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  • Here’s a name, clan, family, and appearance generator!

    First Letter of your BlogClan name:
    X-Pick anything else here
    Z-Whatever your BlogClan prefix is
    Your favorite descendant of Tigerstar 1:
    Tadpole-You’re a kittypet, and you have no suffix
    Tigerstar 2-chest

    This is also based on your favorite Tigerstar descendant. If it is one of his kits with Goldenflower (Bramble, Tawny), your clan is ThunderClan. If it is one of his kits with Sasha (Moth, Hawk), your clan is RiverClan. If it is one of Bramblestar’s kits (Alder, Spark, Little Juniper, Dandelion), or one of Sparkpelt’s kits (Finch, Little Flame, Flicker), your clan is StarClan. If it is one of Tawnypelt’s kits (Tiger 2, Big Flame, Dawn), your clan is ShadowClan. If it is one of Tigerstar 2’s kits (Pounce, Light, Shadow), your clan is WindClan. And if it is one of Dawnpelt’s kits (Sleek, Strike, Big Juniper), your clan is SkyClan.

    Use a random number generator from 1-10
    1-You have no mate
    4-Lightheart (Deceased)
    5-Nightwhisker (Ex)
    6-Fallowstep (Deceased), Silvermoon
    7-Wolf (Deceased, Ex)
    8-Briarpatch (Deceased), Springfoot (Ex), Rattletail
    9-Bounceleap (Deceased, Ex), Shademask
    10-Rabbitfur (Deceased, Ex), Jaggedtail (Ex), Dove (Deceased)
    If you have a mate (currently), use this:
    Favorite type of tree-kit
    Favorite warrior’s prefix-kit
    Favorite water-related thing-kit (Deceased)

    If you have a deceased, non-ex mate, use this (also):
    Favorite bird-paw
    Second favorite bird-kit (Deceased)

    If you have an ex-mate who is alive, use this:
    Favorite clan-fur
    Favorite herb-heart
    Favorite villain’s prefix-fall

    If your mate was Dove, use this, too (alongside the birds):
    Favorite mammal-star
    Favorite amphibian/reptile-star (Deceased)
    Favorite Sister-tail (if you don’t know any of The Sisters, use “Earth”)

    Use a random number generator from 1-10
    1-You choose!
    2-Same color as your favorite warrior
    3-Same color as your favorite warrior cats villain
    5-Dark Gray
    6-Light Gray
    10-Roll the die again, from 1-2 this time
    Same color eyes as your favorite warrior cat
    Roll a random die from 1-10
    1-White chest
    2-White paws
    3-White chest and paws
    4-White muzzle
    5-White muzzle and paws
    6-Same markings as your second-favorite warrior
    7-No extra markings
    8-You choose!
    9-Nobody ever knew . . .
    10-Let a family member choose!
    Roll a random die from 1-5
    1-No scars
    2-No visible scars
    3-Scars across face
    4-Scars all over tail
    5-Your choice (but there have to be scars somewhere)

    Comment the cat you made by replying to this! Hope you liked my generator!

    • Stalkfrost, a Skyclan cat, a dark grey with white muzzle and paws, with no scars, who’s mate is Bounceleap!

    • Blazesight of windclan is a speckled gray tabby with blue-green eyes and white paws. She has a scar across her face.
      Blazesight’s mate was formally Bounceleap and is currently shademask.
      She has 3 litters of kits


      Cardinalpaw (dead)

      Clearkit (dead)

      • I got Marigoldheart and Cardinalpaw as my kits too! 😀
        Tam x Biana

    • I’m Molesight of WindClan! My mate used to be Wolf, but he’s dead now. I am a light brown tabby with green eyes, and nobody knows where my white markings are . . . I also have scars across my face.

    • Avatar 𝐵𝓁𝑜𝓈𝓈𝑜𝓂𝓅𝒶𝓌(𝓇𝑜𝓈𝑒)~𝐵𝓁𝑜𝓈𝓈𝑜𝓂~She says:

      Blazewing of RiverClan, with Mossfoot the mate, the kits are Aspenkit, Echokit, and Ripplekit. Ginger fur with blue eyes and a white chest, with no visible scars.

    • Molewing of RiverClan. She has had three mates, Briarpatch (Deceased), Springfoot (Ex) and Rattletail. With Briarpatch, she had Finchpaw and Swallowkit (deceased). With Springfoot, she had Windfur, Tansyheart and Sleekfall. With Rattletail, she had Willowkit, Bristlekit and Streamkit (deceased). She is a yellow she-cat with blue eyes and a white chest and paws. She also has a scar on her left ear.

      • I got Willowkit with Rattletail, too! 😀
        Tam x Biana

    • Molestone of WindClan. Her dead mate is Lightheart and her kits are Finchpaw and Jaykit (who is also dead). She is a black she-cat with a white chest and paws, blue eyes and no visible scars.

    • I’m Lynxfrost! A brown tabby and white with blue eyes! My mate is Bubblestream, my kits are Maplekit, Crowkit and Lakekit! My sister chose no marking but i already have the white chest and belly and i have stripes because my favorite warrior villan is hawkfrost so yeh lol. I have scars all over my tail and I think that’s all! Fun generator!

    • Ratwing of RiverClan, a cream cat with white paws, blue eyes, and a shredded tail. Their first mate was Fallowstep, and they two kits: Falconpaw/wing and Hawkkit. Unfortunately, Fallowstep and Hawkkit died, so Ratwing had another mate, Silvermoon, and had three more kits: Nopekit/night (i have no favorite treeee), Leafkit/dream (oc reincarnation lol), and Lakekit, who unfortunately died.

    • Acornsight, a WindClanner, whose mate is Fallowstep and has Oakkit, Firekit, and Splashkit (deceased). Has a flame-colored pelt, green eyes, white paws, no visible scars.

    • I’m Wavechest of ShadowClan, and I’m black with light brown stripes, a white belly, white paws, rainbow eyes (What? my fave character is Dovewing) and scars on my tail. My mate is Rattletail, and I had 3 litters of kits:

      Waterfallkit (deceased)

      Cardinalkit (deceased)


  • Hi! I have a cool name generator.

    What weather do you like best? (Clan)

    A stormy day with lightning strikes! -StormClan
    A dark day with heavy clouds…- DarkClan
    A rainy day with swollen rivers! -StreamClan
    A windy day with a cool breeze- BreezeClan
    A sunny day with a clear sky!- ShineClan
    A snowy day with tiny snowflakes!- IceClan
    (The Clans are made up!)

    Now, choose a favourite she-cat! (prefixes for she-cats)

    Star Flower- Honey
    Poppyfrost- Blossom
    Icecloud- Snow
    Twigbranch- Dove
    Ferncloud- Silver
    Violetshine- Ivy
    Bristlefrost- Holly

    Now, choose a favourite tom! (prefixes for toms)

    Berrynose- Cream
    Cloudtail- Ice
    Firestar- Flame
    Jayfeather- Stone
    Sunfall- Dawn
    Leaf(in Dawn of the Clans)- Moss
    Gray Wing- Dark

    Now, choose your favourite snack! (suffixes)

    Chocolate-chip cookies!- spots
    Blueberries!- berry
    Cotton Candy!- fur
    Smoothies!- splash
    Plain biscuits! – light
    Mint! – leaf
    Tiny candies! – nose
    Cupcakes! – wing
    Chocolate bar! – dawn
    Banana cakes! -claw
    Cakes! – shine

    Finally, your appearances! Pick two favourite colours.

    Blue and silver- A pale silver- gray tabby(she-cat or tom) with soft fur and dark blue eyes.
    Black and white- A black-and-white (she-cat or tom) with sharp amber eyes.
    Yellow and Orange- A ginger tabby (she-cat or tom) with a thick coat and golden eyes.
    Yellow and Green- A golden tabby (she-cat or tom) with a white chest and green eyes.
    Brown and Yellow- A brown tabby (she-cat or tom) with yellow eyes.
    Black and green- A jet-black (she-cat or tom) with pale green eyes.
    Blue. Blue forever!!!- A soft-furred blue-gray (she-cat or tom) with ice-blue eyes.
    Pink and Purple- A dark gray (she-cat or tom) with pinkish-purplish blue eyes.
    Red and Blue- A dark orange-ginger tom with bright blue eyes.

    If you have any other colour combinations, please use it for the fur colour and the eye colour!

    Example: I am Ivylight of IceClan. I am a pale silver-gray tabby she-cat with soft fur and dark blue eyes.

    • Hollyspots of BreezeClan, a pale silver- grey tabby she-cat with soft fur and dark blue eyes.

    • Hey, um, it makes me uncomfortable that you divided the prefixes into ‘prefixes for she-cats’ and ‘prefixes for toms’, because I am non-binary, and not male/female. Please remember that there are more genders than those two in the future.
      My Shot

    • Blossomwing of StormClan. She’s a dark gray she-cat with pinkish-purplish-blue eyes

    • Silverberry, a pale silver gray tabby she-cat with soft fur and dark blue eyes of Shineclan or Iceclan!

    • I’m Ivysplash of StreamClan! (this is so funny, my fanfic clans are ShadeClan, StreamClan, BreezeClan, TreeClan and Fireclan XD) I’m a pale grey tabby with blue eyes! (mY fAvOuRiTe CoLoRs ArE lItErAlLy GrEy AnD bLuE!!!!!!!)

    • Dovewing (uh oh…) of BreezeClan: a dark ginger she-cat with bright blue eyes.
      Tam x Biana

  • [Random Ship Generator]
    For your prefix, choose a favorite random ship:

    Sandstorm and Graystripe – Stone
    Reedwhisker and Leafpool – Stream
    Willowshine and Mousewhisker – Sky
    Feathertail and Blackclaw – SheeshSun

    For your suffix, choose a favorite really random ship:

    Toadstep and Dovewing – light
    Fernsong and Cherryfall – feather
    Lionblaze and Poppyfrost – brook
    Duskpaw and Pebbleshine – fire

    For you Clan, choose a rather very relevant random ship of darling Foxleap’s:

    Foxleap and Dovewing – ShadowClan
    Foxleap and Hazeltail – RiverClan
    Foxleap and Ivypool – ThunderClan
    Foxleap and Rosepetal – SkyClan
    Foxleap and Hollyleaf – WindClan

    I’m Streamfeather of ShadowClan.

  • Short generator:

    Favorite color: Prefix

    Red – Dusk
    Orange – Sun
    Yellow – Daisy
    Green – Dew
    Blue – Silver
    Indigo – Ivy
    Violet – Soft
    Black – Wolf
    White – Honey
    Pink – Cherry
    Other – Owl

    Favorite animal: Suffix

    Wolf – Moon
    Leopard – Snow
    Cat – Catcher
    Dog – Smile
    Snake – Fang
    Dolphin – Sea
    Turtle – Stream
    Crab – Snap
    Song birds – Wing
    Birds of prey – Talon
    Other – Petal

  • [Prefix]
    Black and white opinions on Mapleshade:

    Negative – Frost
    Positive – Fire
    There is no such thing as neutral There is no such things as like villain hate personally ahh

    Black and white opinions on Mapleshade x Myler:

    Negative – fall
    Positive – storm

    I’m Frostfall.

  • tigerstar I themed name generator
    fav tigerstar I relative by blood(prefix)
    bramblestar-storm(remember bramblestar’s storm?)
    tigerstar II-tiger
    hawkfrost(if someone choose this I will be impressed)-frosty
    fav tigerstar I relative by marrige(suffix)
    for the good of you, see this article for how I founded these relatives
    firestar(ok this is getting weird)-flame
    jake(this is getting weirder)-moor
    fav statement here:
    tigerstar is GREAT-blood
    tigerstar started good but ended bad-shadow
    tigerstar is too amibitious for his own good-wind
    tigerstar is dumb to invite bloodclan-thunder
    leopardstar is wrong to trust tigerstar-river
    I am stormflame of thunderclan!

  • Broken Code Generator (Possible spoilers ahead for DW)

    Favourite Character –

    Bristlefrost – Flip
    Rootspring – Stem
    Shadowsight – Ice
    Tigerstar II – Flame
    Ashfur – Fern
    Squirrelflight – Storm
    Flipclaw – Feather
    Ivypool – Briar
    Dovewing – Fox
    Fernsong – Ivy
    Thriftear – Plum
    Lightleap – Blaze
    Pouncestep – Snow
    Other – Ghost

    Favourite book –

    Lost stars – Frost
    The silent thaw – Petal
    Veil of Shadows – Sight
    Darkness Within – Shadow
    The place of no stars – Tuft
    Daisy’s kin – Whisker
    Spotfurs rebellion – Leaf
    Greystripes Vow – Stream

    Wanted leader –

    Cloverstar (Cloverfoot, SC) – Deputy
    Reedstar (Reedwhisker, RC) – Warrior
    Ivystar ( Ivypool, TC) – Leader
    Rosestar (Rosepetal, TC) – Mentor
    Berrystar (Berrynose, TC) – Senior warrior
    Lionstar (Lionblaze, TC) – Apprentice
    Graystar (Graystripe, TC) – Elder
    Icestar (Icewing, SC/RC) – Former warrior, now a tribe cat
    Flipstar (Flipclaw, TC) – Medicine cat apprentice
    Crowstar (Crowfeather, WC) – Queen
    Squirrelstar (Squirrelflight, TC) – Starclan warrior
    Bramblestar (Brambleclaw, TC) – Exiled warrior
    Hawkstar (Hawkwing, SkC) – Kittypet
    Rootstar (Rootspring, SkC) – Mediator
    Needlestar (Needleclaw, SkC) – Medicine cat
    None, Other – Loner

    Favourite current leader –

    Tigerstar II – Skyclan
    Harestar – Riverclan
    Mistystar – Thunderclan
    Lionstar – Windclan
    Leafstar – Shadowclan

    Im Feathertuft, a medicine cat apprentice of Skyclan.

  • [Prefix]
    Birth month:

    January – Snow
    February – White
    March – Turtle
    April – Rain
    May – Fern
    June – Brook
    July – Sun
    August – Leaf
    September – Fire
    October – Cloud
    November – Magpie
    December – Ice

    Today is Monday morning for me now, and I have to go into ZOOM SOON
    I hate Mondays.
    What about you? I hope everyone’s prefix says negative.
    I have very contradicting feelings on school
    I wish to go because it’s kinda fun sometimes
    And it’s nice to go to school and stare at my crush

    Hate – frost
    Dislike – shade
    Neutral – breeze
    Like – foot
    Love – wing

    I’m Fernshade.

    On the side note, these prefixes were so hard to make
    I try to make them as gender-neutral as I can but
    BUT I can’t use prefixes like Blossom for May or April or March
    For us cherry blossoms came and went in March

  • Herbs name generator
    deathberries heal silverthorn infections
    favorite herb(prefix):
    alder bark- alder
    borage leaves-green
    burdock root-root
    poppy seeds-sleepy
    deathberries(in case you love puddleshine that much)-death
    least fav herb(suffiks):
    alder bark- alder
    borage leaves-green
    burdock root-root
    poppy seeds-sleepy
    deathberries should exist bucause puddleshine needs them-shadow
    deathberries should not exist-thunder
    Stop all these about deathberries! let’s swim!-river
    I am sleepyheart of windclan

  • A Crookedstar’s Promise Name generator:
    For your prefix, what’s your opinion on Crookedstar:
    I hate him – Pine
    I don’t like him – Breeze
    I’m neutral on him – Thaw
    I like him – Leaf
    I love him – Storm (in honor of his original name)

    For your suffix, what’s your opinion on Willowbreeze:
    I hate her – claw
    I don’t like her – pelt
    I’m neutral on her – fur
    I like her – wind
    I love her – breeze

    For your clan, what’s your opinion on Rainflower:
    I really hate her – RiverClan
    I hate her – ThunderClan
    I strongly dislike her – SkyClan
    I dislike her – WindClan
    I’m neutral on her – ShadowClan
    I kind of like her – Loner/Rouge/Kittypet
    I like her – NopeClan
    I love her – IllegalClan

    I am Stormwind, of RiverClan!

  • WoF name generator! 😉

    Prefix: What’s your favorite WoF ship out of these?
    ❤️Clay+Peril: Sky
    🧡Clay+Tsunami: Minnow
    💛Clay+Glory: Swamp
    💚Clay+Sunny: Sand
    💙Tsunami+Riptide: Lake
    💜Glory+Deathbringer: Quick
    🤎Sunny+Anyone you wish!: Night
    🖤Starflight+Sunny: Granite
    🤍Starflight+Fatespeaker: Moon

    Suffix: Which of my WoF OC’s is your favorite?
    😃Trustkeeper the NightWing: Night
    🤩Dreamtwister the NightWing: Dream
    😭Flashflood the SeaWing: Wave
    😛Aurora the Rain/Ice: Ice
    😊Hyena the Sandwing: Tail
    😘Cardinal the SkyWing: Wing

    Clan: Which of my WoF fantribes is your favorite?
    🙋🏼‍♀️CosmoWings: ThunderClan
    💁🏼‍♀️TreasureWings: RiverClan
    🙆🏼‍♀️LavaWings: BloodClan
    🤷🏼‍♀️LionWings: WindClan
    🙍🏼‍♀️ThunderWings: SkyClan
    💆🏼‍♀️ForestWings: ShadowClan

    I’m Skyice of ThunderClan! Who are you?

  • Swirly doesn’t pay attention in class and makes generators instead episode 117273727273727727290

    Prefix: use a number generator 1-10

    1: favorite tree
    2: favorite flower
    3: favorite fruit
    4: favorite weather
    5: favorite water-related thing
    6: least favorite tree
    7: least favorite flower
    8: least favorite fruit
    9: least favorite weather
    10: least favorite water-related thing

    Suffix: your least favorite clan cat’s suffix

    For your mate do the same thing you did for yourself except do your favorite clan cat’s suffix

    Kits: roll a generator 1-5 to decide how many kits you have

    Kits’ names: least favorite cats’ prefixes combined with favorite cats’ suffixes

    Rank: favorite arc (change name accordingly)

    The Prophecies begin: kit
    The New Prophecy: medicine cat apprentice
    Power of Three: apprentice
    Omen of the Stars: Warrior or medicine cat
    A Vision of Shadows: queen or elder
    The Broken code: deputy

    Clan: Least favorite cat’s clan (if they are a kittypet, loner, rouge, sister, BloodClan cat, or tribe cat, choose a custom clan)

    Who are you? I’m Breezefur. My mate is Floodflight and our kits are Ashflight, Rainfrost, Tigerspring, and Thistlesight. I am the deputy of ThunderClan.

    • I’m Corpsewing! (my least fav flower is a corpse flower. They’re really ugly and I really dont like big flowers and it must stiink!) My mate is Cloudypool! We have two kits, Dovepool and Bumblefeather! I am a queen of ThunderClan!

  • Name, clan, rank, and appearance generator!
    ( Prefix.
    If you are a she-cat, choose from these prefixes:
    If you are a tom, choose from these prefixes:
    If you are a different gender, choose from these prefixes:
    ( Suffix.
    The suffix of your favorite warrior cat’s warrior name (e.g., Firestar = suffix is heart, Graystripe = suffix is stripe, Bluestar = suffix is fur, Mapleshade = suffix is shade).
    Your Clan is determined by your favorite color out of these:
    Yellow = ThunderClan.
    Black = ShadowClan.
    Silver = WindClan.
    Blue = RiverClan.
    Gray = SkyClan.
    Other = StarClan.
    Your rank is determined by the first letter of your BlogClan name:
    A-E = kit.
    E-J = apprentice.
    J-P = warrior.
    Q-T = deputy.
    U-Z = leader.
    Your appearance is determined by the last letter of your BlogClan name:
    A-E = tortoiseshell with blue eyes.
    E-J = black with yellow eyes.
    J-P = tuxedo with green eyes.
    Q-T = ginger with amber eyes.
    U-Z = tabby with blind eyes.

    I am Shimmershade, a RiverClan she-kit, a tortoiseshell with blue eyes.