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  • 💚WolfStar, MothPool, and Lams are some of the BEST SHIPS EVER💚 (Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢) says:

    Since I’m having a lot of fun writing Poisoned Honey, my evil Honeyfern AU fanfic, I thought writing other AU fanfics where a Warriors character who isn’t evil is evil would be interesting!
    Which of these ideas would you be interested in seeing?

    Blossomfall’s Battle: An Evil Blossomfall AU
    Twisted Turtles: An Evil Turtle Tail AU
    Squirrelflight’s Struggle: An Evil Squirrelflight AU
    Jessy’s Jealousy: An Evil Jessy Au
    Willowshine’s Secret: An Evil Willowshine AU
    Dovewing’s Heart: An Evil Dovewing AU
    Ivypool’s Spirit: An Evil Ivypool AU
    Hollyleaf’s Soul: An Evil Hollyleaf AU
    Mothwing’s Decision: An Evil Mothwing AU
    Briarlight’s Choice: An Evil Briarlight AU
    River Of Blood: An Evil River Ripple AU
    Shadows And Secrets: An Evil Tall Shadow AU
    Bluestar’s War: An Evil Bluestar AU
    Swiftpaw’s Storm: An Evil Swiftpaw AU
    Sandstorm’s Revenge: An Evil Sandstorm AU
    Brightheart’s Path: An Evil Brightheart AU
    Feathertail’s Future: An Evil Feathertail AU
    Heathertail’s Prophecy: An Evil Heathertail AU
    Yellowfang’s Vengeance: An Evil Yellowfang AU
    Bleeding Flames: An Evil Flametail AU
    Crooked Claws: An Evil Crookedstar AU

    Also, I won’t write any of these for ages 😛 I’m preoccupied several other fanfics. 😛 but having ideas is good 🙂

  • If you were a Warrior cat, which of these skills do you think you would be good at? Which skills do you think you’d be average or not-so-good at?

    – Fighting
    – Unique Clan-specific Skills (Swimming, Running, Climbing, etc)
    – Hunting
    – Tracking
    – Telling Stories & Teaching Clan History
    – Healing/Medicine Cat Duties
    – Camp Entrance Sentry/Guard
    – Patrol Scout
    – Good Sense of Smell
    – Good Listening Skills
    – Good Eyesight
    – Help Raising Others’ Kits
    – Mentoring/Teaching
    – Mediator Traits (Calming Disagreements)
    – Jumping/Running/Climbing
    – Anything else I forgot or haven’t mentioned

    For me, it would be Clan-specific Skills (Climbing for Skyclan or Swimming for Riverclan), Hunting, Tracking, Camp Entrance Sentry, Patrol Scout, Good Sense of Smell, Good Eyesight and Mentoring. I think that I would probably also be good at fighting if I was a Warrior with my quick reflexes and strength, but I’d rather be guarding the Elder’s Den than defending the entrance, and I would probably be quite better at hunting. 😛

    • "...prancing across the meadow, like a gazelle hunting for an antelope" (Moonpaw/pelt) says:

      I think that maybe Unique Clan-specific Skills, hunting, tracking and good sense of smell would be my best, and good eyesight (because I’m crooked eye and near-sighted), fighting (because, one, I don’t like no blood and two, I’m tiny) and mentoring (I’m awkward and hate leadering 😛 ) would be my worst

    • I’d probably be good at swimming and climbing since I love to do both!

      Worst would be mentoring, helping to raise others kits, and hunting. I don’t do well with younger cats and I have horrible aim.

    • I would be good at running both long and short distances (quite fast with endurance), and I’d probably be a WindClan cat anyways. Therefore I’d probably be good at hunting in WindClan…? I don’t think I’d have the patience to pinpoint smells but I think I’d have an observant eye in border patrols and other patrols of that nature. I’d probably be good at memorizing moves and techniques (less good at executing them) and memorizing and using herbs (I would help the medicine cats sometimes, mostly with less difficult things, if I was a warrior). I would try really hard at mentoring and I think I would make really smart decisions for my apprentice, and be the best role model I can be, however when it comes to actually teaching… I don’t know. I don’t like being in charge of others or talking to people, even younger people, haha! I wouldn’t be very good at fighting in some aspects because I would flinch a whole lot and try to avoid y’know losing my eye or something on accident. However, I could channel a lot of anger into some strong moves, especially whenever I know I will not get hit back! And I would probably be clumsy on jumping back and forth in and out of range, but I’d sure try, and I am fast; perhaps with a lot of practice I could be good at this, as well. Basically your average warrior / less-than-average warrior with a lean on medicine cat things.

    • I’d probably like to tell stories but suck at it, and I’d probably do well with mentoring, and running, with Clan-specific ones. I’d be better at hunting than fighting ><

  • What are your opinions on my least favorite Warriors characters?
    • Tom
    • Brokenstar
    • Rainflower
    • Tigerclaw/star
    • Frecklewish (The ThunderClan one)
    • Ashfur
    • Millie
    • Star Flower
    • Appledusk
    • Breezepelt
    • Darktail
    • Thistleclaw

    Right Hand Man

    • I absolutely HATE Tom, (though he’s not very well known), and I STRONGLY dislike Star Flower, Ashfur, and Rainflower.

    • never read about Tom.

      I kinda like Brokenstar


      Tigerstar is my 2nd favorite warriors villian

      I hate Frecklewish alot. Wasnt she the one that watched mapleshades kits die?

      Ashfur is okay. tho he is kinda cute w\ blonde hair uwu

      I hate Millie.

      Never read about Star Flower

      I hate Appledusk.

      I actually kinda like Breezepelt

      Never read about Darktail

      I dont know much about Thistleclaw. I only know him bc he was Snowfurs Mate and something else in Spottedleafs Heart. But he sounds kinda creepy.

    • I really dislike Tom.

      I really dislike Brokenstar, especially for what he did to kits.

      I dislike Rainflower but hope for Crookedstar’s sake that their relationship mended in StarClan.

      Tigerstar was an interesting villain, but I don’t like him as a cat.

      I like the SkyClan one wayyy better.

      I really dislike Ashfur.

      I have mixed feelings about Millie, I like some of her actions but dislike others.

      Idk why, but Star Flower seems like a really interesting character I’m excited to know more about.

      Dislike him.

      I dislike his bad actions, but I’m glad Breezepelt improved. I think he was a pretty interesting villain- I tend to like villains who have a redemption arc.


      Really dislike.

    • Tom – My least favourite cat in warriors
      Brokenstar – He’s a good villain so I like him
      Rainflower – Hate
      Tigerclaw/star – Like, he is a good villain
      Frecklewish – Like, She’s a realistic cat with a good story even if its small
      Ashfur – Kinda like. Good villain, a bit overused
      Millie – Like, she’s very sweet and caring
      Star flower – Neutral. I don’t like her but she has an interesting enough story.
      Appledusk – Neutral. I don’t like what he did but I do like his story. I would love to read a novella about him.
      Breezepelt – Like. He’s an interesting character
      Darktail – Love. Great villain, defeated too quickly
      Thistleclaw – Strong dislike, he’s creepy

    • • Tom – I don’t know much about him
      • Brokenstar – I hate him
      • Rainflower – I don’t have an opinion on her
      • Tigerclaw/star – HE’S MY LEAST FAVORITE WARRIOR CAT!!!!!!!
      • Frecklewish – Ummm….
      • Ashfur – I hate him so much
      • Millie – Uh, I don’t hate her but I don’t love her or like her that much
      • Star Flower – I don’t really know much about Star Flower….
      • Appledusk – I very much dislike him. Why’d he have to be so mean to Mapleshade?!
      • Breezepelt – I don’t hate him, I like him a little, but I don’t love him
      • Darktail – I hate him
      • Thistleclaw – He’s so bad

    • I’m indifferent on Tom, Brokenstar, Rainflower,Tigerstar, Frecklewish, Millie, and Appledusk. They’re not good cats, and I see why you dislike them, but I just don’t really care about them. They exist.

      I dislike Star Flower, she annoys me. It would have been okay if we learned more about her in depth to make her more interesting, or if she had been more of a cool bad guy, but she kind of just ditches Thunder and then runs off with his dad. I dislike Thistleclaw because he’s both basic and gross. He has no motives or redeeming traits, just mindless ambition and violence. He’s about as boring as villains get, and also a creep who preys on apprentices. I dislike Breezepelt because he annoys me for some reason 😛 he just kinda strikes me as a brat, even though he has more development than most villains.

      I mildly like Darktail. He was a pretty entertaining villain, I enjoyed reading about him.

    • Tom: Disgusting
      Brokenstar: BAH
      Rainflower: I hate her, but not that much
      Tigerclaw/star: He’s my favorite villain.
      Frecklewish: She shouldn’t be hated so much
      Ashfur: Is disgusting
      Millie: Nope, I like her
      Star Flower: Ewewew
      Appledusk: Ew, but he’s better than Mapleshade
      Breezepelt: I hate him so much
      Darktail : Agh
      THistleclaw: DISGUSTING OH MY GOD

    • Tom – bad mate and not the best dad. yes i know he sacrificed himself for sparrow fur but he tried to keep the other kits in his house
      Brokenstar – kit murderer, i don’t like him
      Rainflower – bad mom, i don’t like her (she’s probably my least fav at this point)
      Tigerclaw/star – very racist and evil, i don’t like him because his only motivation is power and “purifying” the clans
      Frecklewish – I don’t like her but I don’t hate her, i mean there was a RiverClan patrol when the kits were drowning but she could’ve been a bit nicer to Maple’s kits
      Ashfur – I used to hate him for being evil just because of a rejection, but now I don’t hate him because ** S P O I L E R S ** he ended up as a villain, thus flipping my judgement system and becoming best yandere, so basically I sorta like him now?
      Millie – neutral
      Star Flower – gah I hate this woman but she isn’t my least favorite. if I were to make her a design i would cover her with hearts and make her pupils heart-shaped (oops one of my ocs is also covered with hearts and has heart-shaped pupils and I just happened to like said oc)
      Appledusk – slight dislike cause he’s a jerk but hey at least he likes Reedshine
      Breezepelt – dislike-neutral i guess, his redemption arc was a bit sloppy and i liked him better when he was an evil jerk
      Darktail – pretty cool villain, so mild like?
      Thistleclaw – responsible for the assault of one child, and the grooming of another one. this man hates children, so i hate him.

    • Have no opinion on Tom bc I know very little about the DotC cats.

      Brokenstar is meh.

      Rainflower was a horrible mother to Crookedkit/star.

      Tigerstarclaw is a great villain.

      Frecklewish is meh.

      Ashfur is great. He’s actually my fav character right now bc of his edgyness and epicness (he is also super fun 2 draw) 😼

      Millie is terrible from OotS onwards, but before that she was pretty decent.

      Star Flower is the same as Tom.

      Appledusk is pretty much what 🌹Briarpaw🌹 said about him.

      Breezepelt is meh.

      Darktail is meh.

      Thistleclaw is meh before the events of Spottedleaf’s Heart. After that book was released, however, he is absolutely disgusting.

  • I’ve been changing my suffix a lot lately because I can’t tell which one sounds best and suits me the most.

    Which suffix for my Blogclan name do you like best or think suits me as a person the most?

    – Owlsnow
    – Owlstep
    – Owldusk
    – Owldawn
    – Owlfrost
    – Owlnose
    – Owlwing
    – Owlplume
    – Owlbriar
    – Owlcloud

  • which of these quotes sound the most out-of-context?

    — *Basically just an image of Storm Stripe carrying his “half” of the cake while Ring Shards screeches demonically*
    — “Suing doesn’t exist in this universe.”
    — “Oh–He died.” *image of Tide Frost pointing to a pile of disintegrated magic with his tail*
    — “I got rid of Spitfire, so now we can play Monopoly.”
    — “Next time, remember: ejection magic is reflective”
    — “Eclipses aren’t part of the main payment, but I can say it’s sales tax!”

    • If she sacrificed herself for the tribe, and not Crowpaw, then CrowxFeather would have never existed.