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Have you made a warrior name generator? Then, this is the page to share it on. Have fun!


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Lilymoon (Lily that's silhouetted by the moon/ Fallen Lily)
Lilymoon (Lily that's silhouetted by the moon/ Fallen Lily)
March 1, 2021 4:51 am

JHeellooooooooooooo! Dis is a generator . Of names . Warrior names .

You’re walking through the forest. Your tail gets stuck in sharp brambles. What do you do?

Wail and wail: Bramble
Wait til some cat comes by then call them: Thorn
Get it out yourself: Berry
Stay quiet, then when you scent someone, start yowling like you’re dying because you want attention: Root
Get annoyed when the rest of your patrol helps: Leaf
Yell at your patrol to help you: Stem

You just found the love of your life and they said they loved you, but then you see them flirting with your best friend. What do you do?

Kill them: Shade
Hurt them and call them out then fight about it: Pool
Call them out: Fur
Start ignoring them: Tail
Let it go and find someone else: Heart
Leave the clans: Pelt

You were just called out for seeing someone from a different clan. What do you do?

Explain it: ThunderClan
Leave for some moons then come back: ShadowClan
Leave the clans and become a kittypet: SkyClan
Leave to your love’s clan: WindClan
Start proving your loyalty to your clan the hardest you can: RiverClan

I hope you guys EnJoY! I’m Thornpool of ThunderClan!

March 1, 2021 6:26 pm

dovewing name generator
for your prefix, what do you think about dovewing?
lol; she’s the best character- light
i love her!- reed
she’s cool- honey
i like her- apple
she’s ok- tansy
i don’t like her- apple
i hater her- mud

for you suffix, do you thing dovewing should have chosen bumblestripe?
Yes! he’s sooo nice!- fire
yep i think so- blaze
i have no idea- shadow
no- song
erm! no! she chose tigerstar 2!- song

for your clan, which clan should she have gone to?
shadowclan! tigerheart was deputy!- WindClan
RiverClan- RiverClan; they know nothing
ThunderClan- Thunderclan
This should never have happened!- ShadowClan

for your pelt, who is your favorite character out of these?
jayfeather- silver tabby
dovewing- ginger
leafpool- gray tortoiseshell
hollyleaf- black
alderheart- calico
violetshine- ginger and white

for your eye colour, who is your least favorite?
jayfeather- amber
dovewing- brown
leafpool- blue
hollyleaf- greeny blue
alderheart- violet
violetshine- green

for your rank, If you could bring back one cat who would it be?
spottedleaf- kit; clearly you have a lot to learn
feathertail- apprentice
Mapleshade- medicine cat apprentice
firestar- warrior
needletail- senior warrior
bluestar- medicine cat
yellowfang- deputy
cinderpelt- leader

i’m ReedSong, a silver tabby she-cat with greeny-blue eyes, i’m also the leader of thunderclan! who are you?

💛Turtlepaw loves LeafpoolXMothwing💛(Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢)
💛Turtlepaw loves LeafpoolXMothwing💛(Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢)
March 1, 2021 8:54 pm

Poppyfrost themed name generator! Spoilers for The New Prophecy, Power of Three, Omen of the Stars, and A Vision of Shadows!

For your prefix, take your opinion on Poppyfrost.

I despise her- Bramble
I really hate her- Snow
I hate her- Moss
I really dislike her- Smoke
I dislike her- Fire
I’m neutral on her- Holly
She’s ok- Bee
I like her- Violet
I really like her- Cherry
I love her- Bracken

For your suffix, take your opinion on Poppyfrost X Berrynose!

I despise it- flower
I really hate it- claw
I hate it- wish
I really dislike it- fur
I dislike it- dusk
I’m neutral on it- pelt
It’s ok- tail
I like it- wing
I really like it- spot
I love it- shadow

For your rank, take your thoughts on Poppyfrost naming Molewhisker after Molepaw!

I despise it- elder
I really hate it- kit
I hate it- leader
I really dislike it- deputy
I dislike it- medicine cat
I’m neutral on it- medicine cat apprentice
It’s ok- apprentice
I like it- senior warrior
I really like it- permanent queen
I love it- warrior

For your Clan, take how high you’d put Honeyfern and Poppyfrost’s close bond on a scale of one to ten, with one being you despise it and ten being you love it.

1- ShadowClan
2- WindClan
3- RiverClan
4- Tribe of Rushing Water (Change name to fit)
5- BloodClan
6- ThunderClan
7. *Graystripe’s Vow spoilers*


8- The Kin
9- Tall Shadow’s group on the moor
10- Wind Runner’s group on the moor

(The reason I had two groups instead of Clans is because I was running outta ideas. 😛 )
My result: Cherrywish! Ae is a warrior from Tall Shadow’s group. Je has black, orange, and gray splotchy fur. His eyes are blue.
MothPool Shipper

💛Turtlepaw loves LeafpoolXMothwing💛(Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢)
💛Turtlepaw loves LeafpoolXMothwing💛(Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢)
March 1, 2021 9:04 pm

Ahsoka Tano themed name generator because she’s one of my favorite Star Wars characters <3 Spoilers for Clone Wars and The Mandolorian are ahead!

For your prefix, take your opinion on Ahsoka!

I despise her- Mole
I really hate her- Snake
I hate her- Bird
I really dislike her- Badger
I dislike her- Raven
I’m neutral on her- Rabbit
She’s ok- Spider
I like her- Tiger
I really like her- Turtle ( 😛 )
I love her- Lion

For your suffix, take how sad you were when Ahsoka left the Jedi Temple at the end of season five of Clone Wars!

I wasn’t sad- storm
I was a little sad- flight
I was pretty sad- wing
I was really sad- stripe
I was super sad- water
I was literally in tears- blossom

For your rank, take your opinion on Ahsoka and Anakin’s relationship!

I despise it- kit
I really hate it- apprentice
I hate it- warrior
I really dislike it- queen
I dislike it- elder
I’m neutral on it- medicine cat
It’s ok- senior warrior
I like it- permanent queen
I really like it- deputy
I love it- leader

For your Clan, take how happy you were when Ahsoka appeared in The Mandolorian on a scale of one to five. One being you aren’t happy at all, and five being you were extremely happy.

1- WindClan
2- RiverClan
3- ShadowClan
4- ThunderClan
5- SkyClan

My result: Lionblossom/star, the leader of SkyClan! Xe has orange fur. Xe has one blue eye, and one amber eye. Xyr fur has silver patches.
MothPool Shipper

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