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  • Roleplay scenario themed!


    You are playing mossball with your brother when a mean apprentice tosses it over the camp wall what do you do?

    Wasp-attack the apprentice in rage
    Bounce-just bounce it off and play a different game
    Rain-pout and complain to the app
    Leaf-quietly turn away back into the nursery
    Ice-stay their frozen in surprise and fear of what the app could do to you any other time
    Stream-scramble back into the nursery and tell your mom
    Sun-go tell another warrior
    Wren-go tell the leader right in front of the app
    White-just sit their and do nothing shrugging
    Soft-have a nice chat with the apprentice even if it won’t work and try to be friends
    Spotted-growl under your breathe and plan a prank on him
    Pidgeon-run out of camp to get it
    Night-sneak out of camp at night to get it
    Breeze-you make a new one
    Claw-you plan a little accident for the apprentice that will get him put of your hare…forever
    Pine-challenge the apprentice and threaten to tell or attack


    Your first day of hunting and your chasing a squirrel but it crosses the border what do you do?

    Mouse-slowly creep up on it and catch it making sure theirs no trace of it
    Fang-chaee it on purpose and kill it right in front of a nearby patrol
    Cloud-chase it without noticing the border
    Feather-leave it and catch another piece
    Fur-go back to your mentor empty pawed
    Stone-blame tat clan and plane revenge
    Heart-alert the patrol so they can catch it
    Fire- catch it then say it was from their side first and start a border fight
    Snow-bring back herbs instead
    Nose-sniff at it and creep slowly towards it but runs when a patrol comes near


    What hunting techniques do you use

    Windclan-you chase the prey
    Shadowclan-you stalk it stealthily
    Riverclan-you fish
    Thunderclan-you sniff it then pounce putting lots of thought into the catch
    Skyclan-you climb trees
    Tribe-you wait for it to come out(change name to fit)

    Pelt color

    Your mentor let’s you decide what to do today what do you choose?

    Moss collecting-white
    Border patrol-gold
    Badger and fox fighting tactics-ginger or orange
    Sleep- gray
    Herb collecting-cream
    Playing with the other apprentices-silver

    For second pelt color option?

    What apprentice are you training to be

    Medic8ne cat-no

    Second pelt color(if warrior)

    You are in a battle with shadowclan and your leader is in trouble what do you do?

    Black-leave him to die
    Gray-tell another warrior to do it
    Brown-you tell your friend and tag team the warrior
    White-jump in and save him no hesitation

    Markings(if one color just make markings a darker shade)

    you are hunting when you and your friend split up and you are left alone when you smell a strong windclan scent nearby and it was fresh what do you do

    None-leave it alone
    Pointed-go find the patrol and team up with them to fight against your clan
    Tabby-find your friend and check it out
    Smudges-go head on to fight the patrol
    Caliby-run back to camp straight away and tell the leader
    Tux or socl-wait in fear

    Eye color

    What rank would you want to be after training as a warrior

    Warrior still-amber


    What is most like your personality traits

    Kind and shy-app
    Motherly and caring-queen
    Mean and evil-rogue
    Aggresive and protective-senior warrior
    Romantic and friendly-younge warrior
    Optimistic and energetic-med app
    Reckless and mischievous-kit
    Smart and quiet-leader
    Combination of 2 others-loner or kittypet or outcast in the camp
    Strong and brave-deputy
    Gulliable and sweet-medicine cat

    I’m leafpaw/feather a apprentice of windclan he is a light gray with darker gray caliby pelt and amber eyes!

    You can also use this for your ocs as well!

  • Wolf themed name generator!
    For your prefix take your opinion of wolves!
    I love them-Cloudy
    I like them-Drizzle
    Their OK-Snow
    I’m neutral on them-Moon
    I dislike them-Sun
    I hate them-Pebble
    For your suffix take your favorite wolf colour!
    Black wolf-Sand
    Grey wolf-Stream
    White wolf-Peak
    Silver wolf-Fire
    My result is Cloudypeak a white wolf deputy of Shadowclan! (You can make up your rank and clan)

  • Random Character Generator

    Prefix: your BlogClan name’s first alphabet

    Suffix: your Blogclan name’s last alphabet

    SCENARIO: you see your clanmate is having a secret meeting with a cat from another clan…

    creep back and tell you leader—gray
    tell them to stop this—ginger
    creep near to listen what they are saying—brown
    chase the cat from another clan to the boulder—white
    tell a friend—black

    Eyes color:
    FAV cat:
    Jayfeather—blue(not blind)

    SCENARIO: you leader doesn’t make you a warrior although you are strong and wise enough to be…

    make a vengeance—flash of white on chest
    work hard—dark tabby
    do sth to prove yourself—white tail tip and paws
    pour out to your friend—white belly and legs

    about DOVEWING

    I hate her—rough/loner/kittypet
    I dislike her—Warrior (app)
    I am middle—Med (app)
    I like her— Leader
    I love her—Deputy

    Mate or closest friend’s name(real in Warriors):
    about IVYPOOL

    I hate her so much—Rootspring/Spottedleaf
    I dislike her—Jayfeather/Hazeltail
    I am middle—Mousewhisker/Rosepetal
    I like her— Foxleap/Cherryfall
    I really like her—Toadstep/Icecloud
    I love her—Molewhisker/Ambermoon
    My favorite cat—Tigerheart/Hollyleaf

    what you DON’ T afraid…

    Deep-no-bottom pool—River
    Strange noises—Shadow
    Desert that what you only can see is sand—Wind
    High place—Sky
    Rainstorm day and thunder—Thunder

    Just as same as you in the real life…

    Okay! It’s finishhhhhhhhhhhhhed! 

    Intro of me: I am a Chinese 6 grade cat…
    My solution: Drizzlepool, A Black Xe cat with green eyes, white tail tip and paws. I am a Medicine cat apprentice from RIverClan, my closest friend is Hollyleaf.

    I welcome comments of your solutions~

    Remember: I have two body and spirit: Featherleaf and Drizzlepool…


  • [My Name Generator]
    What suffix fits me best?

    -fern -Fern
    -cloud – Cloud
    -frost – Frost
    -other – Comment Dusk

    Secondary choice?

    -fern – fern
    -cloud – cloud
    -frost – frost
    other – dawn

    Least favorite?

    -fern – ThunderClan
    -cloud – WindClan
    -frost – RiverClan
    -other – SkyClan
    No least favorite!/Everything’s bad – ShadowClan

    Oh oops ShadowClan got bad
    No no they have a good option

    If anyone wanted to see how neat I am, my prefix’s Briar. Obviously

  • [Real Generator]
    [Shippings Generator]
    Okay, the last one was honestly a joke. But please try it, won’t you?

    Favorite ship for Leafpool?
    Leaf x Crow – Dawn
    Leaf x Moth – Dusk
    Leaf x Bramble – Dark
    Leaf x Hawk – Daisy(If you’re male… I’m sorry, I can’t find anything neutral with D)
    Leaf x JaySquirrelLionNightFeather whatever Other – Dust (Oh LeafHawks there’s Dust! Miraculously I found something! You’re free for this!)

    Favorite ship among these?

    Jay x Briar – cloud
    Storm x Squirrel – tail
    Dust x Sand – wing
    Fire x Spotted/Cinder – feather
    Misty x Black – heart
    Shrew x Reena – claw

    Do you ship Brightpaw and Swiftpaw?

    TERRIBLE / NOOOO – ThunderClan
    Yuck! / Ew – RiverClan.
    Can’t people be friends, HONESTLY? – SkyClan
    Great! / Good! / Shippit! – ShadowClan
    LOvE iT! – WindClan

    Dawncloud of SkyClan!

  • Burr themed name generator! (He’s my favorite Hamilton character <3 )

    For your prefix, take your opinion on Burr!

    I despise him- Apple
    I really hate him- Frost
    I hate him- Blaze
    I really dislike him- Log
    I dislike him- Moth
    I’m neutral on him- Fern
    He’s ok- Spotted
    I like him- Daisy
    I really like him- Blossom
    I love him- Leaf

    For your suffix, take your opinion on Burr X Theodosia!

    I despise it- claw
    I really hate it- leap
    I hate it- fang
    I really dislike it- water
    I dislike it- flame
    I’m neutral on it- stream
    It’s ok- nose
    I like it- kink
    I really like it- fur
    I love it- ripple

    For your Clan, take your favorite out of these songs that Burr sings all of/a lot of!

    Wait For It- RiverClan
    Dear Theodosia- ShadowClan
    The Room Where It Happens- WindClan
    The World Was Wide Enough- ThunderClan
    Alexander Hamilton- SkyClan

    For your rank, take your favorite thing about Burr!

    The fact that he wants to be a good dad- kit
    His loyalty to his wife- apprentice
    His kindness- warrior
    The fact that he’s patient- medicine cat
    The fact that he killed Hamilton- deputy
    None of these things/ other- leader

    My result: Leafripple of RiverClan! Tey is a medicine cat. Ae is a black cat with white spots all over saerself. Ots eyes are green.
    MothPool Shipper

  • Name-quiz!

    What is your favorite element?

    A. Water
    B. Air
    C. Earth
    D. Fire

    Your favorite body of water out of the below:

    A. Tsunami/ocean
    B. Lake
    C. River/creek
    D. Bay/Lagoon

    Your zodiac sign:

    A. Aries, Taurus, Gemini
    B. Cancer, Leo, Virgo
    C. Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius
    D. Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

    Your favorite cat from the below:

    A. Feathertail
    B. Ivypool
    C. Honeyfern
    D. Hollyleaf

    Your least favorite from the below:

    A. Brokenstar
    B. Tigerstar (the first)
    C. Sharpclaw
    D. Hawkfrost

    Your favorite arc:

    A. The prophecies begin
    B. The new prophecy
    C. Power of three
    D. Other

    Your favorite “The prophecies begin” leader:

    A. Crookedstar
    B. Brokenstar
    C. Bluestar
    D. Tallstar

    Your favorite Clan home:

    A. Forest territories
    B. lake territories
    C. The gorge
    D. (ummmmm….the place WindClan stayed when they were chased away from their homes???)

    Which would you prefer for your prefix?

    A. Animal!
    B. Plant!
    C. Object!
    D. Some sort of weather, or ecosystem!

    (Make a clicking noise with your tongue to generate name 😛 )
    Please don’t take these too personally!

    If you chose mostly A’s….


    You are clever, kind, and sarcastic, though sometimes you get into heated fights. You never forget a broken promise. You are deputy of RiverClan. Your pelt is ginger, black, and white, your eyes are bright, milky blue

    If you chose mostly B’s….


    You are very strong, brave, and quick on your paws. Sometimes you overestimate your strength, but that rarely happens. You are sociable, most loyal warrior to your Clan, ShadowClan. Everyone in the Clan can trust and relay on you. You are pale gray and speckled white with dark, forest green eyes.

    If you chose mostly C’s….


    You are optimistic, sunny, and very caring. Medicine cat of your Clan, ThunderClan, you are always ready to save lives! But sometimes you don’t believe as much in yourself as you do in others. Nevertheless, you build your self confidence one by one, brick by brick, impressing your Clanmates by healing the deepest wounds. Your pelt is very dark grey, your eyes warm, deep blue like the night.

    If you chose mostly D’s


    You have a bubbly personality, and you can run the fastest, just like the wind. Sometimes your have your head in the clouds, but in times of trouble you are down to earth and ready for anything. You are a moor runner of WindClan, and likely to be chosen as deputy next. Your fur is thick and splashed with ginger and white, your eyes are warm amber like a glowing fire.

  • Which blogclan m9d is your new BFF generator(mods totallyyyyyy agreed to this)

    Answer the following questions to see your results

    1-whats your favorite color


    2-whats your favorite warrior cat out of these


    Last question what page is the best out of these

    Game page-3
    Art page-7
    Fan name generator-2
    Warriors name page-1
    The trailing stars stuff-6
    All of them! Or must-10
    The rotation-9
    Roleplay page-5
    Discussion pages-4
    Name that apprentice-8

    1-3 you got hazelburrow! The amazing son of cakestar and an amazing blog team member!
    4-6 you got emeberdawn! The top mod and I think is the deputy
    7-10 you got cheetahspark! The speedy moddo who always brightens your day!
    11-13 you got birchfoot!
    14-16 you got iceflower!
    17-20 you got kat!
    21-23 you got goldi! Another great mod app
    24-26 you got rainshine! The top NTA and game runner
    27-28 you got viper! The awesome rotation owner and mod! The best snek ever
    29-30 you got cakestar the leader of blogclan!

    • Wow, Tanglekit is a short-legged, obnoxious, and loving kit, with thin, bengal patterned fur and piercing yellow-green eyes. Tanglekit is 3 moons old.

  • The Broken Code themed generator!

    prefix- Your favorite character from the arc’s prefix

    Suffix- your least favorite character from the arc’s suffix

    rank- your favorite main character

    Rootspring: Warrior
    Bristlefrost: Deputy
    Shadowsight: Leader

    Clan- your least favorite clan

    eye color- how you like the arc so far

    I love it- Amber
    I like it- green
    neutral- blue
    i dislike it- yellow
    i hate it- orange

    pelt color- your opinion on Bristlefrost

    I love her- light brown
    I like her- pale gray
    neutral- brown
    i dislike her- ginger
    i hate her- yellow

    pelt pattern- opinion on Rootspring

    I love him- calico
    i like him- mackerel tabby
    neutral- spotted tabby
    i dislike him- tortoiseshell
    I hate him- plain

    scar- opinion on Shadowsight

    i love him- eye scar
    i like him- shoulder scar
    neutral- half-blind
    i dislike him- lame leg
    i hate him- belly scar

    who are you? I’m Squirrelfur, a WindClan warrior. She is a pale brown tabby with amber eyes and has a scar on her shoulder

    • I’m Bristlefur, the deputy of WindClan! I’m a light brown tabby she-cat and amber eyes. I have a scar over my eye.

  • Scenario themed generator!
    You are hunting, when you see a 2 foxes attacking your app sister from another clan and a warrior. Both cats are severely wounded, and can´t go on much longer. The problem is that you´re alone, and the cats are on another clans territory. What do you do?
    Attack the foxes: Fern
    Run to get help and then help: Branch
    It´s another clans territory: Leaf
    Chase the foxes out of clan territory instead of fighting them:Lion
    Yowl at them to leave,and then catch up to them and heal their wounds:Ash

    You find out the medicine cat has a mate. What do you do?
    Yowl it out to all the clan members: Fang
    Tell the leader: Whisker
    Tell & ask your friend: Stripe
    Yowl it out to the gathering: Echo
    Tell the other medicine cats: Light
    Keep the secret: Whisper

    Your ex bestie who left the clans to be with their forbidden mate comes back. What do you do?
    Chase them out of territory: Windclan
    Attack them: Shadowclan
    Warn them and tell them they´re not part of the clan anymore: Thunderclan
    Catch up with them and chat: Riverclan
    Turn your back at them: Skyclan

    Pelt color
    Your mentor gives you the day off. What do you do?
    Hunt- light to medium dark Brown
    Practice fighting with another app-Cream
    Play with denmates-Tortoiseshell
    Collect herbs-grey
    Nap in a sunny patch-Black
    Listen to Purdy´s stories-ginger
    Playing/chatting with denmates: white

    Second pelt color (for markings)
    If your pelt is brown, your markings are dark brown
    If your pelt is cream, your markings are brown
    If you are tortoiseshell, you do not have markings.
    If you are grey, your markings are dark gray and black.
    If you are black, your markings are white tuxedo markings (optional, you also have the choice of being a solid black cat)
    If you are ginger, your markings are and orangish brownish
    If you are white, you have no markings.

    Markings (if you are a tortoiseshell, skip this)
    You scent a enemy patrol on your territory while on border patrol. However, the patrol has 7 cats, and your group has 5, one of which is a new apprentice. As the leader of the patrol. what do you do?
    Attack! You have enough cats: Mackerel
    Send the new app for reinforcements and keep an eye of the patrol: Tabby
    Attack and create a diversion, stalling time for the app to warn the camp: smudged
    Hide and do nothing: tuxedo markings

  • D E S I G N A C A N D L E | C R E A T E A N A M E

    [WARNING! For obvious reasons, this naming generator is highly flammable! Use with caution!]

    Directions: Create a warrior name by designing a candle! First, choose your candle type, then wax type, then scent, then colorant (if any). Finally, you’ll choose your wick type and complete your candle. Together, the information from each stage will create a warrior name, habitat, and occupation. An example can be found here:

    • Fox Molded Candle Shape- BloodClan
    • Soy Wax – Senior Warrior
    • Forest Scent – Fox
    • Gold Colorant – Not Appliciable
    • Paper Wick – Male

    I am Fox, a senior warrior of BloodClan.

    Candle Type & Container | Clan:

    Molded Candle:

    • Cylindrical Candle – Kittypet
    • Square or Rectangle Candle – Rouge
    • Irregular Candle Shape (Example: Grapes) – BloodClan
    • Tried a 5 Minute Crafts Candle Hack and Burned their House Down – Tribe of Rushing Water

    Container Candle:

    • Clear Glass Container – WindClan
    • Shaded Brown/Amber Glass Container – RiverClan
    • Classic Silver Tin – ThunderClan
    • Black Tin – ShadowClan

    Note: from now on, results for Clan Cats will be in regular bold text, while results for Irregular Cats will be in italic text. Results for both will be in bolded, italicised and underlined text. Please skip Wax Type and Colorant if you are a kittypet or rouge.

    Wax Type | Role:

    • Soy Wax – Senior Warrior | Regular or Important Cat
    • Paraffin Wax – Regular Warrior or Cat
    • Bees Wax – Leader
    • Coconut Wax – Apprentice | Young Cat
    • Used Melt and Pour Soap Base instead of Wax and their Candle caught on Fire when Lit – Kit

    Note: if you received a role which determines your suffix, such as “kit”, “apprentice” or “leader”, please skip Colorant.

    Scent | Prefix:

    • Apple Orchard – Grotto
    • Apple Pie – Glutton[ous]
    • Bread (???) – Yeast
    • Bramble Berry – Ash
    • Blue Berry – Blue
    • Burnt Wax (your candle needs help) – Scalded
    • Caramel – Sweet
    • Cake – Sugar
    • Dragonfruit – Dragon
    • Driftwood – River
    • Eucalyptus – Rock[y]
    • Flowers (non-descript.) – Petal
    • Forest – Fox
    • Green Shrubbery – Bramble
    • Garden – Soil
    • Home Kitchen – Iron
    • Iris – Lash
    • Jackfruit ( m..madman!) – Crazy
    • Jasmine – Jade
    • Lime & Coconut – Sea
    • Lemon – Sorrel
    • Lily – Lily [obviously]
    • Lavender – Vole (use Tails if you are not a clan cat)
    • Marygold – Fair
    • Morning Roast Coffee – Tired
    • No Scent – Bracken
    • Ocean – West
    • Pear – Twig
    • Peach – Moor
    • Raspberry – Raspy
    • Seaglass – Broken
    • Sandalwood – Walking or Running, you decide!
    • Strawberry – Squirrel
    • Tea – Calm
    • Teagon (is this even a scent?) – Sebas (hey, you’re the one who chose TEAGON of all scents!)
    • Wood – Reed

    Note: If you are not a clan cat, please stop here. Go to “Wick Type” to see your gender. If you are a tribe cat, make an overly complicated name with your prefix. Otherwise, your prefix is your whole name.

    Colorant | Suffix:

    • Red – Tail
    • Orange – Flame
    • Yellow – Foot
    • Green – Branch
    • Blue – Stream
    • Purple – Flower
    • Brown – Step
    • Black – Heart
    • Golden (Mica Powder) – Shine or Shimmer, you decide!
    • Uncolored/ Color of Wax – Fur
    • White – Tail
    • Grey – Stripe
    • Marbled – Feather
    • Rainbow – Cloud
    • Messed Up Color by Using Crayons instead of Wax Chips – Fault

    Wick Type | Gender:

    • Cotton Wick – Female
    • Paper Wick – You Decide!
    • Wood Wick – Male

    Note: you are now complete! Thanks for trying out my name generator! I really hope you liked it! If you want, please post your name, role, and clan in the comments so I can see what you got! I myself got Fox, a senior warrior of BloodClan. Have a wonderful week, BlogClan!

  • Role play generator!

    You are a kit. You are playing, when suddenly a raccoon barges into the nursery. What do you do?
    Hide in the leaves: Bramble
    Hide in the shadows: Night
    Dig a hole to hide: Badger
    Slide under it’s legs to escape: Swift
    Swipe it on the nose with your kitten claws: Brave
    Dance around to distract it: Tiny
    Scream: Loud
    Stand there staring: Clear

    You are six moons old. You leader assigns the meanest cat to be your mentor. What do you do?
    Stick with it but disobey everything he says: Nose
    Just let down your guard and let him command you: Whisker
    Run from camp but return later, at night: Foot
    Run from camp and never return: Toad
    Request a new mentor: Tail
    Request to be a medicine cat apprentice instead, giving up all your hopes: Dream
    Fix up some good ol’ Stockholm Syndrome: Heart
    Plot revenge on the Clan: Stripe

    You have become a warrior. You finish your vigil. What will you do now?
    Hunt: Brown
    Patrol: Black
    Goof around with your buddies: Lilac
    Flirt with someone: Cinnamon
    Just sit, remembering when you were younger: Ginger
    Sleep: White
    Plan an attack on an enemy Clan: Cream
    Pick ticks of the elders, just because you’re bored: Tortie/Chimera

    Hope you like it! I’m Tinytail, a ginger warrior!

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