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  • So, Warriors takes place in southern England. What if there was another Clan in, say, Russia? Would they be able to communicate with the English cats? Or would they not, because they come from areas where different languages are spoken? Or do all cats speak a common language? And, if they spoke different languages, would Midnight be able to talk to the Russian cats?

    I believe I’m thinking too much about a series about magical fighting cats…

    • Hm… Well, the Clans were able to talk to the Tribe of Rushing Water, which is a separate group, but it wasn’t that far away, considering that they managed to walk there. Plus, the Tribe and Clans share ancestors/history, so that could explain how they still speak the same language.
      So, I think it’s possible that cats in other countries speak different languages.
      Midnight is pretty good at translating -she did, after all, learn to speak to cats- so maybe she could speak to Russian cats, or maybe she only learned one cat language since even that took a lot of work. I’m actually not sure. I know I would be able to speak to the Russian cats, though, if I were a cat, because I’m fluent in Russian.

  • What makes you like your favorite fictional characters?
    This has always been an interesting topic for me, since everyone has a unique way of choosing a favorite character.
    For me it’s always a character I would like to be friends with. I always choose favorite characters by imagining whether I would like to know them in real life. It’s also super important to me that the character has integrity and is morally good.
    I also chose “a funny character” since that’s something I often like, but it’s not as important as the first two.
    Things such as complexity and development matter surprisingly little to me, as long as the character has a pleasant personality.

    • I usually like characters when they’re kind, and I can relate to them.
      MothPool Shipper

    • For me, it’s usually a character with who I can relate with, and then the people that mean the most to them.

    • For me to truly love a character, there has to be complexity, but done correctly. I read a lot, and I’m pretty critical of characters 😛 my family gets tired of hearing me rant about poorly developed characters.

      Characters I like tend to fall under three categories (it’s a joy when they’re all three 😛 )

      • Relatable: nice, quiet characters generally. Honestly, a lot of characters fall under this structure, and it kind of annoys me when people forget to add more. It’s not enough to be just nice, because there’s lots of nice characters. If they’re all the same, they’re likable but not very interesting and don’t feel real.
      • Funny: this is a big one 😛 a character can be utterly completely undeveloped but if they make me laugh I’ll probably still like them a bit.
      • Complex!! This is a biggy, because complexity is what makes them feel real. I love it when characters have flaws that actually matter. I’ll like cardboard cutouts that are nice and funny, but complexity is what actually makes them interesting and memorable. I love a good morally grey character or even a well developed villain, or honestly anyone who’s not completely perfect or inexplicably evil. Sometimes warriors really doesn’t satisfy me here 😛 This is what makes characters become my favorites.
    • I like characters that are niceish, but aren’t complete perfect cause they’re just nice to read about

    • There are two types of characters that I like.

      The first type is the relatable ones (not sure if that’s grammatically correct 😛 ). I want to be able to relate to characters and their situations. Even if I’m reading fantasy (and there’s a high chance that I am 😛 ), I want to be able to empathise with them. I like characters who would react to things the same way I would.

      The second type is complex characters. Characters like Leopardstar, Catra, and Amity are quite often my favourites, because they feel so real. Some characters feel so flat and 2D (coughcoughBrackenfurcoughcough), but I love reading about complicated personalities. I don’t like redemption arcs; they’re very rarely done well (redemption arcs are really hard to write). But complex characters don’t always need redemption arcs, and that makes it easier for a lot of people! I love well-developed villains and characters that aren’t ‘evil’ or ‘good’.
      I’m explaining this badly 😛

      A complex villain that gradually becomes morally grey, and sometimes makes humorous sarcastic comments 😛

  • polllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    (i’ve just noticed that on blogclan l’s pair up in threes. *gasp* Its an omen, a vision, a sign from Starclan!
    this poll shall be about THE THREE)

    who do U think should have been one of the three.

    1. just the cats who are in it. it doesn’t need to change
    2. CLOUDTAIL! (me:what???)
    3. Princess, wait, she’s in the old territories. Nevermind
    4. hollyleaf.
    5. Ivpool
    6. whitewing
    7. Breezepelt
    8. one of breeze’s daughters
    9. other
      1. ehhhhhh neutral
      2. nay
      3. yay
      4. yay
      5. yay
      6. nay
      7. ehhhhhh neutral
      8. yay
      9. nay
    • 1. Nay
      2. Nay
      3. Nay
      4. Nay
      5. Yay
      6. Nay
      7. Yay
      8. Nay
      9. Nay
      MothPool Shipper

      2. Which Cinder? No for both Cinders
      3. Another ship in need of StarClan
      4. NO please NO
      5. Hazel who? No, Fallen Leaves is her one true love
      8. . . . Friends only.
      9. May I ask some questions to the person who created this ship? 1. Are you trying to kill Squirrelflight? 2. HOW COULD SHE FALL IN LOVE WITH ASHFUR AFTER HE TRIED TO KILL HER KITS!?

      Sorry if I was a bit harsh

    • yay
      idk who Bumble is. I never read DotC

  • Favorite MHA character if you have one? my favorites are Denki and Kirishima

  • Here’s a question for all of you: why does everyone hate the Bumblestripe and Dovewing relationship? It makes way more sense than Dovewing x Tigerheart. People always get angry when more canonically ‘evil’ cats break the code, but Dovewing- canonically ‘good’- broke one of the most sacred laws of all when she left her Clan to be with Tigerstar? Can any of you show me some of the highlights of the DoveTiger relationship, and why Bumblestripe deserved to be stepped on by Dovewing, even though he was the only sensible choice?

    This has been a rant by MalusClaw.

    • I don’t like Tigerheart, Bumblestripe, or Dovewing. I don’t like any of them. Regardless of that, Bumblestripe overstepped his bounds and pressured Dovewing to be a relationship with him, even asking her to have his kittens over her friend’s dead body. At his funeral. No matter how sensible a choice he may seem, Dovewing should not be forced to choose him. it’s her right to choose whichever relationship she enters.

    • I hate them all and the drama they create 😛 Dovewing and Tigerheart infuriate me greatly, so the one highlight of their relationship in my mind is that they will eventually die 😛 😛
      as for Bumblestripe, basically what viper said. she didn’t really like him, he was insensitive and pressuring.

    • what viper said, i don’t really care for those three but bumblestripe he was very manipulative and pressuring to dovestripe which is very wrong to do in any relationship

    • I hate it because his relationship with Dovewing was extremely unhealthy and somewhat disturbing. I believe he was the one who loved too much, not Ashfur.

      Read the other comments and you’ll find out why i much prefer Dove x Tiger 🐅

      • I cannot stand Hollyleaf. Sure, she is always treated like a perfect follower of the code, but she legit MURDERED someone. Although, I do believe that when the Erins killed her off in The Last Hope, she got her comeuppance by saving Ivypool (a truly great warrior) and is now partially redeemed. Still, it doesn’t erase the fact that she is a MURDERER. Still dislike her greatly. No offense meant.

    • Dovewing feels happy and safe, Tigerheart is happy, and Bumblestripe is fine. Dovewing and Tigerheart are in a happy relationship with kits. So what she had to move Clans? She’s clearly smarter than Bluestar, Graystripe and a lot of other cross-clan relationships, (that also broke the code) who decided to stay. Did everything go happily for them? Is it really that bad if everyone is happy? No, Bumblestripe is not the sensible choice, instead rather abusive, and I could give you a buttload of quotes to prove it, but I’m not making an article. I think most people hate DovexBumble because he was clearly making Dovewing uncomfortable in many situations. Bumblestripe was not stepped on, Dovewing tried to make boundaries, and when that didn’t work, she got mad like anybody would.
      She was pregnant Tigerheart’s kits and I think that’s enough reasons to be with him instead of Bumblestripe.

      • Dovewing is in no way more intelligent than Bluestar. Bluestar led a Clan for many moons, and all Dovewing did was whine and complain. StarClan should not have given such a gift to Dovewing. Sol should have been the third, or maybe Flametail, or even Ivypool!

        • I think Dovewing is more intelligent in a sense that she realized where she was safe and comfortable. She got to live a happy life with all her kits and her mate, unlike Bluestar. Bluestar also wasn’t that great of a leader and, because of her code breaking, her kit was killed. Dovewing didn’t lie about her kits, and acknowledged she made a mistake, fully willing to repent for it. Bluestar just lied to her clan about it for personal ambitions. I took Bluestar’s death to admit her mistakes to her kits. But that’s just my opinion. I also truly think Dovewing was right for the three, and I could give you text evidence if you would like to see my point of view. Anyways, there are completely reasonable reasons to ship DovexTiger over DovexBumble, the main one being they’re both happy, and one is not obviously abusive. It’s ok for you to hate Dovewing for her personality, I get it, she can be annoying. But I will always defend her for breaking the rules so she can be happy and safe. Happiness and safety are really just what everyone wants. If you want to find out why I think Bumblestripe’s abusive I suggest checking out Turtlepaw’s links that can help explain it. If you want I can take some quotes that I pulled out too, that shows the way Bumblestripe was abusive to Dovewing. If you still think it’s better, I’m willing to hear counter arguments. 🙂

    • Okay, I’m going to link some Bright Guardian Akira videos, because she explains things really well.

      In this video, she explains why Bumblestripe is not the nice guy people think he is:


      And in this video, she explains why Dovewing was right to leave ThunderClan:


      And in this article, Mapledrift explains why se hates Bumblestripe, and why se thinks he was awful to Dovewing:


      MothPool Shipper

    • Ahem. I don’t like Tigerheart. I hate the way Bumblestripe tried to make Dovewing his mate. I like Dovewing. So I only don’t like one cat, Tigerheart. I like DoveXBumble, even tho people seriously hate it.

    • I ship DoveXTiger and not DoveXBumble because Dovewing actually felt happy with Tigerheart. With Bumblestripe she didn’t have feelings for him, which means the relationship is one-sided and uncomfortable for Dovewing.

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