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The Hug Page is here. Because, whoever we are, we still need hugs. This is still the best place to come if you’re feeling sad and need a hug from BlogClan…

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If you feel unsafe in your situation, please call one of the following hotlines or talk to an adult that you trust:

Sexual assault US: 1-800-656-4673
National runaway hotlines US: 1-800-786-2929 (call), Text 66008 (text)
Child abuse hotline US: 1-800-422-4453 (call), Text 1-800-422-4453 (text)
National alliance on mental illness US: 1-800-950-6264
BullyingCanada: (877) 352-4497 (call or text), (email)
Trevor project (LGBTQ+): 1-866-488-7386 (call), Text START to 678678 (text)
Trans lifeline US: 1-877-565-8860
Trans lifeline Canada: 1-877-330-6366
Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868 (call), Text CONNECT to 686868 (text), click for live chat
Crisis Text Line US: Text HOME to 741741 
Crisis Text Line Canada: Text HOME to 686868
Crisis Text Line UK: Text SHOUT to 85258 Childline UK: 0800 1111
Anxiety UK Infoline (Telephone): 03444 775 774
Anxiety UK Infoline (Text): 07537 416 905
Childline UK: 0800 1111
Samaritans UK Helpline: 116 123
Samaritans UK Charity Email:
No Panic UK (Charity that offers support for panic attacks and OCD): 0844 967 4848
Beat UK (For eating disorders): 0808 801 0677 (adults) or 0808 801 0711 (for under-18s)
LGBT Foundation UK Helpline: 0345 3 30 30 30
Switchboard LGBT+ UK Helpline: 0300 330 0630
Crisis Connections Teen Link (anonymous and confidential; USA): 866-833-6546

International suicide hotlines
United Kingdom: 08457909090
USA: 18002738255
Youth suicide prevention Australia: 08 93 88 2500
Canada: 5147234000 (Montreal); 18662773553 (outside Montreal)
PAPYRUS (Young Suicide Prevention Society) HOPELINE UK: 0800 068 4141 (Phone)

If you know other hotlines that provide support that are not on this list, feel free to contact a BlogTeam member to add it to this list.

A note from BlogTeam: When offering comfort or advice to BlogClanners, please be advised to steer clear of religious-based consolation.  While you may have the best intentions, the best advice is one that the reader can most readily relate to.  Remember, not everyone believes or should rightfully believe in the same tradition that you do. 


  • It’s been a bad week for me. Yesterday my science teacher screamed at me for forgetting an assignment and the Spanish teacher told us we are the worst students she’s had in her 10 years of teaching. And today my math teacher got mad at me because I left my assignment at home by accident and I couldn’t figure out today’s. She said I’m not in pre k any more and I should be more organized with stuff even though She’s gives us work 24/7 and Tosses our graded papers on our desk while we are working. I’m just very stressed and my dad got angry with me because I keep losing things and he said “we wouldn’t be looking for the birthday invention if you could keep up with all of your trash!” I just need some advise 🙁

    • *Hugs*

      They shouldn’t treat you that way. 🙁 You deserve better. <3
      If possible, try talking to someone you trust about how they’re making you feel.

    • Awww, I’m sorry. Teachers can be cruel.
      One time, we had to do a project which involved printing out a report. I got the lowest grade in the whole grade because I do not have a printer and the library was closed that day, so I could not print out the papers and turned them in a day late. That was only one out of a million. 😛 It seemed like her goal was to ruin my life! 😀 Also, my teacher told us that we were the worst students she ever had about ten times. They say it, but I don’t think they mean it. 🙂
      And I am probably the messiest person who ever lived on the planet. 😛
      Try taking a piece of paper and scribbling on it with a piece of paper. Or taking a few deep breaths. Your teacher might have been in a bad mood. Your dad too.
      It will be ok. And if you need anymore help, we, the warriors, apprentices, kits of BlogClan will always be here for you! 🙂

    • I understand how you feel. Not all teachers are understanding of what we go through. In front of my whole class, my teacher said “You are missing your last five homework sheets. If you payed more attention in class this wouldn’t be a problem.” It was so embrassing. Sometimes in life people don’t treat you the way we would want. I suggest you just take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that everything will be ok. These are stressful times and if you can take a day off, then do so. Just relax and breath. If you can’t take a day off, then take 10 minitues. I hope school gets easy!

      With love ~ Ember

    • Every teacher I’ve had has never treated my class this way. They really shouldn’t be doing that. I’m sorry this is happening to you, Willowpaw. <3 Find someplace you can keep your papers and other things you need to keep track of. Write reminders the moment you have time and remember to on places you know you’ll see. When you’re finished with an assignment, put it in your backpack right after. If you have binders, you can keep things there. You can separate things into home items, math items, science items, Spanish items, etc. <33 *hugs*

    • *hugs*. Remember,teachers have had a difficult time bc of lockdown and i bet your a great student and they didn’t mean what they said. it sounds like your work is very hard so maybe have a break for like 10 mins and and relax. Maybe get a stressbal bc you sound very stressed. 🙂 Hope this helps, love Creekkit.

    • I’m sorry people are treating you this way. It’s infuriating when people can’t find the time to get into your shoes and feel what it’s like to be you, rather than jumping to harsh conclusions. I’ve written some advice on both organization and appreciation below.


      • As soon as you can, buy a planner or use an old notebook as one. Write all of your assignments on those sheets, and after checking them off, write the location where they are located.
      • Try organizing specific classes in folders, rather than having sheets of anonymous paper which you’re not sure which class they belong to


      • Sometimes people feel stressed, and they feel like nobody cares for them. This puts them in an extremely volatile mood, where they lash out to everyone
      • Recieving harsh feedback from someone is like a company receiving a negative review. What do they do when someone writes a one star review for their product? They give them free gifts, coupon codes, exc…
      • While it may seem like the last thing you want to do, doing something nice for your teacher and/or father could put them in a better mood. For the teacher, it could even be anonymous, signed “secret admirer” or “anonymous entity”. That will make them feel like people appreciate them, and they won’t be as likely to lash out at you.

      Good luck! Have a wonderful day!

    • *hugs*
      I’m sorry. That never happened to me before~you deserve to be treated better.
      *more hugs*

    • im so sorry wolli <3 that’s not okay of them at all. I promise you’re not as bad as they’re framing it; you’re doing the absolute best you can with your work and you’re going to do splendidly with time <333

  • Apparently, not even the mods care about my problems… *tearful sigh*
    I looked at like, four pages, and my comment from yesterday, March 2, is nowhere to be seen. Does nobody care for me, not even the mods?
    I need hugs, like, now!
    But, it’s not like anyone cares about me….

  • So, I need hugs. Sometimes, I wish I was a cat. I know, it sounds stupid, but I’ve read an article on becoming a cat–permanently. I want to be a cat, but a human, too! Yes, this is useless, but mods, can you please NOT not-post my sadness? Is it okay for me to gush into the Tavern but not here? Is it because I said we are losing our rights? Because that was part of yesterday’s wormhole of poop. Today’s is that

    So I’m sorry, carry on…
    I’m just some rouge to the mods, who probably aren’t even gonna post this, or the two articles I’ve done, that I spend so much time on…
    Someone, hug me.

    • A couple things to address

      1. It’s not that we don’t care (we do), it’s that we had to discuss that comment behind the scenes. If you’re talking about the comment I think you’re talking about, I just modded and replied to it.

      2. Sometimes, we delete comments on the Tavern because they would be better suited for the Hug Page and vice versa. Doesn’t happen often, though.

      3. Being a “rogue to the mods” has nothing to do with whether your articles are going to get posted or not. If your articles follow the rules and meet the requirements, there’s a high likelihood that they’ll get published if we received them correctly. Since we have a lot of articles currently pending, it could take a long time for your articles to come out, however.

    • I get that it can be frustrating sometimes when you want your comments to post but usually the mods have a good reason for not moderating your comments yet. Just remember that it doesn’t hurt to be a little understanding. From what I’ve seen, the comments that you are talking about are from yesterday. One day. Just remember to have some patience and respect for what they do.

      About your other issue:

    • The mods are trying their best and sometimes the comments aren’t perfect for this blog. The mods do have lives outside of this blog and their are sometimes 1,000+ comments. They do care and we should respect them, they have worked hard for this title. I understand sometime we can get annoyed easily. *hug*

    • Frecklefern, I don’t think the mods hate you, but it seems like you’re having a bad day so have some hugs. *hugs*

    • The mods do care about everyone. They are brilliant cats (people) who make sure our clan is safe! I wrote a fan fiction once which took a few days to get approved, but it did! And I have articles written that have not been published yet, but Emberdawn and Birchfoot get lots and lots of articles. They still have 300 from November to approve!
      And this might make you feel better: I saw your comment for my request to have a mentor. I’d be honored to have you as my mentor. 🙂

    • *Hugs* I’m sorry that you had a bad day yesterday, I hope you have a better day tomorrow! <3
      Also addressing your above comment, we do care about you and I’m sure the mods do too. The mods here are all super nice, and I’m sure if your comment didn’t get posted there’s a reason. Sometimes it just takes a while for things to get modded, which I know can be frustrating, but the moddos are busy sometimes just like everyone else . Essentially, I bet it wasn’t anything personal and I’m sure they don’t hate you 🙂
      Also, like the other have mentioned, it takes a while for articles to get published because of how many get submitted. I think three months is the normal wait time? So your hard work will pay off assuming they meet the requirements, it’s just going to take some time.

  • C O M P U T E R U P D A T E T I M E-

    Okay, so I really wanted a part in my friend’s Multi Animator Project, but I told her I can’t do it, and she gave it to a backup.
    Nine hours later, I got my computer back. I could do the part. But the backup had already taken it. If I had just told her to wait until tomorrow, I would still have the part. Stupid, stupid, stupid me.

    My animated series doesn’t have a voice actor for one of the characters, and I have only sketched a scene from episode 2. I’ve barely even started on E.1. I feel like my art world is falling apart, just from a one-week break.

    • It’s alright, I get it. I sometimes stop writing for a while and it really sucks and you wish the work would just get itself done. *hugs* Just remember to never say no if you really want to say yes!

    • i know that in the heat of the moment it may seem that way <3 just remember that there will always be MAPs in the future, and there will always be more opportunities to work on your series. it’s okay to take breaks; we need to take breaks sometimes for our own health. <3

  • I am sad.
    I’m here scrolling through this page and there are so many things about their family being cruel. It makes me mad
    and yes, I will want to slap ANYONE that tries to harm a fellow blogclanner.
    So everyone remember: Daydream is here to protec and to slap away anything that makes you sad

  • I’m getting really stressed out with all the school work my teacher is giving me. Like, I have a bunch of assignments of things we haven’t done, and my teacher doesn’t explian what to do at all, then we get a low grade if we get it wrong, and it’s really not fair.

    • *hugs* Do you think that you could check with your teacher about staying after class some days to go over the things you are confused about?

    • I’m sorry that this is happening, I think the best thing you can do is reach out to the teacher or tell your family about this problem. *hugs*

  • So i starting piano lessons again. I need hugs :C

  • I have a few problems I have to tell someone, but you can ignore this.

    1) I think I’m going to become a witch (for the Christians out there, I mean a white witch, or a good one, not one accsosiated with the devil) I have always loved magic and all that jazz but I’m afraid to tell my moms side of the family. My dads side don’t have a religion and my dad already knows, but my moms side are strong Christians. My mom will be fine with it I hope but I’m worried about her relatives. They might decide they hate me and never want to see me again, and I’m close to some people on that side. I need some advise on how to deal with this.
    2) I’m confused on my religion. A sliver of me is Christian, and this may sound silly, but I’ve found my self believing in the Greek gods. It’s not a common religion but I feel drawn to it. It makes more sense to me then others.
    3) last year I had a crush. A BIG one. And my heart… well got broken. Bad. He likes my best friend. And now I’ve sworn off love, well except for my family love but that’s different, and now I thought I was over him and now I’m regaining these feelings now that we are back in school. I am pushing myself to get over him, but a little part of me will always love him, and I need help. I WANT to be single forever, but I need help figuring out how to get over him.

    Thank you for reading if you did read it. You don’t need to comment.

    • I’m sorry about your crush, I know it’s hard to like someone who doesn’t like you back but hopefully it will get better. As for becoming witch, I don’t really have any advice. Maybe try to show them how it’s not bad to be a witch, but even if some of your relatives don’t support you, just remember that I do 100%. Im still struggling with my religion too, and I understand how you feel! Hopefully things will work out!

    • I understand. Me and my brother are witches, too. Well, budding witches. Literally all we know is that Sharkpaw has light magic. But whenever we tell our parents, the just brush it off like “Oh OK” because they don’t believe in magic. And we have no flipping clue what to do with the magic in our veins that we can’t even tap.
      Okay, that’s off topic. But I support you 100000000000%, and, maybe you could give me tips? As for the relatives, I don’t think they’ll hate you just because you’re magic. Maybe they’ll understand, or you can tell them you’re doing a different kind of magic or such. I don’t really know what to tell you cause I’m atheist. But I, too, believe in Greek, Hindu, Egyptian, Roman, Chinese, and literally any gods except for God. But people can practice more than one religion, I think. If you wanna be Christian and Greek, go for it! And sorry, but I have no love advice, because my life is basically me, single, but having stupid crushes on the annoying boys that are hardly anything at all (the crushes, not the boys). Like the only other kid in Chinese class, the boy who WAS in that class, the boy who sat next to me in home room, the boy who had a crush on me, the boy I had a crush on in first grade and never saw again until 6th grade, and that stupid boy my mom always teased me about who always tried to twist my arm. Oh, and a good, Warrior-loving friend of mine, and we got lost in a crowd together once. But sorry, that’s as much advice I can give to you. I just hope it all works out for you.

  • We’re going to move soon. I don’t want to move. I have moved a lot. I have lived in so many homes that I can barely remember them. I’d like to settle down in a forever home, but for that we need to take a big risk, and we couldn’t really afford to fail the risk. But if we don’t do it, then we will just move to a bad home again.
    I will really really miss this home.
    This move also brings out the worst in everyone. My family is not really in a good mood. It feels like I have to carry a huge weight on my chest which doesn’t want to leave, not matter how much I tell myself that everything will be okay. It feels like my days are ruined by dreading the nearing day we have to move. I don’t want to leave, if it means going to another place from where we have to move again, and again, and again.
    I need help. Please.

    • *Hugsss* I don’t really have any advice unfortunately, I’ve never moved before but that sounds rough. I’m super sorry that you have to go through that.

    • *Huge hugs*

      I’m sorry you’re going through this. 🙁 It’s understandable that moving stresses you. It’s not easy.

      Having a special keepsake for comfort might help, since knowing that you can take it with you no matter how many times you move can give you a sense of stability- something that will always be with you.
      You can also make a drawing of your home or take a photo- so you have something to remember it by.
      To feel better after getting to your new home, you can make a list of things you like about it. And maybe when your family starts arranging the new house you can suggest something that’s similar to your old home- like a certain arrangement of furniture you liked, or putting two things next to each other which were in the same room at the old house.

      I hope this helps.

      Remember that your family and BlogClan are always here for you, no matter where you are. <333 *Hugs*

  • I need some advise on how to tell my mom I want to be a witch (a good one). She’s not against against witches or anything but I’m a little nervous how she will react.

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