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  • Name generator

    Prefix – fave dog breed

    Golden retriever: acorn
    Lab: badger
    German Shepherd: cedar
    Border collie: daisy
    Great Dane: eagle
    Dash hound: feather
    Poodle: grey
    Bulldog: hail
    Bernese mountain dog: Ice
    Bloodhound: juniper
    Boxer: kestrel
    Gordon setter: lightning
    Other type of dog: moon
    I don’t like dogs: nettle
    I prefer cats: otter
    Other animal: pebble

    Suffix – favorite color

    Red: flame
    Orange: shine
    Yellow: shade
    Turquoise: fern
    Light blue: splash
    Indigo: night
    Dark blue: song
    Purple: pelt
    Pink: wing
    Peach: foot
    Black: ear
    Grey: stripe
    White: storm
    Other: stream
    Gold/silver: Fur

    Eye color- Least favorite character

    Brokenstar: Amber
    Rainflower: Blue
    Tigerstar: One green eye one blue eye
    Firestar: Green
    Dovewing: Yellow
    Other: yellow and green Mixed

    Pelt color- last letter of your name

    A: silver
    B: dark grey
    C: light grey
    D: ginger
    E: brown
    F: white
    G: white with black markings
    H: cream
    I: black
    J: calico
    K: ginger tabby
    L: blue
    M: yellow
    N: yellow with black markings (like a leopard)
    O: golden-brown
    P: tortoiseshell
    Q: brown and cream
    R: smoky black
    S: twany colored pelt
    T: mottoled grey
    U: russet with dark brown stripes here and there
    V: golden
    W: tabby
    X: brown with white belly and paws
    Y:white with grey flecks
    Z: your choice

    Rank-favorite number

    1: leader
    2: deputy
    4: apprentice
    6: queen
    7: elder
    8: formally of a clan now loner or rouge
    9: formaly of clan now kitty pet
    10: you are in Starclan

    Clan – favorite ship

    fethertail x Crowfeather: Riverclan
    Dovewing x Tigerstar : Shadowclan
    Hethertail x breezpelt : WindClan
    Leafstar x billystorm
    Rootspring x bristlefrost :

    Hope you enjoyed!