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  • Name: Twilightsky
    Gender: Female
    Pronouns: She/her
    Hybrid: Rainwing-Nightwing
    Status: Princess.
    Personality: Sweet kind shy has a tendcicy to show what she is feeling on some of her scales.

  • Name: Stardrop
    Gender/Pronouns: Female;She/Her
    Tribe(s): Rain/Nightwing
    Status: Princess (if allowed)
    Appearance: Stardrop has a more night-wing body type, with frills and a prehensile tail. Her underbelly, frills and wings are blending ombre colors of purple, blue and greenish blue. has white dots resembling stars on her wings and frill. Stardrop is a dark blue with slightly purple undertones, and her horns, claws and spikes are the color of moonlight. Stardrop also has green eyes and a semi-long, delicate snout.

    Personality: Will develop
    Abilties: The undertones of her body can change based on emotion. Stardrop can mimic bird calls and absorb moonlight, along with the ability of excellent night vision.
    Other: Can she be Twilightsky´s sister??

    If not I would like to change her to a regular Dark blue nightwing and make her a healer.

    Name: Petrel
    Gender/Pronouns: Male; He/Him
    Tribe(s): Seawing
    Status: Border Guard
    Apperance: Light blue seawing with sea-weed green eyes.
    Personality: Will develop

    • Stardust who has a second account which is way more detail then this one ~ Star that gleams like a speck of dust ~ Star Shadow ~ Night ~ Star says:

      Allowed Glory and Deathbringer I preussemed.

    • realizing now this is a hybrid roleplay I would like to change Petrel. Entirely

      Name: Picea
      Gender/Pronouns: Male;He
      Tribe(s): Leaf/Icewing
      Status: Not sure. Will prolly decide tomorrow
      Apperance: Picea is a pale castleton green dragon with a white underbelly like snow and tips of his wings. His spikes are the color of frost. The diamond shapes along his body are the color of spruce. He has a whip-thin tail like an icewing, along with more angular limbs and jaw than a Leafwing.
      Abilities: Leaf-speak, immune to extremely cold temperatures and bright light, can absorb sunlight for more energy
      Personality: Will develop

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