Name Generators

Have you made a warrior name generator? Then, this is the page to share it on. Have fun!



  • Prefix –
    (favorite cat)

    Brackenfur – Flower
    Thrushpelt – Leaf
    Dustpelt – Timber
    Spiresight – Tree
    Juniperclaw – Wood
    Minnowtail – Twig

    Suffix –
    (favorite prefix)

    Tawny – flurry
    Alder – stream
    Misty – light
    Dust – cloud
    Leaf – splash
    Cloud – flight

    Appearance –
    (favorite leader)

    Firestar – brown tabby with amber eyes
    Leopardstar – ginger with bright green eyes and a fluffy tail
    Blackstar – light brown with white paws and hazel eyes
    Tallstar – fluffy white with yellow eyes
    Leafstar – pale ginger tabby with amber eyes
    Bluestar – gray tabby with pale blue eyes

    Rank –
    (favorite arc)

    Dawn of the Clans – kit
    The Prophecies Begin – apprentice
    The New Prophecy – young warrior
    Power of Three – warrior
    Omen of the Stars – deputy
    A Vision of Shadows – leader
    The Broken Code – elder

    Clan –
    (favorite ThunderClan medicine cat)

    Yellowfang – ThunderClan
    Cinderpelt – ShadowClan
    Leafpool – WindClan
    Jayfeather – RiverClan
    Alderheart – SkyClan

  • Great, another Shimmerkit generator.
    Suffix: What’s your favorite part of your backyard?
    My treehouse – Branch
    Squirrels! – Squirrel
    EVERYTHING – Ember
    The trees – Tree
    Other – Spot
    (This choice is for you, Pinestripe) My chickens! – Feather

    Suffix: What month were you born in?
    January – wind
    February – heart
    March – breeze
    April – rain
    May – flower
    June – sun
    July – sky
    August – pool
    September – leaf
    October – light
    November – bird
    December – snow

    Clan: Who’s your favorite character (out of these ones)?
    Jayfeather – ThunderClan
    Hawkwing – SkyClan
    Hawkfrost – RiverClan
    Tawnypelt – ShadowClan
    Ashfoot – WindClan

    My result: Featherpool of ShadowClan! What’d you get? If you’re in RiverClan, then, ummm….

  • For your prefix, choose a favorite cat-

    Bramblestar – Bracken
    Firestar – Fern
    Goosefeather – Grass
    Littlecloud – Leaf

    For your suffix, choose a favorite ship-

    Bramblestar and Squirrelflight/Jessy – snow
    Firestar and Sandstorm/Spottedleaf – sun
    Moonflower and Stormtail/Sunstar – shine
    Littlecloud and Blackstar/Cinderpelt – shade

    For your Clan, name these six apprentices and use the first letter of each of the new suffix’s and add Clan to it. (Ex: I named Splashstream, Ripplesplash, Rushwing, Streamcloud, Brookshine, and Waterash, my Clan would be SswcsrClan. ><)


    I'm Fernsun of SswcsrClan.

  • Name generator!

    For your name, simply answer all of the questions below.

    For your prefix, answer the first question.
    Do you have a song stuck in your head?

    Yes- Blue/Honey/Dew (you choose)
    No- Apple/Spark/Alder (you choose)

    For your suffix, answer the second question.
    Do you have a pet?
    Yes- whisker/feather/foot (you choose)
    No- face/claw/frost (you choose)

    For your Clan, answer the last question.

    Do you like Hawkfrost?
    Yes- ShadowClan/ThunderClan/SkyClan (you choose)

    No- WindClan/RiverClan (you choose)

    My result: Alderwhisker of ShadowClan! He is an orange-and-brown cat, and ker eyes are green.

    Right Hand Man

  • Prefix – your favorite cat

    Bristlefrost (Ice)
    Hollyleaf (Frost)
    Squirrelflight (Flame)
    Leafpool (Petal)
    Alderheart (Sun)
    Lionblaze (Tiger)

    Suffix – your favorite ship

    LeafxCrow (flower)
    LionxHeather (ice)
    JayxMoon (stream)
    DovexTiger (heart)
    BristlexRoot (blossom)

    Fur color – your zodiac sign

    Aries (light brown tabby with yellow eyes)
    Taurus (black with blue eyes)
    Gemini (orange tabby with one white paw and amber eyes)
    Cancer (silver-and-white with blue eyes)
    Leo (tortoiseshell with green eyes)
    Virgo (white with green eyes)
    Libra (black-and-white with amber eyes)
    Scorpio (dark brown tabby with amber eyes)
    Sagittarius (gray-and-silver with blue eyes)
    Capricorn (brown-and-orange with yellow eyes)
    Aquarius (ginger-and-white tabby with green eyes)
    Pisces (light brown tabby with white paws and blue eyes)

    Rank – the rank of the cat who is most like you

    I am Iceflower, a silver-and-white she-cat with blue eyes; the leader!

  • Prefix-
    Name this apprentice, Featherpaw. Featherpaw is a long-furred, gray-and-white RiverClan tom. He’s lazy, likes hunting and eating, and is mostly friendly. He doesn’t get jealous, and Jaypaw likes him.

    Feathersun – Golden
    Featherclaw – Viper
    Featherfur – Ice
    Featherjay – Jay

    Name this apprentice, Fawnpaw. She’s shy and her sister is Jaypaw. She likes Featherpaw too, but no one knows that, and I didn’t know that either five seconds ago. Fawnpaw is quiet and barely anyone knows her.

    Fawnshy – fawn
    Fawnheart – dawn
    Fawnstep – light
    Fawnflower – flower
    Fawnfeather – frost

    Name this apprentice, Jaypaw. She has a sister named Fawnpaw, and she likes Featherpaw. She’s joyous, happy, enthusiastic, and bubbly. She’s like the class clown, and she isn’t very serious. That’s a flaw, but many like it.

    Jayleap/step/flightAnything involving a movement – WindClan
    Jaystorm/cloud/sky/Anything involving the sky and earth(Includes -pool)- RiverClan
    Jayclaw/fur/pelt/Basic suffixes – ThunderClan
    Jaylight/shine/shade – Shades of colors and light.
    Jayice/frost/snow/weather-related – SkyClan
    Other – There is no other. CHOOOOOSE

    I’m Goldenlight of WindClan
    (+Totally know Fawnstep’s a canon name)

  • Name generator!

    For your prefix, take your favorite ThunderClan cat’s suffix.

    For your suffix, take your favorite out of these characters.

    Briarlight- shadow
    Flametail- river
    Slate- bounce
    Tree- branch
    Oakheart- claw

    For your Clan, take your favorite season.

    Winter- ThunderClan
    Spring- ShadowClan
    Summer- RiverClan
    Fall- SkyClan
    I don’t know my favorite- WindClan

    My result: Stripeshadow of ShadowClan! He is a white cat. Ae has some gray stripes on remself. Their eyes are green.

    Right Hand Man

  • Lilykit / Lilydawn (Call me Lilykit, Lilydawn, Dawn, Lil' Chill Pill- that will never stick-) says:

    HiiIiiIiIIIIiiIiIIIIiIiIIiiIIi- hi

    Prefix: Fav Spottedleaf ship

    Fire x Spotted – Leaf
    Thistle x Spotted – Dapple
    Bluestar x Spotted (idk) – Spot
    Tigerclawsstar x Spotted (idk, tho she’s his aunt, I have nothing else 😛 ) – Flutter
    Spotted x Greypaw(stripe) – Brindle

    Suffix- Fav Firestar ship
    Sand x Fire – storm
    Spottted x Fire – heart
    Cinder x Fire – ash
    Grey x Fire – whisker
    Smudge x Fire – patch

    Clan: Opinion on Spottedleaf
    I LOVE HER – ThunderClan
    I like her – ShadowClan
    She a’ight – WindClan
    No no no – RiverClan
    Don’t liker her – SkyClan
    I HATE HER – Rogue/Loner/Kittypet

    I’m Leafstorm! (I dont ship Fire x Spotted, just the best outta the spotted ones) And I really like Spottedleaf, so I’m in ThunderClan <33

  • [Minor Characters]

    Prefix, , Seriously minor character you like best out of these?

    Leafstorm(She appeared in Code of the Clans; she was deputy in Morningstar’s reign. ThunderClan or whatever was dying, and Morningstar openly declared that for pity. They starved and she died, and the medicine cat says she would’ve liked to go down fighting instead of this) – Frost
    Honeyleaf(She was deputy when SkyClan began to fall apart in the gorge, under Spiderstar’s reign. She tried to keep the Clan together but failed. She was angry at the whole situation of her Clanmates leaving and says she’ll go hunting, and Swallowflight follows her. Su Susann claimed she and Swallowflight were mates and the parents of Lowbranch, whoever that is.) – Berry
    Runningbrook(She was a WindClan cat, shown in TPB and GV. Some people like her because of her name) – Brook
    Queens, like Frostfur, Brindleface, Speckletail, etc. – Fire

    Suffix, favorite name out of these seriously minor characters?

    Shimmerpelt – shine
    Ottersplash – rain
    Ryewhisker/Cloudberry (The characters of the incident which created our first code) – blossom
    Stoneclaw/Thrushwing (Newmade warriors who stood vigil when Brokenstar attacked) – dusk
    Poppydawn/Swiftbreeze – sky

    I’m Frostrain

  • here’s another generator 🙂

    who had the saddest death?
    Firestar: claw
    Feathertail: brindle
    Honeyfern: adder
    Nettletail: water
    Briarlight: storm

    what is the ship you are most confused about?
    ScourgexAshfur: face
    BriarlightxGrasspelt: fall
    GraystripexFirestar: stream
    LionblazexToadstep: foot

    who is your favorite other animal?
    Pip, that dog that was friendly to the kittypets: Windclan
    The rat leader from Firestars quest: Shadowclan
    Sharptooth: Riverclan

    i got Stormfoot of Windclan, i cant wait to see what yall got!

  • MrBeast Themed Generator!

    Who’s you favorite of these?(Prefix)

    Jimmy(MrBeast)- Grey
    Chris- Lark
    Chandler- Bright
    Karl- Holly
    Other- Ember

    What’s your favorite channel?(Suffix)

    MrBeast- stream
    MrBeast Gaming- leaf
    MrBeast Reacts- light
    MrBeast Philanthropoy- heart
    Other- flight

    What’s your favorite video(of these)?(Clan)

    Extreme $100,000 Game Of Tag- ThunderClan
    I Got Hunted By A Real Bounty Hunter- WindClan
    I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive- ShadowClan
    Selling Houses For $1- RiverClan
    Other- SkyClan

    I’m Hollystream of ThunderClan! What did you get?