text message! *shows everyone Gany’s text message*
    Titanion: That still doesn’t count. He wasn’t in the meeting, so his ballot doesn’t count.
    Moonwing: Oh? So what if I send him what you just said?
    Iapetus: Come on Luna, you would try to stop him if you have voted for someone else who was not Dysnomia. 
    Moonwing: (texting: Well Thunder, if you weren’t at the meeting, does your ballot for Dysnomia count?)
    Moonwing: (texting: Since you have sweared, which is not allowed on my watch, your vote no longer counts. Bye!) *closes TextChat before Gany could respond*
    Moonwing: Well, now I removed Gany’s vote (whispering: Don’t ask why…), Dysnomia has four votes now. But she still won because Dione only got three votes!
    Dysnomia: Yay! (whispering: Now more people will know I exist…)

    [spoiler title=”Chapter 1, Part 2: Introduction”]
    Ikri folded her wings behind her back as she waited to meet Moonwing, the spotted light gray, pointed eared dog-like animal about the size of a cat, and the host of this new DBTM. 
    Being an Earthling, she was being transported to the planet Omnia via an electric car. Titane, a very floofy light golden-orange wolf-like animal with a teal face, legs, and tail, and darker ears, paws, and tail tip, and piercing amethyst-purple eyes and white wings, was the driver. According to the previous episodes, he was supposed to be 12.5 years old, but Ikri refused to believe that, because someone younger than a teenager shouldn’t know how to drive electric cars. 
    The other earthlings in the car, Siren, Mince, Citrus, Scarlett, Lily, Larkspur, and Firian, were also in the car. 
    “Titane, if that’s your name, how do you drive, and if we’re being taken to another planet, why are you using a car, out of all things?” asked Ikri suddenly, perking her white-tipped cat ears. 
    “Autopilot,” he growled, flicking his floofy teal tail. “Also, Omnia is the same thing as Earth, it’s just that Omnia is other name that Moonwing gave it.” Titane then picked up his phone, and while using it, clicked a button on the panel, and suddenly airplane wings popped out from the sides. He then adjusted the speed from 150 mph to 15,000 mph, and the car flew through the air and crash landed into a cloud. 
    Titane’s door opened, and he stepped out, flicking his tail towards the Earthlings in the car. Ikri flicked her ears, looking slightly confused. Titane flicked his ears, then yelled, “GET OUT OF THE CAR!” 
    Ikri finally understood, then stepped out of the car, and onto the soft, fluffy, clouds that for some reason she was not falling through. The rest of the Earthlings followed. 
    Moonwing flew up to greet them.
    “Hello, there, Earthlings, or Omnialings, as I’d like to call you guys, you will be interviewed first,” she announced, a glint in her ice blue eyes. The cat-sized dog then lead the contestant into a desk, and Moonwing gracefully climbed onto her throne and sat on it, tail curling neatly around her paws. 
    Ikri was the first interviewed.
    “So, Ikri, what is your reason for joining?” asked Moonwing, taking out a piece of paper, a quill, and a bottle of ink. She then dipped the quill into the ink. 
    “This seemed cool, I guess?” replied Ikri, opening her dark brown, ginger, and white splotched wings. 
    “Thank you, next,” said Moonwing, jotting something down with her quill. She asked the same questions to the rest of the Earthlings. 
    “Same reason as Ikri, I guess,” said Siren.
    “This was cool,” said Mince.
    “To donate to the local charity,” said Citrus. (“Are you sure?” questioned Moonwing.)
    “I wanted to try it out,” said Scarlett.
    “I had nowhere else to go,” said Lily. (“What led you to end up here, then?”)
    “I want the entire ocean to myself, and I believe you would help me if I win,” said Larkspur. (“Greeedy, but okay.”)
    “I want to prove everyone that I’m better than everyone else, and if I slaughter these poor souls, I would win!” (“Mighty confidence you have there. But that’s not it.”)
    After the Earthlings were done with their speeches, Moonwing set down her quill and paper, rolled the paper into a scroll, and neatly tied it up with a pale blue and green ribbon, and tossed it into a bin.
    “Now, Earthlings, I shall lead you into your room.” Moonwing flicked her tail. The earthlings followed Moonwing into their room.
    Being the largest group, the Earthling’s room was massive. Clouds covered the ceiling, the floor was green, and inside the room were several large and small pools filled with water. The room was adorned with plants, and the sound of birds singing played in the background. There were plenty of lush green cushions dotted around the room. The walls were sky blue, and the ground was green and brown. 
    “Remember, the dorms and the castle are a no-kill zone. If I catch ANY of you trying to murder each other here, you will immediately be executed and dropped out of the game,” warned Moonwing. 
    “On the contrary, however, after 20 minutes of the start of the game, if I catch you still lounging here, you would also be executed and dropped out of the game,” continued Moonwing. “But really, by 20 minutes, I expect you to completely leave the dorms because you know what you’re signing up for. If you only signed up to vacation at the dorms, enjoy your last moments of your life at the guillotine.”
    “But what is the point of the dorms if we’re expected to be evacuated in 20 minutes?” questioned Lily, twitching xyr ear. 
    “Oh no, I don’t expect all of you to be out of the dorms within 20 minutes right now,” replied Moonwing. “You get to stay here in paradise for the rest of the day and night, then you will be escorted out to participate in the trials, then you get to spend another night at the dorms. 
    “And the dorms after the night of the trials?” xe queried. 
    “Oh, they will be useless until there are 7 contestants left. This is an addition that the original Everyone Dies™ game didn’t have, because the OG one also didn’t have dorms,” confirmed Moonwing. “When 7 contestants remain alive, you will all be ordered back in the dorms to have a feast. However, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to. However, the feast is a time of peace and no one should be killed. During the feast, the remaining contestants will EAT (duh) and then play a harmless minigame shortly after. After the feast, the remaining contestants will sleep in their dorms designated at the start of the round for another night, before after 20 minutes they have to depart. If you eat quickly, you may eat breakfast before you leave.”
    “But where will we sleep?” inquired Ikri.
    “Anywhere you’d like. In the pools, on the cushions, on the straight up floor, anything is valid.”

    With her tail, Moonwing closed the door of the Earthling dorm shut and took her seat back at her desk made out silver and thick clouds, pulling out another sheet of paper, her quill, and her bottle of ink, and a pale, icy blue ribbon. The paper was not very large, as only one contestant had origins in this planet, or to be more accurate, DWARF PLANET. 
    A white helicopter-carriage patterned with ice blue lotus-like flowers operated by nothing except radio controls alighted on the cloud, and a Lotus, a pure white kitsune with a star-shaped marking on her forehead and striking blue eyes gracefully stepped out, all nine tails raised. 
    “You are Lotus of Ceres (the dwarf planet, not my half-aunt), right?” clarified Moonwing, dipping her quill in ink.
    “Yes. I am Lotus of Ceres,” confirmed Lotus bluntly. 
    “Why did you sign up for Everyone Dies™, a risky game which involves fighting to the death for a grand prize?” interviewed Moonwing.
    “To bring back the fear of my species. On Ceres, we used to be powerful and feared, but now our neighbors are catching on,” replied Lotus. “Whatever this ‘grand prize’ is, I would like it to be something to return fear to the other species.”
    “Ohh-kay,” said Moonwing, jotting Lotus’ response down on the paper. Like she did with the Earthling scroll, she rolled up the paper (this is magic ink that dries whenever you want it to) and neatly wrapped it with ice blue ribbon, and tossed it into the bin.  
    Moonwing then lead Lotus into her dorm. All the walls were painted a lightish gray, and there were ice-white ice spikes jutting out of the floors, with two basins filled with salty, icy, water. In the center of a ring of ice spikes, lay a bed. The bed’s frame was embroidered with silver, platinum-white, and gold, and the cushion and blankets were a shade of icy blue with white weaved into the borders. She then explained the rules to Lotus and left to sit back at her desk, and took out a paper and a pale red ribbon to wrap it. 
    Now it was time to move onto another planet. Or, uhhh, moon. Icy ocean moon, to be specific. 
    Ashira, a dark gray wolf with darker stripes and dark blue eyes entered the room. She came from Europa (the moon). 
    “My pack is starving and the only sources of food we know is under the ice, which is THICK, and even under that there might only be microbial life. Prey colonies atop of the ice are dying out on our territory. Whatever your grand prize is, I would like to help my pack in any way,” she explained after Moonwing asked her about her reason for joining. Moonwing followed the same procedure as she did with the other contestants and tossed the scroll wrapped with the pale red ribbon into the bin. 
    The room for Europans wasn’t too different from the one for the Cererians, except that the room itself was a pale white-brown shade instead of just gray, with the floor being covered with prominent cracks on the surface, all filled with icy water. The ice spike placement and the bed were still the same, except that the cushions were pale red instead of icy blue. 
    The next contestant came from Neptune, and was expected to be huge, because well, ae was a dragon. Dragons are usually far bigger than 10-year-old petrams. Aer name was Lake. 
    Lake was a huge dark blue dragon with darker spikes and curled black horns. Ae had bright, icy blue, almost white, eyes, and a long jagged scar across aer face. Although aer head wasn’t even close to touching the ceiling, ae still completely dwarfed Moonwing.
    Aer response to Moonwing’s interview was a bit different from the others, according to her, but valid.
    “I have no interest in whatever your grand prize is. I just signed up as a way to maybe get you to stop what you’re doing right now and end this now.” Moonwing chose not to respond because this was not the time for an argument, jotted aer response down, wrapped the paper up with a dark blue ribbon, and tossed it into the bin.
    The initial plan for the Neptunian’s room was much larger than the other rooms because Moonwing was fully aware that Lake was a dragon, and needed to take up a lot of space. The room was of course, large and spacious, and painted with a lovely shade of dark blue, and white clouds swirled around under the breezes of the intense fans hidden in the walls. The temperature was quite frosty compared to the previous three rooms, but nothing too cold to handle. Lake’s bed was floating in the air, and it was HUGE and blue, and darker blue blankets with white borders. The frame was silver and silver-blue, and the cushion were silvery dark blue.  
    Moonwing then explained the rules to aem.
    “Isn’t the execution a bit harsh? Why can’t you just evict them?” ae questioned. Moonwing did not respond and left the dark blue dragon in aer dorm. 
    This time, on the next planet, or dwarf planet, and two animals came from this place. They were Keara, a short ginger and white vixen a black ring on her tail, sharp amber eyes, feathered golden wings, and a light purple bandana tied around her neck, and Lana, a small and slender gray and white wolf with huge white hawk wings, yellow talons, and greenish-yellow eyes. 
    Keara’s reason for joining was because she wanted approval from her father, and Lana’s reason was because ot wanted to prove otself as a fearsome and powerful fighter. Moonwing recorded this on a sheet of paper, tied it with a pale yellow ribbon, and tossed it into the bin. 
    The room for the Plutonian was not too large, but enough to fit a short fox and a small wolf. The walls and floor were pale brown with splotches of darker brown, and in the floor was a heart-shaped pool filled with ice. Not icy water, just ice. Literal ice. The temperature here was lower than Lake’s room, but nothing the Plutonians can’t handle.
    There were two beds, one propped up by ice spikes, and another hanging from the ceiling from a solid ice chain. Both bed frames were golden, silver, and white, and the cushions and blankets were pure white. 
    It was the same procedure. Moonwing explained the rules, the Plutonians asked their questions, and she answerd them accordingly. 
    Finally, it was time to welcome the exoplanetonians. One of them, Shiv, came from Xeckron, a planet similar to Omnia except there were humans there. According to her, Xeckron was the only place were humans were still known to exist, other than Earthie’s living room. The other one was Kristi, who came from Brisger, a planet filled with fire and lava and everything that is a little higher than 100 degrees. 
    Kristi was a large, ragged-furred polar bear with mouse ears, nose, and tail, and Shiv was a huge dragon, about the size of a whale and a half, attenae brushing the ceiling. She was royal blue dragon with a cyan underbelly, and gold tipped butterfly-like wings and ears, with a smooth, thick, rat-like tail. She has large triangular ears, an emerald crystal encrusted in her stomach, and gold-tipped dark blue attenae on her head. 
    Kristi’s reason for joining was because she was bored and her brother dared her to do it, even though according to Moonwing that dare was rather deadly. Shiv’s reason for joining was that Xeckron killed off or evicted all of its dragons and she wanted to win her home back, and would like the reward to be helpful. 
    The the room for Exoplanetonians was very similar to the room for Earthlings, except it was much larger because it was holding a starannhilating whale-sized dragon. Moonwing returned to her desk.
    “That’s it?” asked Phobos, who was sitting on her desk the entire time. 
    “Yes, that’s it. We have 15 supervisors, so we have 15 contestants to go with it,” she clarified. 

  • Chapter 2: It’s Uno time
    Ikri woke up in the Earthling dorm and stretched her dark brown, ginger, and white wings. Siren yawned, then crawled out of the pool she had been sleeping in for the night.
    “This place is so comfy,” she remarked, “I can hardly believe we’re going to be sent to our deaths.”
    “Remember,” grunted Larkspur, twitching xyr ear, “The dorms are only temporary. After The Trials, whatever that is, Moonwing is going to kick us out.” Xe then crawled out of xyr pool and clambered out of the dorm, leopard seal tail dragging across the floor. 
    Ikri flicked her ear towards the other sleeping Earthlings, and flew out of the dorm. The entire cloud castle was HUGE. She wondered how big the contestants were to take up that much space. 
    “I see you’re up early, along with xem,” remarked Moonwing from behind her. Ikri turned around, slightly startled. 
    “When will the trials start?” she asked randomly.
    “When everyone diurnal wakes up,” Moonwing replied coolly. 
    “Really, I expect the Plutonians to already be up by now,” growled Larkspur, flicking xyr ear. “Pluto receives so little sunlight that there’s hardly any difference between night and day, so anyone can wake up in the middle of the night and everyone would be fine.”
    “Surprise, surprise!” squeaked a ginger vixen with sharp amber eyes and magnificent golden eagle wings, swooping over Larkspur and flying between Moonwing and Ikri. “We’re awake!”
    “Can we just get to the trials already?” growled a slender gray and white wolf with yellow-green eyes and huge white hawk wings, flicking ots ear. 
    “Does everyone look awake to you?” retorted Larkspur. 
    “No. It’s just 5:00 A.M. on the clock, maybe you can wait one hour,” suggested Moonwing, flying back into a portal. The portal closed with a bright flash and a loud bang. 
    “Now what?” asked the vixen, twitching her white tipped ears.
    “Whatever. I’m just going to do battle training now,” growled the wolf, flying away. Ikri and the vixen both alighted next to Larkspur.
    “You’re one of the Plutonians, right?” asked Ikri. 
    “Yep! I’m Keara.” replied the vixen excitedly, “The other one is Lana. Ot is quite ambitious, if you ask me. When we get released from the dorms, you either ally with ot or stay away. How ‘bowt you?”
    “Ikri,” replied Ikri. “The dog-seal is Larkspur.” Siren crawled out of the Earthling dorm, twitching her whiskers and yawning. 
    “Who’s this?” asked Keara, pointing her white-ringed tail over to Siren.
    “Siren,” replied Ikri. 
    “Wanna play a game? Just the four of us,” offered Keara, soaring over Ikri, Siren, and Larkspur. 
    “Let’s get off of the second floor before we do that,” suggested Larkspur gruffly. “We don’t want to wake everyone up at 5:00 A.M.” As soon as xe finished speaking, Ikri and Keara immediately flew down towards the first floor. In less than a moment, Larkspur and Siren walked out of the elevator door. 
    “Now can we play the game?” asked Keara, perking her ears. 
    “We haven’t even decided what to play yet,” replied Ikri. “Also, it’s 5:00 A.M now. I think most of the others would be awake by 8:00 A.M.”
    “But what can we possibly do in three hours?” asked Siren, twitching her fish tail. 
    “I dunno, go back to sleep and wake up at 8:00 A.M?” growled Larkspur. 
    “But sleeping is boring!” Keara closed her golden eagle wings and lashed her bushy tail. “I wanna do something fun!” 
    “Whatever. I’ll just go back to sleep now,” xe grunted, dragging xemself towards the elevator. 
    “Aaaaaand xe’s gone,” remarked Ikri. “Now what?”
    “At this point, I don’t know anymore. I’m just going to go back to sleep now,” replied Siren, twitching her ears and dragging herself towards the elevator. Both Siren and Larkspur vanished. 
    “Great, now BOTH Siren and Larkspur left. Can you think of any games that can be played by two players?” 
    “Well, it’s dead now, but…Uno?” suggested Keara.
    “I doubt we have the cards here,” grunted Ikri, flattening her wings. 
    “Well, I have them,” barked a voice from behind.
    “WHY DO YOU COSMODOGS ALWAYS HAVE TO SURPRISE US LIKE THAT?” shrieked Ikri, lashing her tortoiseshell and white tail. 
    “Because I want to,” barked the speckled pinkish brown and white dog. His tail was brushing against the tail of a short-furred dark gray wolf-like dog with white tiger stripes on his ears, face, legs, and tail, and black ear tufts. 
    “Also, who are you?” asked Keara, flicking the end of her purple bandana. 
    “The forbidden question,” growled the speckled pinkish brown dog, “–of IDK Server. Since this is Everyone Dies™ and not IDK Server, I’ll just answer. I’m Tritonus, and that guy is Titanion. Enough? Also, I have the UNO cards.”
    “Now we have four players, can we play?” asked Keara. 
    “Sure-E,” replied Tritonus, flicking his ear. 

    “YEET! I WON THE UNO GAME!” barked Tritonus, throwing his last card on the pile. 
    “Too bad it just lasted only one hour,” remarked Keara sadly, putting away her remaining sixteen cards. “Now what are we going to do until 8:00 A.M?”
    “Play more Uno?” suggested Ikri, twitching her white-tipped ears.
    “Surprise, surprise,” purred Moonwing silkily. Ikri and Keara turned around. 
    “We’re hosting the first trials at 6:00 A.M, the last ones are at 8:00 A.M so you don’t have to wait TWO MORE HOURS doing nothing,” announced Moonwing, spotted tail swishing against the floor. “Who’s awake?”
    “Well, of course Keara and I are,” replied Ikri, “And I believe Lana is also awake, but ot went to prepare for the games in the Plutonian dorm. Larkspur and Siren were, but they soon went back to sleep after they got bored.”
    Moonwing twitched her slashed ear. “Lake-e is also awake-e,” she announced. “Ae’s just not here at the moment. But soon, ae will be.”
    “Wow, that rhymed!” squeaked Keara. “Can we start now? I think I had enough Uno.” Moonwing smirked, then fired a lazer out of her bracelets, aimed at Ikri and Keara. Both Ikri and Keara were teleported into an all-white room. Every single wall, the floor, and the ceiling were painted with a very bright shade of white, #FFFFFF to be specific. There was hardly a distinction between wall and floor, making the room look like an infinite white void. 
    Then, Larkspur, Siren, and Lana were teleported into the room, each appearing with a bright flash. Then, a huge dark blue dragon with icy, almost white, blue eyes, curly black horns, and darker spikes appeared. Finally, Moonwing herself appeared in the middle of the white, void-like room.
    “Since I don’t want to keep you waiting, welcome to the Trials of 6:00 A.M,” she declared, before the white floor suddenly vanished, quickly dropping all the contestants into the sky, and finally, into an ice-cold lake, before falling through the lake itself, and then dropping onto the soft leafy ground of a forest.

    Chapter 3: Cooking Panic
    “Welcome, my contestants who wake up at 5:00 A.M,” declared Moonwing, standing on a large rock jutting out of the ground. “Since I am bored and most of you are too, we’ve split the trial up into two or more parts, depending if more contestants want to wake up. 6 contestants, Ikri, Siren, Larkspur, Lake, Keara, and Lana, more than one third of the contestants are awake, so it’s about time. Don’t worry, we haven’t reached the actual games yet. There is no dying, as of now.”
    There was a couple more flashes and some more bangs, and five more of Moonwing’s dogs appeared. One was white with brown siamese pointing and stripes, one was Tritonus, one was Titanion, one was pale gray with brown siamese pointing and golden eyes, and final one was white-gray with silver-blue stripes on her ears, legs, and tail, silver spots, and a very plumy tail. 
    “Okay, contestants, you probably already know who I am,” said Moonwing, tail raised, “And 3rd Genners, you probably know who all the contestants are. But the contestants don’t know who you are. Now, may you introduce yourselves?”
    “Do I have to?” growled Tritonus. “I already introduced myself and Titanion to Ikri and Keara. They can finish the rest.”
    “Lana, Lake, Larkspur, and Siren still don’t know you yet,” reminded Moonwing.
    “Nothing they can’t do,” he retorted, swishing his white tail. 
    “You three, though,” continued Moonwing, turning to the pale gray and brown dog, the silver and white dog, and the brown and white dog, “None of the contestants never saw you be-”
    “Wait, the tiny silver and white one is the Modjo Killer, right?!” blurted Keara, perking her ears. “RIGHT?! I hope binge watching the episodes of Season 1 helped!”
    “I have a name, OKAY?!” snapped the silver and white dog, “AND A NICKNAME! SERIOUSLY?! DID YOU ONLY WATCH THE END OF EPISODE 1?!” Keara looked down and casually licked her pawpads. 
    “Wait, it’s Encie, right? Full name Enceladus?” answered Ikri, wings folded. 
    “How did you even know my full name?” Encie’s feathery tail twtiched in annoyance.
    “I…actually don’t know,” replied Ikri, “Probably because there’s also this moon named Enceladus and it seems like most of you, I believe, are named after the Solar system moons and vaguely looked like them as well?” Encie twitched her ears. 
    “Solar system moons?! Oh, no wonder why the names Tritonus and Titanion were kind of…familiar. They’re named after Triton and Titania, right? And Moonwing is named after the moon? And the brown and gray one…hmmm…is…Charon or something similar to Charon? And the brown and white one Europa?” remarked Keara. 
    “I don’t even know what you’re talking about,” grumbled Tritonus. “In my lifetime, none of my parents spoke of this ‘Triton’ or its relation to my name. Oh, and yes, you got Charon and Europa right. I don’t even know how.” 
    “Well, we know everyone, you know everyone, can we get started now?” grunted Lana, tail curling. “There’s a reason why this is called the Trials of 6:00 A.M and not the Chat of 6:00 A.M. After this, I expect a strong, competent, full-grown supervisor.” The four winged dogs perching on the rocks gave a sheepish look to each other. 
    “Yeah, we should start now,” agreed Moonwing, flicking her ear. “Did I even plan this?” 
    “You better,” growled Larkspur, flicking xyr ear. 
    Moonwing picked up a phone, and replied, “Okay, I have decided that the trials of 6:00 A.M will be you being split up into two teams and doing competitions for two hours. Encie and Charon will manage all of you.”
    “Oh, and some important guidelines,” continued Moonwing, setting her phone aside, “NO KILLING EACH OTHER IN THE TRIALS. IF YOU DO, YOU WILL BE SENT TO THE GUILLOTINE, AND THE KILLED CONTESTANT WILL BE REVIVED. If a contestant happens to die on accident, they will be revived but forced to watch the trials instead of participate in them.”
    “What are the trials for, anyway?” growled Larkspur.
    “Oh, nothing. It’s just to keep you busy while we discuss who’s taking on who.” replied Moonwing. “NOW EVERYONE BEGIN!!!” Moonwing then fired six moonstone lazers, each striking each contestant. 

    The contestants were all teleported onto a fairly large island with sand, palm trees, a few tufts of grass here and there, and…that was it. Just an island of sand, plam trees, and a few tufts of grass. 
    “Who goes first?” asked Encie, twitching her silver striped ears.
    “I guess I do,” replied Charon, flicking his brown tail, “Oldest first, after all. Well, I want Lana, Lake, and Keara. Basically, all the non-Earthlings. You can keep Ikri, Siren, and Larkspur.”
    “Well, thank you for leaving the fishcat with me.” Encie flicked her tail and circled Siren. 
    “And I do believe that Moonwing sent a text message containing the challenges,” said Charon, taking out his phone, “So, the first competition is to make breakfast.” 
    “How are we supposed to make breakfast on a deserted island?” grunted Larkspur. 
    “We’re going to do it in the castle,” replied Encie, slipping on her moonstone necklace, “And yes, after I, Charon, and some of the contestants that happen to wake up grade your breakfast, you get to eat whatever remains. Don’t worry, I won’t eat too much (unless it’s fish). Can’t say for everyone else.” Then, another lazer was fired at the contestants, and all of them were teleported into the castle kitchen. Well, different kitchens, because Ikri didn’t see Keara, Lana, or Lake at all.  
    However, there was one problem. Ikri didn’t know how to cook. Siren and Larkspur didn’t look like they know either. 
    “How are we going to win the competition?” asked Siren, twitching her ears anxiously. “None of us know how to cook!”
    “Wait, what is this–” Ikri reached up to a rather strange-looking and futuristic machine and accidentally pressed a button.
    In a panic, Ikri screeched, “FISH! BARBECUE SAUCE! GARLIC! FRENCH FRIES!” In less than a second, all of those said ingredients appeared in the machine’s drawer. 
    “What can we even do with fish, barbecue sauce, garlic, and french fries?” growled Larkspur. Xe walked up to the mess and began sniffing the drawer.
    Ikri closed her eyes and grabbed something out of the drawer. It was five cloves of garlic. Foxdung! The garlic isn’t even chopped up and roasted yet!
    Siren took out the bottle of barbecue sauce and gently set it on the table, while Larkspur fished up a potato. Great. Even the french fries are reduced to just a potato. Oh god, what are we going to do?!
    Finally, Ikri dug out the fish from the drawer. It was wet, slimy, and uncooked. She looked around. There was a stove, an oven, a microwave, and a toaster, with Ikri only knowing how to use the microwave and toaster. There was also a cutting board and a knife, which Ikri also didn’t know how to use. Even though the fish didn’t really need to be cooked to taste good, she couldn’t take any chances with Encie, Charon, and the other contestants. 
    “ENCIE!” yowled Siren, “HOW MUCH TIME DO WE HAVE LEFT?!” 
    “At most, two hours. At least, fifteen minutes. You’re safe for now,” she replied, peering into the window. 
    “Good, good,” panted Siren, picking up one of the garlic cloves, “We’re going to have to figure something out with all the random ingredients we have here.”

    “So, what are we gonna cook?” asked Keara, perking her ears.
    “I don’t know. I came here to fight, not make breakfast for others,” growled Lana, fiddling with ots talons, “But since I believe that the Earthlings are terrible cooks, we might still have a chance.”
    “Oh, because I don’t know how to cook either,” admitted Keara. 
    “Great, because I don’t either. Lake, do you know anything?” growled Lana, lashing ots tail. 
    “No,” replied Lake, twitching aer ear. “But I am relieved that Moonwing hasn’t made us fight to the death yet.”
    “Really? Because I’m disappointed. Once this cooking catastrophe is over, I won’t play any games anymore,” growled Lana, scraping the floor with ots talons. 
    “Hey, at least we shouldn’t be that bad,” assured Keara, walking up to a strange, futuristic machine and flicking a switch. “Look, it’s a futuristic machine!”
    “Cupcakes!” screeched Keara, standing on her hind legs and shoving her front paw into the drawer. She then pulled an empty paw out, looking confused.
    “This is an ingredient generator, not a food generator,” growled Charon from outside of the window, “So no saying hamburgers, cheesecake, pizza, milk tea, and explosives, but you can say things such as flour, sugar, water, eggs, chocolate chips, and cyanide.”
    “Wait, what was the last one?” inquired Lake, catching something a little off. 
    “It was explosives and cyanide,” replied Lana, “Two things that could be used to demolish the other contestants.”
    “But we aren’t allowed to kill anyone during the trials?” said Lake, folding aer wings. 
    “After the trials,” growled Lana, flicking ots tail. 
    “Instant noodles!” squeaked Keara. Lana and Lake both turned around. Keara pulled out a cup of what looked like unprepared instant noodles.
    “Oh wow, that actually worked,” gasped Keara. 

    Ikri stabbed the knife through the potato, trying to cut it open. WHY IS COOKING. SO. HARD. In an attempt, Siren had put the fish on a tray covered with alluminum and placed it in the oven for who knows how long, while Larkspur had cleanly diced the garlic into a million pieces, unusual skill for someone who had no experience in cooking. 
    There was a loud beeping noise. Knowing it was the fish, Siren quickly rushed to the oven, but due to her lack of hind legs, Ikri beat her to it and grabbed the tray with bare paws. 
    “AHAAHHHAHAHAHAHHAAHA!” she screeched, quickly dropping the tray, zipping to the sink, and washing her paws with ice cold water. The fish flopped onto the floor with a splat.
    “I mean, I eat fish straight from the ocean all the time, so…” began Larkspur, flopping towards the fish and sniffing it. “A fish on the floor has no difference.” 
    “Did. You. Say. Fish?” asked Encie, peeking her head through the window. 
    Ikri was still aggressively washing her paws with cold water she didn’t notice Larkspur slicing open the potato that she failed to cut open earlier. Siren gently grasped the fish on the floor with her long fangs and set it on the table. 
    After her paws were feeling slightly better, Ikri turned off the sink and padded to the table where the fish was sitting. She touched it. It was dry and rough. 
    “How much time left?” asked Siren, looking out of the window.
    “Mince, Lotus, and Lily have woken up. Your time is reduced to 10 minutes. Good luck,” replied Encie. 
    “Lets just put the potato in the oven for 8 minutes, drizzle the fish with barbecue sauce, and sprinkle some garlic on the top,” suggested Siren, ears twitching anxiously. 
    “Sure, the potato will totally be done in 8 minutes in the oven. We have a microwave, right?” spat Larkspur, flicking xyr ears. 
    Ikri grabbed the slices of potato, put them in a bowl, and set the timer to 5 minutes. Larkspur then dragged xemself onto the chair and drizzled the barbecue sauce over the poorly cooked fish, and Siren sprinkled bits and pieces of garlic over the top. 
    The timer slowly went down. Four more minutes. Since the Earthlings cannot cook at all and had to work with the miscellaneous ingredients that popped up from the top of Ikri’s head, the only thing they have is an overcooked fish, drizzled with foregin barbecue sauce and sprinkled with bits and pieces of raw garlic, and possibly, topped with microwaved potato slices if everything goes right…

    Three. Two. One. BEEP! Encie quickly flew up to the timer and pushed it off the counter, immediately turning it off, and jumped through the window. 
    “Now, what do you have ready?” squeaked Encie, neatly landing on the floor on all four paws. “Ooh! Is that fish?”
    “Yes, it is fish, overcooked, to be exact,” replied Ikri, closing her wings and walking away from the ‘masterpiece’. It was a fish, drizzled with barbecue sauce, and sprinkled with bits and pieces of garlic that were definitely raw, topped with slices of potato. 
    “Looks decent for a bunch of animals who can’t cook,” remarked Encie, flying onto the table and sniffing the dish. The fish, specifically. It smelled overcooked, but that didn’t matter.
    Charon then entered the room via the window as well, carrying a cup of instant ramen.  
    “I should’ve made it so that instant ramen wasn’t an option,” he grumbled, setting the cup on the table. Encie sniffed this as well. No fish scent. 
    “Well,” said Encie, standing on her hind legs and placing her front paws on the lid of the ramen cup, “Who’s gonna carry all of this?” Ah hah! The moonstone bracelets! She fired a moonstone lazer at the fish dish and the instant ramen, and teleported them onto the dining table. She then teleported herself, the contestants, and Charon to the dining table, where Lily, Mince, Lotus, and Scarlett, who just woke up, were seated. 
    “Can I have my breakfast?” asked Scarlett, yawning. 
    “Well, first, Charon and I shall eat these dishes made by inexperienced chefs,” said Encie, slicing off a hunk of the Earthling’s abomination with an icicle and spooning it in her mouth.
    “Doesn’t taste too bad. Although the fish is overcooked, most of you probably eat the fish raw anyway and I DON’T CARE AT ALL. IT’S FISH. The only thing I don’t like about is that the garlic is raw,” rated Encie. “8/10!” Charon rolled his eyes. He then sliced a bit of the abomination with Encie’s knife and ate it, twitched his tail for a moment, and blinked.
    “Like Encie said, not too bad. But still kind of. The fish is okay, I guess. It’s overcooked. The barbecue sauce and potatoes are decent. BUTTT, like Encie said, the garlics. Are. Raw, and taste bad,” reviewed Charon, “4/10.” Four more slices of the abomination were cut out and given to the just awaken contestants. 
    “Mediocre. 5/10,” said Mince.
    “Not bad, but not good either. 4/10,” said Lotus.
    “EhhhhHHhhh, 3/10,” said Scarlett.
    “4/10,” said Lily. 
    “So that makes it 28/60, WHICH IS LESS THAN HALF. But more than what I expected for animals who don’t know how to cook at all,” concluded Encie. “Now, for the non-earthling’s instant ramen!” Charon poured a tiny little bit of instant ramen into six tiny little cups, and passed the first one to Encie. 
    “Tastes…not like fish. But that doesn’t mean I’ll give you an instant -10/10 (get it? Instant ramen? Hahaha–no). More like an instant 6/10. At least it has seasoning in it,” she rated, licking her lips. 
    “Oh, because the seasoning came with the instant noodles packet,” admitted Keara, twithcing her ears. Charon ate his next.
    “Yeah, a solid 6/10. It’s good and you technically didn’t cheat,” said Charon, finishing the rest of his sample. Mince, Lotus, Scarlett, and Lily rated it 7/10, 6/10, 6/10, and 6/10 respectively. 
    “And that’s 37/60, which is also more than I expected, but again, I wasn’t expecting you to figure out that instant noodles are dispensible by the ingredients generator and use it to your advantage,” concluded Encie. “You may eat your breakfast now. I declare the non-Earthlings the winners.” Lana’s ears twitched slightly. 

  • Chapter 4:
    The time was now 7:30 A.M. The trials of 7:00 A.M, which lasted for only 30 minutes, and it was basically glorified battle training. But now, the fun stuff should happen now. The moment that most of the contestants were waiting for.
    Except Lake. Ae only signed up for the Hunger Games doppelganger to try to convince the host, Moonwing, to stop. She was only ten years old, and probably didn’t realize the harm she was inflicting. However, ae needed to find a way to get to her. Somehow. 
    The contestants were all sitting in a neat circle around where Moonwing was probably going to sit. Europa, Tritonus, Titanion, Encie, and Charon, the cosmodogs that were already there when the trials started, were either perched on one of the cloud beams or just flying in the air, but then six more unknown dogs were also there, waiting and watching, with one breathing a plume of smoke every five seconds. 
    Lana’s fur bristled every once in a while, talons scratching against the ground. Keara’s ears were perked, and Lotus, the white kitsune, fanned out her tails. 
    Finally, Moonwing flew out of a portal and took a seat on the dark silver rock in the center of the circled contestants, gaze scanning the hallways. Lana, Keara, and Lotus were staring at aem. Welp, looks like I lost another chance to speak to her…
    “The moment you have all been waiting for,” she declared. “Oh, and for Citrus, Firian, Ashira, Kristi, and Shiv, you didn’t get to participate in the trials because you woke up too late.”
    “Hey, it’s not my fault lions need more sleep!” snarled Firian, fluffing his russet-colored mane. “And how do you expect us to wake up at 6:00 or 7:00 A.M?!”
    “Well, Ikri, Siren, Larkspur, Keara, Lana, and Lake woke up at 6 A.M, and Lotus, Mince, Scarlett, and Lily woke up at 6:30 A.M. You’re part of the minority of the ones who woke up at 7:30 A.M,” replied Moonwing, flicking her ears. 
    “Actually, I, Keara, and Lana woke up at 5 A.M,” corrected Ikri, raising a tortoiseshell paw. 
    “5 A.M, 5 A.M.” 
    “Wait, and didn’t you say that we’ll spend the rest of the day in the dorms?” asked Lily, slightly confused. “And aren’t you supposed to announce the supervisors now?”
    “Well, yes, but I’m here to declare that THE GAMES start tomorrow! Also, for the supervisor part, you’ll meet and probably hate them tomorrow. Everyone, you are free! MOONWING OUT!” Moonwing then flew into the air and disappeared through the portal. The other cosmodogs all looked at each other, and disappeared through portals as well. When will I ever get close enough to her? 

    The rest of the day and night passed by very quickly. Nothing much happened, other than some contestants battle training a little too roughly, some of the contestants playing games.
    Of course, Lotus was trying to gain allies, even before the games, because it’s better to try to gain allies before the games then during it. And everyone who won’t become her ally? She will just hypnotize them. And why was she trying to gain allies if she could just hypnotize them? 
    Well, she didn’t really know exactly how powerful Moonwing or the other cosmodogs were. However, they were powerful enough to resist the power of Kitsune magic. Just ask Artemis’ ghost. But if they could resist kitsune magic, they might also take it away, freeing everyone who was under Lotus’ spell. And that would not be pretty.
    Quickly, Lotus hopped out of bed, stretched her silver-scalloped wings, and flew out of the room and the castle, just at the rainbow waterfall. She looked at the clock. 7:30 A.M. The game sstarted at 8:00 A.M. Ikri soared in the sky, and landed next to her. Ah yes. Her. One of the contestants who didn’t want to be my ally. Might just hypnotize her now. 
    Ikri warily gazed at her for a moment, nervously twitching her claws. Lotus stared back, and in less than a second, Ikri’s amber eyes flashed into a striking ice blue, the same shade of Lotus’, showing she had successfully been hypnotized. 
    “Why are you here?” growled Larkspur, appearing at the castle entrance. “It’s just 7:30–” Lotus stared back, locking her gaze with xyrs. Xyr amber eyes abruptly flashed into ice blue. Ah yes, another victim. And who cares who my supervisor is. Once I obtain control or allyship of all of the contestants, I could just order them to walk off the cliff and gain an easy win. And Lotus already had Ikri and Larkspur hypnotized, and the potential allyship of Mince and Citrus. She silently cackled. A sinister and silent cackle. 

    “And LET THE GAMES BEGIN!” boomed a high squeaky voice from the sky. Keara flashed out her golden eagle wings, twitched her ears excitedly, and zoomed off of the giant cloud the Cloud Castle lay atop of, flying down the rainbow waterfall. Ikri was soaring with her, floofy tail gracefully streaming behind her. 
    Just before Keara and Ikri were about to fly into the lake, both of them swerved, zipping over the lake and abruptly landing, the lakeshore pebbles scraping against their pawpads. Keara stood up, and took out a small dagger with a black stone on its handle. It was specially gifted by her mother. Ikri also took out her weapon, 
    “It’s showtime,” she said playfully, glancing at Ikri. However, something was wrong. Instead of her normal clear amber gaze, they were now a striking ice blue. Keara averted her gaze from the ice blue-eyed Ikri and hopped away, folding her wings.
    In the branches of one of the trees, perched Lotus, nine floofy tails fanned out gracefully. She stared straight at Keara. Before she knew it, she was now locked under her control, her sharp amber eyes flashing to striking ice blue. 

  • Raventhornpaw gave this page up for free so i’m gonna take it. Randomclan shall make camp here. Yea, i kno i said that they didn’t have a secret page but they do now. Randomclan is Random. I Creekstar am the leader so let us do a random rp. take a OC or Purrsona cat and think of something weird for them to do. reply to THIS comment on what should happen next. For now I’ll be Creekstar. each part should be about 2 or 3 lines long.

    “Hello” said Creekstar to a rock. “You are a cute rock. This rock shall now be called… Pebble. I will take pebble home and wrap her in leaves to keep her warm. I will feed her mouse. What do rocks eat? i will feed her moss and see if she likes it.”

    You can also be pebble the rock.

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