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I hope you’ve already seen the New Member’s Page and learned a little bit about BlogClan. I’m Kate Cary and I’m delighted to welcome you to a site I created to celebrate Warriors and our readers.

Please introduce yourself in a comment on this page. Tell us something about yourself or your purrsona. We prefer to use warrior names here. I hope that’s ok with you. We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

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  1. July 16, 2020 at 4:21 pm

    Hello! I’m Acaciawing! You may call me Acaica 🙂

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    Hi Acaciawing welcome to blogclan my name is Sunfur

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    Hi Im moonpaw/shine i have not been active for a while well technically ive been reading all ur comments
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      Hello Moonie! Welcome back! I don’t think we have ever met, but then again my memory is sort of wonky.

      I love Warriors and Wof!!!

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      hey there! you probably don´t know me, but i am breezey! i joined blogclan a few weeks ago

      petals in warm summer breeze.

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      hello 🙂

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      welcome back! I’m Ivyla, nice to meet you!

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      Hi! I’m Briarkit but u can call me Briar. I used to be called Dovekit, and before that Tumblekit.

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      Hiya, fellow Moon! My name is Moonpaw/pelt, but I would prefer for you to call me Moonpelt, or Moonsi, my nickname!
      Glad your back!!!

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      Welcome back Moonie!

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      Welcome back!

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  4. Heronkit/Heronblossom
    July 17, 2020 at 10:04 pm

    Hi! I’m Heronkit, but I’d prefer if you call me Heronblossom. I’m a huge Lego fan and has been collecting sets every since I’ve been introduced to it. About Warriors, I was introduced to it when I was five and I read the prologue, and then I put the book down until 2nd grade. That’s when I got interested. Oh, and I was five when I started 1st grade since my birthday is on August 23rd. I used to have a friend in second grade who was reading Warriors too, but then I moved. Now, I’m going to 5th grade and the second Lightningkit is a friend that I made when I entered 4th grade. Underneath is a huge document of the third book of a series that the second Lightningkit and I wrote. It’s called Burning Fire and usually, the number of pages in a book we write are about 60 pages. Instead, this book has about 140 pages. Enjoy. 😊 (I only put in the first four chapters)
    Burning Fire

    SSET (It’s a pseudonym)

    ScorchClan (in ranking order)
    Leader: Scorch- black-and-white tom, with one red eye and one savage yellow-green eye (40 moons old)

    Deputy: Lucifer- wiry dark brown tom (18 moons old)

    Wither- gray she-cat with faint black splotches and green eyes (Is usually in charge of arena fights. 37 moons old)

    Feather- ginger she-cat with yellow streaks and many scars from battle (33 moons old)

    Venom- pure black she-cat with white splotch next to her eyes (30 moons old)

    Blister- sandy colored she-cat with black and white splotches(26 moons old- Scorch’s first litter)

    Burn- gray and blood-red she-cat (26 moons old-Scorch’s first litter)

    Piptooth- gray tom with green eyes (25 moons old)

    Slice- large black tom with one eye (the other was torn out from a fight with a cat. 16 moons old)

    Dark Fur- dark tabby tom with brown eyes (30 moons old)

    Shadow- black tom with green eyes (22 moons old)

    Spear- gray tabby tom with green eyes and white paw (27 moons old)

    Branch- dark brown tom (19 moons old)

    Slash- gray tabby she-cat (18 moons old)

    Ember- brown tom with ginger paw (38 moons old)

    Scar- old mottled gray tom with a scar on the flank (86 moons old)

    Robin- yellow tabby tom with amber eyes (17 moons old)
    (Flicker’s Brother)

    Wood- dark tabby she-cat with brown eyes (40 moons old)

    Blur- fast blue-gray tom (12 moons old)

    Flicker- small brown tabby she-cat with long yellow streaks (11 moons old) (Robin’s sister)

    Stone- young mottled gray tabby tom (Scar’s kit & 4 moons old)

    Ash- gray tabby she-cat with black flecks and a white underbelly (Scar’s kit and 4 moons old)

    Swipe- large brown tabby tom (Ember’s kit & 4 moons old)

    Brick- brown tom with ginger splotches (Ember’s kit & 4 moons old)

    Shard- sleek black tom with white underbelly (Scorch’s kit & 4 moons old)

    Dart- wiry gray she-cat. (Often picked on by the older cats.
    Scorch’s kit & 4 moons old)

    Amber- tiny orange-brown she-kit (Hawk’s sister, 1 moon old, and orphan)

    Whisper-skinny gray she- cat with weird pale eyes. Storm was ordered to kill her.

    Dawn- light brown tabby tom. He was born dead.

    Leader: Heron’s Blossom- sleek tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow
    eyes and long legs (14 moons old)

    Deputy: Lightning- golden-brown tabby she-cat with lightning streak on back and amber eyes (15 moons old)
    Apprentice: Sky- light gray she-cat (7 moons old)

    Medicine cat: Frost Light- beautiful white she-cat with icy blue
    eyes(13 moons old)

    Blaze- black she-cat with white and yellow specks (26 moons old-Scorch’s first litter)

    Prowl- dark tabby tom with green eyes (36 moons old)

    Tiger’s Frost- muscular black tabby tom (17 moons old)

    Black Tuft- black she-cat with green eyes(17 moons old)

    Snow Tail- long-furred frosty white she-cat(17 moons old)

    Leopard Scar- unusually spotted golden she-cat(16 moons old)

    Brindle- dark gray she-cat(16 moons old)

    Dewy Leaf- silver tabby tom(16 moons old)

    Pounce- brown tabby tom with amber eyes (39 moons old)

    Cherry- black-and-white she-cat (19 moons old)

    Hawk- orange-brown tabby tom with amber eyes (13 moons old)

    Falcon Wing- ginger she-cat(14 moons old)

    Mouse Rye- ginger tom with brown splotches(14 moons old)

    Flame Pelt- handsome ginger tom(35 moons old)

    Flower Shade- pale tortoiseshell she-cat(33 moons old)

    Cloud’s Storm- white she-cat with brown splotches(25 moons old)
    Apprentice: Swift- gray tom with green eyes (7 moons old)

    Pollen’s Breeze- brown she-cat with green eyes(20 moons old)

    Jay’s Flight- gray tabby tom with blue eyes (29 moons old)

    Swallow- black tabby she-cat with blue eyes (37 moons old and expecting kits)

    Leaf- sandy-colored she-kit (5 moons old & orphan)

    Sun- sandy-colored tom (5 moons old & orphan)

    Oak- dark brown tom with green eyes (2 moons old & Black Tuft’s kit)

    Shadow- black tom with dark brown splotches (2 moons old & Black Tuft’s kit)

    Raven- black tom with yellow stripes (newborn)

    Sage- yellow she-kit with a tint of black on her muzzle,
    paws, and tail (newborn)

    Light- black she-kit with yellow eyes (newborn)

    Meadow- tiny yellow she-kit with black stripes
    Berry- light gray she-cat with green eyes (Swift and
    Sky’s mother)

    Hail- black-and-white she-cat (Leaf and Sun’s mother)

    Turtle- gray tom (Leaf and Sun’s father)

    Lion’s Foot- yellow tom with amber eyes. Killed by Slice.

    Raindrop- brown tom with yellow eyes. Drank poisoned water.

    Petalflake- beautiful pure white she-cat. Killed by

    Cats Outside the Clans:
    Raven- black she-cat with green eyes

    Beast- large brown tom

    Rush- gray tabby tom

    Icicle- frosty white she-cat with green eyes

    Ivy- mottled silver and black she-cat

    Blizzard- silver tom with black paws

    Bramble- ginger tom

    A Dark Omen
    A black-and-white tom and a wiry dark brown tom were stalking through the abandoned twoleg dens at night. Their claws were clotted with dried blood and their pelts were matted with more. Fear-scent clung onto their pelts, but it wasn’t theirs. The torrenting rain pattered onto their slightly blood-stained pelts. They leapt over crumbling walls and onto patches of wet grass. The black-and-white tom was falling behind and the other tom had to pause often. Finally they arrived at a half-crumbled twoleg den with ivy curling around a hole. The dark brown tom pushed aside some ivy for the staggering black-and-white tom.
    Once they got inside, they parted and went to their separate dens. “Good night, Scorch,” the wiry dark brown tom meowed, dipping his head. He stalked over to a corner where a mottled silver she-cat blended in with the shadows, unseen. “Hello, Ivy,” the wiry dark brown tom greeted. Ivy just blinked at him and flicked her tail. “LightClan will be ours soon,” He hissed softly. The dark brown tom continued. “Now that we have their leader, it shouldn’t be too hard to beat them. Once we turn that clan into dust, we’ll expand our territory to the whole world!” Ivy raised a paw to silence him. “If you and Scorch are going to take over the whole world, then how are you going to get food? Scavenge for scrapcans? Hunt for prey? ScorchClan wouldn’t be able to hold the whole world, but only one twolegplace. Haven’t you ever heard of the endless lake, or also known as the sun-drown place? No creature that can walk on land can swim in there.” The wiry dark brown tom tilted his head quizzically. “Hmm. I’ve never heard of it, though I think when I stray too far from our territory, I end up at a cliff and below is foaming water splashing at the sides of the cliff.” Ivy nodded her head. “That, Lucifer, was the sun-drown place.” Lucifer dipped his head toward her awkwardly and twined his tail with hers, and Ivy flinched but didn’t complain. They looked up at the sky and watched the clouds pass over the moon until they fell asleep. The stars never looked down on them, or their ancestors who’d died.
    Ivy felt Lucifer fall asleep. She slowly climbed out of the nest and headed out.

    Chapter 1
    The Run For Safety
    “Lightning, please help Meadow!” Blaze wailed. Meadow was the runt of Blaze’s litter and everyone knew it would not be long until she was lost from the living world. Her breathing was getting shallower and quicker until her breathing stopped altogether. Meadow’s eyes were dull and lifeless; her body now limp on the floor. The small group had traveled away from the barn into the forest to get to ScorchClan so they could rescue the kits that were imprisoned there. “There is nothing we could have done to save her.” Raven murmured. Blaze threw her head up to the sky and yowled to the stars sorrowfully.
    She bent down to comfort her remaining kits; Raven, Light, and Sage. Light was squeaking for milk and let out a plaintive wail. “Hush, my dear. Come closer. The milk is right here.” Her loud squeaking slowed to a stop as she found a nipple and suckled. Raven and Sage were clambering over each other. A long silence stretched on throughout the night as Raven and Lightning moved Meadow’s dead body to the center of their makeshift camp. Grief hung in the air like a dark cloud. Only Light seemed to be the one who realized something bad had happened. She was squealing and snuggling closer to Meadow’s lifeless body. Blaze sank her teeth into Light’s scruff gently and moved her closer to her sleepy brothers. “Raven, can you do me a favor?” Lightning asked.
    “W-We came here because we needed to save a few kits from Scorchclan. Could you look after Blaze and her kits?” Raven looked up at the shining stars and thought for a moment. “Okay. I hope that I could help the kits so they survive, unlike Meadow. Where do I take them? Do they come along and hide? Or do I lead them to your Clan?” Lightning’s mind swirled with ideas and questions. Should they come with me? LightClan might not welcome them. I guess they should just come with me to ScorchClan, then they hide in some trees nearby. Raven will lead us to the ScorchClan camp, or at least the big Twolegplace. Lightning shook her thoughts to the back of her mind. She should be focusing on the vigil, not her rescuing plans! They settled down in a ragged circle around Meadow’s still-warm body. Blaze’s kits huddled close to their mother for warmth and quickly fell asleep. “Meadow was a kit who didn’t get to live long enough to see the world,” Lightning began. “Tonight we will sit vigil for her in her honor. May you have happy hunting on the moon and in the stars.” A heavy silence followed throughout the night. Crickets were chirping in the tall grass of the forest. The kits were sleeping at their mother’s paws. Blaze was crouching down at her daughter’s body, and nuzzled her muzzle into Meadow’s fluffy fur. “Why did you have to leave me so soon?” she whimpered.
    The rest of the night went by as it was soon obvious that they had to act soon, or the surviving kits might die along with Meadow. Finally, the golden sun rose above the treetops. Lightning sat up and stretched her limbs, relishing the sound of her backbones cracking. Blaze’s eyes were dull with exhaustion and grief as she settled down to take a quick nap. Raven was grooming her pelt. Lightning spoke to break the depressing silence. “Blaze, I think you should go back to the barn with your kits so they have a bigger chance of surviving. While you stay behind at the barn, Raven and I will go to ScorchClan and rescue the kits from Scorch’s bloody claws. When we have the kits, we’ll come back, and we can all find our way back to LightClan together.” Blaze, who was already unkeen to go, ever since the loss her daughter simply mewed,“O-Okay. I will stay then.” Raven nodded with approval. “We should hunt so we have enough energy to find our way to ScorchClan tomorrow.” Lightning dashed off into the shadowy forest. By sunhigh, they were all feasting on a vole, a mouse, and a shrew. Raven and Lightning said their farewells to Blaze and her kits while she rounded them up and took them back the way that they came from. Raven didn’t exactly know the place where the kits were, but she did know where Scorchclan lived. Lightning followed her through fields, twolegplaces, thunderpaths, and forests. She seemed confident of every step she took. They only stopped to eat and sleep.
    After four moons of trekking through tall grasses, and meadows, they reached a thunderpath. Across it was the big twolegplace that ScorchClan lived in. “When I say go, go!” Raven nodded. A few monsters passed by until there was a gap. “Go!” Lightning ran quickly across the thunderpath, Raven at her heels. A monster loomed closer. “Run!” Raven ran faster, her paws skimming the hard black thunderpath. Lightning pushed forward and landed safely on the other side in a bush. The prickly twigs pierced her pelt, but she clambered out and started shaking her pelt to dislodge them. Wait, where’s Raven? She sat up and sniffed the air for her. A small whisper came from the thunderpath. “Lightning.” She immediately turned around to see a stumpy-tailed Raven. “The monster cut it off. I think I might stink of the monster for a moon!” Raven explained. She sniffed her pelt. “Gross!”
    “I know the way to ScorchClan from here. Follow me.” Lightning led Raven through back alleyways and across thunderpaths. “I never knew that waiting with twolegs could actually save your life,” Raven grumbled as they mingled around twolegs waiting to cross a thunderpath. Finally, they arrived at the crumbled twoleg den that sheltered the kits. “Raven, you stay back because they know me better.” Raven nodded, and walked back a few steps into a clump of overgrown bushes. “Amber? Ash?” Lighting whispered. After a few seconds, when Lightning was about to ask again, a tiny orange head peeked out from under a pile of crumbled twoleg dens. Her denmates followed her. “Storm? Why are you here?” Amber asked quietly. “We are here to take you back to Lightclan so you can escape from Scorch’s grasp. I believe that most of you aren’t really Scorch’s kits. Shard, Dart, I know that you two are really Scorch and Wither’s kits. Also, my real name is Lightning.” Lightning explained. The kits’ eyes widened. Shard puffed out his chest. “Of course I’m Scorch’s kit! I have his pelt!” Amber rushed over to Lightning and nuzzled into her fur. “Really? Can we go now because I feel like Scorch is really scary. Also, do you know where Hawk is? I’ve assumed that Hawk ran away with you.” Lightning looked down at Amber with affection in her gaze. “Yes, he is with my friends in Lightclan, dear.” Amber eyes brightened. “Yay! We have to get out of here quickly, or else Scorch might come and make us go into the arena.” Her voice darkened.
    Raven suddenly scrambled out of the bush, scaring the kits, and whispered, “Hello. I am Raven and I will help you get to Lightclan.” Dart sniffed her pelt. “Why do you smell like us?” Raven shook the leaves out of her pelt and started to groom. “I was rolling around in that bush. It smelled like you five played around in there all the time. Now let’s get going.”
    The team reached the barn by nightfall by riding the same silver monster that took Lightning to Raven’s barn. Once they got inside, Blaze’s three kits bounded over to them and peppered them with questions. Lightning stared at them in amazement. “You’ve grown!” They exchanged news and fell asleep. In the morning they started their plan.
    “Blaze, remember that monster we took to get here? If we take one more, going the opposite direction, we should arrive near Lightclan!” A sense of determination crept into Lightning as she shared her plan. “What if we end up somewhere even farther away?” Blaze objected. “Besides, my kits are too small to jump.” Raven looked up from her mouse. “I think that we should get into the silver monster when it’s asleep. The farmer here only rides that monster to three places. The big twolegplace, a smaller twolegplace, and far away to somewhere that I don’t know.” Lightning immediately leaped to her paws. “Then it’s settled. We will have to hide in the monster and when we pass somewhere nearby LightClan, we jump. Raven, are you coming with us?” Raven shook her head. “No. Sorry, but I have to stay here and help the twolegs. They have been really kind to me and I want to return that favor. If there is any trouble, jump onto the large silver monster with the familiar symbols on the white breastplate. I suggest that you all memorize the symbols. Good-bye. May you all have safe travels.”
    The friends parted, touching noses and nuzzling each-other, before everyone left through a hole in the barn, as Raven called it. Blaze scrambled out of the hole last and quickly ran to the sleeping monster. Everyone else was already gathered around the back of the monster. By sunhigh, everyone has recognized the symbols, including Blaze’s kits. They climbed onto the back of the monster to take a nap. Lightning, Ash, and Stone offered to hunt. The last rays of the sun glinted on the silver monster by the time that the patrol came back loaded with prey. Everyone gulped down their share and started to share tongues. Night came, and everyone was settling down. Amber was the only one that didn’t seem tired. “Look at the stars. . .” She whispered in awe, her head tilted up. “Amber, you should go to sleep, otherwise, you will be too tired to get to camp.” No reply. Lightning looked at where Amber was, and saw that she had already fallen asleep.
    The next day, Lightning felt a tiny paw prod her shoulder. “Lightning?” She opened her eyes to see Amber staring at her with huge, questioning eyes. “Are we near LightClan yet? The monster woke up while everyone was asleep. It’s stopped now.” Everyone else was also awake. Blaze’s voice rang out while Lightning got to her paws. “We can get out of the monster now. I remember that if we cross a few thunderpaths, we will be in LightClan territory.” The cats cheered. Blaze led the way through twolegplace, slinking past the twolegs near the silver monster. Lightning was out of breath by the time they reached the edge of LightClan territory, for they had run through the meadow, five thunderpaths, and around more twoleg dens than Lightning could count. “Is everyone okay?” she panted. Lightning, Blaze, and Ash had each taken a kit through the dangers that they ran through, even though they were four moons old. Amber lagged a little behind, but her head was up and her eyes were sparkling. Lightning looked around. Everyone seemed ok, though they were all tired. “Wait, I smell someone. Hawk?!” Lightning whipped around to see Hawk, Dew Leaf, Snow Tail, Falcon Wing, and Sun, heading towards them. Lightning started running toward Hawk. When she got to him, she nuzzled him in the chest and mewed,“Hello Hawk. You’re sister is here!” Dewy Leaf narrowed his eyes. “Who is this black cat? ” An awkward silence fell onto the cats like rain pouring down to the ground. Finally Lightning cleared her throat. “It’s a long story. I’ll explain in camp.” Suddenly, Amber started running to Hawk, jumping onto his back and lightening the mood that had set onto the cats. “Oof!” Hawk grunted, almost collapsing with the weight. “You are a bit too old for this now Amber!” Amber simply giggled, and pretended to be asleep on top of his back. “Well, we better get back to camp before it starts raining again.” Hawk remarked, and they started walking together back to their camp. . .

    Chapter 2
    The Arena
    Heron’s Blossom woke up in a strangely familiar place feeling weak. She tried to stand up, but a sharp pain went through her shoulders and her legs. She collapsed back onto the floor, dazed. Heron’s Blossom weakly lifted her head up, trying to look around. Was she in her den? In Frost Light’s den? But then it hit her. The stench of this place was obviously not LightClan’s. Scorchclan. How did I even get here in the first place? she wondered.
    She seemed to be in some kind of den with hay underneath her, a shallow dip in the ground filled with water, and two entrances; one was a dark tunnel with a speck of light that felt strangely familiar and the other was a wired fence with someone behind it. A black tom; she scanned her early Scorchclan memories, but she didn’t remember much. Wait, she thought, Shadow.
    Shadow turned around and looked into her eyes. “Ahh!” He almost fell back. “Scorch, she’s awake!” he yowled. A black-and-white tom started striding toward her and Shadow. Scorch, she thought. He burst through the entrance and looked directly at her eyes with his bloodshot ones. “Hello, Thorn.” Scorch started stalking her. “My name is not Thorn, but Heron’s Blossom,” she objected. Heron’s Blossom hoped that her voice sounded more fierce than she really felt. Chills rippled along her spine. She forced her fur to lie down flat. Scorch stopped pacing. “Ah, yes, but that is your ‘Clan’ name, isn’t it? And where are you now? Scorchclan, so get used to your real name,” he snarled without waiting for an answer. “Now, let me ask you something. Do you know where Blaze is?” Scorch asked, suddenly calm. “No, I do not know.” She replied. “Liar!” He growled, “I know you took her!” Heron’s Blossom laid her ears back and curled her lips into a growl. “I alrea-” “Enough!” He cut her off. Shadow tried to slink away from the heated conversation into the ScorchClan camp clearing, but Scorch beckoned him back with a flick of his tail. “We’ll discuss this later. Shadow, you are not relieved of your duties yet. Bring Robin to my den if you want to stay as one of my trusted.” Shadow nodded and quickly ran away to the other side of the clearing. Scorch took no notice of his response and stalked away to his den where Wither was mumbling in her sleep. Heron’s Blossom felt dizzy with relief. She heard some rustling outside and Shadow burst through the ScorchClan camp entrance holding Robin by the scruff. Shadow released Robin and trotted back to his guarding duties. Robin tottered onto his sore pads and slowly walked to Scorch’s den. He looked unkempt; his fur was matted, his eyes were hollow, his head was drooping, and his tail was dragging in the dust and rubble. By the time he got up to Scorch’s den, Wither was stretching her legs in front of the Trusteds’ den. “Y-Yes Scorch?” Robin stuttered. Scorch leaned in closer, almost touching Robin. Robin looked like he might faint any second. “Now dear Robin, I need you to get this message to that clan we talked about.” Robin shakily nodded. “Tell them that their precious ‘leader’ is here with me, and if they don’t give the kits, Blaze, her kits, all of my cats, and Lightning, they can say good-bye to Heron’s Blossom over there.” Robin nodded again and was about to go when Scorch gave a low growl. “ And if I find that you’ve joined them, it’s too bad that you won’t be able to say good-bye to your sister.” Robin paused, took in the information, dipped his head, and quietly mewed,“Yes, Scorch.” Scorch looked satisfied with Robin’s response. “Thank you, dear Robin, and if you do come back successfully, you might be promoted to a trusted.” Robin seemed delighted at the prospect and he quickly ran out of the camp entrance.
    Over the next few days, Heron’s Blossom was regaining her strength. Soon she was back to her normal strength and was able to explore what was beyond the tunnels. Sadly, it just led to another wired fence. There was a passage that led off to another direction, but she didn’t want to go explore it. Heron’s Blossom usually rested and stretched her legs inside the stone den. While she rested, she dug deep into her knowledge of ScorchClan and thought that Scorch might want her as an arena fighter. Some cats were kind enough to give her scrap cans though something told her that there was some kind of twist to it. One day, when Heron’s Blossom was resting, someone sprang onto her back and pushed her down. “Ow!” She yelped. The cat that pushed her down tied vines to her neck, soon the cat got off, but she felt like the cat tied it a little too tightly. She sniffed the air and scented Lucifer. “Hello Heron’s Blossom. We’ll explain later, but you’ll have to remain calm or I’ll have to knock you out again,” Lucifer instructed. Heron’s Blossom stopped struggling, obeying him. “Good, it won’t take long now.” She felt him put something on her eyes, and felt herself being led somewhere. After a few minutes of walking she felt herself going down. Am I in a tunnel? She wondered. Finally the thing on her eyes was lifted and she found herself in another den, this time underground. Lucifer tied the vines to some tree roots behind her. She was quickly startled when Lucifer started speaking. “Welcome Thorn, to the arena dungeons, where you will be led out when it is your turn to fight.” Lucifer stalked around her. She wanted to pounce at him, seeing he was alone. Heron’s Blossom started walking toward him, but once she went one step the vine tugged at her neck, choking her. Lucifer smirked at her stupefied expression. “Now, Thorn, you better have some good sleep, or you won’t be ready for tomorrow’s games.” The arena! She thought. Lucifer was right; if she was weak in the morning, she might not be able to defend herself. She set herself down the most comfortable way she could, but due to the vines, it wasn’t very comfortable. Thankfully, each den had some moss scattered on the floor. Heron’s Blossom settled down and instantly fell asleep.
    Heron’s Blossom was stalking a plump rabbit. It looked up from it’s meal and sniffed the air. She was downwind and suddenly sprang up out of her hiding place. The rabbit squealed with terror and bolted away from the hungry cat. Heron’s Blossom raced after her quarry. She matched the terrified rabbit swerve to swerve. Finally, she caught up with the rabbit and pounced onto it. She quickly gave it a clean bite to the spine. Heron’s Blossom was about to start eating when a shadow loomed over her. It was Scorch. He bunched his muscles and sprang onto her. She was frozen with shock. Scorch collided with her and was about to give the killing bite. His stinking breath bathed her muzzle. He smirked. “Good-b-”
    “Wake up!” Spear roused her. She came to her senses and saw a mouse at her paws. When she looked closer she observed that it wasn’t a very clean kill. Wood’s scent wreathed all around it. From the look of the scratches, the mouse must have escaped from Wood’s paws several times and has suffered horribly. She pushed away the thoughts and ate the mouse quickly, not wanting to waste time. After a few last hasty bites, she saw Venom and Burn heading toward her cell. Burn stood next to Heron’s Blossom and unfastened the vine from the crumbled wall, but not her neck. Venom took it in her teeth and started leading her towards the wired fence that she saw when she was exploring. “Blur! Flicker!” Venom yowled. A few seconds later, the followers scurried to Venom. “Lead her into the arena room!” Then she heard a yowl, “Welcome! Welcome, Trusteds and Followers of Scorchclan!” Wither, she thought. “Today we have a special guest in our arena. I welcome Th-Er-Heron’s Blossom of Lightclan!” She felt the vines on her neck come off and she was suddenly pushed through the wired fence into the arena. So there’s a secret hole in the middle of it.
    Heron’s Blossom looked around. It seemed to be a large crumbled twoleg den wall with the ScorchClan cats on top of it, watching for death. Wither continued her introductions,“And, after two victories, Beast!” She suddenly stood a few tail-lengths apart from a large brown tom. Wither gave the final command. “Ok! Claws up, teeth ready, Fight!” Beast bunched his muscles and leaped, teeth bared. She was just able to slide underneath him, kicking him in the process. The enraged Beast looked at her feet, seemingly planning to strike there. Ha! she thought, he’s giving himself away! This arena match is going to be easier than I thought.
    Beast came charging toward her, but instead of diving at her feet, he lunged at her chest, pinning her down. Beast’s weight was too much for Heron’s Blossom, and her arms were pinned to her side, as Beast pressed his paws on her. Beast was about to make the killing bite when a strange sound filled the air. Water was rushing out of something in the bush that hid in the shadows. Beast scrambled off of her and ran to the other side of the arena clearing. He started to hiss at the foaming water. She looked at her paw, and found out she had gotten a claw ripped out. Water swirled all around her now, and terror shot through her like a bolt of lightning. Heron’s Blossom thankfully knew how to swim and pounced into the roaring water. Gasps went up from the crowd. She felt smug with satisfaction. Heron’s Blossom started to paddle to Beast, who was flailing in the water. His head bobbed up and down while Heron’s Blossom pushed him down under the water. Under the water, everything felt slow and peaceful. Muffled cheers echoed around the underwater arena. Blood! Blood! Kill! Kill! We Want Blood! Kill him! Suddenly, the rushing water stilled. She bent down to Beast’s ear and mouthed, “I’m sorry.” Then, she bit down on his neck as hard as she could, and swam up to the surface. The still water drained away into a hole underneath the bush. She lowered her head as the afternoon sun beat down on her. The crowd cheered. “We have a winner! Heron’s Blossom will have a shrew tonight!” Even though Wither sounded enthusiastic, Heron’s Blossom felt really guilty. Beast was dead, and he must have had a family out there waiting for him to return.

    Chapter 3
    The Next Challenge
    The patrol, the ScorchClan cats, Blaze, Blaze’s kits, and Lightning walked to the camp. Lightning was just coming in when Cloud’s Storm rushed toward her, almost knocking her over. “You’re back, which is good, because Heron’s Blossom is missing!” Cloud’s Storm yowled. “What?!” She walked to Cloud’s Storm and she told her the story of what happened. “Heron’s Blossom was organizing patrols four moons ago, and no one has seen her since!” She explained. “Can you lead us? I mean, you’re really good at the job, and every cat feels safe around you. Also, while you were away, Swallow gave birth to two kits; Honey and Pollen. They have already reached their third moon. We have endured in this harsh environment while you were gone too. Whenever it rains, the camp floods. Maybe I could show you our makeshift camp for when it rains when you have some free time.” Cloud’s Storm stared at her with pleading eyes. Lightning felt flattered and agreed. She stalked out of the den and scrambled onto the High-Branch and yowled,“Will every cat gather at the High-Branch?” At her voice, the expectant clan settled down around the High-Branch and every cats’ eyes were on her. “Cloud’s Storm told me of the tragic news about Heron’s Blossom’s sudden disappearance. I will take over as a temporary leader and resume Swift’s training. Sorry about the delay, Swift.” Swift only nodded and dipped his head respectfully. A squeak came from the nursery. “Where’s Heron’s Blossom, Lightning?” Black Tuft shushed Shadow and scolded him. “You shouldn’t be talking over Lightning. Now go to sleep.” Shadow tried to protest, but Oak pushed him to their nest. Lightning sighed. “That I don’t know, but I promise, we will find her! Black Tuft, could you bring Leaf, Sun, Oak, and Shadow over here?” Black Tuft opened her jaws to protest, then thought better of it and called the kits over to the High-Branch. They obeyed and scurried under it. “Oak and Shadow have reached their sixth moon. Dewy Leaf, I trust that you will pass on all your skills to Oak. Shadow, Pollen’s Breeze will teach you how to become from a defenseless kit to a seasoned fighter. You must also learn to care for your clan and respect the ways of nature. Leaf and Sun, you two are three moons older than Oak and Shadow so I will give you mentors. Leaf, your mentor will be Brindle. Brindle, teach this young cat the meaning of being a true clan cat and pass on your skills to her. Sun, Leopard Scar will be your mentor. Leopard Scar, teach him your special skills for they will be essential in the future. The meeting is at an end.” Lightning leapt off the High-Branch and sat in her nest, watching the crowd disperse. Oak, Leaf, Sun, and Shadow ran over to their waiting mentors. They nuzzled each other’s muzzles. Black Tuft looked as though her chest would burst with pride. “Hello?” A nervous voice came from somewhere. Cats started turning their heads, trying to figure out where the voice came from. Blaze shuffled her kits back into the nursery. Cloud’s Storm slid her claws in and out. Tiger’s Frost lowered his belly down to the ground and lashed his tail. Frost’s Light scrambled into her den and started preparing poultices. “Hello, is this Lightclan?” Lightning finally pinpointed the voice, outside of the camp entrance. “Yes. Why are you here and can you show yourself?” Lightning asked the voice. It obeyed and a yellow tom appeared. Blaze peeked out of the nursery and gasped. “Robin!” Robin spotted her past the bristling crowd and pushed LightClan cats aside. He finally reached her and they nuzzled each other. Blaze’s kits peeked out from behind Blaze. “Who is he?” Light asked. Blaze purred. “Kits, meet your father, Robin.” Light exchanged shocked expressions with her littermates. They seemed to have decided that Robin was good play material, and started batting at his tail. Raven pounced onto Robin’s tail and started to shred it with his tiny claws. Blaze and Robin both purred with joy. Light pushed Raven off Robin’s tail and squealed,“Come on! Let’s drive this intruder off our territory!” Happiness surged through Lightning from the tip of her ears to the tip of her tail. Sage pounced onto his back and batted at his ears with her tiny paws while Raven and Light continued to bat at his flicking tail. Finally, Robin shook his kits off. They looked up at him with hurt expressions. “Sorry, I have to speak with Lightning. There is no time for playing.” The kits and Blaze went back inside of the nursery. Robin walked into Lightning’s den. LightClan warriors watched him warily and slowly disappeared into their den. Swift and Sky were starting to show the new apprentices how to make nests. Lightning noticed that Robin seemed really nervous and scuffed his feet when she beckoned him to sit down with her tail. “I am here to deliver a message from Scorch.” He began. “Scorch told me that I need to tell you this; Heron’s Blossom is with him at Scorchclan and he says;“If you don’t give back all of his cats, you can say good-bye to Heron’s Blossom.” Lightning thought for a moment. “Robin, tell Scorch that Lightning is thinking, but has not made a choice yet. Off you go then.” She meowed to him. “Good-bye, Lightning!” His mew faded as he ran off into the trees.
    Frost’s Light popped out of her den and went to Lightning’s den and reported,“The kits are in good condition, Blaze has a bit of shock, and the warriors are a bit wary but otherwise fine!” Confusion clouded Lightning’s mind. Why is she reporting this to me? “Er-Great! That’s good, thanks Frostlight!” she replied. Lightning called Tiger’s Frost and Leopard’s Scar over to her den. “Thank you for coming. I know you two are the best fighters in our clan, and would like you two to teach our apprentices while I’m not available, please. Oh, and can you bring their mentors too?” The duo accepted the offer and called Sky, Leaf, Sun, Oak, and Shadow over to the training clearing right in front of the camp. Lightning searched the apprentice’s den for Swift and found him tucked into his nest. His paws were twitching as if he was chasing a rabbit in a dream. Should I wake him up? He seems pretty peaceful in his sleep. Wow, I never noticed that he’s almost full-grown and barely knows any battle moves. I should wake him up. Lightning prodded Swift’s side. “What is it?” Swift asked groggily. “I’m taking you out to teach you battle moves so you can defend yourself and attack your opponents when a battle comes. Besides, I don’t think you know any battle moves since I’ve left on a mission to rescue Stone, Ash, Swipe, Brick, Dart, and Shard.” Swift grudgingly got out of his nest and stood up in front of Lightning. Wow, he’s gotten taller. I can tell that when he is fully-grown, he might be even taller than me! “Leopard’s Scar has been teaching me all the battle moves that she knows. Apparently, she never taught me how to hunt.” Lightning flicked her tail to beckon him to the training clearing. Swift was looking around the camp absentmindedly. Frost’s Light noticed what was happening from her den and nudged Swift towards the camp entrance where Lightning was impatiently waiting. Does he want to work with Frost’s Light and learn all about medicine? she wondered. Swift scurried over to Lightning and they went to the side of the camp where Lightning caught her first piece of fresh-kill in LightClan territory. At the corner of her eye, Lightning could see her fellow clanmates practicing battle moves with their claws sheathed. Stone bunched his muscles and leaped toward Leaf. Leaf immediately flipped onto her belly and splayed out her paws to catch Stone. Stone landed on top of Leaf, but she rolled him over and pinned down his shoulders. “Again?! You’re bigger than me! It’s not fair.” He whined. Leaf gave the younger cat a playful nip on the ear. Tiger’s Frost and Leopard’s Scar watched approvingly at the corner of the clearing where the ground gave way to mud and reeds. “Good job Leaf. It’s interesting how you splayed out your paws to catch him, and flipped him over.” Brindle praised Leaf. “It’s not like I had training. In ScorchClan, we had to practice in our den every day from when the sun rose until the sun set. And I never got to challenge anyone older because I was the oldest one in the den.” Stone muttered grumpily after Leaf got off of him. A sneeze brought Lightning’s attention back to Swift. He was sniffing a blossom. Suddenly, he swerved away from Lightning’s view and she felt some weight on her back. Her legs buckled and she fell to the ground. What should I do now? Praise him? Counter his move? Admit defeat? She started to swing around on the ground until she rolled. Swift hopped away just in time before he got crushed. Lightning got up to her paws. “Swift, your battle moves are exceeding my expectations, but could you show me how you hunt? Try to catch a rabbit for the kits. I’ll be watching your every pawstep.”
    A day had passed since the training assessment with Swift, and he had caught two finches instead of one rabbit. Lightning had taught him how to catch rabbits last night. Birdsong filled the damp air while the early morning light filtered into the den. Cats were stirring in their dens. Lightning sleepily opened her eyes and stretched. She came out of her den when a screech came from the camp entrance. “Scorchclan is coming!” Lightning turned around to find Brindle, who was on guard duty, yowling at the top of her lungs. She ran over to the warriors’ den and roused the nearest cat. “Everyone! Formation! Guard the kits!” Lightning shouted. Moments later, cats started rushing into camp. It was Scorchclan. Scorch, leading the battle party, started strolling towards Lightning, who stood tall. “Why are you here?” she growled. “To take back what’s ours!”He snarled, and leaped towards her. All around her, LightClan cats were fighting ScorchClan cats. Pounce, Swallow, Cherry, Blaze, and everyone else from ScorchClan tensed at the sight of their former clanmates. “Att-” Lightning yowled, but she was cut off when Scorch clawed at her eyes. One missed, but the other found its mark. Lightning screeched with agony and pain. Scorch charged towards her from the side and numbed her foreleg. Unable to stay balanced, she fell. Scorch took this chance and knocked her down, so her belly was partly shown. Lightning was about to get up and leap at Scorch, but Lucifer came from behind her, bit her, and pulled her back down. Lightning swiped at him, and he leaped back. Scorch and Lucifer were struggling to keep Lightning still. Blister barreled past battling pairs and helped the two toms to pin her down. Hatred radiated strongly off of them. Lightning began to lose consciousness and at the edges of her vision, darkness swirled, trying to close into the center. She longed to give in, but her clan was depending on her. Lightning gave one last push but the three cats held her down tightly. The darkness swirled closer and closer until she could only see a speck of light. Hawk, who was battling with Shadow, noticed this, slashed Shadow’s face, and rushed towards her. She started seeing stars, and she didn’t know how much longer she would stay conscious. Hawk reached her and barreled towards Lucifer, throwing him off. She was just able to get Scorch off, and Blister had scrambled away past the camp entrance, fleeing when she realized that she was outnumbered. For a few seconds she stood there, finally getting enough air. The darkness retreated from her eyesight. Then, Hawk and Lightning started battling Lucifer and Scorch. All around them, the Scorchclan cats seemed to be winning. While battling, Scorch slashed her muzzle with all his might. She yowled with agony and fell back. Lightning forced herself to struggle back up, and she could feel the blood pouring out of her muzzle. Scorch seemed amused. He pounced again from behind, and bit deep into her hind leg. She could feel his teeth sinking in, and the blood coming out. Lightning collapsed onto the ground, blood being the only thing she could sense. Scorch seemed very determined to choke her, or at least knock her out. Scorch and Lucifer tried to pin her down, but Lightning kept struggling. The darkness swirled around the edges of her vision once again. Blister crept back into the battlefield and pinned Lightning down securely. Scorch unsheathed his claws and grabbed Lightning’s neck while Lucifer went off to capture Hawk. Once Scorch had a grip, he started squeezing. Immediately, the darkness that crept around at the corners of Lightning’s vision closed into the center until the whole world was black. She went numb, and stopped moving all together. Lightning was acutely aware of Scorch trotting away to sneer at Hawk.

    Chapter 4
    A New Cat
    Hawk was losing against Lucifer’s fast and powerful swipes, and soon he was cornered. Scorch came in and sneered,“Oh wow! Look at your precious mate. You must be so sad, aren’t you?” Scorch’s stinky breath bathed Hawk’s muzzle. He pinned Hawk down and slashed at his flank. Hawk turned to try and see Lightning. She laid at the side of the clearing right in front of her den, tired and bloody. Blister left Lightning and started to raid the nursery. On the other side of the battlefield, Frost’s Light was trying to defend herself against Spear and Dark Fur. Dark Fur pinned her down, while Spear went into her den and started destroying the poppies. Frost’s Light was struggling, but the cat’s massive paw held her down. Scorch knew he had won and yowled,“ScorchClan cats! Back to camp! This battle has been won!” The cats gave a few more scratches to the cats they were battling, and left. “Good bye!” Lucifer sneered, before disappearing into the forest.
    “Lightning!” Hawk ran over to her body, which was soaked in blood. Her pelt was matted and her eyes were closed. He and Tiger’s Frost picked up her bloody body and took it to Frost’s Light’s den. She gazed at the body and mewed,“She is young to have injuries like this, and she might not survive, but I will do what I can.” She headed into her den and beckoned the two toms to bring Lightning inside. Frost’s Light directed them to lay Lightning in a nest while she chewed some herbs into a poultice. She put them on a leaf before asking,“Could one of you two wash her? She has a lot of blood on her body that needs to be washed off before I could treat her wounds.” Hawk sat down to wash Lightning thoroughly, making sure that she’s perfectly clean. Frost’s Light nodded in approval and smeared the poultice onto the cobwebs before applying them to Lightning’s wounds. “Hawk, Tiger’s Frost, you can both go now. Don’t worry, she’s safe with me. Now can you show me your wounds so I can treat them? Once I’m finished treating your wounds, it would be great if you two could both call in a few cats at a time. Thank you!” A screech came from the nursery. “Light is missing! They must have stolen her!” Everybody immediately got to their paws and started searching for the missing kit and by dusk, it was confirmed that they had stolen her.
    During the night, Hawk noticed that Amber had slipped away from the nursery and went to the medicine cat den to check on Lightning. When she came out,she went over to Hawk and whispered,“Lightning was twitching in her sleep.”
    At the break of dawn, Hawk had rushed into the medicine cat den and yowled,“She’s alive!” His joyful yowl roused Frost’s Light and she climbed down from her nest to see Lightning, one eye open, curled up in her nest. “Hello, Hawk,”she yawned sleepily. “Did we win?” Her eyes were now clouded with worry. Hawk looked onto the ground, “No, Scorchclan won, but no one was killed or captured.” He answered. “This time!,”Lightning hissed back. “How many cats will have to die before this clan falls? We don’t even know if Heron’s Blossom is alive.” She tried to stand up but Hawk pushed her back into her comfy nest. “Hawk, listen to me,”she rasped. Hawk pushed his head to her’s and asked,“What’s wrong?” Lightning dropped her head down onto the side of her nest. “I had a dream, a dream where Scorch killed everyone I loved, and it was all my fault because I wasn’t reacting fast enough.” Lightning wailed. “It’s just a dream Lightning!” he mewed frantically. “But what if it isn’t?” Her voice grew smaller until she had collapsed onto her bedding, unconscious.
    Frost’s Light pushed in front of him, and put her nose to her forehead. “I think she has a fever,” she muttered. “Hey! Amber? Do you want to help me find the right herbs so we can continue to treat the other cats?” A few seconds later, Amber came in and started taking out the herbs, sorting them into piles and chewing them up into poultices. She spit out the poultices onto leaves and carried them away to the bedraggled warriors.
    A few days had passed, and everyone except Lightning was fully healed, even though she started walking a few times a day, and her wounds didn’t become infected. Frost’s Light kept a close eye on Lightning whenever Hawk wasn’t around and applied a poultice daily on some of her deeper wounds. Hawk volunteered to mentor Swift in Lightning’s place and progressed quickly. By the time that Lightning is back to full strength, she would have no apprentice to train anymore!
    Hawk started becoming aware that Lightning was disappearing from time to time, and if he asked her, she would simply snap at him. Lightning was in her den, padding out and through the camp entrance. Unknownst to her, Hawk was behind a bush, yearning to know where she was going everyday. He followed her out of LightClan territory and to a large clearing in the middle of an unknown forest. “Hello Lightning!” He shuffled around in his hiding space to see a black cat touching noses with Lightning. “Hello Jasmine.” Lightning greeted the stranger smoothly. “Want another round?” Jasmine asked. Lightning nodded swiftly and Jasmine walked back a few steps and meowed,“Let’s begin.” The two cats collided, luckily their claws where sheathed. So this must be some sort of training session. What made her think that she could trust that cat? Hawk snapped out of her thoughts and focused on the training session. Lightning twisted, landed on Jasmine’s back, and knocked her to the ground. Then, pretended to slash her around her body, finally pinned her down, and pretended to kill her. A few moments later, she got off Jasmine and helped her up. Jasmine chuckled and started grooming her ruffled fur. “I see that you are progressing, so you can go now. Your session is over for today.” Lightning bowed her head and started walking away. When they were far enough from the clearing, Hawk leaped out of the undergrowth and shouted,“What were you doing, Lightning?” Lightning almost toppled over with shock. “N-nothing?” She replied hastily. “Don’t lie, Lightning! I saw you with that cat called Jasmine!” He hissed. Her eyes widened with shock and anger. “Were you spying on me?!” She shouted, her body rising to her biggest size, towering over him. “Hawk, when we get back to camp, we have some issues to discuss in my den.” she commanded. “That’s not your den, you used to share it with Heron’s Blossom,” Hawk objected. Lightning’s head and tail suddenly drooped onto the thunderpath that would lead them home. “I used to. Who knows what Scorch would have done to Heron’s Blossom now that he went back to his camp without any captives? I should wash Jasmine’s scent off my pelt now before we get back to camp.”
    The milky sun began to set as the couple returned to the camp. Swift blocked their way and offered them a mouse. Lightning swiftly grasped it and thanked Swift, her voice muffled by the plump mouse in her jaws. Hawk walked into her den, and sat down on the bare floor of her den. Lightning came in and hissed,“What I’m doing is none of your business!” She found a comfy spot in the corner of her den and curled her tail around her body. “I just wanted to know where you were.” He insisted.
    “Hawk, I love you, it’s just that the last battle with Scorch has really shaken my confidence, and I want to be ready, if we ever meet again, which I’m sure we will.” she mewed, now calmer. “Fine, just always be safe, okay?” he asked. Lightning nodded and meowed,“You can go now.” Hawk yawned, and settled into his nest inside the warriors’ den, overcome by his mate’s secrets. . .

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    These are the other chapters.
    Chapter 5
    New Allies
    Heron’s Blossom was led to some clear water. It was the cleanest puddle that she has ever drinken in ScorchClan territory. When Blister led her to a larger prison den, a shrew was waiting for her buried into the moss, so only the long snout was sticking out. The vine that was tied around her neck slipped off and Blister dragged it away back into the tunnels. Heron’s Blossom quickly dug the shrew out and wolfed it down. A mew echoed in the tunnels. “Is it my turn yet? Who am I facing? Can I go against Beast? When can I meet all the other opponents? Could you lead me to the Ruins? Please? We won’t get into trouble, I promise!” Was Winter her kin? Why does she want to go against Beast? He’s dead. Because I murdered him in cold-blood. Maybe she wants revenge, but that won’t bring Winter back. She pushed her thoughts away and tried to take a nap, even though the cat’s words were ringing in her ears. Spear’s voice echoed through the tunnels after some scuffling. “No. Even though you’re the best arena fighter and a respected cat, it’s against Scorch’s orders. Oh, and yes, you are going to fight Fang after this round is over.” Heron’s Blossom strained her ears and heard battle cries and screeches from the arena. A snap bounced around the walls and cats cheered. Shivers crept along her back as Wither’s voice faintly rang out from the arena. “Everybody, we have a winner! Talon will have a mouse tonight! Blur and Flicker, bury Horizon’s body in the Den of Ruins, which is near the Poisoned Pond.” Heron’s Blossom stopped straining her ears and tried to settle down. Sunset was approaching as the screeches that ricocheted around in the twoleg-made tunnels slowed to a stop. She rested her head on her paws and started to wonder why Scorch and Wither wanted to send cats to their deaths. Did something happen during Scorch’s kithood that made him power-hungry and bloodthirsty? In ScorchClan, it seemed like Scorch just wanted to put his cats to the test to see who’s the strongest. When a cat reaches nine moons old, he has to enter the arena and fight for his or her life. If he lives, he becomes a follower and continuously battles in the arena until either he dies or he becomes a Trusted; if he died, his body went to the Ruins, where followers bury the dead. It crossed her mind of the first time Lightning was introduced into the arena. As his daughter, at the time, she went a day early. She finally dozed off into an unsettled sleep.
    As the sun started to cast shadows across the camp clearing, a clang from the ScorchClan camp clearing roused Heron’s Blossom up. She was hidden in the far corner of her prison den and noticed Lucifer padding up the trail towards Scorch and Wither’s den. “Hello Lucifer.” Scorch greeted his second-in-command warmly. Wither was still snoring in the den while the two toms strolled toward Heron’s Blossom’s prison den. Fear as cold as ice gripped her stomach as they got closer and closer. She quickly flattened herself and curled her tail around her body, paws tucked underneath her head, pretending to sleep until Scorch and Lucifer finished their conversation in front of her prison den. Her heart was pounding in her ears as they continued to speak, and their voices were muffled from her position. “Tomorrow, we will attack LightClan. Give the Trusted extra battle training today. The Followers will have to search for the best scrapcans and hunt rats for the Trusted. Today, they will go hungry so the Trusted have enough strength for the battle ahead. I want my cats back, and without their leader, it shouldn’t be too hard. Also, no going soft on them. Claws out!” Heron’s Blossom snatched a glance at Scorch and Lucifer. Lucifer dipped his head. “I’ll get our cats ready.” She quickly lowered her head and shut her eyes, trying to convince the two toms that she was still asleep. “Excellent. Then it’s settled; tomorrow, we attack the unsuspecting rival.”
    Heron’s Blossom was shocked; she was missing, and she had no idea if the clan was prepared for yet another battle. She hoped that Lightning would make sure that everyone was prepared and safe.
    That sunhigh, while the glaring sun was beating down on the earth, a paw prodded her awake. “Pst. Wake up,” somebody whispered. Heron’s Blossom opened her eyes to see a small brown tabby she-cat called Flicker hovering over her head. “This afternoon, you will have an arena battle. Nobody wanted to tell you that but me. Here, share this mouse with me. You’ll need your strength. I snuck this past Scorch.” Flicker pushed a plump mouse toward her while she stared at her, confused. She tilted her head. “Why do you want to share a mouse with me? Remember the fight that we had when I came to rescue Lightning, whom you know as Storm? You were spitting with fury. I forgive you for hating me then. Does this mean that you have forgiven me?” Flicker looked down at her paws and ushered her toward the hidden corner of her prison den and took a bite out of the mouse. She chewed slowly as Heron’s Blossom stared at her intensely. Finally Flicker swallowed her mouthful and sighed. “Yes, this means that I forgive you. Take a bite out of this, it’s delicious!”
    After they finished sharing the mouse and exchanging polite words, Heron’s Blossom settled down to take a nap. Who would she face this time? She was prepared that afternoon for the two guards to come to take her into the arena. After her vine was taken off, and Wither finished talking, she was pushed into the arena. This time, she was facing a cat called Rush. As she fought, she found it hard to land blows on him because he was alway moving. Rush quickly darted at her and pelted her with scratches until she collapsed onto the ground. He pounced on top of her and sank his sharp claws deep into her shoulder. Heron’s Blossom shrieked with agony. She gathered her last scraps of energy and pushed him off her, hissing with hatred. Fury burned through her pelt as she tried to pounce at Rush. He kept dodging her, which made the fury grow. She let out a battle cry and charged at Rush, leaping where he was going to be, not where he was. It worked, and she gave him a death blow on the neck quickly, not wanting him to suffer. Wither announced the winner again, but Heron’s Blossom didn’t listen. She trudged back to her prison den listlessly, her heart heavy with guilt. How many more cats would she have to kill? What did Scorch want her to become? A murderer?
    Heron’s Blossom was sleeping when a cry roused her. “Scorch!”
    She drearily lifted her head to see Wither running up to see Scorch, his fur and paws splattered with blood. “The battle!” she quietly gasped. “Who’s blood is that?” Wither asked. “Lightning’s,” he mrrowed with amusement. Is Lightning ok? It seems like she lost a lot of blood, from the amount that’s on his pelt. Lucifer didn’t have as much blood as Scorch’s but she could smell the scent of Lightning on his fur. How bad was Lightning hurt? Or worse! Did they kill her? The three cats moved away from her prison den while Heron’s Blossom stared at them helplessly. Venom cut through her thoughts and grunted,“You will have to share a prison den now. Come.” Heron’s Blossom said nothing, as she was led to another prison den with a frosty white she-cat in it. Venom shoved her in, and slipped the vine off of her neck. After Venom finished, she simply stalked out. “Hi, I’m Icicle!” The cat greeted her cheerfully. Heron’s Blossom decided to introduce herself too since this cat called ‘Icicle’ seemed friendly, but she was a little wary about this stranger. “I’m Heron’s Blossom, but Scorch calls me Thorn.” Icicle peered around her and asked,“You must be from the other clan, right?”
    “Yeah, I am. Did you know that I am the leader?”
    “No, I didn’t know that. You know, my brother was called Winter.”
    “Beast killed him in the arena. I wish Scorch would send me into the arena so I could kill him myself!”
    “I am not exactly sorry to tell you this, but he’s dead.”
    “Really? Who killed him?”
    “Um-I did.”
    “You killed Beast?!” She gasped, shocked. “Revenge wouldn’t bring Winter back. Also, I would have never wanted you to go against him.” Heron’s Blossom protested. “My real name is Ice, but Scorch calls me Icicle.” Icicle mewed. She yawned and blinked several times. Heron’s Blossom pushed her gently to a moss-covered corner. Then, she lay down in her own corner and fell asleep…
    Heron’s Blossom woke up the next day and saw Ice stretching and yawning. “Hey! You’re awake! I saved half a mouse for you since you slept through the whole morning.” Ice exclaimed, pushing a half-eaten mouse toward her. Heron’s Blossom slowly ate her food and buried the bones deep underground beneath their nests. “Any arena fights today?” Heron’s Blossom asked. Ice shrugged. “Why don’t we practice battle moves until we are called for the arena?” Heron’s Blossom nodded. “Okay. Please keep your claws sheathed or else we’ll be too weak to participate in the arena.”
    During the afternoon, Venom and Blur came to pick the two cats up. They led them to the arena clearing and left them at the mouth of the tunnel with Blur. “Welcome, cats of ScorchClan!” Wither’s voice rang out across the arena. Cats were staring at Wither and the tunnels intently, which made Heron’s Blossom fur prickle and bush out. Wither carried on. “Today, Blizzard, who has won nine arena battles, will battle once more, and if he wins, he will earn the right to leave his antisocial life and become a Trusted!” Cats cheered and the sound hurt her ears. “This doesn’t happen very often,” Ice muttered. Blizzard, a silver tom with black paws, strided out of one of the tunnels. “But this battle will not be easy!” Wither went on. “He is facing Mantis, one of the best, who has also won nine times. Whoever wins, will be the ultimate champion and earn the reward!” A big she-cat came out of the shadows and shoved the other two she-cats so she could enter the arena clearing. Her eyes were as green as emerald and her pale-orange-colored pelt was neatly groomed. There were wisps of silver around her ankles and tail. The two cats stalked a few more steps toward each other until Wither yowled,“Claws out, teeth ready, fight!” Blizzard leapt towards Mantis, but she dodged and pelted blows onto his muzzle and ears. Heron’s Blossom watched in horror as Blizzard bit Mantis’ paw and flipped her over by ducking under her belly and pushing up. He then swiftly pounced onto Mantis and dug his sharp claws into her shoulder. These two arena cats are skilled, but they are bloodthirsty and have murdered many others, Heron’s Blossom thought. Ice leaned in closer towards her pelt. They both continued to focus on the arena battle. Mantis was stuck beneath Blizzard’s paws, struggling against his weight. Heron’s Blossom peered in closer. Maybe she would need a trick or two to survive. Slowly Mantis stopped struggling and lay limp in the dust. Her chest barely rose and fell. Blizzard’s claws were still in her shoulders, but his muscles stopped tensing and he loosened his grip a little bit. Suddenly there was a yowl, and Blizzard reeled back into a wall. Mantis leapt up, despite the blood oozing out of her wounds on her shoulders. She quickly pounced towards Blizzard’s neck. Blizzard tried to move, but it was too late. Then, there was a Crack and Blizzard lay limp. His head lolled back and his eyes were lifeless and dull. Mantis looked up and yowled with triumph. “Everyone, please welcome Mantis as a new Trusted!” Wither yowled. The cats in the crowd cheered. “Mantis! Mantis! Mantis!”
    Heron’s Blossom and Ice went back to their dens and slept. She thought about what it meant that Mantis was now one of the Trusted; would she be as bad as Venom?-maybe. Her sleep was clouded with bloody dreams, and when she woke up, her moss was scattered everywhere and Ice had to help her put her nest back together. Lightning, please be safe, lead the clan for me.. She prayed to the rising sun above, which she could see from a shaft high above her and Ice’s heads.
    The sun was beating down hard onto the earth when some pawsteps echoed through the tunnels. Branch was escorting a kit over to them. The she-kit nervously trailed behind him and jumped at every sound. He nudged her towards the two she-cats and meowed,“These two are your new denmates. Good luck on escaping, ‘cause you’ll need it.” He left, leaving them alone in the prison den. Ice sniffed the kit’s pelt and she flinched away. “She smells like you, but a little different.” Ice reported. Heron’s Blossom decided to introduce herself. “Hi, I’m Heron’s Blossom, and this is Ice. Who are you?” The she-kit seemed to relax and took a few cautious steps toward them and sniffed both of them. When she looked satisfied, she snuggled up against Heron’s Blossom’s belly. “I’m Light. A black-and-white tom stole me from LightClan. Blaze, Raven, and Sage must be worried. Lightning rescued my mother, Blaze, four moons ago and now I’m missing! I have heard that Lightning is taking over as LightClan leader because the real leader is missing. What was her name? Heather’s Blossom? Heron’s Brook?” Ice and Heron’s Blossom both looked at each other and shared a mischievous smile. Heron’s Blossom started to speak. “Light, I am the missing leader.” She stared up at her with surprise and shock. “Wow! I get to share a den with LightClan’s leader and her friend,” Light exclaimed. Ice quickly shushed her and gave her what’s left of vole and she wolfed it down.
    Heron’s Blossom was sharing a small bush bunny with Ice, and Light was wolfing down a small mouse while the sun was setting. Piptooth had allowed them to hunt while Light played around in their den with a moss ball that Slash made for her. When they finished their meal and licked their chops, Branch came in and growled,“Scorch wants to see you, pipsqueak,” to Light. He grabbed her by the scruff roughly and carried her away. Heron’s Blossom was momentarily shocked. The Scorching. When Scorch caught a kit or once a kit opens its eyes, he would assign them a Trusted. They would do everything the Trusted says, until they are sent into the arena. If they don’t follow their orders, they would be sent to the arena early and probably die.
    Night fell and crickets chirped. Owls were hooting and cats started to go to their dens for the night. Heron’s Blossom heard a kind meow come from the entrance. She peered out and saw Mantis and Light! Light’s eyes were sparkling. “Scorch was going to give me to Venom, but then Mantis came in and offered instead!” she exclaimed, clearly overjoyed. Mantis gave her a kind glance and some fresh bedding. “She didn’t seem like she deserved someone like Venom,” she meowed shyly.

    Chapter 6
    Doing What’s Right
    The hot sun bathed Lightning in light. She and Hawk were sunbathing next to the stream that was right outside of camp. Lightning had invited Jasmine to LightClan and she had accepted. Her wounds have healed and Jasmine was expecting another loner’s kits. Yesterday, Leopard’s Scar overheard them arguing and told Lightning that Jasmine was her kin: her mother’s sister’s kit. Jasmine did tell Swallow that she was her niece in the end. The rogue that was her mate was called Bramble. He also joined LightClan and hunted a lot. Swift and Sky were almost full-grown, so Lightning had decided to create an assessment for them to see if they had learned everything that they needed to know to help the clan. While Lightning was injured, Frost’s Light told her how Heron’s Blossom wanted to create this clan into one like the legendary clans from stories that Frost’s Light was told. The apprentice’s mentor would stalk their apprentice down and watch their techniques of hunting. If the apprentice did well, they would become a warrior. It was rare for an apprentice to not pass their assessment.
    “Lightning!” Sage wailed. Sage was running into camp followed by Raven. She inhaled sharply. Raven had a bloody shoulder and a scratched face. “Raven!” Blaze yowled. She ran up to him, and started licking him vigorously. Usually, Raven would have snapped her that he could wash himself, but he didn’t object. “Sage, what happened?” Lightning asked Sage. Sage broke down into a wail. “I was playing moss-ball with Raven. The ball flew behind him, so he went to go get it, but then a big cat came and pinned him to the ground. Raven tried to escape, but another cat came and hurt him.” Raven dully nodded. “I got this.” He showed her the deep wound on his shoulder. Blaze flinched and started to groom him. “Sage, could you bring your brother to Frost’s Light?” Lightning asked. Sage nodded and went to support Raven to Frost’s Light.
    Lightning decided to lead a patrol. She led Swift, Sky, Bramble, and Falcon Wing. Falcon Wing had suddenly stopped moving, making everyone else bump against each other. She was scenting the air and her tail was lashing. Lightning was about to ask what it was but then she smelled it too. Rabbit-scent hung in the air. She nodded to Falcon Wing and she leapt towards the scent. Instead of a crack, and a dead rabbit, there was an ear-splitting screech. She scrambled through a bush and saw Falcon Wing stuck in a deep pit.
    “Hello, Lightning.” She tried to turn around, but suddenly, Scorch was right in front of her. She realized that if she tried to run, she would fall into the pit. It seemed much deeper, and the stones much sharper. “I gave you a chance,” he hissed. Scorch swiped sharply at her, but the angle he did it at only made her slip onto her back. He put a paw to her stomach. Then he flipped her onto her back. She had no idea why he did this until she saw what was on the other side of the ditch.
    Jasmine, her belly swollen, was held down by Lucifer. Her eyes were clouded with pain. “One more chance, kin, one more. . .” Scorch growled. He let go of Lightning and wrenched Cloud’s Storm out of a bush. Lightning glanced at her quivering body. “She’ll work.” Scorch muttered. Lucifer let go of Jasmine, gave her a sharp cuff, and latched onto Cloud’s Storm like a leech. Cloud’s Storm didn’t even have time to yowl in distress, as Lucifer smacked her head into the ground. Lightning tried to run and stop Lucifer, but she realized that she had been pushed to a tangle of brambles. Every time she moved one muscle, a new bramble would jab her somewhere. The rest of her patrol were cornered to a tree by Trusteds. Suddenly, the rest of LightClan streamed out of the camp – excluding the cats that came from ScorchClan. They launched onto their attackers with claws out and quickly pinned them down. Brindle and Leaf both clawed at Lucifer until he let go of Cloud’s Storm. She was barely conscious while cats screeched in the background. Sun came over and helped his littermate carry Cloud’s Storm home. Before the two cats had time to look around, Venom and Piptooth had managed to get away from their opponents and tore Cloud’s Storm off of their backs. Sun and Leaf spun around to face their opponents. They glared at each other while Feather dragged Cloud’s Storm into a bush and knocked her out completely. Dewy Leaf and Pollen’s Breeze ran over to them with their apprentices and helped them ward off the Trusteds.
    “Help!” Falcon Wing yowled. Bramble ran over to Lightning while Swift and Sky tried to get Falcon Wing out of the pit. Jasmine hobbled over and started grooming herself. The rest of LightClan made a protective half-circle around the wounded. Bramble was nipping at the brambles holding her. After a few long moments she was able to get out. She looked over at Swift and Sky. They had a long stick and Falcon Wing finally got herself onto it. Swift and Sky pulled as hard as they could. Bramble came over, and together they got the stick onto the land. Falcon Wing breathed a sigh of relief. Then her head lolled on the ground. “I think my leg is broken,” she croaked. Lightning, Bramble, and Jasmine slowly carried Falcon Wing to the medicine den. They dropped her off in a nest while Jasmine sat down inside of the nursery. Bramble nuzzled his mate good-bye and followed Lightning out into the battlefield. Hawk looked up from guarding the nursery and trotted after Bramble and Lightning.
    Once they got outside, the clouds were darkening and the air got colder. Cats were still fighting, but most of the ScorchClan cats retreated and the rest were weakened by loss of blood. Even though they were on the brink of retreating, their eyes were burning with fury and hatred radiated off of their pelts.
    Suddenly, out of nowhere, came another wave of ScorchClan cats. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Venom sneaking up on Swift. Lightning tried to move, but something pushed her down. She turned around and shook Flicker off. Just as Venom was about to leap, a cream-colored she-cat jumped out of a bush and kicked Venom in the stomach. A small black she-kit followed her. Her eyes were as yellow as a bright moon. “Light!” Hawk exclaimed. Light glanced up and scampered to him. “Mantis told me to warn you,” She mewed apologetically,“but Venom caught me and told me to clean her nest out. I finished, so I was about to tell you all, but. . .” She trailed off. “Als-” She was about to say something else when Branch knocked her down. Hawk tried to help, but the same cream-colored she-cat came and knocked down Branch. She picked up Light by the scruff and mewed,“Take her back to her family.” Her voice was muffled. “But Mantis, you’ll get punished!” Light wailed. “After I killed Blizzard, I vowed that I would never let any more innocent cats die just because of rivalry.” She handed over Light and leapt off into the midst of the battlefield. Lightning heard a yowl of,“Traitor!” coming from someone.
    She went towards the yowl and saw Mantis being pinned down by Scorch. “ScorchClan cats, we have won! Go back to camp!”He pushed the she-cat up to her staggering feet. Three other cats came to him, and started pushing her towards ScorchClan.

    Chapter 7
    The Ruin’s Caves
    Heron’s Blossom and Ice were allowed to go to the Meeting den. Everyone else was a little nervous and many scuffed their feet in the soft sand. “They must think that Scorch called this meeting to report about something that they did,” Heron’s Blossom whispered into Ice’s ear. They were at the back of the crowd and Feather was guarding them. Mantis was at the bottom of the LargeStone. She seemed a little bedraggled and starved. Scorch and Wither were on top of the LargeStone, ready to start the meeting once the noise died down. Their acrid stench gagged Heron’s Blossom, so Ice had to pat her back. Fear-scent also hung in the air as heavy as rain clouds. Everyone’s tails were either lashing or drooping.
    Wither cleared her throat and the cats fell silent. “There is a traitor among us!” Wither yowled. Scorch let his tail droop down the stone to point at Mantis. The ScorchClan cats gasped. Wither carried on. “During the battle, she injured Venom, stopped Branch from letting us take what was ours, and let our new prisoner escape!” The crowd murmured among themselves. Mantis’ head drooped and her tail was lifeless. A stab of pity reached Heron’s Blossom’ heart. Ice rested her tail on Heron’s Blossom’s shoulder. Heron’s Blossom glanced at her companion gratefully. “Every-cat knows what happens to traitors!” Scorch growled. “They go to the Ruin’s Caves.” The crowd gasped. Heron’s Blossom have heard of the Ruin’s Caves. They were prisons for those who have betrayed Scorch. The prisoners would stay inside of the Ruin’s Caves until they starve to death and die. Once you go inside, you would never come out. Death-scent would be in the air at all times. The Ruins were near the Ruin’s Caves. Heron’s Blossom shook herself out of her thoughts and focused on what Scorch and Wither had to say, but her thoughts were nagging at the back of her mind, so she couldn’t focus.
    Mantis staggered to her feet and yowled. “The day that I cold-blood murdered Blizzard, I vowed that I would never kill another innocent cat. Attacking the weak! That is dishonorable! ScorchClan is a clan, and clans protect the weak! Are you all tyrants?” Everybody stared at each other, clearly shocked at the large she-cat’s words. “All arena prisoners are free to go see the Caves too!” Wither stammered. Scorch shot an annoyed glance at Wither that seemed to growl,“I wanted to keep them here.” Instead, he growled,“Mantis, you are the tyrant. You betrayed the very clan that took you in. Loyalty is everything.” He lashed his tail and glared down at Mantis. “Trusteds, get her.” He growled. Venom, Feather, and Piptooth attacked. Mantis tried to swipe at them, but Venom pinned her down. Heron’s Blossom stared at the commotion with horror as Venom slashed her claws right across Mantis’s eye. Mantis yowled with pain and struggled, but Venom just clawed her. A gash re-opened on her pelt. “Venom, take her to your den, do whatever you want to her, except kill her, and the Ruin’s Caves do the punishing for us.” Scorch commanded. Ice nudged her and she received a look from Ice that mewed,“Let’s go with them.” Heron’s Blossom nodded slightly.
    Ice and Heron’s Blossom were led by Branch, who was following the guards that were dragging Mantis towards the Ruin’s Caves. Mantis’ pelt had something slathered onto it and it made dust stick onto her. She asked Branch about what was on her friend’s pelt and he replied,“That’s sap. When a cat goes to the Ruin’s Caves, someone will forage for sap and slather it onto the cat’s pelt, so things would cling onto her, her pelt would be heavier and hotter, and she would be stiffer. You would need water to rinse that off. A lot of water.” Finally, they stopped walking. They walked into a half-crumbled twoleg den, and she saw a series of caves. Next to each one, there was a massive rock, for sealing the entrance. A few of the caves were closed. Venom gave Mantis one more deep cut, and along with Branch, shoved her into the nearest cave. Mantis collapsed onto the hard ground. Venom and Branch shoved the boulder in front of the cave, and Mantis’s only escape route was gone. Ice gasped and turned away. “She’s going to die there.” Branch shot a quick glance at the boulder and looked away. “Don’t worry, It’ll be nice and slow,” Venom sneered. They heard a soft scratch from inside the cave. Then a mew. Mantis seemed to have decided that if Venom treated her like this, she would just annoy her to death. “SHUT UP!” Venom roared. “OR WE’LL HAVE TO PUT A MUZZLE ON YOU!” The scratches kept going, louder this time. “OR HOW ABOUT WE LET ICICLE AND HERON’S BLOSSOM TO SPEND A MOON IN THERE WITH YOU!?” The noises stopped. “Much better,” Venom muttered under her breath.
    Heron’s Blossom and Ice went back to their cell and found Cloud’s Storm in there, unconscious. Neither of them had enough energy to ask each other how she got there. They both curled up around Cloud’s Storm to try to warm her up. Soon enough, they were all sleeping. Heron’s Blossom dreamt of the stone in front of the Ruin’s cave opening, and seeing a lifeless Mantis lying on the ground. Then she saw Lightning pinned under Scorch, her head lolling back as Scorch bit into her neck. The rest of her dream was black fuzz. . .

    Chapter 8
    The Glow of the Sky
    Lightning, Frost’s Light, and Swift were sitting behind some reeds, watching a mother duck and her ducklings swim in the water. Night had fallen and everyone was recovering from the battle. Dark clouds gathered in the distance, promising rain. A heavy silence hung over the three cats as they watched some ducklings fall down a tiny waterfall and swim back to their mother. Swift snorted with amusement when a duckling flipped upside-down and struggled to flip back up. The mother duck looked up in alarm and quacked, flapping its wings and beckoning her ducklings over to her. They swam down the waterfall and waded through the trickling stream towards the pond. “Mouse-dung,” Frost’s Light muttered. “They would have been fun to watch.” A drop of water splashed onto Lightning’s nose, startling her. “I think we should tell everybody to go to the makeshift camp for the night, in case our camp floods during the night,” Swift suggested. Lightning and Frost’s Light glanced at each other and nodded. “Good idea, Swift. Once the sun rises, I will give you and Sky one last assignment, and if both of you pass, I will make you warriors.” Swift’s whiskers quivered with excitement and his eyes brightened. “Yay! I’ll alert everyone immediately.” He scampered off into the night, his tail waving behind him. Frost’s Light trotted after him, pausing to look behind her. “Are you coming? We need to cross the rivers before they flood.” Lightning shook her head. “I want to stay here a little longer. There’s something about this place that I can’t put a paw on.” Frost’s Light nodded and left, following Swift’s fading scent trail. Lightning stared through the reeds and noticed that something was glowing underneath the surface. She pushed aside the reeds and, without thinking, jumped into the torrenting current. The icy water gripped her like a coyote’s jaws, but she gritted her teeth and started to claw at the sand. Every time she hauled out a pawfull of sand, more sand would fall into the ditch. Slimy algae wrapped around her paws as the water level grew higher and higher. The wind blew at the trees, rattling the branches. Suddenly, the wind dropped to a breeze. Let go of your fears, for they will hold you back from your destiny, the breeze whispered. Lightning cocked her head in confusion. Her teeth were chattering and the water rose up to her shoulders. What did the voice mean? Was it even a voice? The water rose and rose to the point that Lightning panicked. Her breath came in short gasps and her mind was murky with dark thoughts. The answer to the riddle popped into her head when her mind wandered over to Scorch. I have to let go of my fears in order to find out what that thing down there is! The fading glow brightened and gave Lightning new determination. She took a deep breath and plunged into the dark waters. Her pelt was no longer cold in there, but instead, she illuminated the water, and the glowing spot was no longer. There was a bubble around her head that allowed her to breathe while she drifted down the river. Her head lolled back as she bumped into debris that popped her bubble and slowly, the world went black.
    “Lightning? You’re awake! Thank the spirits of the moon that you didn’t die! You see, I didn’t have any herbs for helping cats that nearly got themselves drowned, so I had to pump your chest to get the water out. . .” Frost’s Light was rambling on about how she saved Lightning’s life, but Lightning wasn’t really interested about what she was saying until her voice grew somber. “. . . Pollen’s Breeze died saving your life, Lightning. When dawn broke, and you weren’t here, we started to panic. Pollen’s Breeze plunged into the flooded pond and found you at the bottom. She tried to bring you up to the shore, but she didn’t have the strength. Falcon Wing found the both of you and helped bring you two up. Once they carried you up here, Pollen’s Breeze collapsed and died. We sat vigil for her yesterday.” Lightning stared at her medicine cat in shock. She buried her face and thought, look at me, some kind of leader, I followed some crazy voice and got someone killed. Frost’s Light rested her tail on Lightning’s shoulder.
    She looked up and noticed that the camp was near some twoleg walls. They were resting under a small tree with their clanmates milling around them, making nests and creating dens. Lightning glanced around and realized that they were resting in a strongly-built den with the floor covered with moss. She was sitting in a patch of tumbleweed with algae draping over it. It was surprisingly comfortable. A patrol came back, jaws full of prey. She recognized Hawk at the head of the patrol, leading Bracken’s Blaze and Tiger’s Frost. Another patrol came back with them, Jay’s Flight leading them. Flower’s Shade, Prowl, Stone, Cherry, and Shard trailed behind him, all hauling large branches. Hawk and his patrol dropped their prey off at a shallow ditch and went to help Dewy Leaf construct another den. There were already two other dens: one was sheltered between two trees and the entrance was really narrow, and the other one was right next to the sheltered one and had some tufts of fur at the entrance. Blaze and Swallow were sharing tongues right outside of the sheltered den, eating a mouse together while their kits were scampering around in front of their den. Amber peered into the medicine cat den that they were in and squealed,“Lightning is awake!” Hawk, Blaze, Pounce, Swallow, Honey, and Pollen paused what they were doing and stared at the entrance of the medicine cat den. They ran over and covered her with licks, except for Honey and Pollen, who curled up at her belly and rubbed against her with happiness. Pounce and Swallow endlessly covered her with licks, which made Lightning cringe and paw her parents. They slowly stopped and realized why she did that, and left. Blaze and Hawk nuzzled her affectionately and continuously asked her questions like,“Where were you when the territory flooded,” or ,“How are you feeling?” Lightning raised a paw to silence them. “One question at a time. Can you three keep a secret? Honey, Pollen, I don’t think you should be in here. If you want, you could go fetch a mouse for me.” They all nodded and the kits scampered out, their small tails waving around in the air. After they were out of ear-shot, Lightning and the others lowered their heads and Lightning whispered,“I was out with Frost’s Light and Swift, watching ducklings. Then rain was starting to pour, so Swift and Frost’s Light left to lead you all here. Once they were gone, something started to glow under the sand. I was digging and digging, but I got nowhere. The wind suddenly dropped to a breeze and whispered,‘Let go of your fears, for they will hold you back from your destiny.’” They all stared at her, completely baffled. Frost’s Light cocked her head in confusion. “What did that mean?” Blaze shrugged. “I don’t know.” Lightning tried to stand up, but her legs wobbled and she flopped back down. Frost’s Light shifted the tumbleweed to make it comfortable. Lightning purred with happiness, even though deep down, her heart was heavy with guilt. She continued the story. “I struggled in the current for a while, then I realized that I would have to go underwater. The glow faded once I ducked down, then it illuminated me. A bubble protected my head, and some debris popped it. The next thing I knew, I woke up here and Frost’s Light told me how Pollen’s Breeze and Falcon Wing saved my life.” Blaze, Hawk, and Frost’s Light stared at her as if she was a hedgehog who wanted to eat them. “Wow, that is a story hard to believe, but I believe you.” Blaze and Hawk nodded with agreement. Hawk spoke up. “Come on, we have to help our clan. . . ”

    The Only Way Out
    Mantis hurt all over. The last glimpses of light she had seen was days ago. There was a tiny crack in the stone walls, which allowed the air to circulate. For the first few days, if she tried to stand up, another jab of pain would push her back down. She opened her one good eye. Venom had destroyed the other one and slathered some sap onto it. The sap now crusted on and around her eye. Mantis couldn’t open it anymore. She hadn’t eaten in a while now, and she was getting painfully hungry. Mantis glanced up at the shaft of light, but something was blocking it. A lizard, she thought. She hobbled upright, and started creeping up on the lizard, then slammed down a paw, and the lizard went limp. Her belly growled with satisfaction. Suddenly there was a bang, and the shaft of light went dark. Someone had blocked it with a small rock. She growled with annoyance. Mantis felt around for the lizard and gobbled it down. She heard a skritch, perked her ears up, and headed towards the back of the cave when she stepped on a sharp rock. With a yowl, she fell back. The cut on her flank stung badly.
    The next, dark day, Mantis was pawing at some of the stones at the back of the wall. She was on her belly, so her sore paws wouldn’t hurt. Mantis was trying to dislodge a small rock with her claws. Her pelt felt stiff, with the dirt and tree sap one of the followers had slapped onto her. She could still feel it pushing down on her pelt. Her eye was getting smelly, as if it wasn’t healing. The ground was soft, and she decided to dig. By the end of the day, a small ditch had been dug. Each day she dug a little more.
    Mantis was huddled into a corner. She was so sure she was going to die because she hadn’t eaten in so long. Mantis scraped one more time at the ditch. Suddenly she smelled something. At first it was small, but the scent became bigger. Smoke, she thought. The smoke started filling the cave. Her eyes stung, and her lungs filled with smoke. She heard a crash, and the ground started rubbing beneath her. I’m going to die, I’m going to die. Her thoughts ran around her head. The cave walls started collapsing. The last thing she heard was a meow,“It’s going to collapse over her!” And then, the world collapsed immediately…

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      I said no.

    • July 19, 2020 at 3:25 am

      Hi Feather! I’m ebonyrain but you can just call me ebay 😛

      Whos your favorite character? Mines runningwind 🙂

    • Fernkit • Fern that Bends in the Breeze
      July 19, 2020 at 9:22 am

      Welcome to BlogClan, Featherkit!

      It finally worked 😛

      I said no.

    • July 19, 2020 at 12:54 pm

      Hi featherkit! I am Snowpaw but you can call me Lil! I am in RiverClan too! My warrior name is Snowlily!

      Ashie 🐱

    • July 19, 2020 at 5:28 pm

      hello 🙂

      dining at the ritz

    • Moonpelt
      July 19, 2020 at 5:35 pm

      Hiya Feather!!! I’m Moonpelt/paw, you can call me Moonsi. I’m not in RiverClan, I’m in ThunderClan. Anyway, nice name, I love names that start or end in feather!!!

      ❄️If all is lost, all is found❄️

    • WordPress Hates Fernkit
      July 19, 2020 at 9:51 pm

      Hi, Featherkit!

      Welcome to the strangest place you’ve ever been.

    • Brightpaw°
      July 19, 2020 at 11:11 pm

      Hello featherkit! Welcome!❤


    • The amazing Briarkit!!!
      July 19, 2020 at 11:30 pm

      Hi, Feather! I’m Briarkit but u can call me Briar. I used to be called Tumblekit, and before that Dovekit. Guess what? I’m from RiverClan too! 😀 Well, I’m half SkyClan half RiverClan, but anyway, I live in RiverClan. 😛 My Warrior name is Briarslip. I’m a brown she-kit with green eyes. Good to have another RiverClan kit around! P.S. I made a Clan just outside Clan territory called HalfClan. It’s for HalfClan cats ONLY if they’re exiled or need other cats like them with them. I’m the leader of it, even if I’m a kit, and when I’m there, I’m named Briarstar. “Oh, yes, great Briarstar! Lionblaze the total jerk and I are here!” Jayfeather rolled his eyes. (Jayfeather’s my grumpy Medicine cat) And Hollyleaf and Feathertail are part of NightClan, which is HalfClan’s StarClan. Jayfeather represents HalfClan and ThunderClan at half moon meetings at the Moonpool.

    • Ivykit
      July 21, 2020 at 10:14 pm

      hi feather!

      Plz click my name!

    • falling feather
      July 21, 2020 at 10:40 pm

      ooohhh featherleap?
      I feel that we are destined to be friends if you too have “feather” in your name :)))))
      i really like bubly and i did not just drink 4 of them

      Щの𝔴! ᶠยŇ! ςᗝ𝕠𝓛!

    • July 22, 2020 at 6:06 am

      Hi Featherkit!

      Team Keefoster for the win!!!

    • July 22, 2020 at 11:31 pm

      Hello! I’m Captain, it’s a pleasure to meet you!

      That man is playing Galaga!

    • July 23, 2020 at 8:52 am

      Yes RiverClan is the best clan 😛

      Silence will fall....

    • July 27, 2020 at 3:28 am

      Welcome! My name is Stormy 🙂

      “I am no Jedi” -Ahsoka Tano

  7. Heronkit/Heronblossom
    July 19, 2020 at 1:04 am

    oh. ok. Anyways, I just post something then leave, so I can’t comment, but I’m thankful for the advice.

    • July 19, 2020 at 5:28 pm


      dining at the ritz

    • The amazing Briarkit!!!
      July 19, 2020 at 11:34 pm

      I don’t get that. 🙂 It’s okay that u didn’t know!

    • Ivykit
      July 21, 2020 at 10:16 pm


      Plz click my name!

    • July 22, 2020 at 6:09 am

      Remember to click the reply button 🙂

      Team Keefoster for the win!!!

  8. July 19, 2020 at 5:31 pm

    Hi I’m Fawnpaw! I’m new!
    Name: Fawnpaw
    Warrior name: Fawnspeck
    Nickname: Fawny, Fawnswy
    Gender: girl
    Age: 12
    Pursuna: brown with light green eyes
    Favorite color: moon blue
    Other: I have kidney cancer
    How I discovered warriors: I saw the book in the hospital

    • July 19, 2020 at 6:06 pm

      Hi Fawnpaw! I’m Ebonyrain but you can call me eBay. I’m sorry about your cancer. Are you on the road to recovery?

      Oh and who’s your favorite character? Mine’s Runningwind 😛

    • July 19, 2020 at 8:33 pm

      Hi Fawnpaw! I love your warrior name, I think it’s beautiful! I’m Snowpaw, but you can call me Lil! I will do the smae thing you did, so here we go…..

      Name: Snowpaw
      Warrior name: Snowlily
      Nickname: Lil
      Gender: girl
      Age: Not telling, sorry!
      Pursuna: fluffy white tabby with bold blue eyes
      Favorite color: lavender
      Other: Not really!
      How I discovered warriors: My brother!

      Ashie 🐱

    • Sweetberry
      July 19, 2020 at 8:47 pm

      Hi Fawny! I love your nickname! I’m Sweetberry! Welcome to BlogClan! I may not have cancer, but I have diabetes so I know how you feel kinda

    • July 19, 2020 at 8:58 pm


      dining at the ritz

    • Brightpaw°
      July 19, 2020 at 11:11 pm

      Hi I love your name! Welcome to the blog!❤


    • Gingerpaw
      July 19, 2020 at 11:15 pm

      Wait a moment kidney cancer! I’m so sorry Fawny

    • The amazing Briarkit!!!
      July 19, 2020 at 11:36 pm

      Hi, Fawnpaw! I’m Briarkit but u can call me Briar. I used to be called Dovekit, and before that Tumblekit. I hope u get better!

    • Moonpelt
      July 20, 2020 at 2:42 am

      Hiya Fawnpaw!!!! (Cool name!)
      Name: Moonpelt/paw
      Warrior name: Moonpelt
      Nickname: Moonsi
      Gender: girl
      Age: 12
      Pursuna: Mottled (tabby) black and dark gray she-cat with with flecks, one white paw and green-blue eyes
      Favorite color: light Pink!!!
      Other: I’m kinda shy
      How I discovered warriors: My brother’s babysiter’s mom gave me the first sirses, and I hated it at first, and then I read it…and I loved it

      ❄️If all is lost, all is found❄️

    • July 20, 2020 at 2:57 am

      Heya Fawnpaw!

      Crystal that lights up caves

    • July 20, 2020 at 7:02 pm

      Wow, I’m sorry about your kidney cancer. I’m Captain, but my BlogClan name is Falconpaw. I’m 13 and almost 14.

      That man is playing Galaga!

    • July 21, 2020 at 5:59 pm

      hey there! i am breezey, welcome to blogclan!

      petals in warm summer breeze.

    • ˜”*°•.˜”*°• Goldenberry •°*”˜.•°*”˜
      July 21, 2020 at 6:16 pm

      Hey, Fawnswy! Welcome to the blog! 😀

      May you always be satisfied~

    • Silverfrost
      July 21, 2020 at 6:35 pm

      Heya Fawnpaw! I’m Silverfrost but you can call me Silver 🙂

      I’m sorry about your cancer, and I hope you get better soon ❤

      A Diamond in the Rough

    • Ivykit
      July 21, 2020 at 10:17 pm

      hi Fawny! I’m really sorry about your cancer! I’m Ivykit

      Plz click my name!

    • July 22, 2020 at 6:11 am

      Hi Fawnpaw! I’m sorry about the cancer 🙁

      Team Keefoster for the win!!!

    • July 24, 2020 at 4:59 am

      Welcome, Fawnpaw! 😀


    • July 24, 2020 at 7:45 pm

      Hola Fawnpaw! I’m Splashkit, but you can call me Splashi or Splashy

    • July 27, 2020 at 3:29 am

      Welcome to the Blog!

      “I am no Jedi” -Ahsoka Tano

  9. Foxfur
    July 19, 2020 at 11:18 pm

    hi I’m new here

  10. July 19, 2020 at 11:37 pm

    I’m gonna do what Fawnpaw did, add the Warriors website for a link, just incase no one’s ever been on it before! If u have, it can be your link!(Along with Fawnpaw’s, of course) 🙂

    • The amazing Briarkit!!!
      July 19, 2020 at 11:38 pm

      Yes! It worked!(I’m not gonna do it this time since I already did it there)

    • July 20, 2020 at 1:59 am


      dining at the ritz

    • The amazing Briarkit!!!
      July 22, 2020 at 12:01 am

      I’m so bored ’cause we can’t say hi to anyone new BECAUSE THERE IS NO ONE WHO IS NEW!!! (Frustrated emoji)

  11. Minnowstar
    July 22, 2020 at 11:19 am

    Hi, I’m Minnowstar and I love warrior cats so much that I dream about them!

  12. shinepaw
    July 22, 2020 at 9:01 pm

    hello! im new to blogclan and you can call me shine! im looking forward to exlploreing the site!

  13. July 24, 2020 at 7:48 pm

    PLZ CLICK MY NAME TO JOIN MY ROLEPLAY, DARK STARS! It’s kinda like TBC, but at the same time it isn’t……….so yeah
    PLZ click this link too!:

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