Name That Apprentice!

Hey there! I’m Flame That Shines Like Sun, and this is Name That Apprentice. Before we begin, I’ll give you an overview of what to do and the rules, so everything can go as smoothly as noodle soup.

c-purple-pail-charityowlFirstly, Name That Apprentice is a game! I give you all six apprentice names, and you lovely people come up with warrior names for them. Every week or so, I choose six winning names from those entered. If one of your names win, you get a point, and then you’ll be on the leaderboard! So do your best!


  1. If you see that you accidentally used a name that someone else has already used, feel free to post a message below to change it. If you see someone used the same name as you but did it after, you can tell them- but please be polite and kind while doing so.
  2. This is not the place to post names not related to NTA- such names belong on the Warrior Names page. If you post them here, they will probably be trashed or moved onto the correct page, just a warning. This is alos not the place to post your own apprentice names.
  3. You can only enter once per round. I count one entry as the six warrior names of the apprentice names I give you.
  4. Every 30 rounds, the overall winner(s) will be announced and the leaderboard will be refreshed! The overall winners will be entered into the NTA Hall of Fame!
  5. Have fun and be supportive of everyone.
  6. Please try to post your entries in a reply to my comment so they all end up on the same page. It makes it a lot easier for me.

If you’re still confused, be sure to observe the comments below- I think they’re poretty good examples of what to do. Also, I currently announce the results of each round every few weeks, but this is subject to change.

And now, with that out of the way, we can begin the game! 😀 Good luck to all, and have a great time!


Eagleclaw and Jetclaw (Game 1)


  • Moonpaw: Moonstream/Moonsong
    Candypaw: Candytuft/Candycrush
    Skeletonpaw: Skeletonfang
    Pumpkinpaw: Pumpkinvine/Pumpkinleaf
    Skullpaw: Skullshade
    Spookpaw: Spookfrost

  • I Need Some Help:
    CloudPaw – ?
    ApplePaw – ?
    ShiningPaw – ?
    TallPaw – ?
    BrokenPaw – ?
    Happy Hunting!
    May StarClan Walk Upon You.

  • MoonPaw – MoonFlower – A Dark Gray She-Cat With Black Speckles.
    CandyPaw – CandyPelt – A Cream Colored She-Cat With White Stripes And A Swirl On Her Chest.
    SkeletonWing – A Black Tom With Gray Paws And A Broken Front Paw.
    PumpkinFall – A Orange She-Cat With Brown Paws And Fluffed Up Fur.
    SkullLeaf – A Gray Tom With A White Head, Brown Spots And Black Paws.
    SpookStream – A Black Tom With White Stripes And A Blue-Ish Paws.

  • Moonpaw~ Moonstalker- pale sliver tabby she-cat with a white flecked muzzle, paws, and chest and crystal blue eyes
    Candypaw~ Candyheart/Candycane- light pinkish cream she-cat with a dark cream heart mark on her chest and a dark striped tail and warm honey amber eyes
    Skeletonpaw~ Skeletonfrost- very thin dusty white tom his ribs show a bit he has messy on -kept fur frazzled whiskers and frost blue eyes
    Pumpkinpaw~ Pumpkinseed~ autumn ginger tabby she- cat with bright sun ~colored eyes a thick, fluffy squirrel-like bushy tail long pale whiskers and tufted ears
    Skullpaw~ Skullshadow- dark smoke colored tom with a half dark gray face and the other half white he has one fiery amber eye and a deep blue eye he also has black paws and a skull like face marking, and large broad shoulders
    Spookpaw~ Spookspirit- easily spooked lean – muscled black and white tom with forest green eyes

  • IvyPaw-IvyShade-a yellowish white she-cat with dark stripes on her back
    HollyPaw-HollySnap- a dark gray she-cat with two brown paw
    FrostPaw-FrostStep- white tom with one blue eye, one green
    AcornPaw-AcornBreeze- a light brown she-cat with a white paw and tail
    SmolderPaw-SmolderHeart- a brick red tom with blue eyes and a black splotch of his back
    StripePaw-StripeLeaf- a brownish gray tom with unusual black markings on his tail and back
    Thanks for reading this post, may StarClan light your path!

  • wait… how do are some comments just deleted, like the last page’s comment is from 2016 instead of the last NTA round haah