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  • Aight, guys. Welcome back!
    So. It’s mysterying time!
    AllegiancesLeader: Thunderstar- yellow-and-orange tabby she-cat
    Deputy: Tawnystone- dark ginger tom with blue eyes
    Medicine Cats: Tigerbrook- tabby she-cat
                              Cottonflower- white she-cat with grey flecks
    Warriors: Liontalon- tawny yellow tom with green eyes
                    apprentice Stormpaw 
                    Bambootail- pale grey-and-tortoiseshell she-cat
                    apprentice Ivypaw
                    Oaktail- pale ginger she-cat
                    Leaffur- dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes
                    Smokebrook- dark grey tom
                    Toughclaws- black dappled she-cat
                    apprentice Ashpaw
                    Stormyfur- dark grey tom with blue eyes
                    Nighttail- black tom
                    Forestclaw- brown tabby tom with green eyes
                    Gemtail- gentle yellow she-cat with amber eyes
                    Deeppelt- dark grey tom with amber eyes
                    Skyfrost- white tom
                    Darkcloud- dark grey tom
                    Robinwing- dark red she-cat with brown paws, ears, and tail
    Apprentices: Stormpaw- grey tabby she-cat with amber eyes
                          Ivypaw- pale brown tom
                          Ashpaw- black tom
    Queens: Dawnflower- pale grey she-cat
                   Moonbeam- black-and-white she-cat, expecting Tawnystone’s kits
                   Jaysplash- dark blue-grey she-cat, mother to Nighttail’s kits: Goldenkit (black she-kit with yellow eyes) and Silverkit (silver tabby she-kit), fostering Bluekit (black tom-kit with white patches and blue eyes)
    Elders: Mosspelt- brown tom
                Spicesnarl- ginger tabby she-cat
    The cats of EmberClan woke to a shriek of pain.
    Stormpaw was standing over the body of her father, Forestclaw. She gave a wail and ran back into the apprentice den.
    A little while later, the Clan was gathered beside Highbow. Stormpaw was sitting next to Ivypaw, who’s tail was around her shoulders. Gemtail gazed at her brother.
    “Who would do anything like this?” she wondered to herself.
    Thunderstar stood. 
    “This was no accident,” she yowled to the cats below her. “Someone murdered Forestclaw.” 
    Everyone gasped, except for Nighttail, who just shrugged. 
    “I’m putting together a search,” she continued. 
    You have to make a character to play. 
    You have two accusations. 
    If you’re an apprentice, you MUST HAVE A MENTOR. 
    Have fun!

    Form to join: 
    Any questions you have for the current round

    Happy mysterying!

  • Chapter One
    Scarlet padded through the woods. It had been almost a half-moon since she had left her housefolk’s house and begun her journey. She wondered if she’d be all right.
    But she’d had a couple moons of woods experience, so she knew what to do.
    I wonder where I am? she wondered. It’s a long way from where my housefolk live, and I’ve been alone for a while. 
    I wonder if there are other cats out here?
    Suddenly, she heard a rustle in the bushes in front of her. 

    1. Drew closer to whatever it was
    2. Pounced into the bushes
    3. Ran away
    4. Stayed right where she was