Please Introduce Yourself!

Hello and welcome!

I hope you’ve already seen the New Member’s Page and learned a little bit about BlogClan. I’m Kate Cary and I’m delighted to welcome you to a site I created to celebrate Warriors and our readers.

Please introduce yourself in a comment on this page. Tell us something about yourself or your purrsona. We prefer to use warrior names here. I hope that’s okay with you.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you!


  • I am Flerkenstar. I think we are supposed to make our names match our age, but I am in 5th grade, so, bah humbug! Anyway…
    Personality: Smart socialshy adventurous daring funny weird creepy daydreamer nightowl
    Favorites: Warriors, hunger games, gordon korman, harry potter, mcu marvel star wars netflix stuff brooklyn 99 psych.
    Cat Appearance: Very furry golden she cat with black back and white muzzle( Basically my cat ladybug.
    I am almost done with new prophecy, and i like mousefur. Random, i know.
    Weird facts: I am in pace and am a neat freak, pluss I like Moonkitti, Moriah Elizebeth, and SSSniperwolf.

  • Hey, I’m Stonecloud. I’m very new so here I am
    Name: Stonecloud
    Rank: Warrior
    Fave. clan: Idk My opinion changes all throughout the series
    Fave. things to do (IRL): Read, Read, Read, Read about Reading, writing, video game, TV, swimming, hanging out with friends
    Looks: gray she-cat with bright green eyes, Darker spots on her back, tail and legs
    An interesting thing about me: I love love love love love Warriors, I’m on power of three Outcast. I’m competing with one of my friends to see who will finish the books first 🙂

  • ALRIGHT! *claps and dramatically whips of sunglasses* WHO REMEMBERS ME?!

  • Hi, i am Acornwhisker.
    Rank: warrior
    Appearance: grey-and-white tom with blue eyes
    favourites: WARRIORS!!!, harry potter, chess
    I’ve read all of TPB, DOTC and AVOS, half of TNP, and a bit of POT, OOTS, and TBC.
    fav cat: Mistyfoot (for no particular reason other than she’s immortal and she’s an inside joke amongst my friends)

  • btw theres a typo in my previous comment – I’m Acornpaw/whisker, and I’m an apprentice (soz i didnt read the instructions and just discovered that im supposed to be an apprentice)

  • I am Willowtail, im on Dawn and I love Warriors.
    Favorite things to do in irl: read, draw, read, draw, read, play video games, and read.
    Favorite video games: Minecraft, Stardew valley, cattails, and other games I can’t think of.
    What Willowtail looks like: blue she-cat with a white tipped tail and paws, she also has a teal left eye and a orange right eye, and lots and lots of fluff.
    I like shows like Hawaii five-o, any random tv show that someone puts on the tv, and I don’t remember what the other things are called.
    And I like chapter books about animals.
    I do not think I missed something, I may have though, probably did forget something, okay many things.

  • (I’m not a new person, but I’m bored, so this is what I’m dong)
    Hi, I’m Moonpaw/pelt/no nickname because I forgot it (but, I forget a lot of stuff, so this doesn’t really surprise me 😛 )
    Name: Moonpaw (Moonpelt)
    Appearance: Small-built, sleek-furred, mottled (tabby and spotted) black and dark gray she-cat with a few white flecks, one white paw and green-blue eyes.
    Personality: Smart, reader, sarcastic, quick-witted, self-doubtful, indecisive, shy, quiet, blunt and honest
    Rank: Apprentice
    How long I’ve been on BlogClan: About one and a half years
    Other stuff: I’ve never changed my name, even though I’ve thought about it (I really want to change my name to Shadowpaw/creek, but that’s one of my oc’s, and I’m repressing it with great difficulty)
    Shadowpaw/creek, my favorite oc (besides Toklio and Umbo) who’s only purpose is to be terrible at everything, and adorable
    Lightpaw/haze, basically the opposite of Shadowpaw
    Jayfur, owns the saddest backstory ever told
    Umbo, Weirdo who hates acorns, that’s basically all I can say about him
    Spit, dorky, too overpowered, got to change her…
    Toklio, amazing, even in death

    And, and and, for all the new people, I hope you have a great time at BlogClan!

  • Greetings I am Moonhawk. (However due to technical difficulties I could not change it to Nightmoon which was sad) but who cares I am really happy that I joined!

  • (if I by accident posted twice, mods, just ignore this one and/or delete it)
    Time has come to do this again. Yay- Welp, I hope I can get to know some of the cats on here.

    Name: Emberpaw/fox Status: Queen of the apprentices!

    Purrsonality: This is mostly for you to decide! I like to do massive dares like going into restrected parts of my school and running through snow and ice with shorts on! I have lots of cool scars and bruises to show off!
    Gender: Female, I prefer she/her pronouns but surprise me!

    Nickname: Yes, this is out of order): Ember, Emby, Emb

    Pets: GET READY): Frisco(dog), Koda(new puppy), Cliax(ball python), Gucci(Horse), Rascal(horse), Hopper(Kitty), Roxy(chaotic demon kitten), Bambi(Fat kitten <3), My goodness, is that it?

    Purrsona: Yes, I change this every week but I promise I'll probably keep it!): Extremely dark gay she-cat (almost black), very sleek fluffy fur, white legs, tail tip, and freckles! Elegant black markings across back, black muzzle and ears, forest green eyes. Somali/ Turkish Angora mix. (In sunlight fur may look dark gayish blue at times)

    Favorite WoF characters: Number 1: Queen Scarlet, Number 2: Sundew, Number 3: Snowfall <3

    Favorite Warriors Characters: Tigerstar |, Squirrelflight, (One more that I forget, insert them here)

    Hobbys: Your in for a treat): Horse-riding, Reading, Writing, Drawing, Making my cats do insanly crazy and rediculous things, Mis-spelling everything, DMing everyone i know, Drinking strawberry milkshakes, PROPER GRAMMAR IS LIFE!

    Things I dislike: Uh…Uh…UHHHH…. oh! My older brother, when people bully others, monkeys, making mistakes :<

    *I have know idea what to write here*
    * I love animals if you couldn't tell already
    * I hang around the List of Souls page the most (Yes, ik it changed back but "List of Souls" is easier to speel
    * I'm in need of a mentor who will take over the world with me

    WELL- I have no idea what else to write- my last introduction was way better right? (Totally didn't copy and paste this one with some edits to save time, nope, I would never) So bye everyone, I hope to make lots of new friends!

  • Dawnpaw/petal (Glory) *Tries to think of something interesting to put in her name but can't think of anything, so she puts this in instead* Dawnpaw/petal (Glory) *Tries to think of something interesting to put in her name but can't think of anything, so she puts this in instead* says:

    Hey guys! I am bored again, and it’s late at night, and I feel bad, so I thought, why not introduce myself as I already know I will be all over the recent purrs tommorow? Maybe? Idk, you will probably have to get on at the right time. So, here I am. Introducing myself. Maybe in a couple seconds. Ok can someone help me get this darn thing to work?! Ok there. Thank you. Hi. My name is Dawnpaw, or Glory. Here are some things about me
    Name: Dawnpaw/petal
    Nicknames: Glory, Dawn
    Purrsona: a light brown and white patched pelt with dark blue eyes
    Gender: Female
    Pronouns: She/her
    Personality: a extrovert, who enjoys making others feel good
    Zodiac: Gemeni
    Favorite Clan: Riverclan
    Favorite Warriors Character: Ivypool or Squirrelflight, but I also like Leafstar
    Favorite Books: WoF, Warriors, Redwall
    Favorite Movie: Spaceballs, Zootopia
    Extra: I don’t like sweet things like caramel or candy, and I don’t like peanut butter. I love the color purple, but hate the color orange. I am a 7th grader that lives in the US with my three younger sisters and parents. I have one cat, and live with my grandparents who have a dog which I consider mine for some reason. No one can tear me away from my fandoms, ever.
    Ok sry that was so long, but I thought it would be nice for you guys to know more about me! Ok, now how do you shut this off?! TECHNICIAN! GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE AND HELP ME WITH THIS!! Alr finally. Goodbye now. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night/morning and everything in between!

  • Hi! so i have been on blogclan for a while now and i don’t know if i ever made one of these if i did then i’m making another one. My blogclan name used to be Moonpaw/frost then i decided to change it.
    My favorite book series: Keeper of the lost cities, wings of fire and warriors.
    Favorite color: Red, Purple, Navy.
    Favorite warrior cats: Dovewing, Dustpelt, Rootspring, Violetshine.
    and thats it i can’t think of anything else.

  • Hullo!
    So my name’s Crystalsight, I joined Blog Clan some what…11 months ago???
    So ye. I was inactive for around half a year! Yes really. So I thought it would be a good idea to introduce my self again. For the ones who I am long lost in their memories.
    Namme: Crystalsight
    Rank: Warriorz
    Fave Things: Watch Netflix ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)
    Hobby: Write / Draw
    Personality: WEIIIIIRD