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  • Rite of Passage – Character Creation
    Here’s the place where you finally get to create your characters! 😀 There isn’t any character limit, but just remember to be active with your dragons! ^_^ (Also, please put age in dragon years.)

    Mind-reading NightWing spots: 2 (okay well technically one because I want one :|)
    Prophetic NightWing spots: 2
    Mind-reading and prophetic NightWing spots: 1
    Flamesilk SilkWing spots: 5
    Blood red hatched MudWing spots: 2
    Plant controlling LeafWing spots: 3
    Firescales SkyWing spots: 2

    – If a character with these powers dies, then a new spot for a character with these powers is open, fyi.

    Form -
    Gender / Pronouns:
    Strong dislikes:

    Example Forms –

    Name: Holly
    Age: 16 years
    Gender / Pronouns: Female | She/her
    Tribe: HiveWing
    Description: A slender and muscular dark red female HiveWing with thick black stripes along her back and dark green eyes. Holly has a scar on the tip of her snout. She is rather large for a HiveWing, though.
    Accessories: None
    Personality: Stubborn, hot-headed, impulsive, would rather tear you to shreds than talk, a little too battle happy, courageous, grumpy, lazy, loyal
    Backstory: Before Holly was taken to the Rite of Passage, she had a relatively normal life, by her standards. She was a wanderer, and never settled anywhere. Sometimes she had food to eat. Sometimes she didn’t. Other times she got sleep. Other times she didn’t. That was life for Holly- don’t complain about it, or it would get worse. However, Holly hated some aspects of being a wanderer- the feeling of never getting a chance to settle down or the hustle of having to move around just to find decent prey. Holly had enough, and decided to take up Queen Rowan’s Rite of Passage. (Might add more later, idek)
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Fears: Being all alone, feeling hopeful
    Strong dislikes: False hope
    Other: None

    Name: Violet
    Age: 13 years
    Gender / Pronouns: Female | She/her/they/them
    Tribe: NightWing
    Description: A purplish-black female NightWing with the typical silver speckles on her wings. She has dark violet eyes.
    Accessories: Violet has a satchel that she always carries with her, and has various medicines and herbs inside of it. Although, a few of the plants inside of it are simply just flowers.
    Personality: Violet is incredibly shy and wary of others, and is nervous whenever around another dragon. She has a slight stutter, so when she’s around someone she’s comfortable with it always sounds like she’s nervous, which might lead to some confusion between her and whoever she’s talking to. She’s also kind of a coward and easily frightened. However, Violet has a fierce side hidden inside of her that comes out whenever she’s fighting (whether it be orally or physically). Whenever she’s angry, she becomes a real hothead and has a shrewd tongue to anyone who comes near her. She often calms herself down by taking deep breaths or shutting everyone else out for a good while before she’s fine again. Violet often tries to keep a hold on her temper.
    Backstory: Violet was originally born as a NightWing dragonet named Morningsight, however, she hated that name a lot as her parents had hoped she would’ve been a prophetic NightWing, instead they got a mind-reader. Still, they kept her name and she’s despised it ever since. Once she got the chance, she changed it to Violet. Violet accepted the Rite of Passage because she believed the power and riches could help her make the world much better.
    Sexuality: Lesbian, but she wouldn’t mind being in a polyamorous relationship with a male in it, though the relationship between them would be platonic on her end, at least.
    Fears: Other dragons, her own shadow, the dark
    Strong dislikes: The dark
    Other: Mind-reading powers, though they are weak most of the time (Did you really think I wasn’t going to take that opportunity, as I am the creator of this roleplay)


    With that, have fun with the fact that there’s no limit to how many characters you can have! 😛 (And yes, you can create a character for someone else to roleplay if you want. Just ask me first in the form using the other space.)


      • Hybrids don’t have to be rare! And sure, you may take the other mind reading NightWing spot and one blood-red egg MudWing spot! 😀

      • ACK I’m so sorry I forgot about this, I’ll make my characters right away
        I can only add one rn, sorry I’ll add the blood-egg MudWing and the mind-reading NightWing as soon as I can
        Name: Spark
        Age: 7 years
        Gender / Pronouns: Male, him, he
        Tribe: SkyWings
        Description: Red-orange dragon with green eyes and light underscales and a scar across his snout that has been reopened many times
        Accessories: nope
        Personality: really short temper, reserved, hateful, hardly cares about anything, takes some things too seriously
        Backstory: Spark wasn’t like the other SkyWings- from the moment he was born, he couldn’t breathe fire, just sparks, which sometimes could become fire (SPOILERS::::::::::it was because of an animus curse::::::::::). His mother was cruel and thought he was weak. She was even more upset when his older brother left. She trained him every day to try and get him to be like the others, not a disappointment. One fateful day during training, in sheer desperation, as Spark prepared to spit fire at the log, she jumped in front of him and shot a blast of fire down his throat. He survived, but he was left with a scar- he obtained some type of asthma thingy, just couldn’t breathe as easily anymore. Ever since then, he’s hated her to the bottom of his gut. He ran away and made friends with a MudWing named Squelch, and they just stuck together.
        Sexuality: straight
        Fears: Others finding out about his weaknesses
        Strong dislikes: His mother
        Other: breathing problems

        • Accepted! Feel free to roleplay! 😀

          (Oofity it’s okay I forgot about this too 😛 )

    • As a massive flamesilk and prophecy dragon fans, I just had to 😛

      Name: Salamander
      Age: 14 years
      Gender / Pronouns: Male, he / him
      Tribe: Silkwing
      Description: Reddish orange yellowy orange silk wing with aqua swirls on his points. He has blue eyes
      Accessories: None
      Personality: Stubborn, harsh, doesn’t like other dragons, grumpy, smart
      Backstory: When he was young, Salamander was called Ant, and he was very close with his parents, Bloom and Cypress. He had a little sister called Ladybird, and the family had a lot of happy times, all of them finding comfort in each other and enjoying talking to other tribes. Ant had many friends, and he was slightly older than the rest of them, so when he was about to go through metamorphosis they all gathered around. But as he began to produce silk, he realised something was wrong. Unable to stop it, the flame silk surrounded him. When he emerged, Ant found that as all his friends had been crowding near him, the silk had hit some of them, leaving them with burns, and others scared of him. Even his parents were not comfortable with him. So Ant simply left, and to disguise who he was, he changed his name to Salamander. Salamander accepted the offer because he wants animus magic to get rid of his flame silk
      Sexuality: Straight
      Fears: Fire, being abandoned by those he trusts
      Strong dislikes: his flamesilk, however much he boats about it
      Other: yeee

      Name: (Dusky)
      Age: 17 years
      Gender / Pronouns: Female (she /her)
      Tribe: Nightwings
      Description: Black NightWing with dark navy blue underscales and markings under her eyes. She has light blue eyes
      Accessories: None
      Personality: Reserved, troubled, paranoid
      Backstory: Duskseer has very violent prophetic visions, where she sees multiple things at once, from multiple time scales, it is incredibly confusing and concerning. Her parents convinced her to take part as they hoped it would help Her get better
      Sexuality: Bisexual
      Fears: Dying, hurting others, not being able to use her power
      Strong dislikes: The new moon, starless nights

    • Name: Turtle
      Age: 8 years
      Gender / Pronouns: Female/ she, her
      Tribe: SeaWing
      Description: NightWing-shaped turquoise dragon with pale blue dapples, webbed feet, and slitted green eyes
      Accessories: a black rock earring that has small blue and white spots to represent the SeaWings and NightWings
      Personality: Kind, but can be strong, fierce, and arrogant at times, protective
      Backstory: Her father, Thoughtseer was a mind-reading NightWing and her mother Whirlpool was a SeaWing. When Turtle was born, Whirlpool wanted to name her something that reminds of Thoughtseer that would not be suspicious. So she was named Turtle because they follow the moon into the ocean. Shortly after Turtle was born, Thoughtseer passed away, so Turtle lived with the SeaWings. She never had many friends, because she looked like a blue NightWing and therefore could never swim as good as the others. She grew tired of this and asked her mother why she looked weird. The answer was that she was part NightWing. So Turtle went out to the NightWings. She was not completely accepted there either, but lived there for awhile, with Thoughtseer’s sister, Quietfighter. But she once again grew tired of the tribe and missed her mother, so she went back to the SeaWings. When Cypress came, she agreed because she wanted to try a new life where dragons may accept her.
      Sexuality: Straight
      Fears: humans(forgot what those creatures are called oof 😛), heat because she thinks she might die from overheating
      Strong dislikes: dry places, eating lizards, birds
      Other: She has slight mind-reading that she inherited from her father

    • Hey again I’m coming to spam characters

      Name: Papaya
      Age: 20 years
      Gender / Pronouns: Non Binary (they / them or he / him, but they / them is preferred)
      Tribe: RainWings
      Description: Small, frail rainwing with dark freckles around his face, large, drooping frills and blue eyes.
      Accessories: A little pouch around their neck with a few strands of their sloth’s fur, to remember her even though they had to leave her
      Personality: Papaya over thinks everything, and they are often overly cautious, not rushing into things. They are quite practical however
      Backstory: Papaya had a pretty happy childhood, they were a normal RainWing, growing up with a super close group of friends who acted like their family. They all had fruit based names, Mango, Starfruit, Pineapple, Fig and Papaya, so they called themselves the fruit gang. The five dragonets had lost of fun playing and joking, but it was obvious from the start that Starfruit had never been as healthy as the others. She always struggled to sleep, and her scales were always sore, changing them would always cause her pain, something no RainWing could explain. It got worse as they grew, Starfruit struggled to fly as even brushing vines with her wings would make her cry out in pain, and the fruit gang began to give up hope of her ever getting better. Eventually, the worst happened, Starfruit’s body was found at the bottom of a tree, , with broken branches laying all around her, her body twisted awkwardly. She was dead. No dragon knew what had happened, some said she had leapt from the highest tree tops, not wanting to cope with the pain of life anymore, others said she was simply trying to fly like normal, but the pain became too much and she fell, a few even said she was trying to gather fruit that may have helped her get better, or just lifted the moods of her friends, and she fell just before she could reach it. The group of friends slowly drifted apart, with only Pineapple and Mango staying close, the two dragons became partners not long after the death of Starfruit, and Papaya just couldn’t stand being around them, seeing them trying to be happy when all they wanted to do was curl up and cry over the loss of their close friend. When the offer came, Papaya just wanted to get away from everything and just take a break. They didn’t even want the magic, they just wanted to get away from their old life
      Sexuality: Demisexual homoromantic
      Fears: Heights, he likes the comfort of being in the trees or close to the ground, he can fly around fine but he doesn’t like being above the trees, Sickness, having to return home to the rainforest before he’s ready
      Strong dislikes: Large open spaces, deep water
      Other: Starfruit is my child I wish she wasn’t dead so I could Roleplay her
      I might make more characters later

      • Papaya is accepted! Feel free to roleplay! 🙂
        I’m just waiting for me to spam myself with characters

    • Name: Abyssal
      Age: 8? Like teenager-young adult
      Gender / Pronouns: female/she/her
      Tribe: SeaWing, tiny bit of Nightwing ancestry
      Description: Tall, lithe dark blue SeaWing female with black legs. Her wings have the swirl pattern (she’s a princess) and a few scattered silver scales from her NightWing ancestors.
      Accessories: Necklace with sapphire charm
      Personality: Book smart but quick thinking, quiet most of the time, very short-tempered. Always is in charge because of her bossy nature. Protective and defensive of her loved ones. Is very hard on herself. She takes a lot of responsibility, even if she shouldn’t. Mature, acts older than she is.
      Backstory: Her mother is the Queen of the SeaWings, though Abyssal has no intention of challenging her. Her father’s grandmother was a NightWing, and Abyssal has more NightWing features than most of her siblings. The teasing she got for said features changed her into a fierce, short-tempered dragon who is kind only to her close friends and family. She accepts the offer because she doesn’t want any threat to come to her family. She also thinks that she isn’t a nice dragon, and that she doesn’t deserve her family. Is somebody is to die, Abyssal would choose herself to do so.
      Sexuality: Straight
      Fears: Losing her family, not being able to protect them.
      Strong dislikes: Her own personality
      Other: Idk

    • Hold on I need to make a depressed cat I have to 😛
      Name: Tulip
      Age: 12 years
      Gender / Pronouns: Female/ she, her
      Tribe: SilkWing
      Description: Small hot pink dragon with scales of different shades of pink and purple, scars, and blue eyes
      Accessories: She had a tulip earring but it was torn off
      Personality: Shy, quiet, respectful, doesn’t trust anyone, thinks she is useless, depressed
      Backstory: Tulip had a very tough life. She was always bullied, her mother disowned her, she didn’t have any friends, she was always called useless, the list goes on. She had tried to commit suicide, but her only friend, Dawn, had stopped her. Dawn then died a while after. When she was given the chance to join the Rite of Passage, Tulip agreed because she thought that life couldn’t be any worse. If she died no one would care.
      Sexuality: Queer
      Fears: Uh dragons
      Strong dislikes: Anyplace that isn’t the forest, meat

    • I’m just going to create so many characters before everyone else comes 😛

      Name: Falcon
      Age: 23 years
      Gender / Pronouns: Male/ he, him
      Tribe: SkyWing
      Description: Skinny red dragon with big golden and amber wings, long bird-like snout, and amber eyes
      Accessories: None
      Personality: Kind, friendly, independent, used to being left avoided and alone
      Backstory: Falcon was a firescales SkyWing. Dragons stayed away at first, but Falcon was proved to be careful, friendly, and not a murderous fire dragon. Falcon spent most his time in his rock cave. He also flew around a lot in order to keep off the grass, so he got super fast, with the help of his big, strong wings and slim shape. Falcon now does most things in the air.
      Sexuality: Bi
      Fears: Submerging completely under water
      Strong dislikes: His firescales
      Other: Uh firescales dragon if you haven’t figured that out yet

    • Name: Shieldbug
      Age: 11 years
      Gender/Prounous: Male; he/him
      Tribe: HiveWing
      Description: A faded golden-yellow HiveWing with a black shieldlike pattern on his forehead and a few black spots elsewhere on his body. His claws can secrete poison.
      Accessories: He carries a knapsack with him, which contains his favorite books and a vial of his poison in case of emergency.
      Personality: Shieldbug is kind of haughty, and he doesn’t waste words. He believes that he’s very smart, and indeed he does know quite a bit, but time will tell if he can put his knowledge to good use. He doesn’t make friends easily, and he likes to be independent.
      Backstory: Shieldbug was born on in the Mantis Hive to a wealthy family of HiveWings. His parents impressed upon him from a young age that he must make a good impression of himself in everything that he does, and he always tries his best to. He went to a private school; none of his subjects particularly interested him, but he was naturally talented at taking in information and so he got good grades in almost all his classes, although he privately struggled with assignments where he had to apply the information he learned to form conclusions. The only thing that really interested him was studying animus magic, partially because it had such a dramatic history and partially because he wanted to know if there was a way to get that power for himself. When he heard of the Rite of Passage, of course he was interested, and confident that he could win. He studied intensively, trying to prepare himself for anything the challenges might throw at him, and then he signed up to join.
      Sexuality: Bisexual
      Fears: He doesn’t like to admit it, even to himself, but he’s afraid of failure and letting other dragons see embarrassing sides of him.
      Strong dislikes: He dislikes cold weather and dragons he views as incompetent, and needing help from others.

    • YEET WINGS OF FIRE!!!!!!!

      Name: Orochi
      Age: 12 years
      Gender / Pronouns: Male | He/him
      Tribe: Half IceWing, half-SkyWing (Lived with the SkyWings)
      Description: Orochi mainly looks like an IceWing, but has glittering red spikes on his back and tail, along with a dark red hue. He breathe frost breath, but it is weaker due to him being part SkyWing.
      Accessories: Nada
      Personality: Orochi is a silent, insensitive, and cold dragon, who would rather keep to himself than talk with others. He’s rather cunning and manipulative, though, as he’s able to talk to others with ease. Orochi often gets jealous of others but doesn’t act on that envy too often- he knows it would be a dumb idea to act on it, so he doesn’t. He’s also patient, and doesn’t flinch at the prospect of using others to get what he wants, no matter how long it may take. Orochi would rather take a peaceful approach to things, though he doesn’t mind killing to do things his way.
      Backstory: He and his twin brother Susano were born to an IceWing and a SkyWing. Originally, they were both going to be raised in the Ice Kingdom until their father took Orochi with him to the Sky Kingdom. There, Orochi eventually forgot most of his dragonet hood, with him having vague memories of Susano and his mother. Orochi was skilled specifically in flying, and absolutely loved the thrill of it. He never missed Susano that much, though, and never gave too much of a thought about him. Orochi did have a hidden lust for power, though- he wanted to one day become ruler of the SkyWings, mainly because he thought that he could help shape them into one of the strongest tribes on the giant landmasses. He agreed to the Rite of Passage so he could one day become the leader of the SkyWings, albeit he is unaware that Queen Rowan is the one hosting them because sometimes he’s just not very observant.
      Sexuality: Asexual biromantic
      Fears: Losing power, losing in life, facing his past
      Strong dislikes: Being told he’ll never have any sort of power, being reminded that he’s a hybrid
      Other: I had a feeling Hazy, I just had a feeling He’ll know what I’m talking about won’t he

      Name: Tangle
      Age: 8 years
      Gender / Pronouns: Female | She/her
      Tribe: SandWing
      Description: Has a pale yellow complexion, her frills (or whatever you call them) are a dusty brown. Tangle has smaller brown flecks on across her body, and is missing her SandWing tail’s barb due to genetic defects.
      Accessories: She has a small necklace made up of cacti flowers around her neck and mini versions of it on her talons, like bracelets.
      Personality: Bubbly, kind, good natured, sometimes rather naive, unintentionally rude at times, and a tiny bit spoiled.
      Backstory: Tangle didn’t have much happen in her life- she traveled with her older sister, Yarrow around the Sand Kingdom. She accepted the Rite of Passage because she was simply curious.
      Sexuality: Pansexual
      Fears: Cacti (like, not the flowers but the actual thing 😛 ), ants, water
      Strong dislikes: Water
      Other: oofity i just came up with her in a few minutes

    • Name: Ivy
      Age: 7 years
      Gender / Pronouns: she/her
      Tribe: Leafwings
      Description: sage green scales, gold scales under her wings, a gold tail tip, plant control, very small in size
      Accessories: a small pouch with biological weapons from the rainforest, emerald earing
      Personality: mute, stealthy, isn’t afraid to use her power, has found a way to communicate with it, kind, fierce
      Backstory: Ivy was born without the ability to speak, but also with the rare ability of plant control. This made people think that she was kind of a joke, but she proved them wrong by training hard to be a assasin and also finding her own way to speak.
      Sexuality: Straight
      Fears: Fire, meeting new people
      Strong dislikes: The dragons in her tribe that doubted her
      Other: She wants to participate in the contest because deep inside, she wants to be truly accepted by someone, and she sees this as a chance to meet other dragons besides her tribe.
      I will do more later, can you save me a flamesilk?

      • Ivy is accepted, and you can have one of the flamesilk spots! Feel free to roleplay! 🙂

    • Name: Cloudywing
      Age: 15 years
      Gender / Pronouns: She/her
      Tribe: Silkwings
      Description: Pale blue wings with a black rim and black and white spots all over, her body is navy blue with some silver scales, and she has green eyes. Flamesilk
      Accessories: Horn accesories made of lapis, small hornet stings in her claws
      Personality: Fierce, excellent fighter, cares a decent amount about her appearance and hygiene, loyal
      Backstory: Cloudywing was raised by her parents on Pantala, and she was named after her coloration. As a dragonet, she was bubbly and cheerful, but as she grew up she showed more and more interest in being a soldier. She, unfortunately, was not accepted into the army, and she became bitter over it. Her brother, Skipper, who was in the army, trained her with the techniques he learned and that is how she is so skilled today. Her father was a flamesilk, and he had been a warrior, so he taught her how to use her flamesilk.
      Sexuality: Straight
      Fears: Bees, water, death
      Strong dislikes: Hivewings, Silkwing soldiers
      Other: She wants to become an animus from this competition

    • Adding onto Holly’s backstory and a new character 😛

      Holly’s Backstory: Before she became a wanderer, Holly used to live with her mother in Pantala, a HiveWing named Sedge. Where she lived, she was in a mainly SilkWing and LeafWing populated area, which made the both of them stand out. Holly and Sedge kept getting dirty looks thrown their way, the grudge between SilkWings, LeafWings, and HiveWings still withstanding. Holly remembers once getting beaten up by a group of three dragons- two LeafWings and one flamesilk SilkWing. She still has horrid nightmares about it. What had happened was that the LeafWings had held her down while the flamesilk burned her with their burning silk. Holly had begged and pleaded to them that she wasn’t a threat. Holly wasn’t like other HiveWings. She had defects. She wasn’t dangerous, she was just rather large for her age. They didn’t believe her. After the experience, she stayed home with her mother and never left Sedge’s side. After Sedge passed away of illness, Holly left the village, and planned to go to Pyrrhia. Along the way, she met a SilkWing named Meadowhawk and a IceWing named Drift. Holly got along with them fairly well, and was heartbroken when Meadowhawk died, protecting Holly and Drift in a hunting accident while visiting the Sand Kingdom. After that, Drift and Holly decided to honor their fallen friend by collecting hibiscus flowers, which were Meadowhawk’s favorite types of flowers. Holly and Drift wandered Pyrrhia without Meadowhawk alongside them.

      Name: Drift
      Age: 13 years
      Gender / Pronouns: Trans demiboy | He/him/they/them
      Tribe: IceWing
      Description: Is an average sized IceWing with pale silver scales and pale blue spikes. He has dark blue eyes and a missing claw on his right talon.
      Accessories: Always wears a bright red hibiscus necklace in honor of Meadowhawk, a fallen SilkWing friend of his and Holly’s
      Personality: Quick-witted, silent, wandering type, hates rules, disobedient to superiors (most of the time), loyal to those he trusts, sensitive, loyal to a fault, overprotective, defensive, can seem manipulative, likes messing with other dragons through pranks or something similar
      Backstory: He was a runaway from the Ice Kingdom, not wanting to be associated with his tribe’s strict policies anymore. He met Holly and Meadowhawk when they first arrived in Pyrrhia, and was essentially a sort of guide for them. After Meadowhawk died, he was upset, and became much more reserved and protective of others he cares about. Drift accepted Queen Rowan’s offer because he wanted to have enough power to protect his friends so they wouldn’t leave him or die like what happened to Meadowhawk.
      Sexuality: Pansexual
      Fears: Losing his loved ones, feeling powerless to help, death/loss
      Strong dislikes: Absolutely hates having assumptions being made about him and his friends
      Other: Holly also wears a hibiscus necklace in honor of Meadowhawk, but she wears a white and red one.

      I accept my own character 😛

    • Name: Comet
      Age: 15 years
      Gender / Pronouns: She/Her
      Tribe: Silkwing
      Description: A deep blue dragon with purple and pink wings : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1T1umQrLBzeWFANHWWHPiQQlNDLYJpxH0zbKHSg7EmVY/edit
      Accessories: A silk band woven around her ankle
      Personality: Stubborn, sweet, kind, fierce
      Backstory: When she was little, Comet was very close with her family, and they had good times.Then she went through her metamorphosis, but as she began to produce silk, she realised something was wrong. Unable to stop it, the flame silk surrounded him. Then her parents were not comfortable with her. She accepted the offer because he wants animus magic to get rid of her flame silk so she doesn’t hurt somebody.
      Sexuality: Bisexual
      Fears: Hurting people with flamesilk, Death
      Strong dislikes: FIsh, Mena people
      Other: She’s a flamesilk if you couldn’t tell😋

      Name: Shadowseer
      Age: 18
      Gender / Pronouns: She/her
      Tribe: Nightwings
      Description: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gx-qbQWCxgrvBIqjbJ49d5sBLySUY_GOTatRvLy-k9s/edit, She has the gift of PROPHECY
      Accessories: A circlet made of copper https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UxY4MXPFbEnsp19kRkEPBv2NzK1Lc0XDR22G1VizBlI/edit
      Personality: Mysterious, Kind, Stealthy, Clever/Witty, Funny
      Backstory: Not much to say. She accepted the trial, because she was curious
      Sexuality: Pansexual
      Fears: Death, Losing her loved ones, Loneliness
      Strong dislikes: Meanness, Bullies, Smart Aleks
      Other: She’s prophetic, or whatever it is.

    • Name: Nightrunner
      Age: 12
      Gender/pronouns: Female, she/her
      Description: Frail built NightWing with slight purple and green undertones and silver scales on her extremities (tail tip, talons, snout, etc.). Underside of wings dark purple with concentrated silver scales on the bottom edge, fading upward.
      Accessories: Small obsidian band around the end of her tail
      Personality: Paranoid and shy, yet highly opinionated. Slightly insane
      Backstory: She was born with NightWing powers, giving her too much knowledge and driving her insane. She accepted the Rite of Passage to get rid of her powers, through death or through magic.
      Sexuality: Pansexual
      Fears: Her powers, too much knowledge
      Strong dislikes: Dragons who think NightWings who have powers are lucky
      Other: Can she haz mind reading and prophetic powers?

      • I would accept Nightrunner, but we already have a dragon with mind reading and prophetic powers. Is it possible that you could change the aspects that mention her powers?

          • I just checked and ahhh there aren’t any left 🙁

            But I think since the prophetic NightWings don’t particularly worry me as much as the mind-reading ones (due to rules of not controlling another character and similar things), I think I can let your character be just prophetic if that’s alright with you.

    • I have never read wings of fire so please help me if I do something stupid.

      Name: Morningflare, goes by Morning
      Age: I don’t know dragon years, so the equivalent of 15 years
      Gender / Pronouns: Female. She/her/hers
      Tribe: Oof don’t know you can decide based on her character and stuff, or if you need characters somewhere
      Description: Mottled orange and yellow she-dragon with intense amber eyes (I hope this is right)
      Accessories: Yellow flower on her – ear? horn? 😛
      Personality: Determined, intense, helpful, loyal, sweet, intelligent, honest
      Backstory: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………….. Her motivation for being in Queen Rowan’s trials is that her sister was, um, something bad happened to her that’s WOF related and possible. Killed by someone, maybe?
      Sexuality: Aro/ace
      Fears: Darkness
      Strong dislikes: Darkness and very low voices
      Other: I tried and I will be making more later 😀

      Also save me a flamesilk spot if they’re still open, it sounds cool

      • So I’m guessing she would be a SilkWing then, since she’s a flamesilk? (Basically a flamesilk is a SilkWing who shoots silk that is sort of like fire if you didn’t know 😛 )

        Morningflare is accepted! Feel free to roleplay! 🙂

        • (She’s not a flamesilk, I meant that I will make a character in the future who is a flamesilk, sorry for the confusion 😛 )

          I’ll make them when I get home from school.

          • Oofity I mean Morningflare could still be a SilkWing based on the description but I think that a SkyWing, RainWing, or HiveWing could also work based on the description as well

            • (Don’t mind meh, but all HiveWings have some black on them, so unless the description was changed to include some black patterning, it can’t be a HiveWing. Oofity, I’m obsessed with WoF.)

      • If you want a flame silk then your dragon would be a SilkWing (a type of dragon from Plantala). The tribe would work with the description. Oh and flame silk basically means your dragon can shoot red-hot silk at people.

    • I’m really bored so have a character 😛
      Name: Shard
      Age: 32 years
      Gender / Pronouns: Male/he, him
      Tribe: IceWing
      Description: Pale blue dragon with white diamond-shaped spots, big horns, clear blue eyes, and a scar on his flank
      Accessories: N/A
      Personality: Independent, sassy, rebellious, never really gets attached to anyone
      Backstory: Shard accidently killed a SandWing. The IceWing queen, however, thought he had done it on purpose. Shard was known to not follow rules. The queen was very strict and really despised Shard. She ended up expelling him from the IceWings. His sister, Splash, and best friends, Blizzard and Snow, followed him. They lived a few years wandering around Pyrhiaa(how do you spell it?). One day, on MudWing territory, they encountered a SeaWing named Tuna who said she was also expelled from her Tribe. They believed her and let Tuna join their group. A few nights later, Tuna had attempted to kill them. Splash and Snow died, but Shard escaped with Blizzard. Blizzard soon died from infected wounds. Shard was then attacked by more SeaWings, barely making it out alive. He spent the following years living alone.
      Sexuality: Ace/aro
      Fears: Getting close to someone and them dying
      Strong dislikes: SeaWings

  • Name: Midnight
    Age: 15 years Ish? (Probably a teenager/adult in human years)
    Gender / Pronouns: she, her, female
    Tribe: NightWing
    Description: Black scales with hints of dark blue and violet, normal silver scales near her eyes and under her wings, dark blue eys and she is slightly above average dragon size.
    Accessories: A single moonstone necklace, maybe a emerald bracelet or nothing at all.
    Personality: Feisty, fierce, not that loyal or betraying, sly, smart,good friend to have, bad enemy, spoiled :P, more of a bystander that laughs at the victim than a bully (If you know what I mean)
    Midnight grew up in the the night kingdom like a normal mind-reading and prohecy telling dragonet. Her visions are very subtle and she doesn’t pay attention to them, as she feels like they’re a waste of time. Her mother and father, Silverstar and Duskflight, spoil her.. a lot. She is the only one of her siblings to have powers and they resent her for it. Her parents don’t outright forget about her other siblings, but they’re like Millie to them. She isn’t cruel to them,. she just doesn’t talk with them much, but in their minds she knows that she isn’t wanted and only greets them. She took up the offer because it would be cool being a Animus dragon and she didn’t really have anything else to do:D also she loves scrolls!
    Sexuality: Straight
    Fears: Death of her parents, death, not being able to read minds, and being alone forever
    Strong dislikes: Fish *Ew*, Obnoxious Dragons, and.. SANDWINGS
    Other: Hi!

    • Hi, Hollyshine! Please remember to click the blue ‘reply’ button when posting your character sheet, that way it doesn’t push and clutter the page. 🙂

      Midnight is accepted! Feel free to roleplay! 🙂

    • Hollyshine, I’m sorry but I don’t think Midnight can be a mind reading NightWing since I already have Violet and Shadow still has claim to the other mind reading NightWing spot until the next week or so…is it possible that you can have Midnight have no powers or prophetic vision instead?

        • Oh, sorry, I didn’t see that!

          Yeah it’s just been a really tiring week for me and I haven’t been able to read through things properly for a while rip 😛

    • Yeah, I’ve been really tired lately and haven’t noticed some things, so yeah 😛 Shadow still has their claim to the spot, unless if they don’t post their characters in the next week or so.

      I didn’t count Turtle because he’s a mind reading half NightWing half SeaWing so I can’t count it 😛