• Welcome to my role play, Finding the Light. The story starts with a large group of cats that live in an abandoned city. The story is set in the future where many areas are heavily polluted and humans live in small civilizations. The cats eat nothing but rats and drink dirty polluted water. Elders tells stories that their elders told them about when sky was blue, the water was clear and the ground was green. A small group of cats decide to meet up and explore the outside world trying to find a place with trees, plants and giant bodies of clear water. The roleplay starts right there, them meeting up and leaving the city. There are many obstacles and the occasional hungry twoleg trying to eat them.

  • Here are the powers:
    Water and Ice
    Level 1: Cats with these powers can freeze small drops of water and don’t mind the cold. You can also cause ripples in water and hold small bubbles of water in the air. You can only draw drops of water from other water sources beside you like lakes, puddles and sometimes clouds. You can also breath underwater for a couple minutes at a time. Cats born with these powers naturally are attached to water and can swim from birth.
    Level 2: At level two, cats can freeze puddles of water and their bodies start to lose heat. They can cause small waves and lift up big water bubbles from a water source. You can now stay in temperatures any normal cat can’t stay in. You can breath underwater for 10-20 minutes depending on how much you train. You can also tell when it will rain.
    Level 3: At level three, cats with this ability loses all their body heat. They can stay in the cold for as long as they want. They can freeze small areas of water almost instantly just by putting their paw on the water. They can grow Ice spikes from the ground though it takes a while. The waves become bigger and perfect for surfing. Now, the cats can form water into whatever shape they want and can freeze them to make an object. You can breathe under water up to an hour and cause a small drizzle or make a couple snowflakes.
    Level 4: At level four, cats with this power grow ice spikes much faster. You can freeze small mammals for short amount of times. They can also freeze larger areas of water at a time. The waves are giant and might be a little dangerous for surfing. You can form things from bigger globs of water and breathe underwater for almost 5 hours. You can make it rain or snow in a small area.
    Level 5: At the highest level, cats can grow giant ice spikes instantly. They can freeze larger mammals for longer amounts of time and can freeze a whole lake of water. The waves are giant and can drown someone. You can make hurricanes and blizzards
    Look Change (optional)- Your tail slowly changes into a fish like tail (like the pokemon vaporeon), and/or get fins behind your ankles and/or have ice spikes growing from your back.
    Nature and Heal
    Level 1: At level one you can slowly coax a plant to grow faster. You are immune to diseases and animals seem to trust you more. Cuts and scratches seem to heal faster. You love soaking up the sun and you can grow plants faster after soaking up the sun. You can spit venom that can singe a cats fur, but its not deadly.
    Level 2: At level two, you can grow plants much faster, but the plant has to be there first. You can slowly treat small injures like cuts with a touch of your paws. You start to understand a little bit of other animals speech. Sometimes random seeds and plants start appearing in your fur. Your venom can cause damage when it goes into a animals body, but can’t seriously hurt someone just by spitting it on there bodies.
    Level 3: At level three, cats with this power can grow a plant that’s already there in seconds, but to grow a plant that wasn’t originally there takes longer and more energy. You can treat larger injuries faster and understand other animals speech. Your venom can hurt others and even kill smaller animals. You can slightly change into one single color to blend into the background.
    Level 4: At level four, you can grow plants that were originally there almost instantly. To grow a plant that wasn’t originally there, it still takes a couple seconds. You can treat large injuries , but the injury doesn’t fully heal immediately. You can now talk to other animals. Your venom is deadly when it goes into someone’s mouth. The only way to get the venom out is to force yourself to throw up. When it hits someone’s body, a healer has to treat it, before it burns the whole body. You can also camouflage into different colors than just one.
    Level 5: At the highest level, you can grow plants instantly and treat large deadly injuries. You can talk to other animals easily and your venom can only be treated by a level 5 healer. You can camouflage and basically turn invisible.
    Look Change (optional)-. Sometimes random seeds and plants start appearing and growing in your fur and/or gold streaks in your eyes and/or longer fangs.
    Air/Light and Telekinesis
    Level 1: At level one, you can pick up small, light things with your mind for example, water drops, sparks, pebbles and leaves, but require focus. You can levitate a couple inches from the ground for several seconds. You can also cause a small breeze and make a small cloud from your paws. You don’t mind strong winds.
    Level 2: At level two, you can pick up slightly heavier things for example dead prey or sometimes cats. You can float higher up for longer amounts of time. You can cause a larger gust of wind and make a rain cloud. You can also start to predict weather and you are right most of the time. Your eyes can also glow upon will.
    Level 3: At level 3, you can pick up much heavier objects like cats for several seconds seconds. You can float higher up and kinda drift through the sky. You can make a gust a wind with a swipe of your claws and form large clouds. You can move clouds from across the sky and force them to rain. You can also light yourself up. Your whole body or just a body part.
    Level 4: At level 4, you can pick up heavy items like boulders and fallen trees for longer periods of time and throw things with your mind. You can fly high and quite fast for long periods of time but after you land, you feel tired. You can create strong gusts of wind that can blow a cat off his/her feet. You can make a whole area foggy and uncover a cloud in front of the sun or moon. You are super light and can jump on clouds. You can also bend the water or create air bubbles to go underwater. Your light can be controlled to be blinding bright, cool or warm.
    Level 5: At level 5, you can pick up heavy items and hold them for long periods of time and even throw them. If you try hard enough, you can even unroot a tree. You can fly high and fast, but you get tired easily. Your gust of wind can be turn into a strong tornado and even make a water spout. You can travel by clouds and your light can temporarily blind cats.
    Look Change (optional)- You grow little color tipped wings on your back and/or color tipped wings on your ankles and/or wing like ears and/or glowing markings.
    Fire and Electric
    Level 1: At level one, your body always seems to be warm. Sometimes smoke comes out of your ears and mouth and you can control sparks from nearby fires. You don’t mind scorching hot weather and you can put your paws in fire without getting hurt for a couple seconds. Your fur sometimes has static electricity and you can harmlessly shock other cats.
    Level 2: At level two, you can walk into fire and stay there for a couple minutes without burning. You can breathe sparks that can sometimes catch on fire. You can now control your body heat and make it hotter or normal. Your shock hurts a little, but can’t seriously harm anyone larger than a mouse.
    Level3: At level three, you can touch fire for a long time without getting hurt. You can breathe puffs of fire and make a single body part catch on fire. Your shock is now more painful and can be sent from your paws, tail, or mouth. You can shock someone from your claws when giving a swipe of your claws, or hitting someone with your tail.
    Level 4: At level four, you can stand in fire for hours and sometimes you enjoy the burn. You can breathe small gusts of fire and have your whole body catch on fire. You can shape fire however you want and can make your whole body covered with electric. You can shock someone from fox-lengths away and hurt them. Your electric can also power twoleg devices.
    Level 5: At level five, you get energy from standing in fire. You can breathe big gusts of fire and fully cook a turkey in seconds. You can expand your fire so it can hit multiple things at once. Your electric shock is strong and can seriously hurt someone if right on target. You can also shape your electric shock. To make electric shock extra strong, you can pull it from the clouds and cause a thunder storm. You can make your pelt burning hot so no one can touch your and only make your fangs catch on fire. You can also make the area around you burning hot.
    Look Change (optional)- You pelt sometimes sparks and smokes and/or fire replacing ear fluff and/or static electricity at certain parts of your fur.
    Level 1: At level one, you can blend into shadows only at night. You can slightly move your shadow and a non-living object’s shadow, but only tiny details like making something bigger or smaller. If someone is sleeping you can have them have slightly bad dreams like getting embarrassed or eating bad prey when touching them. You also like being out at night and being under the stars.
    Level 2: At level two, you can make a small place darker. You can blend into shadows during the day if there isn’t direct light. You can change your shadow into a different animal like a fox or mice. You can now tweak living animals’ shadows. You can make dreams worse and scarier.
    Level 3: At level three, you can make a larger place quite dark. You can blend into shadows better during the day and can be almost invisible at night. Your shadow can now move by your will. You can travel short distances by traveling through the shadows but it’ll make you feel tired. You can now control someone’s dream by biting them wen they’re sleeping, but only if they are dreaming.
    Level 4: At level four, you can make a large place really dark. You can make others cats blend into shadows only if you’re touching them. Your shadow can now knock over things. You can travel longer distances with others. You can make someone have horrible nightmares by biting them when they’re sleeping.
    Level 5: At level five, you can make a large place almost pitch black. You can make other cats almost invisible if they are close to you. Your shadow can now hurt other cats. You can travel long distances without passing out. You can also make someone fall asleep with a horrible nightmare when you bite them.
    Look Change (optional)- Dark Shadows seem to lift from your fur and/or your eyes flicker from normal color to black and/or your pelt has little specks of glowing white like stars.
    Wow this took a long time.

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