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Have you made a warrior name generator? Then, this is the page to share it on. Have fun!



  • Scott Pilgrim-themed name generator!

    Prefix – favourite of Ramona’s seven evil exes:
    Matthew Patel – rain
    Lucas Lee – tawny
    Todd Ingram – willow
    Roxie Richter – fern
    Kyle Katayanagi and/or Ken Katayanagi – bramble
    Gideon Graves – tiger
    Can’t decide – sand
    Don’t like Scott Pilgrim – ivy
    Don’t know what Scott Pilgrim is – berry

    Suffix – favourite major character:
    Scott Pilgrim – frost
    Ramona Flowers – wing
    Kim Pine – dapple
    Knives Chau – storm
    Wallace Wells – stripe
    Envy Adams – fall
    NegaScott – claw
    Stephen Stills – step
    Other (apologies if i missed any “major” characters) – cloud
    Can’t decide – shine
    Don’t like Scott Pilgrim – nose
    Don’t know what Scott Pilgrim is – briar

    Clan – favourite graphic novel volume:
    Vol 1 (Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life) – ThunderClan
    Vol 2 (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) – RiverClan
    Vol 3 (Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness) – ShadowClan
    Vol 4 (Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together) – WindClan
    Vol 5 (Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe) – SkyClan
    Vol 6 (Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour) – StarClan
    Can’t decide – The Place of No Stars
    Don’t like Scott Pilgrim – BloodClan
    Don’t know what Scott Pilgrim is – WarriorClan

    Pelt – have you read any of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels?
    Yes – dark red tabby with white dapples on back
    No – brown tabby with wavy stripes

    Eye colour – have you seen the Scott Pilgrim film?
    Yes – cyan
    No – odd eyed (one yellow, one blue)

    Rank – have you ever played the Scott Pilgrim game?
    Yes – elder
    No – deputy

    Gender – did you cry at the ending of Volume 6?
    Yes – non-binary
    No – she-cat
    Haven’t yet read Volume 6 – tom
    Don’t like Scott Pilgrim – choose any gender that I didn’t already mention
    Don’t know what Scott Pilgrim is – demi-tom or demi-she-cat (you decide)

    My result: Fernfrost, a deputy of WindClan! They are a dark red non-binary tabby cat with white dapples on their back and odd-eyes.

  • Name generator!

    Prefix- The first letter of the title of the last movie you watched.
    A- Adder
    B- Beetle
    C- Clover
    D- Drizzle
    E- Eel
    F- Flower
    G- Green
    H- Holly
    I- Ice
    J- Jasmine
    K- Kink
    L- Leopard
    M- Mouse
    N- Night
    O- Owl
    P- Petal
    Q- Quail
    R- Rose
    S- Snake
    T- Turtle
    U- Frost
    V- Lily
    W- Water
    X- Dove
    Y- Yellow
    Z- Fox

    For your suffix, take the first letter of your favorite character’s name from the last movie you watched.

    A- heart
    B- spot
    C- song
    D- ripple
    E- shade
    F- fire
    G- blossom
    H- pelt
    I- pool
    J- stripe
    K- wing
    L- light
    M- fur
    N- night
    O- dusk
    P- claw
    Q- rain
    R- fern
    S- leap
    T- wind
    U- step
    V- face
    W- whisker
    X- shine
    Y- shimmer
    Z- fang

    My result: Iceclaw! Xe is a white-and-gray cat, and aer eyes are hazel! (The last movie I watched was In The Heights, and my favorite character is Pirauga Guy.)

    Cabinet Battle 2

  • Mate Generator

    Favorite Mate Ship = Prefix

    Squirrelflight x Brambleclaw = Fox
    Dovewing x Bumblestripe = Ice
    Tigerclaw x Goldenflower = Fire
    Ferncloud x Dustpelt = Fierce

    Favorite Code-Breaking Ship = Suffix

    Dovewing x Tigerheart = fall
    Bluefur x Oakheart = claw
    Silverstream x Graystripe = sky
    Feathertail x Crowfeather = tail
    Crowfeather x Leafpool = fang

    Just a repost

  • *repost
    Leopardstar’s Honor Super Addition Name Generator (@)
    What’s your opinion on Leopardstar? (prefix)
    Love = Spot
    Like = Splash
    Neutral = Cheetah
    Dislike = Fish
    Hate = Golden
    Haven’t read ANY BOOK WITH HER but I am really excited too = Lake
    What’s your opinion on Skyheart? (suffix)
    Love = heart
    Like = pool
    Neutral = fur
    Dislike = leaf
    Hate = claw
    STILL haven’t read it = song
    Do you like Leopardstar X Frogleap? (role)
    Love = Queen
    Like = Leader
    Neutral = kit
    Dislike = Medicine cat
    Hate = Deputy
    Still haven’t read it = medicine apprentice or normal apprentice
    Do you like Sunfish X Beetlenose? (clan)
    Love = RiverClan
    Like = ThunderClan
    Neutral = ShadowClan
    Dislike/Hate = WindClan
    Haven’t read it = SkyClan

    Favorite ship in the book (fur color)
    Leopardstar and Frogleap = Unusually spotted grey cat with amber eyes
    Frogleap and Mosspelt = grey and white cat with green eyes
    Sunfish and Beetlenose = grey cat with black spots
    Leopardfoot and Pinestar = brown cat with amber eyes
    Snowfur and THISTLEPAW >:) = white cat with brown stripes and blue eyes
    Other IN THE BOOK = black cat with blue eyes

    My result: Spotpool, medicine cat of RiverClan, she is a grey she-cat with black spots
    Polarpaw/moon, formerly Splashpaw/pool

  • Fall generator
    roll six dice
    First Dice (prefix)
    1. Pumpkin
    2. Leaf
    3. Apple
    4. Yellow
    5. Red
    6. Orange
    Second Dice (suffix)
    1. Fall
    2. breeze
    3. gust
    4. ember
    5. patch
    6. leaf
    Third Dice (clan)
    1. ThunderClan
    2. RiverClan
    3. WindClan
    4. ShadowClan
    5. SkyClan
    6. Loner/kitty-pet/rouge (you choose)
    Fourth Dice (role)
    1. kit
    2. apprentice or medicine cat apprentice
    3. warrior
    4. deputy
    5. medicine cat
    6. leader
    Fifth Dice (appearance)
    1. an orange cat with brown specks
    2. red-yellow apple-colored cat
    3. brown cat with orange cape
    4. yellow tabby
    5. black with yellow eyes (witches cat)
    6. ghost white
    Sixth dice (kits)
    1. none
    2. Whitekit
    3. Howlkit
    4. Wolfkit
    5. Batkit
    6. Owlkit

    My result: Leafgust, medicine cat of WindClan
    she is a brown she-cat with an orange cape
    her kit is Owlkit

  • School themed name generator!

    Prefix: How do you feel about school in general?
    Love it- Flame
    Like it- Silver
    Neutral- Valley
    Dislike it-Thrush
    Hate it- Moon

    Suffix: What is your favorite school subject out of these?
    Social Studies-dapple
    Can’t decide or hate them all equally-ripple

    Rank: What is your LEAST favorite school subject out of these?
    Social Studies-warrior
    English- medicine cat
    Can’t decide/love or hate them all equally- mediator

    Clan: What school level are you in?
    Out of highschool- Windclan
    Rather not say/ school does not use USA system – Skyclan

    I am Flamecloud, warrior of Riverclan (now isn’t that a crazy coinsidence??)

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