The Hazelpage

The internet is a storm of URLs, wi-fi and strings of dangerous code, whirling and thundering. Out in the wilderness you can only survive so long unaided, but in here, behind the mellow yellow windows, a safe and comforting place awaits. This place is a respite from the internet; the fire crackles invitingly and alluring rainbow-coloured drinks are poured into glasses. Exciting chatter fills the rooms from tables bustling with friends, eating from trays of warm, rustic carum bread and hearty stews. Gentle music comes from the band in the background.


Come in, chat away, have a great time! The old location may have been overrun by the Codekind, but this new building has three-meter thick walls, three floors and turret bedrooms to rest in at the top! We’ve returned, free from the battles of the secret pages! A safe micro-community of equality and no judgement. Hang up your HTML-reflective suit at the door and settle in with a drink and a meal.

Notice Board:

- The opening hours of the tavern have been extended! Thanks to new staff hirings, we are happy to serve guests 24 hours a day! We hope you'll warmly welcome our new barstaff: Pearl the Purple Microkitten and Lucy the Alarmingly Long Lemur!
- Be sure to check out our new vegan options, including a Tofu and Seaweed Fish and Chips; a Beetroot and Bean Burger with Pineapple and Chilli Salsa; and Nachos Topped with Chili, Zesty Guacamole and Five-Tomato Salsa!
- We are now a proud supplier of beverages from the Lua Luau Lemonade Company! As such, we will now be serving the highly popular flavours of C++ Cherryade, Java Julmust and CSS Cola! All from an introductory price of 12px (Pixels) each!
- And for people looking out for something to do in the tavern, we have several new board games on offer in the gaming cupboard! Be sure to have a go at Pixel Perfect, the game where players try to write their messages in rhyme! We assure you it's a heck of a good time!


  • *sigh* Mistfeather gets on her battle armor and goes into war with the dragons, spraying anti-dragon spray everywhere. “Where is Viper?!?!” She shouts. “She is the only one who can contain these things!!!!!!” Mistfeather looks around frantically then trips as a dragon clings to her leg.

  • Lilykit positioned her mouth under the soda machine. *gurgles* “The lemon rooot bergles coke tastes amazing!”

  • “Hey raven where is ur OC snowyfeather? I need her help if she likes fish.” Moonkit pauses looks around and whispers adds “If all ur OC’s do like fish than can i borrow them?”

  • “Would anyone like a nice steaming glass of mushroom juice?” Hopfall offers a glass of mushroom juice to the nearest cat.

  • Swirly equipped her armor which had a taquito print on it and the quote “keep calm and eat taquitos”. She charged into battle yelling “FOR SQUIRRELFLIGHT!!!” she launched taquitos at the dragons (and also ate them for strength). She glanced at Raven. “Ooo! Where did you get Rainflower’s blood? Totally not trying to get some of Ashfur’s……” she said.