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Top 5 Least Favorite Characters by Leafypaw

Leafypaw lists their top 5 least favourite characters. Are any of them on your shortlist? Some spoilers for AVOS and ...
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Scourge The Tiny Kittypet That Kicked Butt by Berryfur

Berryfur recounts the tale of Scourge, leader of the vicious BloodClan ...
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An Opinion on Ashfur by Blueheart

Blueheart shares their opinion on Ashfur ...
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Should Swiftpaw be reborn? by Stormclaw

Stormclaw wonders if Swiftpaw should be reborn ...
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My Favorite Villains (SPOILERS!) by Butterflyflower

Butterflyflower shares some of their favourite villains from the series. Spoilers ahead! ...
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Why Leaf x Crow is AWESOME by Emberpaw

Emberpaw shares their opinion about Leafpool and Crowfeather's relationship ...
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Villains And Their Leader Fathers by Littlepaw

Littlepaw wonders if there's a connection between the villains of Warriors and their fathers, who had been leaders of Clans ...
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A Serious Analysis of “A Vision of Shadows” by Owlflight

Owlflight shares their opinions about AVOS. Obvious spoilers ahead! ...
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Suggestions for The Broken Code by Yeva and Vicky

Yeva and Vicky list some suggestions they have for the new arc, The Broken Code. Spoilers ahead! ...
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Why Cinderheart should have her own novella by Chocolatepaw

Chocolatepaw explains why they think there should be an article about Cinderheart ...
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