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    I’m having a writing contest! IM NOT LOSING THE LINK THIS TIME DO NOT WORRY.

    Write a sad story. Nothing over 3000 words and it must be sad. The deadline is July 1st.

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    ooh I’m entering!

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    I don’t know if its over 3000 words or not but cats die so it is sad!

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      I’m really, really sorry, but your story is over 4000 words. If you could shorten it just a bit?

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    If this comment is a duplicate, please delete the other one, because earlier I tried to send it in but something went wrong, and I couldn’t get into BlogClan. 😕

    Here’s my entry! I hope you like it!

    Word count ~ 2,529
    Character count ~ 15,153


    Rosesky – A rose-colored she-cat with soft, sky-blue eyes
    Lilystripe – A brown she-cat with soft, sky-blue eyes
    Embershade – A rose-colored tom with sharp, golden eyes
    Slatestar – A white she-cat with dark brown eyes
    Moondapple – A grey tom with dark blue eyes
    Songfang – A night black tom with dark green eyes
    Blossompool – A brown tabby she-cat with silver eyes
    Vixenleaf – A brown and white tabby tom with amber eyes
    Fennelpaw – A brown tabby tom with black stripes and dark green eyes
    Harepaw/Hareclaw – A pale brown tom with black spots and gentle silver eyes
    Minnowpaw/Minnowstream – A dark grey she-cat with wide, leaf-green eyes

    Rising Flames: The tragic story of a fatal fire

    “Rosesky?” A quiet mew sounded. Her apprentice, Minnowpaw, was shifting her paws nervously. “What will we do today?” Minnowpaw asked, not meeting her gaze. Rosesky felt her heart ache with sympathy for the young she-cat. Minnowpaw’s brother, Elkpaw, had died only a quarter moon ago due to getting hit on the Thunderpath. Her other littermates and parents, Songfang, Blossompool, Fennelpaw and Harepaw were devastated.
    “We’ll go hunting,” Rosesky responded. She forced herself to sound cheerful. Just for Minnowpaw.
    “How can you be cheerful after everything that’s happened?” Minnowpaw mumbled. That was true. Most of the clan had died off when Greencough struck. Rosesky let out a sigh.
    “Let’s go,” she murmured, and Minnowpaw followed reluctantly. As they reached a clearing, she luckily scented prey.
    “Do you scent that?” She asked her apprentice. Minnowpaw nodded, her gaze becoming bright. Rosesky opened her mouth and detected a squirrel trail.
    “I found a mouse trail,” Minnowpaw said, excited.
    “Let’s split up,” Rosesky suggested. Minnowpaw nodded, and Rosesky heard light steps. The squirrel’s near, she thought. She dropped down and slid forward, barely making any noise. She pushed herself through the bushes and saw the squirrel. It was chewing on a nut. She tensed her muscles, and leaped. The squirrel let out a squeal as it saw her, but it was too late. She bit down on its neck, and the snap of bone made it obvious it was dead. As she padded back to the clearing, she saw Minnowpaw sitting down with her mouse at her paws.
    “Great job,” Rosesky praised. “Let’s get back to camp.” As they trotted back to the camp, Rosesky scented smoke. She froze, her fur lifting.
    “Rosesky?” Minnowpaw asked around her mouse. Minnowpaw looked frightened, her dark grey fur bushing up. “Do you smell that?” Rosesky nodded stiffly. Suddenly, a weird noise that hurt her ears sounded. Wailing, it seemed.
    “Run!” Rosesky screeched. “Back to the camp!” A huge red monster pulled up in the distance, and Twolegs wearing bright colored pelts had huge snakes that shot out water at the distant fire. As they burst into the camp, Slatestar had jumped up onto a tree branch and surveyed the distant flames.
    “We’re alright,” she called. “The Twolegs are putting it out.” Rosesky panted, dropping her squirrel, and Minnowpaw slumped to the ground, also dropping her catch.
    “When the Twolegs are gone, we should check the damage,” Vixenleaf called. Slatestar nodded with agreement, and Rosesky finally caught her breath.
    “I thought the whole forest would catch on fire,” Minnowpaw admitted. Blossompool hurried to her kit and pressed against her, and Blossompool trembled with relief.
    “We’re all safe,” Slatestar mewed. “If another fire does occur, though, we can’t always rely on the Twolegs. We need to be prepared.”
    “What will we do?” Embershade called. He didn’t sound hopeful.
    “There’s a path here, leading towards the river, but it’s partially hidden by brambles,” Moondapple called. Slatestar hurried towards it, inspecting it.
    “Moondapple, you, Embershade, Rosesky, and Fennelpaw can clear it.” Rosesky padded over and saw a narrow pathway. She hauled a strip of bramble thorns away, and then kept tearing away strips of brambles. Moondapple, Embershade and Fennelpaw did the same, and soon the pathway was cleared.
    “I’ll check it,” Fennelpaw said, padding towards it. A faint roaring sounded, now that the brambles were removed. They seemed to have blocked the sound. Perhaps it’s the river, Rosesky thought. She cautiously padded through the narrow path, and kept going. Fennelpaw was looking down, sniffing. Suddenly he bolted forward, and a far, far drop was directly in front of him.
    “Fennelpaw! No!” She screeched. Yet Fennelpaw couldn’t stop in time, and he desperately tried to cling onto the wet ground that the raging river below had caused. It was a gorge, and on the other side of the gorge was the actual, calmer river. Rosesky rushed forward, and grasped Fennelpaw by the paw. Rosesky tried hauling him up, but Fennelpaw met her gaze. His dark green eyes were wide and full of pain.
    “Let me go,” he said. Rosesky froze.
    “What?” She gasped.
    “Let me go,” Fennelpaw repeated. “We both know that you can’t’ save me.” Rosesky tried, but her hind paws began to slip.
    “Let go before you fall in too!” Fennelpaw snapped. “Losing me isn’t as bad as losing both of us.” Rosesky was full of disbelief, but she let go. Fennelpaw slipped and fell, and he let out a startled screech that was cut off short as he met the water. And she could barely see him as he was swept away. She backed away, and jumped the gap, running along the edge of the gorge.
    “Fennelpaw! Fennelpaw!” She called. She could barely glimpse his brown pelt as he went under. She ran back and jumped the gap, and she burst out of the pathway, eyes glazed.
    “Where’s Fennelpaw?” Moondapple demanded. Rosesky met his gaze.
    “He fell,” she whispered.
    “In the river?” Moondapple asked, bewildered. “You know how to swim. The river is calm!”
    “It was a gorge,” she responded. “He fell in. I caught him, but he told me to let go.” Blossompool let out a wail of grief, and Songfang pressed against his mate, eyes hollow with sorrow. Moondapple brushed his pelt against hers.
    “It’s okay,” he murmured. “You couldn’t have saved him.” Yet Rosesky still felt guilty. Why did he want me to let go?

    Rosesky cheered for the two newly made warriors.
    “Minnowstream! Hareclaw!” She felt pride rush through her. Ever since the incident, Minnowpaw had tried her absolute hardest. The clan had gotten over Fennelpaw’s death, even though it was unexpected. Rosesky purred as she sat close beside her mate, Moondapple. Minnowstream padded to her, eyes shining.
    “Thank you for mentoring me, Rosesky,” Minnowstream mewed. Rosesky dipped her head.
    “Anytime,” she mewed. Blossompool hurried forward to congratulate her daughter and son, her gaze brimming with affection. Rosesky suddenly scented smoke. It’s just my imagination, she thought. But it got stronger, and the cats began coughing. A crackling sound echoed throughout the forest.
    “Fire!” Rosesky screeched, fur bushed. The fire’s glow became closer, and she backed away.
    “Through the gorge pathway!” Slatestar ordered. Embershade and Lilystripe raced through first. They both successfully leapt the gap, and Moondapple did as well. Blossompool and Songfang made the jump, and so did the rest. But Hareclaw scrabbled desperately as he tried to haul himself up. Minnowstream grabbed him by the scruff, and she strained. But it was no use, and both of them began falling into the gorge. Songfang raced forward, grabbing Minnowstream’s tail. But he let go, and both of the new warriors fell in.
    “Minnowstream! Hareclaw!” Blossompool screeched. The fire was swallowing the entrance to the camp. It rushed towards them, and Blossompool was frozen. Songfang nuzzled his mate comfortingly.
    “Come on,” he urged. “We’ll be safe soon.” The fire was making its way through the pathway. Blossompool seemed hypnotized, and Suddenly the fire was at the other side of the gorge. A wind blew, and sparks from the fire flew onto the dense undergrowth, surrounding both of the cats.
    “Run!” Slatestar snapped. The six remaining cats bolted through the pathway, and they emerged to see the river.
    “The stones,” Slatestar said. “Let’s get as far away as we possibly can.” Lilystripe stared at the raging fire.
    “Blossompool and Songfang… were…”
    “Burned alive,” Vixenleaf confirmed sadly. His eyes were full of grief. Blossompool had been his littermate.
    “Come on,” Slatestar urged. “We need to move, now!” They began leaping across the stepping stones. Vixenleaf leapt on the first rock, and he slipped and fell. He knocked his head against another rock, and he fell unconscious, bobbing in the water.
    “Vixenleaf! Wake up!” Moondapple screeched. Rosesky dove in, swimming desperately towards the tom.
    “Wake up!” She gasped. Vixenleaf’s eyes were hollow, and he wasn’t awake. She shook him, hard, yet he still didn’t wake up. Suddenly, the current started to sweep them away. I’m not ready to die yet! She thought, gritting her teeth as he kept Vixenleaf above the surface. She tossed him onto the bank, and she swam towards it. Moondapple extended his paw. She grabbed it, and he hauled her up, and she looked at Vixenleaf. He wasn’t breathing. Rosesky pumped at his chest, and repeated it several times, but it didn’t work. A narrow trickle of water came out of his mouth, but otherwise, nothing. Rosesky closed his eyes and sighed. Suddenly the fire emerged on the other side of the river.
    “We need to go,” Slatestar hissed. “Now!”
    “But what’s about Vixenleaf’s body?” Rosesky snarled. “We can’t just leave him here!”
    “He was a true warrior,” Slatestar murmured. “And we will always honor him. But now, to honor him, let’s make it out alive.” They raced away, the fire crossing the river and swallowing Vixenleaf’s body when Rosesky turned around. They stumbled across a Thunderpath, and she saw several monsters zooming past, and Twolegs staring at the fire. A Twoleg yowled something at another, and a wailing bright red monster pulled up.
    “Hide!” Slatestar whispered. They darted to hiding places, and Rosesky dove into a rabbit hole alongside Moondapple.
    “Why did our clanmates have to die like this?” She asked, her voice full of pain. Moondapple met her gaze.
    “We will survive this,” he murmured. “I’ll make sure of that.” A sound of water shooting out of something was clearly noticeable above. Twolegs yowling. More monsters wailing. Dogs barking. Rosesky pressed against her mate, trembling with terror. Suddenly, a wave of heat rolled into Rosesky. The fire’s crackling sounded above.
    “We need to go,” Moondapple gasped. “Before the fire traps us!” They shot out of the hole, and to Rosesky’s horror she saw the limp bodies of the Twolegs, burned by the fire as it raged towards them. Slatestar and Rosesky’s parents ran across the Thunderpath. But as Rosesky whipped around, she briefly met her father’s golden gaze before a grey monster hit him, he was flung far away, and lay limp in the middle of the Thunderpath. Lilystripe watched, frozen in place as her mate’s life ended right before her eyes. Lilystripe let out a choking cry, and buried her muzzle into Rosesky’s fur. Rosesky was horrified, but couldn’t speak. Soon Lilystripe’s gaze hardened.
    “Let’s keep going,” she mewed, her voice raw with grief but her eyes full of determination. “For Embershade.” It was just the four of them. The fire rushed towards the monsters, and they screeched and swerved to avoid it. Twolegs ran out of their monsters in the other direction. Some stuck in monsters were burned, screeching with pain as their lives were gone. The four of them raced towards the opposing forest. Soon, barking sounded. Two huge dogs ran behind them, their tongues lolling out of their mouths and their beady eyes gleaming. Lilystripe turned around and lunged at them, claws unsheathed, slashing at their eyes. They howled with agony.
    “Go!” Lilystripe snarled. “While I can still hold them off!” Why is everything trying to kill us? Rosesky thought, traumatized. Moondapple shoved her forward, and the trio burst into the forest. Slatestar’s eyes narrowed as the barking became closer. Clearly the dogs had finished Lilystripe off and were still craving blood.
    “I’ll finish them,” Slatestar growled.
    “But-” Rosesky was cut off.
    “I have three lives to spare,” Slatestar hissed. “You both only have one.” The dogs burst into the same clearing as them, and they were badly scratched.
    “Go!” Slatestar snapped. “And that’s an order!” Rosesky and Moondapple ran, ignoring the shrieks of agony from Slatestar in the distance.

    They both ran, and ran, until they came to a gang of cats. They turned to face them. Rosesky, already terrified, backed away. A she-cat leapt down from a rock and padded towards them. Her fur gave off a ghostly glow.
    “Welcome,” she purred. “It’s nice to see you.” Moondapple and Rosesky exchanged confused glances, then looked at the she-cat.
    “Who are you?” Rosesky asked.
    “I’m Jaystream,” the she-cat said. “One of my friends is keeping me visible right now.” Jay slightly faded. “Oh! Well, I guess it’s time to go. Nice meeting you.” A tom panted as Jaystream disappeared.
    “We’re just a group of cats who just want to live in peace,” The tom said after catching his breath. “I’m Leaf.”
    “I’m Rosesky, and this is Moondapple,” Rosesky said politely. Leaf’s eyes brightened.
    “Would you like to join us?” He asked. Rosesky nodded eagerly. “To explain what happened just now, I have the ability to see ancestors who stayed behind from the Resting Place of Stars to watch over us.” Rosesky’s eyes brightened.
    “Do you have a leader? A medicine cat? A deputy?” Moondapple asked. Leaf tipped his head.
    “Well, you could say I’m a healer… Spot is the second in command, and Smoke is our leader.” This could work, Rosesky thought excitedly. This will be our new home. Cats gave them friendly gazes, and as time went on, they transformed the group into a clan called ForestClan, in honor of Rosesky and Moondapple’s old home. Spot became deputy and was renamed Spotclaw by Smoke, who was renamed Smokestar, and Leaf became Leafcloud. But one day…

    “Rosesky!” Moondapple gasped. “Leafcloud, let me see her!”
    “Alright,” Leafcloud said quietly. “But please… she’s tired.” Rosesky couldn’t focus her gaze on her mate. Darkness crowded at the edges of her vision. Three kits lay at her belly.
    “Rosesky…” Moondapple whispered. “Rosesky, please.” Rosesky’s entire world went black, and she couldn’t hear or see anything. She awoke in a starry clearing.
    “Am I… dead?” She gasped.
    “You are,” a voice said. A little she-kit looked up at her with Embershade’s golden eyes.
    “Goldenkit!” Rosesky purred. She saw a glittering pool.
    “Can I watch my kits from here?” She asked. Goldenkit nodded, and Rosesky touched the pool with her paw. Her three kits lay at Hazelstripe’s belly. Moondapple watched them alongside Hazelstripe’s other kit, Furzekit. She peered closer, and could hear the conversation.
    “I want to name this one Rosekit, this one Sagekit, and this one Mistlekit,” Moondapple murmured. Rosesky’s heart swelled. He’s named her after me. She looked at Goldenkit, and her kin and clan who were padding closer. It’s time to let go. She padded away, the image shattering. But these rising flames will never stop me from remembering.

    I have two secret pages ahahaha

  7. June 18, 2020 at 11:00 pm


    Leader: Risingstar: A lithe dark gray tom with shocking purple eyes and lighter gray paws and muzzle

    Deputy: Breezeshade. Black and gray tom with gray eyes

    Medicine cat: Berrybriar. Cream she-cat with green eyes
    Apprentice: Whisperdawn

    Silvertwine: Sleek silver and gray she-cat with amber eyes
    Stormsoar: gray tabby tom with green eyes
    Apprentice: Speklepaw
    Destinypelt: golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes, former medicine cat of FogClan
    Visionsight: lithe black tom with yellow eyes.
    Apprentice: Quietpaw
    Dreamcloud: white she-cat with blue eyes
    Lifetail: White tabby tom with amber eyes
    Hollyfern: sleek black she-cat with green eyes
    Apprentice: Twinepaw
    Shadestreak: Brown tabby tom with gray eyes
    Duskbrook: tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes.
    Apprentice: Ivypaw
    Swanshadow: Gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes
    Icebreeze: White she-cat with blue eyes
    Apprentice: Wishpaw
    Gustbird: Brown tabby tom with green eyes

    Speklepaw: Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes
    Quietpaw: white and gray tom with blue eyes
    Wishpaw: White and gray tabby she-cat with green eyes
    Ivypaw: Silver tabby she-cat with green eyes
    Twinepaw: Brown tabby tom with silver eyes

    Pomeforest: Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with yellow eyes, mother to Gustbird’s kits, Spiritkit and Fallkit
    Featherleap: Gray and white she-cat with blue eyes, mother of Shadestreak’s kits
    Burnblossom: Ginger dappled she-cat, mother of Visionsight’s kits, Jumpkit, Marigoldkit, Leafkit, and Joykit
    Darkflower: Black tabby she-cat with pink eyes, mother of Stormsoar’s kits
    Shadowwhisper: Black tom with purple eyes
    Silentfoot: White she-cat with black feet and blue eyes
    Mistdream: Blind, blue-gray she-cat with clouded amber eyes. Oldest cat in HawkClan

    “Hey Darkflower, I brought you this mouse,” Stormsoar said
    Darkflower rolled her eyes “you fuss over me too much.”
    “You’re expecting my kits! I just want the best for you and them.” Stormsoar responded
    “With tensions rising with RiverClan, we could be going into battle any day. The warriors need their strength much more than I do. Take it to one of them.” Darkflower shot back.
    “Berrybriar! Can you tell Darkflower that she needs to keep her strength up?” Stormsoar called. The medicine cat padded over.
    “He’s right Darkflower. Eat the mouse.” Berrybriar told her.
    Darkflower sighed. Knowing Berrybriar, she wouldn’t go away until she ate the mouse. She ate slowly, savoring the taste. She could tell that Whisperdawn, Berrybriar’s apprentice, was having the same argument with Featherleap. Times were hard, she reflected, when queens felt as if they shouldn’t be taking food from warriors.
    “I’m going outside. I need some air.” she decided
    “Ok, just call me if you start to feel unwell,” Berrybriar responded
    Like I would ever do that. Darkflower thought. Berrybriar had enough on her hands already with the injured warriors from the last battle with RiverClan.
    She headed towards the rocks near highledge to bask in the sun. Risingstar was talking with Breezeshade, probably discussing their next move towards RiverClan, Speklepaw and Twinepaw were sharing tongues while talking about what they learned that day during training, and Hollyfern and Lifetail were sharing tounges near the warrior’s den. Everything seemed as it should be. She lay there for a while when she spotted Quietpaw padding over.
    “I got some fresh moss to line your nest with if you want to lie down” Quietpaw informed her shyly
    “Thanks, Quietpaw, I think I’ll go do that right now,” Darkflower responded. Looking affectionately at the young tom.
    She headed over to her nest and had just begun to lie down when Icebreeze rushed into camp.
    “RiverClan! They’re coming!” She cried.
    “Hurry! Guard the nursery!” Risingstar cried out. Immediately, Stormsoar rushed to the den entrance. Just then, RiverClan burst into camp. They pushed ahead, and as the ThunderClan warriors fell back, Darkflower felt a sharp pain in her stomach. Pomeforest, who had had kits before, recognized it immediately.
    “The kits are coming!” she called. Berrybriar heard this and pushed through the fighting cats to get to the nursery. The pain was so great, the spasms were becoming closer and closer together. All of a sudden, she heard a cry from outside the nursery, and Stormsoar collapsed. Turning her head towards him, she could not see much, but she could see enough to recognize the obvious. He was dead.
    “Stormsoar!” she cried out.
    “Darkflower!” Berrybriar screeched. “You need to pay attention! Stay strong for your kits!” Darkflower managed to turn her attention back to her kit, and just then, the first kit came out. It was a gray tabby tom that looked just like Stormsoar. Berrybriar nudged it towards Darkflower.
    “Lick” she commanded. Darkflower obeyed, using strong rhythmic strokes. Berrybriar was doing the same thing to the other kit, a ginger, and white she-cat. Soon the kit Berrybriar was licking began to squeal.
    “Berrybriar,” Darkflower said nervously. “This kit won’t wake up.”
    “Let me look at him,” Berrybriar responded. A concerned look spread across her face as she examined the tiny kit. “He’s dead, Darkflower. He is with Stormsoar now.”
    “No!” she cried out. Then she closed her eyes, wanting to give way to grief, but she knew there was one more thing he had to do. “He will be named Fallenkit.” She decided.
    “What about the other kit?” Berrybriar asked.
    “I do not care what she is named,” Darkflower responded. “I want no reminder of this terrible day. As far as I am concerned, she is not my kit.”
    And at that moment, the kit let out a wail.

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      Cake alone will save our blog.

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    OwO I would like to enter! <3

    How long must it be?

    Cake alone will save our blog.

  9. Moonpelt
    June 19, 2020 at 11:42 pm

    Okay, here ( Hope the italics work ):
    Title: Rising Darkness
    Work count: 912 words
    Duskfeather closed his eyes painfully, his head spinning and his heart aching. Mindlessly, he stared at his clanmates, hiding his grief and sadness away, in walls made of thistles .
    “Leafdrift will be missed.” Brackenstar said, mournfully,” She was a great warrior, and had determination that stretched higher than the clouds.”
    Duskfeather nodded, with the motionless body of his mate in the clearing, his mind flashed over the day she reveled she was expecting his kits.
    Not only have I lose my mate, but my kits too, and I never got to meet them.
    Brackenstar shot a glance at the elder, and Daisypatch picked up Duskfeather’s former mate and deputy, carrying her to the grave he help dig. Seeing Leafdrift be token away again brought back a mountain slide of guilt and despair. His eyes glazed over, and tears dropped, all of his self-control gone. The clearness of his tears fell unto his russet paws, and Brackenstar gave him a look of empathy.
    “Blossomswirl, can you check up a Duskfeather?” The Dark brown tom said kindly,” He’s still grieving for Leafdrift.”
    Blossomswirl nodded, her normally sharp personality gone in the urgency in her leader’s voice. Duskfeather followed the medicine cat blindly, like a kit following its mother.
    Standing under the tree that formed the medicine cat den, his mind flashed again, and replayed the day Leafdrift died.
    “ Retreat!” The ThunderClan leader yowled. The Shadowclan warriors let out a cry of triumphant, and Leafdrift whirled around, her eyes shining, and saying happily,” I guess our kits will have both parents to teach them!”
    Duskfeather purred as well, and spotted a flicker of movement behind his mate, a flick of a tail, a flash of dark fur, a glimpse of a claw, ready to strike.
    He called out a warning to the tabby she cat, but it was too late. The cat flashed towards the deputy and scratched her, his familiar gray fur standing out on edge.
    The russet furred cat cried out in pain. the tom glanced at him, his strange cloudy eyes flickering, and leaped towards the border, silently.
    Duskfeather stood over Leafdrift, blood in her beautiful fur.
    “ I’m sorry!” He bursted out, starting to say more, but his mate beat him to it.
    “ You should be sorry for nothing.” She said sternly, wincing as her injuries hurt her,” I chose my life, my love, and my death. Duskfeather, you should do the same thing.” He gazed into her blue eyes, peace in hers, and despair in his.
    “ Live your life. Live your life to the fullest “ She whispered softly “ Have hope and faith my darling, and be true to yourself.”
    The light died from her eyes, and her breath became still. She was dead.
    “ Oh, no.” Brackenstar whispered beside him, his kind green eyes dark with sadness.
    Duskfeather let out a yowl of pain, not caring who heard. He stumbled on his paws, and pressed his muzzle into Leafdrift’s fur, her sweet scent faiding. His heart pounded in his chest, and his head felt dizzy, like nothing would be good or happy ever again. Not with Leafdrift dead.

    His gaze was drawn out of the vision, with Blossomswirl looking at him sternly.
    “ I said you were fine, and the great Brackenstar wanted to see you. Are you gonna go, or are you going to stare at me all night long?”
    He directed sarcasm in her voice, and he dipped his head towards the tortoiseshell she cat . She rolled her eyes and pointed out of her den with her tail. Darkfeather Padded towards the exit, but Blossomswirl stopped him.
    “ Duskfeather, wait.”
    The tom stopped and turned around, looking at the she cat, her eyes glowing weirdly.
    “ Have hope and faith and be true to yourself, Duskstar.”
    Duskfeather shook his head slowly, wondering why she called him Duskstar.
    Am I meant to be the leader?
    He banished the thought as soon as he had it. I have no intention of being the leader. That is…WAS Leafdrift’s goal, not mine.
    Grief took control of him again, but he pushed back, taking back his body for a moment. Hurrying, he raced towards, not the leader’s den, but to his mates grave.
    The shadowy pine trees marked darkness across the grave. Duskfeather sat down and bowed his head sadly, as darkness blinded his gaze.
    He mewed slowly and sadly, sensing that Blossomswirl was nearby, watching, but not caring enough to look,” I‘m so sorry, Leafdrift, and my kits. I wish I…could turn back the time…and save you, but I failed. I…have always failed, I failed my mentor, my brother, my kits, and my mate, and I’m so sorry…”
    “ It not your fault.”
    Duskfeather turned his head to glance at the medicine cat. Her eyes were as dull as his, and she whispered softly, and raspy, like she was admitting something that she should have done a long time ago.
    “ It’s mine.” Tears flooded her eyes, and she looked down, ashamed. “ It’s all mine. All of it. The pain, and the grief, it my fault! I am the medicine cat, I should heal and save life’s, but I couldn’t, not with your mother, not with your brother, not with your mate and kits!”
    They both padded as close as they could be to the grave, and they both cried out tears of pain and despair, for the lost ones they had loved, as The rising darkness swamped over them.
    The End
    Never done a sad story before… did I get it right…ish? Is it sad?( That hurt my hands and I only wrote 912 words 😅😉 )

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      I’m gonna change the title to Growing Darkness ( Sorry Leafsky, wasn’t tryin to copy you 😁)

      • ʟᴇᴀғɪᴇ/ʟᴇᴀғsᴋʏ
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        No worries! 😀 You didn’t copy me.

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  11. June 27, 2020 at 4:05 am

    Ttera, is this still being used for Speaking With Stars?

    Clicky me name (ew I'm a kit)

  12. June 29, 2020 at 4:07 am

    ahhh okay here

    View post on imgur.com

    View post on imgur.com

    View post on imgur.com

    its not that clear but hhh still readable 😛

    open a window you're too hot

  13. July 2, 2020 at 5:35 am

    Noo, it’s over! Sorry I didnt finish :c

    Cake alone will save our blog.

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