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Have you made a warrior name generator? Then, this is the page to share it on. Have fun!


Note: Please refrain from using real names in generators! We like to protect the privacy of our users 🙂


  • ThunderClan name genorater!
    For your prefix, pick your fav ThunderClan leader!
    For your suffix, pick your least fav ThunderClan leader!
    For your rank, pick your fav ThunderClan deputy!
    Lightning Tail-kit(change name)
    Sunfall-apprentice(change name)
    Graystripe-Medicine Cat
    For your appearance, pick your least fav ThunderClan deputy!
    Lightning Tail-black cat(unless if queen) with tail sticking up
    Sunfall-bright ginger cat with yellow eyes
    Bluefur\Bluestar-blue gray cat tinged with silver around their muzzle
    Fireheart\Firestar-ginger cat with a flame colored pelt
    Graystripe-long haired gray cat
    Brambleclaw\Bramblestar-dark brown tabby cat with amber eyes
    Squirrelflight\other-that cats description
    That’s it! I got Mistypelt, a ThunderClan Warrior. I’m a bright ginger cat tinged with yellow eyes. I hope you like this genorater! First comment!

  • Name generator time!

    For your prefix, pick your favorite of these commonly hated cats!

    Silverstream- River
    Millie- Night
    Jessy- Storm
    Firestar- Blaze
    Clear Sky- Moon
    Breezepelt- Snow
    Needletail- Pine
    I don’t like any of these cats- Sun
    (In case anyone is wondering, I like them all except for Clear Sky, Breezepelt, and Millie.)

    For your suffix, pick your least favorite of these commonly hated cats!

    Silverstream- whisker
    Millie- stream
    Jessy- cloud
    Firestar- heart
    Clear Sky- leap
    Breezepelt- whisper
    Needletail- feather
    I like all these cats- wish.

    Here’s what I got: Blazewhisper, an orange cat with amber eyes, and a stumpy tail.
    Dovewing defender

  • For your prefix,pick your favorite leader and there deputy’s
    Thunderstar or Lightingtail-Violet or Mole
    Firestar and Whitestorm -Gorse or Yarrow
    Onestar and Ashfoot- Pine or Blue
    Rowanstar and Crowfrost-Sage or Dandelion
    Bramblestar and Berrynose-Cherry or Crow
    Pinestar and Adderfang-Quiet or Braken
    Raggedstar and Foxheart-Shimmer or Gray
    Heatherstar and Reedfeather-Ivy or Starling
    Crookedstar and Oakheart-Dark or Parsley
    other-Shadow or Rye

    For your suffix pick your least favorite WindClan cat
    Heathertail-jaw or wish
    Harespring-leap or tuft
    Onestar-pool or throat
    Crowfeather-dust or heart
    Nightcloud-pelt or dusk
    other-cloud or foot

    Rank:What clan do you like?
    RiverClan-medicine cat/medicine cat apprentice

    What pet do you want/like?
    Spider-Dark Forest

    I am Ryefoot(a reddish-orange she-cat with white/black feet and blue eyes) a StarClan medicine cat

  • Name generator.
    I know I make a lot, but they’re soooooo fun!

    For your prefix, take your favorite RiverClan cat!
    Crookedstar- White
    Oakheart- Pounce
    Shellheart- Red
    Willowshine- Moss
    Mothwing- Sand
    Brambleberry- Flame
    Feathertail- Swift
    Silverstream- Sunny
    Other: Tree

    For your suffix, pick a number from one to ten, randomly!

    1. Cloud
    2. Heart
    3. Stream
    4. Whisker
    5. Tail
    6. Flower
    7. Stripe
    8. Dapple
    9. Song
    10. Breeze

    For your Clan, pick your favorite Tribe of Rushing Water cat!

    Stormfur- RiverClan
    Brook- WindClan
    Crag- ShadowClan
    Lark- ThunderClan
    Pine- SkyClan
    Other: Choose yourself!

    For your appearance, take your favorite day of the week.
    Monday- White cat with blue eyes.
    Tuesday: Tortoiseshell cat with amber eyes.
    Wednesday: Black and white splotchy cat with green eyes.
    Thursday: Orange cat with black paws and hazel eyes.
    Friday: Dark gray cat with a torn ear and pale blue eyes.
    Saturday: Brown cat with amber eyes and a longer than usual tail.

    Sunday: A reddish-brown tabby cat with yellow eyes.
    My result:
    Flamestripe of RiverClan, a brown cat with amber eyes and a slightly longer tail than most.
    Dovewing defender

  • First letter of BlogClan name
    for your prefix
    a- acorn
    Last letter of BlogClan name for your suffix
    Rank-Month you were born
    May-Medicine cat apprentice
    July-Medicine cat
    Clan-Favorite color
    Purple-The dark forest

    I am Stonecloud, an elder of Riverclan.

    • Skynose, a white she-cat with cream colored paws and a tortoiseshell tail. I was a warrior of RiverClan, but I choose to leave. As a kit, my brother Woodkit was always such a goody goody, so I was bound to be a rebel. I hated how tight the clan was. I snuck out of camp so many times, I can’t even count. When I was made an apprentice, Woodpaw received Pooljay as a mentor and I received Rockfur. Rockfur was ancient, and he was no fun! Every night, Woodpaw would talk about how awesome Pooljay was and how much she taught him. Eventually I got sick of it, and I just snapped at him “if she’s so great, why don’t you become mates with her?” He gave me a surprised look, and I just sneered at him before turning away. The next day, we went hunting together with our mentors, and it was the worst day of my life! Woodpaw caught a scrawny mouse, and Pooljay praises him like he was StarClan’s gift to living cats! Just after that, I caught a huge thrush that had been just about to fly onto WindClan territory. It would’ve fed a good four cats, unlike Woodpaw’s mouse. But rather than praising me for my catch, Rockfur told me that my kill was messy and that RiverClan cats didn’t eat birds and he went on and on about how I needed to learn the Warrior Code. After me and Woodpaw passed our assessments, we received the names of Woodclaw and Skynose. I hated my name! Why couldn’t I have been named Skyfang or Skyshade or Skystrike? What made things worse is that Woodclaw wasn’t even a good fighter or hunter! I ran away a moon after I was made a warrior, and I met a rouge named Scar who took me in. I changed my name to Sky, and I left all of my clan ways behind. Scar and I fell in love, and right now I’m nursing his kits: Dusk, Stone, Claw and Thorn. Dusk is the only she-kit, but she completely dominates over her brothers! Scar comes to visit every day, and he even watches the kits so I can go hunting! One time, I really wanted to fight in a battle against some other rouges, so Scar stayed with my newborn kits and let me lead the attack! That would never happen in a clan. I think that the best thing I ever did was leave. I have a loving mate, four adorable kits, and cats who care about me. Woodclaw came to visit once, and he told me that he was deputy now and that if I came back now he could vouch for me. I responded that I was second only to my mate here, and that one day Woodclaw would realize that I was not his puppet. He growled something about me being a difficult piece of fox-dung, and half of the rouge group, including me, was picking his fur out from under our claws for a moon.

    • I got Brackenfrost, a yellow cat with a frosty personality. They are a RiverClan Elder.

  • Prefix- your favorite of Dustpelt and Ferncloud’s kits

    Shrewpaw- Mouse
    Spiderleg- Night
    Hollykit- Berry
    Larchkit- Feather
    Birchfall- Swift
    Foxleap- Flame
    Icecloud- Snow

    Suffix- your favorite of Whitestorm and Willowpelt’s kits

    Sorreltail- fern
    Rainwhisker- storm
    Sootfur- shadow

    Clan- your favorite of the cats who went on the journey to find Midnight

    Brambleclaw- ThunderClan
    Squirrelflight- SkyClan
    Crowfeather- WindClan
    Feathertail- Tribe of Rushing Water (change your name to a tribe name)
    Stormfur- RiverClan
    Tawnypelt- ShadowClan

    Rank- your favorite kittypet

    Jake- Leader
    Smudge- Warrior
    Princess- Queen (or if you’re a tom, staying with your mate in the nursery)
    Jessy- Deputy
    Frankie- Apprentice
    Minty- Medicine cat
    Other- kit

    Pelt color- the pelt color of your favorite leader

    Eye color- the eye color of your favorite medicine cat

    Personality- your favorite of Brackenfur and Sorreltail’s kits

    Cinderheart- Determined
    Molepaw- Playful
    Honeyfern- Kind
    Poppyfrost- Brave
    Seedpaw- Helpful
    Lilyheart- Caring

    Skill- your favorite out of the three plus their littermates

    Hollyleaf- good problem solver
    Lionblaze- strong
    Jayfeather- good at convincing cats to do things
    Dovewing- good hearing
    Ivypool- good fighter

  • Another name generator, because why not!

    Prefix: the day you were born on
    1- Falconkit
    2- Softkit
    3- Featherkit
    4- Hopekit
    5- Icekit
    6- Skykit
    7- Mousekit
    8- Ravenkit
    9- Thornkit
    10- Dustkit
    11- Moonkit
    12- Sunkit
    13- Nightkit
    14- Eaglekit
    15- Emberkit
    16- Flamekit
    17- Blazekit
    18- Rainkit
    19- Mudkit
    20- Waspkit
    21- Sandkit
    22- Redkit
    23- Lightkit
    24- Stonekit
    25- Kinkkit
    26- Seedkit
    27- Dreamkit
    28- Robinkit
    29- Stormkit
    30- Cloudkit
    31- Rapidkit

    For your clan, pick your favorite out of the first medicine cats:
    Moth Flight- RiverClan
    Dappled Pelt- ShadowClan
    Pebble Heart- ThunderClan
    Cloud Spots- SkyClan
    Micah/ Acorn Fur- WindClan

    Your mother is your favorite name and your father is you least favorite name

    Choose your own description!

    Pick a random number between 1 and 5 for how many littermates you have. You can use the kit name generator for names.
    1- 3 littermates
    2- 0 littermates
    3 – 2 littermates
    4- 4 littermates
    5- 1 littermate

    For your personality as a kit, pick two numbers between one and ten.
    1: Daring
    2: Adventurous
    3: Shy
    4: Smart
    5: Dramatic
    6: Enthusiastic
    7: Loving
    8: Cautious
    9: Brave
    10: Mean (meaning kinda spoiled)

    You have become an apprentice! Pick your favorite color for your mentor!
    Red- Havensoul
    Orange- Lionpath
    Yellow- Silverspark
    Green- Stormcloud
    Blue- Moonstream
    Purple- Fallowshore
    White- Smallripple
    Black- Jadestone

    Oh, no! I’m so sorry! Pick a random number between 1 and 5.
    1- Your mentor was killed in a battle with a fox
    2- Your littermate died of greencough
    3- Your mother was killed on the Thunderpath
    4- Your father was killed in a battle with a badger.
    5- Your littermate was killed in a border skirmish

    Congratulations! Your a warrior! Pick the month you were born in for your suffix.
    January: -frost
    February: -leaf
    March: -stone
    April: -strike
    May: -blaze
    June: -feather
    July: -fern
    August: -flight
    September: -fall
    October: -shard
    November: -sky
    December: -freeze
    If you get the same suffix as your prefix (ex: Skysky, Fernfern), then pick your favorite suffix.

    You’ve grown up quite a bit! What’s your personality now? For this pick two numbers in between 1 and 10 and pick two numbers in between 11 and 20.
    1: Kind
    2: Dependable
    3: Daring
    4: Caring
    5: Smart
    6: Brave
    7: Enthusiastic
    8: Loving
    9: Encouraging
    10: Unwavering (this could be in your beliefs, or it could be your loyalties)
    11: Un-dependable
    12: Sassy
    13: Headstrong
    14: Bossy
    15: Greedy
    16: Self-doubting
    17: A bit mean
    18: Unencouraging
    19: Loud
    20: Short tempered

    Cats are starting to notice you in a different way! What is your favorite thing to do at the beach?
    Build a sandcastle: your littermate’s best friend is your mate
    Swim: Your best friend as an apprentice becomes your mate
    Dig a hole: your mate is a cat from a different clan
    Sunbathe/ lay on the beach and do something: the clan deputy is your mate
    Get ice cream and eat: the clan leader’s kit is your mate
    Chat with your friends: a cat who used to bully you is your mate
    Use the kit name generator for prefixes, and you can pick the suffix!

    The nursery is getting crowded! Pick your favorite continent for the number of kits you have.
    North America: 2 kits
    South America: 3 kits
    Europe: l kit
    Asia: 4 kits
    Antarctica: 0 kits
    Africa: 3 kits
    Australia: 2 kits
    Use the kit name generator for names!

    You aren’t as young as you used to be! How do you die? Pick your favorite thing to do in the snow.
    Sled: You are killed defending the nursery from enemy warriors
    Ski/ Snowboard: You are killed by a monster on the Thunderpath
    Make snow angels: You are killed by a fox
    Have a snowball fight: You die of old age, after having served your clan well
    Build a snowman: You catch greencough when helping the medicine cat
    Build a fort: You are killed when a tree falls into camp (if you live in WindClan, you are killed in a fire)
    Other: You are killed in a badger attack
    It doesn’t snow where I live: you are killed in a fire

    I am Dreamshard, a black and silver ShadowClan she-cat with a reddish orange underbelly, white paws, a cream muzzle and ear tips, and amber-golden eyes. As a kit, my mother, Fernleaf, named me Dreamkit because she said my pelt looked like it had come out of a dream. She named my littermates Softkit, for her soft pelt, Waspkit, for her sharp claws, and Blazekit for his orange fur. My father, Thrushstrike, was a more attentive father, and we loved him very much. As a kit, I was daring and dramatic. When we were made apprentices (Dreampaw, Softpaw, Wasppaw and Blazepaw) I received Moonstream as my mentor. Softpaw got Havensoul, Wasppaw got Jadestone, and Blazepaw got Silverspark. When we were apprentices, Fernleaf was killed trying to save a kit on the Thunderpath. When we got our warrior names, I received the name of Dreamshard. Softpaw became Softleaf, in honor of our mother, Wasppaw became Waspfreeze, and Blazepaw became Blazesky. I am now a lot smarter, and I am still daring, but I’ve also become a bit sassy and short tempered. As we grew older, we each fell in love and got mates. I eventually fell for my friend as an apprentice, Ravenfrost. We had 3 kits together, named Flamingokit, Quietkit, and Shykit, all of whom were she-cats. They eventually became Flamingodawn, Quietsky, and Shymoon. I died defending the nursery from invading ThunderClan cats.

    • I got Falconkit, a black and white tom-kit(I go by They\Them, by the way). I’m a ShadowClan kit. My mother, Goldheart, named me Falconkit because I looked like a falcon and my sister Eaglekit because she looked like an eagle. My father, Smolderheart, named my brother Dustkit because he’s dust colored and my other brother Thornkit because of his pointy ears. As a kit I was catious and daring(oh lol). My littermates and I became apprentices named Falconpaw, Eaglepaw, Dustpaw, and Thornpaw. Our mentors were named Moonstream(mine), Fallowshore(Eaglepaw’s), Havensoul(Dustpaw’s), and Silverspark(Thornpaw’s). My best friend was named Ravenpaw. Eaglepaw died of greencough. Goldheart, Smolderheart, Dustpaw, Thornpaw, Fallowshore, and I were the saddest cats in the Clan. But we cheered up when my alive littermates and I became Warriors! I was named Falconsky, Dustpaw was named Dustfreeze, and Thornpaw was named Thornleaf. I became more loving, caring, loud, and undependable. Ravenpaw, now Ravenflight, started liking me, and we became mates. We had two kits, Rainkit and Sunkit. When they were five moons old, I died defending the nursery from WindClan. My last words were, “I’ll miss you.” It took a few seconds for my spirit to come out of my body. Rainkit and Sunkit asked Ravenflight what had happened to me. Ravenflight had stared in horror, not able to answer. She had then touched her nose to me and whispered, “No…” My spirit rose out of my body, and Eaglepaw appeared. I ran to her. I nuzzled her and told her how much I had missed her. Then I told her one second before we went to StarClan, and I touched my nose to Ravenflight and said, “I will always be with you and the kits.” Then I turned to the kits and said, “Now be good for your mother, and know that I’ll always carry you in my heart.” Then I left for StarClan with Eaglepaw. The very sad End.

    • Can you make more genoraters like these? I love this type! Remember: THEY\THEM FOR ME.

    • Mousekit was a dramatic and enthusiastic SkyClan kit. The grayish brown she-kit was Smolderheart and Fernleaf’s only kit.

      Once she became an apprentice, Stormcloud mentored her. Her mother Fernleaf was sadly killed on the Thunderpath, so she asked for her Warrior name to be Mousefern in her memory.

      As Mousefern got older she became more daring, acting headstrong and a bit mean.

      Her mate was Iceshard, who is the Clan leader’s son. As a kit he used to bully her, but they became best friends as apprentices and were now mates.

      Just as her parents only had her, Mousefern had one kit named Kinkkit.

      Mousefern was killed by a falling tree.

    • Stormkit, a gray and black tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes, was born to Ospreytalon(mother) and Woodbranch(father) in Windclan. She had four littermates, Blazekit(orange tabby tom), Ravenkit(black she-cat), Rapidkit(cream tom), and Seedkit(brown tabby tom). Stormkit was much more adventurous than her littermates, as she got older, she wanted to leave camp, so she did with her closet littermate, Rapidkit. They left camp, but they soon returned to camp. However, they did get punished and had to stay in the nursery for a week. Stormkit became Stormpaw and was assigned Fallowshore. Blazepaw got Silverspark, Ravenpaw got Smallripple, Rapidpaw got Havensoul, and Seedpaw got Jadestone. One day, WindClan and ThunderClan started fighting over their border and a border skirmish started. Stormpaw and Rapidpaw were there when it happened and Rapidpaw didn’t survive. Stormpaw was incredibly sad, but a kind apprentice named Flamepaw comforted her. They soon became best friends and were always together. There was more grief for Stormpaw before she even became a warrior, her mother Ospreybranch was trying to cross a thunderpath with Blazepaw and Woodbranch. A monster was coming and Blazepaw was on the road, Stormpaw’s parents ran onto the thunderpath and pushed Blazepaw out of the way. Both of the warriors died. Stormpaw was even sadder and she could barely concentrate on her training, the only thing that got her through was her best friend Flamepaw. Soon, she became a warrior: Stormstone. Her littermates also earned their warrior names: Blazefern, Ravenshard, and Seedfeather. Stormstone became a very smart, but unencouraging warrior. Stormstone still spent most of her time with Flamepaw and once he became a warrior, Flameflight, they became mates. Stormstone became a queen and had three kits: Softkit, Sandkit, and Moonkit. The kits became apprentices and the camp was on fire. Stormstone and Flameflight rushed to get their kits and clanmates out of camp, everyone managed to get out except Stormstone and Flameflight. They died from the fire and their clan mourned for them.

      This generator was really fun!

    • I got: Ravenkit, of ThunderClan. I’m a Jet-black she-kit with tiny white speckles that look like stars, beautiful deep green eyes, one white paw and tail tip. My mother, Ryestone and my father, Burnblaze, had me and my four littermates: Stormkit, a very dark gray she-cat with blue eyes, Featherkit, a light gray tom with darker spots and green eyes, Pantherkit, a pitch-black tom with bright ice-blue eyes, and Skykit, a pure white she-kit with one blue eye and one green eye. While I was a kit, I was very smart, and very shy, and I became an apprentice! I had no mentor, though, (Cause my fav color is light pink) and I shared with Pantherpaw’s and Featherpaw’s mentors, Silverspark and Loinpath. Sadly, My father, Burnblaze died on the thunderpath while on a patrol with me, and my mother started to be rude and mean to me, for I think she blames me for Burnblaze’s death. I make a friend, Emberpaw, a small russet tom with one white stripe and large green eyes. I became a warrior after I saved Patherpaw from a falling tree, and my warrior name was Ravenfern, in honor of my deep green eyes. I then became brave and smart, though I also self-doubted myself and was a bit short-tempered. My littermates and Emberpaw got there warrior names the next day: Stormstrike, Feathershard, Panthershadow, Skyflame and Embersky. Me and Embersky become mates and have 2 kits: Icekit and Firekit. Icekit was a black she-kit with white splotches and ice-blue eyes, and Firekit was aflame-colored tom with blue eyes and one white paw. I didn’t get to see my kits grow up in person, as I died in a badger attack, along with Panthershadow.
      The end! GREAT generator!!!

    • I got Eaglekit, a brown tabby with a white belly and ice blue eyes. She is a skyclan she-cat. Her mother is Fernleaf and her father is Ryestone. She has two littermates, Robinkit and Ravenkit. As a kit, I was adventurous and loving. My mentor was Moonstream. Later on, Ravenpaw died of greencough. Me and Featherpaw became warriors. I was Eaglefreeze and Robinpaw was Robinflight. As an adult, I was dependable and enthusiastic, but also bossy and loud. I became mates with my best friend as an apprentice. I only had one kit, Ravenkit. Ravenkit become Ravenlight. I died defending the nursery from enemy warriors.

    • Featherkit(random name), ThunderClan, Fernleaf and Thrushstrike, 2 littermates, adventurous and loving, pink is my favorite color so I chose Silverspark, my mentor was killed in a fox battle, I’m Featherfern!,sassy and brave the clan leaders kit is my mate, South America 3 kits, I die defending the nursery.

      I am Featherfern, a silver and black ThunderClan she-cat with white paws with grey blue flecks, a white muzzle and a feathery,plumy tail . As a kit, my mother, Fernleaf, named me Featherkit because of my feathery tail. She named my littermates Purplekit for her unusual purple black pelt, and Icekit for her big icy eyes. My father, Burnblaze, was a more nice caring father, and we loved him very much. As a kit, I was adventurous and loving. When we were made apprentices(Featherpaw, Purplepaw, and Icepaw) I received Silverspark as my mentor. Purplepaw got Fallowshore, and Icepaw got Moonstream. When we were apprentices, Silverspark got killed protecting me from a fox. When we got our warrior names, I received the name of Featherfern, in honor of our mother. Purplepaw became Purpleshade and Icepaw became Icefrost. I am now a lot smarter, and I am still adventurous and loving, but I’ve also become a bit sassy and braver. As we grew older, we each fell in love and got mates.I became mates with the Clan leaders kit, Lionroar. Icefrost eventually fell for her friend as an apprentice, Sundawn and Purpleshade became mates with the Clan deputy. Me and Lionroar had 3 kits together, named Dawnkit, Sweetkit, and Joykit, all of whom were she-cats. They eventually became Dawnflower, Sweetlight, and Joyjump. I died defending the nursery from invading ShadowClan cats.

    • I got Sandshard, a she-cat of ShadowClan

      Her mother is Burnblaze and her father is Ospreytalon. As a kit, she was very cautious and wary of things. When she became an apprentice, her, mentor was Jadestone. Three moons later her mother and father both died in a battle with a badger, and she had no one else except her mentor. She received her warrior name, Sandshard. As a warrior, she became unwavering to her loyalty to ShadowClan, yet self-doubting. She became mates with Stormstar’s kit, Skyfall. Skyfall and Sandshard had three kits, named Fernkit, Emberkit, and Dustkit. They were killed by a ThunderClan patrol, still as kits.
      Skyfall stepped out onto a Thunderpath too earlier, and he was run over the next day.
      A few moons later, Sandshard was still mourning her lost family when a tree fell into camp. She could see the entrance of camp. Her choice was to stay, or to leave.
      She chose stay.

  • WindClan name genorater(I know, another one)!
    For your prefix, pick your favourite WindClan Medicine Cat(of the ones I know)!
    Moth Flight-Dove
    For your suffix, pick your favourite WindClan apprentice in Veil of Shadows!
    For your description, pick your least fav WindClan Medicine Cat!
    Moth Flight-gray cat
    Hawkheart-brown cat
    Barkface-gray and white cat
    Kestrelflight-white cat
    For your rank, pick your least fav WindClan apprentice in Veil of Shadows!
    I love all of these cats!-Leader
    I got Doveflight, a brown cat. The WindClan deputy.