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Have you made a warrior name generator? Then, this is the page to share it on. Have fun!


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January 16, 2021 12:08 pm

Something-themed generator!

You enter a cafe, only to see that all seats all full. Your legs are aching from the long walk, but if you must, you can stand a bit more. Then you see a seat. There is a jacket and a phone on the seat but otherwise, nobody’s there or paying attention. What is your first thought?

Nice jacket. I could take it… but no. – Cloud
Whatever. So where’s a seat? – Shell
Take the phone. The jacket. The seat. – Flame
Nah, someone’s taken it. Hmm… – Golden
Wanna take it… but can’t. Ugh. – Frost
Something else – Finch

Whatever you chose, you got a drink and you exit the cafe. Someone bumps into you and you spill the drink. The person says sorry, but doesn’t seem like she means it and rolls her eyes when she thinks you’re not seeing. “Stupid,” she mutters. What do you say?

WHY, YOU LITTLE – flight
Whoa, she’s so… MEAN and WEIRD – light
Fine, MISTER… gee! – claw
Jeez – whisker
*Stomps foot* – foot
REVENGE! – wing
“Ms., I believe you said something?” – feather
I’m nice, so I’m not going to hold you back… but I’m MAD – leaf
Some people… – pool

After the fiasco with the rude lady, you go home with a new drink. You flip open a random page of your book after washing your hands. What does that letter start with? (Flip open a page, or just imagine a word, or if you’re too lazy, do your favorite non-Clan character’s name.)

A, I, Q – ThunderClan
B, J, R – RiverClan
C, K, S -WindClan
D, L, T – ShadowClan
E, M, U – SkyClan
F, N, V – loner
G,O, W -rogue
H, P, X – kittypet
Y, Z – I’m a Twoleg with a peculiar name.

You have to choose. Go to a graveyard that supposedly has a curse on it with your friends, or learn REALLY advanced stuff. You can read boring history books or perhaps do messy science projects. Oh, hey, what about researching some things you will never need in life? Or spend a hour with your archenemy, being their servant! There is another option of fixing a car by yourself.

Graveyard, duh – kit
Science projects! – apprentice
LEARN – elder
READ BORING BOOKS! – senior warrior
Researching things I will never need – warrior
Spend a hour with my archenemy, being their servant – medicine cat apprentice
Fixing a car by myself – medicine cat

{Physical appearance}
(You want to choose a book.) What genre do you like best?

Fantasy – Gray tabby with green eyes
Romance – Silver with blue eyes
Young Adult – Tortoiseshell and white with amber eyes
Mystery – dark-gray pelt with yellow eyes
Science-fiction – golden tabby with blue eyes
Other – Light gray with amber eyes

Regardless of what you chose above, you will choose a series of the below. What will you choose?

Warriors – A loyal, brave cat.
Harry Potter- An adventurous, and witty cat.
Lord of the Rings – Careful and wise cat.
Chronicles of Narnia – Curious and bold cat.
Jane Eyre – Suspicious and strong cat.
Other(Single book) – Kind and hard-working cat.
Other(Series book) – Fierce and aggressive, and devoted cat.

I’m Iceclaw, warrior of RiverClan. Iceclaw is a gray tabby with green eyes, and is adventurous and witty.

Turtle: IvyBlossom Lover Forever! (Turtlepaw 🐢🐢🐢)
Turtle: IvyBlossom Lover Forever! (Turtlepaw 🐢🐢🐢)
January 16, 2021 10:16 pm

Here’s a name generator that’s bound to leave you with a super random name!

For your prefix, take whatever food you had for breakfast!

For your suffix, take the first word of your favorite Warriors MAP!

For your Clan, take whatever you’re sitting on right now, and add “Clan” after it!

For your fur color, take your favorite color!

For your eye color, take the color of your shirt!

My result: Wafflelatter! They’re from BeanbagClan. Sear eyes are purple. Ter fur is pink.

And He Runs

Pinestripe who loves her adorable chickens 🍑 & 🍒 💕
🎄Christmastreestripe❄️️ (Pinestripe)
January 17, 2021 5:38 am

Daylight Warrior Name Generator

For your prefix, take your favorite kittypet’s name.
For your suffix, take your favorite warrior’s suffix.

Your Clan is SkyClan.

For your rank, pick a random number 1-8
1- apprentice
2- kit
3- deputy
4- leader
6-medicine cat
8-medicine cat apprentice

For your pelt color, take your favorite SkyClan cat’s pelt color.

For your eye color, pick your favorite time of day
Morning- green
Afternoon- amber
Evening- pink
Night- blue

My result: Jessyfern- a speckled gray she-cat with green eyes. She is the deputy of SkyClan from morning until evening, and the rest of the time she stays with her twolegs.

I’M FRENCH TOAST (Silverfeather/Silvy)
I’M FRENCH TOAST (Silverfeather/Silvy)
January 17, 2021 4:46 pm

A Very Random Name Generator:

The first thing you think of right after you read this.

Look around you and use the first letter of the first thing you see

B- blossom
C- cloud
D- dapple
E- egg
F- fern
G- grass
H- heart
J- pebble
K- nest
L- lark
M- moon
N- night
O- sting
P- poppy
Q- quack
R- ripple
S- shine
T- song
U- squeak
V- frost
X- croak
Y- bark
Z- claw

Turtle: HazeltailXBlossomfall Shipper (Turtle🐢🐢🐢)
Turtle: HazeltailXBlossomfall Shipper (Turtle🐢🐢🐢)
January 17, 2021 9:07 pm

Another really random name generator 😜

For your prefix, take the day of the week you joined BlogClan! If you don’t remember, just take whatever day of the week it is.

For your suffix, take the first fictional character you think of!

For your Clan, look around and whatever the first thing you see is, add ‘Clan’ to the end of it.

For your eye color, take the color of whatever you’re sitting on currently.

For your fur color, take whatever color your computer/phone case/tablet is!

My result: Saturdaysirius! They’re from RockingchairClan. Their eyes are pink. They have pink fur.

And He Runs

❈ 𓆏 Irispaw 𓆏 ❈
❈ 𓆏 Irispaw 𓆏 ❈
January 17, 2021 11:10 pm

I guess I’ll make this:

Prefix- Favorite thing to do

Sports = Hawk
Studying= Dove
Reading = Pebble
Drawing = Spotted
Singing = Swift
Talking= Robin
Writing = Snow
Watching TV = Moss
Sleeping = Mouse
Other = Marsh

Suffix- Favorite Food

Pasta = Dapple
Salad= Shine
Steak = Storm
Pizza= Wish
Soup = Blossom
Turkey= Claw
Tacos = Fur
Chicken = Wing
Hot dogs= Heart
Biscuits = Flame
Seafood = Stream
Chili = Blaze
Noodles = Pool
Casserole = Flight
Other = Feather

Clan/Tribe- Birth Month

January/February = RiverClan
March/April= WindClan
May = ThunderClan
June/July = SkyClan
August = Loner
September= Kittypet
October= ShadowClan
November/December = Tribe of Rushing Water

Rank – Best Vacation

Sight-Seeing = Kit
Safari = Apprentice/ To-Be
Hotel = Deputy
Amusement Park= Warrior
Camping = Meditador
Staying home= Medicine Cat
Skiing= Leader
Other = Elder

Personality – Favorite Color

Red= Brave, tough, and strong
Pink= Sweet, kind, and shy
Orange= Loyal, friendly, and outgoing
Yellow= Cheerful, happy, and kind
Green= Loyal, calm, and friendly
Blue= Cool, strong, and loyal
Purple= Cool, calm, and kind

Fur Color- Favorite Drink

Milk= Fluffy and white
Punch= Dark ginger
Hot Cocoa= Dark brown with white paws
Water= Sliver tabby
Lemonade= Yellow tabby
Orange Juice= Ginger tabby
Grape Juice= Cream
Soda= Brown tabby
Fruit Juice= Tortoiseshell and white
Other= Dark gray and black tabby

Eye color- Favorite dessert

Cake= Light Brown
Cupcakes= Amber
Pie= Orange
Donuts= Yellow
Cookies= Green
Ice Cream = Blue
None= One green eye and one blue eye

I got Pebblewish, a cheerful, happy, and kind yellow RiverClan medicine cat with light brown eyes.

Smoke That Fills The Air Who’s B-day Is Coming Up!!!!
Smoke That Fills The Air Who’s B-day Is Coming Up!!!!
January 18, 2021 8:14 am

Bug Themed cat generator! Yay!

Pick your favourite book or series(Other than Warriors)
If the First Letter of the Title starts with,
A- Ant
B- Bee
C- Cicada
D- Dragonfly
E- Cricket
F- Fly
G- Gnat
H- Honey
I- Spider
J- Bug
K- Web
L- Leech
M- Moth
N- Weaving
O- Orb
P- Bumble
R- Roach
S- Scarab
T- Termite
U- Firefly
V- Weevil
W- Wasp
X- Mayfly
Y- Mantis
Z- Tarantula

For Suffix:
Pick the name of your favourite fruit or vegetable. If its first letter is…

A- wing
B- stalk
C- storm
D- heart
E- pelt
F- sky
G- tail
H- whisker
I- flight
J- scratch
K- ice
L- leap
M- spirit
N- needle
O- song
P- watcher
Q- sight
R- fall
S- stripe
T- thorn
U- claw
V- leg
W- wind
X- fern
Y- flame
Z- jaw

Use the name of the thing you see first when you look outside (eg. the first thing I see is the clouds, so CloudClan)

Rank- (Change names accordingly)
Choose your favourite time of day:

Sunrise/Dawn- Warrior turned Med Cat/ Med Cat turned Warrior
Morning- Deputy
Noon- Leader
Afternoon- Kit
Evening- Apprentice
Dusk/Twilight: Elder
Night- Warrior
Midnight- Mediator
Other- Warrior turned Kittypet, Rogue, Loner/ Vice versa


If the first letter of your BlogClan name starts with…
A to C: Black cat with shiny sleek fur
D to F: Pale brown tabby
G to I: White cat with faint light grey stripes
J to L: Tortoiseshell cat
M to O: Dark grey cat
P to R: Dark brown cat
S to U: Black cat with lots of golden dapples
V to X: Smoke tabby
Y or Z: Chimera cat( any two colors)


If the second letter of your BlogClan name is….

A to C: Silver eyes
D to F: Heterochromia eyes (odd eyes)
G to I: Hazel eyes
J to L: Lemon yellow eyes
M to O: Copper eyes
P to R: Amber eyes
S to U: Blue- silver eyes
V to X: Shockingly blue eyes
Y or Z: Dark green eyes

If your BlogClan warrior name has…
Less than 6 letters… your cat loves to play!
6 letters……………… your cat is an easy learner!
7 letters……………….your cat is a great hunter!
8 letters………………your cat is emotionally strong!
9 letters……………….your cat is sneaky and lies easily!
10 letters…………….your cat is a great fighter!
11 letters……………..your cat is understanding and a peacemaker!
More than 11 letters…..your cat is great with herbs!

I got Scarabspirit! a Black cat with lots of golden dapples, copper eyes and they are sneaky and lie easily.

January 19, 2021 7:12 pm

A random generator!

Prefix: How many warriors series have you read?

1= Fire
2= Bramble
3= Jay
4= Ivy
5= Grey
6= Violet
7= Bristle

Suffix: The last thing you said before doing this!

Fur: If you could go to any country in the world, where would it be? (off the list 😛)

UK= brown and white tabby
US= russet with darker spots
Australia= fluffy golden
China= black and white
Russia= snowy white
Spain= dark brown with lighter stripes
Italy= honey coloured
Africa= silver and white
Brazil= grey and darker grey
Other= cream

Eyes: The first letter of your name

A-E: blue
F-J: green
K-N: brown
O-R: amber
S-V: yellow
W-Z: grey

Clan: The colour of the curtains of the room that you are in.

I got Bristleok who has honey coloured fur and green eyes from PinkClan.

Turtle: Nightcloud Lover 🖤🖤🖤 (Turtlepaw/dapple🐢🐢🐢)
Turtle: Nightcloud Lover 🖤🖤🖤 (Turtlepaw/dapple🐢🐢🐢)
January 19, 2021 9:04 pm

Name generator!
For your prefix, take your favorite medicine cat’s suffix!
For your suffix, take your favorite leader’s prefix!
For your fur color, take your favorite Warriors villain’s fur color!
For your eye color, take your favorite character’s eye color!
For your Clan, take your favorite Clan!
For your rank, take your favorite currently living cat’s rank!

My result: Fangfire! Sae is a tortoiseshell cat. Xyr eyes are green. He is an elder. Mae is from ShadowClan!
I’ll Be Complete

Turtle: Nightcloud Lover 🖤🖤🖤 (Turtlepaw/dapple🐢🐢🐢)
Turtle: Nightcloud Lover 🖤🖤🖤 (Turtlepaw/dapple🐢🐢🐢)
January 19, 2021 9:05 pm

Oops, I meant ThunderClan 😬 Don’t know where I got ShadowClan from 😜
I’ll Be Complete

✨ Shimmers (Shimmerpaw/storm) ✨
✨ Shimmers (Shimmerpaw/storm) ✨
January 20, 2021 6:12 pm


You are reading a Warriors book and someone comes up and asks, “Haven’t you already read that one, like, 500 times?” What do you say in response?

“Yeah. And?” – Snow
“How many times have you read your favorite book?” – Sun
“I’ve read this one a bazillion times! What are you talking about?” Forest
“Honestly! How am I supposed to read when you are distracting me? Shoo!” Moon
“‘…claw leaned down and snarled into—‘ What is it?” – Stream
Laugh and go back to your book. – Wind
Ignore them completely! – Mud


After that, you decide that you have read this particular book too many times and it is starting to get boring. You decide to bring this book back to the library and you and find the Warriors section. There are only seven books left because the others are checked out. Which one do you pick?

The Sun Trail – Dawn
Into the Wild – Flame
Midnight – Path
The Sight – Destiny
The Fourth Apprentice – Power
The Apprentices Quest – Sky
Lost Stars – Frost


You go up to the desk and ask the librarian if you can check it out while you give her the book you brought to return. They glare at you and say, “You are returning the other 9 books you checked out as well?” You only brought one of the books you had checked out. What do you do?

“I’m very sorry. I will come right back with them,” you say. – Leader
“Just check it out for me will you?”, you say, pointing to your chosen book. – Deputy
“I’ll be right back,” you say darting away. – Medicine Cat
“Uhuh,” you say looking around nervously. – Warrior
Oops, you think. – Apprentice of any kind
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” you mutter. – Elder
“Sorry,” you squeak nervously. – Kit


When you have your book, where do you go to read it?

The riverbank – RiverClan
The park – SadowClan
Your home – SkyClan
Stay at the library – ThunderClan
You don’t want to read it now! You want to go horseback riding. – WindClan


Whatever you think matches your name!

I’m Snowfrost/star the leader of ThunderClan! Snowstar a white she-cat with white fur, dark paws, and blue eyes.

January 20, 2021 8:16 pm

Story time! 🙂


It is time for you to join the clans young one. But first a story. You walk in to the clan territories. You scent a mouse. But there are also clan cats near by. What do you do?

Ask to join their clan- Brave
Kill the mouse and risk your life- Leopard
Just leave and go on with your day- Owl
Ambush the clan cats and risk your life- Wasp
Annoy the clan cats and risk your life- Tumble
Just sit there and do nothing- Tree
Say hi to the clan cats, walk by them, and risk your life- Spider
Catch the mouse and give it to the clan cats, and say to them: ” Here I caught this mouse for you” Then walk away and risk your life- Briar
Follow the cats to their clan and then get loads of other cats and ambush the whole entire clan at night.- Hawk
Go to another clans territory- Rain


Interesting.. You are closer to join the clans. Now the next part of the story. Later on after you the thing you chose. You hear kits mewing in fear. You head toward the sound. You see kits helplessly trying to get out of the river. What do you do.

Jump in and save them. Then live with them alone on your own personal turf- heart
0o0 Scream for help- call
Watch them die- talon
Just sit there dazed- dust
Just walk away like nothing happened- fire
Take the kits out of the river bring them to their clan- petal


Interesting choice young one. All the answers you give me will depend on your name, and part of your life. Now back to the story. You have nothing to do. What do you want to do.

Just sit there- Black cat with white eyes and white paws
Sleep- Fluffy white cat with sapphire blue eyes.
Go hunt- Chestnut brown cat with a white tail and amber eyes
Go swim- Silver gray tabby cat with sky blue eyes
Go find some mud and play in it- Dark ginger cat with brown paws and green eyes


Now close your eyes. NO PEEKING. What do you think I am doing?

You are reading a book- loner
You are uh Uh can I look now?- rouge
You are drawing a clam peaceful valley with a river- Riverclan
You are just sitting there waiting patiently pretending you are ambushing a cat- Shadowclan
You are dancing- Windclan
You are watching a YouTube video about warriors- Thunderclan
You are playing- Skyclan


Ok interesting. You are a kit of a rouge group. Your friends want to sneak into the medicine herb storage with you. What do you do?

Go into the medicine den with them and eat red berries- Kit
Go into the medicine den but tell them “lets not eat the red berries those are scary”- Apprentice
I’m just gonna stay here- Warrior
“BE CAREFUL OF THE RED BERRIES” You scream at them- Senior Warrior
Lets just go listen to the elder’s stories- Elder
Ima just go to my mom- Queen
Go in the medicine herb storage and tell them not to wreck the place and eat stuff- Medicine cat/ Medicine cat apprentice
Tattle tale on them- Deputy
Just go to your father who is the leader of the group and ask him if you can be leader- Leader


Now it is time for you to join the clans.

Also I am Owlpetal A fluffy white she-cat with sapphire blue eyes. I am a queen of Skyclan.

Dancing On A Frozen Pond - Riverpond
Dancing On A Frozen Pond - Riverpond
January 21, 2021 12:07 am

Prefix- a made up word that makes no sense whatsoever
Suffix- the most confusing word you know of
Clan- a describing word to describe your roof with Clan on the end

I am Yepidoodlessomethingicantthinkofrightnow from WhiteWoodClan.

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