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An Interview with my Older Sister, Dovepool (a once Warriors reader) by Otterpaw

Otterpaw shares an interview with their older sister about Warriors ...
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Lessons Warriors has taught me by Sparktooth

Sparktooth shares lessons that the books have taught them over the years ...
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Why I think Jessy was a annoying character(no offense) by Blossomfire15

Blossomfire15 shares why Jessy is not one of their favourite characters ...
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Top 4 Leaders I Would Like To Live Under by Creekdapple

Creekdapple shares a few leaders they wouldn't mind living under. Do any of them appeal to you? ...
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Do Characters Lose Development When They Lose Their P.O.V? by Nightpaw

Nightpaw wonders if characters lose their appeal when we get their point of view ...
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Meditator ? Really ? by Maplepaw

Maplepaw questions the inclusion of mediators. Spoilers for AVOS! ...
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A place in the starlight: What happens in Starclan by Starstripe

Starstripe wonders what afterlife in StarClan is like ...
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What Ancestry do the Warrior Cats have?

Asterstorm looks at the breeds of some characters from the series ...
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The Setting of the Warriors Series by Rainshine

Rainshine theorizes on where the lake territories are ...
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Would Graystripe Be a Better Leader? by Libbypaw

Libbypaw wonders how Graystripe would've fared as a leader ...
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