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Have you made a warrior name generator? Then, this is the page to share it on. Have fun!



  • Random name generator!

    For your prefix, take the last word of your favorite super edition!
    For your suffix, take your favorite Warrior cat’s prefix!
    For your Clan, take the last word of the first Warriors book you read, and add Clan to it!
    For your pelt color, take the main color of your computer/phone/tablet that you’re using right now.
    For your eye color, take your favorite color.

    My result: Revengeturtle! Tey is a pink cat, and ter eyes are green! Tey is from RisingClan.
    Lost In The Woods

  • POV Character Themed Generator!

    Fav POV in the 2nd arc?

    Leafpool- Tansy
    Squirrelflight- Bounce
    Brambleclaw- Thorn
    Stormfur- Willow
    Feathertail- Breeze

    Least fav POV in the 2nd arc?

    Leafpool- Stream
    Squirrelflight- Leap
    Brambleclaw- Moss
    Stormfur- Storm
    Feathertail- Nose

    Fav POV in the 3rd arc?
    Eye Color

    Hollyleaf- Green
    Jayfeather- Blue
    Lionblaze- Amber

    Least fav POV in the 3rd arc?
    Ear type

    Hollyleaf- Small ears
    Jayfeather- Normal ears
    Lionblaze- Big tufted ears

    Fav POV in the 4th arc?

    Ivypool- Silver
    Dovewing- Cream
    Lionblaze- Ginger
    Jayfeather- Brown
    Flametail- Dark grey

    Least fav POV in the 4th arc?

    Ivypool- Tabby
    Dovewing- Mottled
    Lionblaze- Leopard spots
    Jayfeather- Patches of white
    Flametail- None

    Fav POV in the 5th arc?

    Alderheart- Scar behind left ear and on right side of muzzle
    Twigbranch- Long right shoulder scar
    Violetshine- One over eye, and on tail hind left leg

    Least fav POV in the 5th arc?
    Tail length

    Alderheart- Short
    Twigbranch- Long
    Violetshine- Normal

    Fav POV in the 6th arc?

    Bristlefrost- Deputy
    Rootspring- Med. Cat
    Shadowsight- Warrior

    Least fav POV in the 6th arc?

    Bristlefrost- WindClan
    Rootspring- RiverClan/ShadowClan
    Shadowsight- SkyClan/ThunderClan

    Fav POV in the DoTC arc?
    Tail Type

    Thunder- Bushy
    Grey Wing- Normal
    Clear Sky- Tufted at end

    Least fav POV in the DoTC arc?

    Thunder- Limp
    Grey Wing- Blind
    Clear Sky- None

    Fav POV in the Super Edition arc?
    White markings

    Moth Flight- Paws
    Crookedstar- Tail tip
    Firestar- Tuxedo
    Bluestar- None
    Yellowfang- Chest/Belly
    Tallstar- None
    Leafstar- Muzzle
    Bramblestar- None
    Hawkwing- Flash on chest
    Squirrelflight- One paw
    Tigerheart- None
    Greystripe- Ears

    Least fav POV in the Super Edition arc?

    Their Personality!

    Fav POV in the Novellas arc?

    Their Gender!

    Least fav POV in the Novellas arc?
    Body Type


    • Pebbleshine
    • Tall Shadow
    • Tawnypelt
    • Spottedleaf
    • Redtail
    • Dovewing


    • Hollyleaf
    • Pinestar
    • Mistystar
    • Cloudstar
    • Thunder


    • Mapleshade
    • Goosefeather
    • Ravenpaw
    • Tree
    • Mothwing


    Enjoy! My Result:

    Cream-Colored she-cat with with patches of white, and green eyes. She has a scar behind her ear and on her muzzle, and has a long tail. She is the Deputy of RiverClan, and her tail is bushy. She has big, tufted ears and a slight limp. She has one white paw, and is fair, honest, loyal, and brave. She is very lithe.

    • Thornleap –
      Mottled brown tom with dazzling blue eyes, small ears and a long, bushy tail with a white tail tip. Thorn has a scar on his muzzle and behind his ear. He is the deputy of ShadowClan, Thornleap is a lithe tom, and he is honest, fair and protective, but he is also bold, sometimes leading him to make rash decisions. (LONG generator, but good 😉

    • 🌧️🐍 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕜𝕖; 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕓𝕒𝕤𝕜𝕤 𝕦𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕤𝕦𝕟 || 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕜𝕖𝕡𝕒𝕨 🐍🌧️ 🌧️🐍 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕜𝕖; 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕓𝕒𝕤𝕜𝕤 𝕦𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕤𝕦𝕟 || 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕜𝕖𝕡𝕒𝕨 🐍🌧️ says:


      A lithe Mottled Silver She-cat with a white underbelly and chest, and blue eyes. She has a scar behind her left ear and on her right side of her muzzle. She is the Deputy of Riverclan, and her tail is bushy. She is sarcastic and hardly ever gives praise.

    • Very nice generator! Willowmoss, a green-eyed silver spotted cat with big tufted ears, a scar over one eye and on leg, a long normal tail, and a white flash on their chest. A muscular warrior of Riverclan! 

    • I’m Breezeleap, a silver she-cat with patches of white, blue-green eyes ,big tufted ears, long right shoulder scar, deputy of RiverClan, lithe and graceful

    • TansyStorm, she has blue eyes, has a cream-coloured tabby pelt with small ears. she has a scar behind her left ear and on the right side of her muzzle. she has a normal length, bushy tail, a lithe warrior of windclan

    • tansymoss, blue eyes, big tufted ears, silver leopard spots, a scar over eye, on tail and hind left leg, a short tail, deputy of skyclan, a normal tail floofyness and no disability, a white tail tip and is brave and is non-binary (haven’t read a novella yet)
      has an unknown bodytype

    • Willowstream-
      a muscular silver leopard-spotted she-cat with green eyes, a long, white-tipped tail, big tufted ears and a scar behind her left ear and on the right side of her muzzle. She has a limp and is the deputy of RiverClan. She is open-minded, welcoming and adaptable.

  • Crookedstar’s Promise themed generator!😃

    Prefix- Favorite character out of these
    Crookedstar- Storm
    Oakheart- Silver
    Shellheart- Maple
    Mapleshade- Apple
    Willowbreeze- Morning
    Hailstar- Snow
    Echomist- Flower
    Rainflower- Breeze
    Brambleberry- Squirrel

    Suffix- saddest death
    Brightsky- shine
    Rainflower- pelt
    Shellheart- claw
    Hailstar- wing
    Willowbreeze- song
    Crookedstar- tail

    Fur color- least favorite character
    Crookedstar- Gray tabby
    Oakheart- Dark ginger
    Shellheart- White
    Mapleshade- Tortoiseshell
    Willowbreeze- Dark brown tabby
    Hailstar- Cream
    Echomist- White with brown dapples
    Rainflower- pale brown tabby
    Brambleberry- pale gray

    Eye color- opinion on the book

    my favorite- green
    i love it- amber
    i like it- yellow
    neutral- dark blue
    I dislike it- orange
    i hate it- dark green
    my least favorite- pale blue

    who are you? I’m Morningsong, a pale brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes 🙂

  • Ok, here’s my first ever name generator!:

    Prefix: your hair color
    Black: Bat
    Dark brown: Oak
    Brown: Mud
    Light brown: Timber
    Blonde: Sun
    Strawberry blonde: Wren
    Red: Cherry
    Grey: Silver
    White: Snow
    Other: Sky
    Dyed: Fire

    Suffix: your eye color
    Brown: Claw
    Hazel: Dew
    Green: Leaf
    Amber: Foot
    Blue: Cloud
    Grey: Flood
    Yellow: Seed
    Blind: Sight
    Glasses: Dawn
    Contact Lenses: Heart
    Other: Blaze

    Appearance: your favorite color
    Red: Classic Tabby
    Orange: Tortie
    Yellow: Chimera
    Green: Bengal spots
    Blue: Plain
    Purple: Calico
    Pink: Spotted Tabby
    Brown: Mackerel Tabby
    Black: Ticked tabby
    White: Plain
    Grey: Plain

    Main Pelt Color: your favorite food
    Pizza: Ginger
    Spaghetti: Cinnamon
    Cake: Fawn
    Cookie: Cream
    Salad: Black
    Taco: Chocolate (a color, not the food!)
    Chocolate (the food):Brown
    Greek: Dark Grey
    Chinese: Grey
    French: Blue-Grey
    Hot Dog: Lilac
    Hamburger: Silver
    Ice Cream: White

    Gender: pick a number 1-11
    1: Female
    2: Male
    3: Male
    4: Male
    5: Female
    6: Male
    7: Female
    8: Female
    9: Male
    10: Female
    11: Transgender (for all those LGBTQs out there, you’re welcome)

    Rank: pick your favorite TV show
    Miraculous Ladybug: Evil Usurper
    Phineas and Ferb: Warrior
    Rugrats: Warrior
    Boss Baby: Kit
    The Owl House: Deputy
    The Who Was Show: Elder
    Winx Club: Apprentice
    Sheriff Callie: Leader (ha! my friend’s the leader, not u dorks, no offense)
    Amphibia: Medicine Cat
    Gravity Falls: Warrior
    Lego City Adventures: Warrior

    Your Physical Appearance: your profession or dream job
    Artist: Short and Chubby
    Musician: Tall and Muscular
    Doctor: Tall and Skinny
    Traveler: Tall and Chubby
    Sewer: Short and Skinny
    Teacher: Short and Muscular

    Okay, I am:
    Wrendawn, a female cinnamon spotted tabby warrior who’s short and chubby.
    Tell me who you are, and I hope you enjoy!
    P.S. This is not an offense to anyone, and I hope none was taken.

  • *this is the actual thing i accidentally posted before i was done*

    name themed generator!

    prefix- your opinion on the name silverwillow
    BEST NAME EVER!!- bay
    i love it- kestrel
    i really like it- apple
    i like it- turtle
    it’s ok- alder
    i’m neutral- fox
    meh- shell
    i don’t like it- golden
    i really don’t like it- dark
    i hate it- yarrow
    WORST NAME EVER!!- eagle

    suffix- your favorite prefix out of these
    plum- pond
    leaf- leaf
    frost- berry
    berry- frost
    orchid- dusk
    rose- shadow
    shadow- rose
    lake- heart
    green- sky
    acorn- light
    curly- feather

    pelt color- fav suffix out of these
    flame- black with white spots and white paws and white tail tip
    shine- mottled brown and white
    breeze- tortoiseshell and white
    pool- light gray tabby with black paws
    dawn- pale brown with darker brown stripes
    heart- ginger tabby
    flower- dark gray
    claw- white with dark brown patches
    whisker- blue-gray with white splotches
    flight- silver and white tabby
    dust- golden

    eye color- opinion on the name tansyheart
    love it- amber eyes
    i like it- blue eyes
    meh- green eyes
    i don’t like it- brown eyes
    hate it- silver eyes

    rank- fav name out of these
    frostpelt- kit
    shadowheart- apprentice
    leafwhisker- medicine cat apprentice
    ambertail- warrior
    firewing- medicine cat
    brightwind- senior warrior
    yellowfeather- queen/warrior
    foxdawn- elder
    brokenbranch- deputy
    oliveslip- leader

    clan- fav name out of these
    yewdust- riverclan
    panthercloud- windclan
    stormshine- thunderclan
    branchtail- skyclan
    silverstorm- shadowclan

    i’m kestrelpond, the medicine cat of shadowclan. i’m a tortie and white she-cat with green eyes. who did you get?

  • Brightheart themed name generator! Spoilers for The Prophecy Begins!

    For your prefix, take your opinion on Brightheart!

    I despise her- Ripple
    I really hate her- Flame
    I hate her- Shade
    I really dislike her- Jay
    I dislike her- Night
    I’m neutral on her- Berry
    She’s ok- Bee
    I like her- Honey
    I really like her- Crow
    I love her- Puddle

    For your suffix, take your opinion on Bright X Cloud!

    I despise it- mist
    I really hate it- leaf
    I hate it- whisker
    I really dislike it- pool
    I dislike it- branch
    I’m neutral on it- wing
    I think it’s ok- heart
    I like it- claw
    I really like it- kink
    I love it- fire

    For your Clan, take how you felt when Bluestar changed Brightpaw’s name to Lostface!

    I felt sad- ThunderClan
    I felt angry- ShadowClan
    I felt happy- WindClan
    I felt surprised- RiverClan
    Other- SkyClan

    My result: Puddlefire of ThunderClan. Tey is a dark brown cat. Ter eyes are ice-blue. Ter paws are dark gray.
    Lost In The Woods

  • Nightcloud themed name generator! Spoilers for Power of Three and Crowfeather’s Trial!

    For your prefix, take your opinion on Nightcloud!

    I despise her- Reed
    I really hate her- Dust
    I hate her- Storm
    I really dislike her- Dawn
    I dislike her- Feather
    She’s ok- Cloud
    I like her- Grass
    I really like her- Mouse
    I love her- Hazel

    For your suffix, take how much Crowfeather’s Trial changed your mind on your opinion of Nightcloud on a scale of one to ten. One being it didn’t change your mind on her at all, and ten being it absolutely changed your mind on her.

    1- pounce
    2- pelt
    3- flower
    4- water
    5- stripe
    6 – tooth
    7 – light
    8 – face
    9 – branch
    10 – sky

    For your Clan, take your favorite thing about Nightcloud!

    Her personality- WindClan
    Her rekindled friendship with Crowfeather- RiverClan
    Her relationship with Breezepelt- SkyClan
    Her loyalty- ThunderClan
    None of these things- ShadowClan

    For your rank, take your opinion on Blixemi’s song about Nightcloud, “And He Runs”!

    I haven’t seen it- kit
    I despise it- apprentice
    I really hate it- medicine cat apprentice
    I hate it- queen
    I really dislike it- permeant queen
    I dislike it- warrior
    It’s ok- senior warrior
    I like it- deputy
    I really like it- elder
    I love it- leader

    My result: Hazelsky/star, the leader of RiverClan! Xe is a white cat with dark gray patches on his fur. Mair ears are tufted. Se has one blue eye, and one green eye.
    Lost In The Woods

  • I just realized I made a mistake on my Brightheart name generator. I said “The Prophecy Begins” instead of “The Prophecies Begin”. So if anyone is confused by that, I didn’t mean to type it.
    Lost In The Woods

  • Pebble Heart themed name generator! Spoilers for Dawn of the Clans!

    For your prefix, take your opinion on Pebble Heart.

    I despise him- Lake
    I really hate him- Frog
    I hate him- Hare
    I really dislike him- Twig
    I dislike him- Mud
    I’m neutral on him- Violet
    He’s ok- Needle
    I like him- Snap
    I really like him- Apple
    I love him- Heather

    For your suffix, take your opinion on Pebble Heart’s close bond with Gray Wing!

    I despise it- wing
    I really hate it- flight
    I hate it- talon
    I really dislike it- ripple
    I dislike it- bounce
    I’m neutral on it- tail
    It’s ok- face
    I like it- fern
    I really like it- fall
    I love it- shine

    For your Clan, take your favorite thing about Pebble Heart!

    His close bond with Cloud Spots- SkyClan
    His close bond with Gray Wing- ShadowClan
    His friendship with his siblings- WindClan
    His knowledge of herbs- RiverClan
    None of these things- ThunderClan

    My result: Heathershine! Ae is a ShadowClan cat. Their fur is pale gray. Sae has black flecks all over otself. Xyr eyes are dark green.
    Lost In The Woods

  • Weird Warrior Name Generator!

    For your prefix, choose a word in the title of the song that you’ve got stuck in your head right now (if u haven’t got any stuck in your head, just use a word from the title of a song that you enjoy) 🎶

    For your suffix, turn the tv on. Choose a word in the title of the show/sport/movie/live event that is playing when turned on (if u don’t have a tv in ur house, choose a word that is in the title of ur favourite show or movie instead 🙂)

    For your pelt colour, look at the colour of the floor/rug/carpet that’s closest to you 😁

    For your eye colour, choose the colour of the trousers/tights/shorts that you are currently wearing👖

    For your collar colour (optional), choose the colour of your own eyes! 

    For your gender, choose the gender of your current favourite video game character (if you don’t have one, then just choose the gender of your favourite fictional character. Anything is acceptable 😉) 

    For your clan, try and remember the last thing that you ate 🍉 (if u can’t remember, then choose one of your favourite foods instead)

    My result: Waterlocation (umm what the h*ck)!
    He is a solid cream tom with navy-blue and white striped eyes and a greenish/greyish blue collar. Is a member of MalteaserClan (hahaha…ha?).

    I would post a reference drawing of him but I have no cream/yellow pens rn ༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ

  • Heathertail themed name generator! Spoilers for Power of Three and Crowfeather’s Trial!

    For your prefix, take your opinion on Heathertail.

    I despise her- Jay
    I really hate her- Dawn
    I hate her- Tiger
    I really dislike her- Moth
    I dislike her- Daisy
    I’m neutral on her- Willow
    She’s ok- Fire
    I like her- Sand
    I really like her- Spotted
    I love her- Cinder

    For your suffix, take your opinion on Heatherpaw and Lionpaw’s friendship!

    I despise it- tail
    I really hate it- wing
    I hate it- stripe
    I really dislike it- fang
    I dislike it- heart
    I’m neutral on it- flight
    It’s ok- pool
    I like it- feather
    I really like it- leaf
    I love it- shade

    For your rank, take your opinion on Breezepelt X Heathertail!

    I despise it- kit
    I really hate it- apprentice
    I hate it- medicine cat apprentice
    I really dislike it- warrior
    I dislike it- senior warrior
    I’m neutral on it- elder
    It’s ok- queen
    I like it- permanent queen
    I really like it- deputy
    I love it- leader

    For your Clan, take how much you defend Heathertail on a scale of one to ten, with ten being you REALLY, REALLY defend her and one being ‘why on EARTH would I defend this cat?’

    1- Tribe of Rushing Water (Change name to fit.)
    2- SkyClan
    3- RiverClan
    4- WindClan
    5- ThunderClan
    6- ShadowClan
    7. BloodClan
    8. *Graystripe’s Vow spoilers* [spoiler title=spoiler]WarriorClan[/spoiler]
    9- The Dark Forest
    10. StarClan

    My result: Daisy That Grows By Pool! Je is a kit of the Tribe of Rushing Water. Jer fur is black-and-white. Je has ginger flecks all over jemself. Jer eyes are amber.
    Lost In The Woods

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