Fan Art

Visit the Official Flickr Fan Art Page by clicking here

Or add your own fan-art by emailing a jpg as an attachment by clicking on the cat picture below. Or by clicking on this link. It will open a new email in your email application (Outlook, Mail etc) addressed to us, ready for you to attach your artwork files to.

Your pictures may take a while to appear in the gallery, we have to add them manually.

Please NAME the PICTURE FILE which you are attaching to the email (not the email subject) with the title of your picture and your warrior name: e.g. Brambleclaw by Cakestar.jpg because that’s what will appear as its title once it’s uploaded to the Gallery.

Fan-art must be less than 2 MB and must be your own, not anyone else’s or copied from other pages. Lineart and art theft are strictly forbidden.


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