The Rotation

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Hello! I’m Viperfrost, and welcome to the Rotation!

The Rotation is a rotation of different game types to participate in, tournament-style! Every Monday, a game will be posted for you to play. At the end of the week, I will judge the results and choose the winners. After twenty rounds, that rotation will be concluded, a winner announced, and a new one begun!

Current Games in Rotation: (suggest a new one anytime!)

Name That Tribe Cat

Clan Builder

Name That Purrsona

Poem Producers

Name That Warrior


Purrsona That Name

Prophecy Cat

Name That Initial

Hall of Flame:

no one yet! maybe you? 😛


    Shadowhawk – Riverfrost
    Nettlelake – Meadowpaw/dawn
    Windrise — Hollyfrost
    Tansyyew – Vanillapaw/spark
    Quailfrost — Frecklefern
    Dawnshadow – Blossompaw/rose

    Personality & Descriptions – All you have to do is come up with a short physical description and personality description for each of the following cats! Each only has to be one or two lines. A note that these particular cats used to be kittypets and thus have strange prefixes. Your cats are:

    4 pt. – Flowerpaw/mistle,
    3 pt. – Turtlepaw/dapple, Flamecloud, Riverfrost
    2 pt. – Willowcloud, Minktail, Creekkit, Slatepaw, Starpaw/mist, Waffleheart, Tansypool, Vanillapaw/spark, Meadowpaw, Hollyfrost
    1 pt. – Maplekit/apple, Shimmerpaw/mist, Rainy/Rainsong, Redblaze, Duskblaze, Brightspark, Briarpaw/rose, Mapledrift, Moonpaw/pelt, Eaglepaw/flight, Falconstorm, Rabbitflame, Spot, Dovepaw/stream, Flamepaw/flower, Brightshine, Ravenpaw/thorn, Cinderpaw/whisker, Monkeypaw, Crookedmoon, Strawberrykit, , Lillypaw, Minnowdust, Rainshine, Nightpaw/runner, Falling Feather, Cloverpaw/mist, Sparkpaw, Dawnpaw/mist, Frecklefern, Blossompaw/rose

      Physical description: Ritarose is a fluffy cream-colored she-cat with short legs and wide, pale blue eyes. Her tail has curly fur at the tip.
      Personality description: Ritarose is quiet and shy, yet quite proud and is known to be very fond of her silky fur. Because she was kittypet for most of her life, she still hasn’t fully adjusted to Clan life, and openly avoids messy tasks such as hunting or fighting. However, she loves helping the elders since she respects them greatly and she often does tasks such as cleaning out their bedding.

      Physical description: Cherylswan is a slender, sleek-furred white she-cat with ginger patches. She has a long tail and her eyes are blue.
      Personality description: Cherylswan is a kind and caring cat who often encourages her Clanmates. Being a very friendly cat, she loves gatherings, but some of her Clanmates have observed that she can be a bit too trusting of cats from other Clans. Cherylswan admits this, but also assures her Clan that she is determined to be loyal. Intelligent and fair-minded, Cherylswan dislikes conflict and is good at resolving it. She is a supportive friend to her timid Clanmate Crystaldawn, and helps her overcome her self-doubt by encouraging her that she is good enough just the way she is. Cherylswan loves the color orange because of the sky at dawn, and blue because of the lake.

      Physical description: Deborahchip is a muscular, stout tabby she-cat with yellow eyes and a black tail-tip.
      Personality description: Deborahchip is a friendly and gentle yet stubborn cat who has strong loyalty to her clan. She always puts her Clanmates first and is a hard worker. Deborahchip believes apprentices should never just be sitting around camp. She is stern with them, but they like her because she finds them fun tasks such as going out to hunt in the forest.

      Physical description: Margotsplash is a fluffy, spiky-furred white she-cat with green eyes and long legs.
      Personality description: Margotsplash is bold, intelligent, and often serious despite liking to have fun once in a while. She loves water and is a strong swimmer. Margotsplash’s love of water is how she got her suffix- splash.

      Physical description: A tortoiseshell she-cat, Karenfire has brown and ginger fur. Her eyes are a dark shade of amber, and she has tufted ears.
      Personality description: Karenfire is a determined, stubborn warrior who is willing to fight for what she believes is right. She has very strong principles and is reluctant to change her views, but being a fair-minded cat she will, although reluctantly, back down if she is in the wrong. Karenfire’s skill is climbing trees.

      Physical description: Crystaldawn is a thin pale-gray and white she-cat with blue eyes the color of the lake, and a long, flowing tail. Being an American Curl, she has folded ears.
      Personality description: Crystaldawn is a gentle and shy cat who is very loving towards her Clanmates. She is self-conscious about her folded ears, as no other cat in her clan looks like that, but is trying hard to build up her self-esteem with the help of Cherylswan- her close friend who she confided in. Crystaldawn loves sitting by the lake and gazing at its water- it’s the activity she finds most relaxing and she can often be found sitting at the edge of the lake in the evening.

      • TRUE! my bad! updated leaderboard:
        4 pt. – Flowerpaw/mistle,
        3 pt. – Turtlepaw/dapple, Flamecloud, Riverfrost, Creekkit
        2 pt. – Willowcloud, Minktail, Slatepaw, Starpaw/mist, Waffleheart, Tansypool, Vanillapaw/spark, Meadowpaw, Hollyfrost
        1 pt. – Maplekit/apple, Shimmerpaw/mist, Rainy/Rainsong, Redblaze, Duskblaze, Brightspark, Briarpaw/rose, Mapledrift, Moonpaw/pelt, Eaglepaw/flight, Falconstorm, Rabbitflame, Spot, Dovepaw/stream, Flamepaw/flower, Brightshine, Ravenpaw/thorn, Cinderpaw/whisker, Monkeypaw, Crookedmoon, Strawberrykit, , Lillypaw, Minnowdust, Rainshine, Nightpaw/runner, Falling Feather, Cloverpaw/mist, Sparkpaw, Dawnpaw/mist, Blossompaw/rose

    • ritarose – reddish brown she-cat with bright green eyes the color of peppermint, she wears a gray beanie that a seagull dropped on her head like anime style.
      she hoards stuff like rosemary and lavender from the medicine cat den and sometimes she adds them to her prey to give the warrior cats “meatloaf”
      cherylswan – tall fluffy white she-cat with swirly pale yellow stripes, a broad face, and fierce amber eyes.
      as a deputy, she considers herself the leader of the clan. she is stern and stubborn, and the only way to be at peace with her is by agreeing with her
      deborahchip – black she-cat with golden tabby stripes and white paws and gray-green eyes.
      some lookalike in another clan keeps pretending to be her and says horrible things about whatever. deborahchip doesnt seem to know how to deal with it
      margotsplash – fluffy dark reddish-brown tabby she-cat with dark amber eyes. she wears a shirt that says mario
      she is stubborn and always ready to defend those dear to her. she often mourns for a lost loved one, who she remembers at a “mario” twoleg structure
      karenfire – fiery ginger she-cat with yellow eyes.
      she is very proud of the clan she was born to, extremely loyal to her extremely devout and faithful leader, Eaglestar, and deputy, Pikefins.
      Crystaldawn – long-haired tortoiseshell she-cat with ice-blue eyes.
      she had quite the past as a loner who often wandered between territories. but then one day she heard of StarClan, stayed in one clan and had Bouncchkit.
      this was good training for my english class

    • RITAROSE – plump reddish-brown she-cat with emerald green eyes. She is a lazy and selfish she-cat, only cares about herself.
      CHERYLSWAN – long-furred pale gray she-cat with blue eyes like a winter sky. She is a quiet she-cat, shy but gentle.
      DEBORAHCHIP – muscular dark tabby tom with ginger flecks and red eyes. He is an ambitious, rude, and evil tom.
      MARGOTSPLASH – blue-gray tom with black eyes. He is a very cold tom, hates friendship and kin, never show mercy to his enemy.
      KARENFIRE – lithe flame-colored she-cat with sparkling blue eyes. She is an optimistic, determined, and brave she-cat.
      CRYSTALDAWN – white she-cat with dawn-colored orange eyes. She is a wise and calm she-cat, full of authority, the exact type of cat suitable to be leader of a group.

    • RITAROSE – A sharp, quick witted She-cat, who is always on her paws. She has a sharp tongue, but means well.
      CHERYLSWAN – A clumsy, yet delicate She-cat, who could never break the rules for the life of her. Tries her hardest to not be pushy or bossy.
      DEBORAHCHIP – Deborahchip! O gosh I love that name. A really outgoing She-cat, who cracks jokes all the time. She can never stay serious, and get’s in trouble for it. A lot.
      MARGOTSPLASH – (Okay, Vip vip, I have never heard of a name Margot) The clumsiest She-cat in the clan. She got her name from walking straight over the edge into a lake. Thankfully she got out. She is extremely nice, just can never get her paws straight.
      KARENFIRE – DO I NEED TO SAY MUCH?? SHES A KAREN. (I’m jokinnnnggg) A sweet She-cat whose mood can change in the blink of an eye. As long as you don’t cross her back or make her angry, you should be fine!
      CRYSTALDAWN – A sharp and rude She-cat, who has no filter. She is blunt and straight to the point, especially when it is something rude to say. She is only nice to her brother, who rescued her as a kit. Since then, she has been traumatized several times, which led her to who she was today. But nobody knows that.

    • Ritarose-
      Physical description: petite red she-cat with green eyes flecked with gold and feathery tail
      Personality: she’s hot-tempered and stubborn, but very loyal to her clan, and is vicious in fighting. She’s quick, stealthy and agile. She’s a hard worker and an optimist.

      Physical description: sleek white she-cat with amber eyes and gray front paws
      Personality: she’s cocky, humorous, witty, friendly and caring. She’s an excellent swimmer and climber, and very agile, swift and graceful, which is how she got her suffix “swan”.

      Physical desc: a strong tortoiseshell she-cat with dark green eyes
      Personality: she’s determined, hardworking and bold, and she excels at fighting and climbing. She’s strong, but clumsy sometimes.

      Physical desc: plump silver she-cat with light blue eyes
      Personality: she’s gentle, calm, kind, but determined and stubborn. She tries her best to fit into her clan, and although she’s plump, she’s excellent at swimming.

      Physical desc- fluffy dark red she-cat with amber eyes
      Personality: she’s blunt, witty, sarcastic but clever. She’s brave, and observant.

      Physical desc: slender lilac she-cat with amber eyes
      Personality: gentle, friendly, kind, sweet and trustworthy. She’s calm and level-headed.

    • Ritarose –
      Fluffy, muscular pale brown she-cat with a pink nose and dark brown muzzle, belly, and paws.
      A playful and bright young warrior, curiosity was what led her out into the forest. Easily distracted like a kit, despite her naivety and gullibility, her supportiveness and determined demeanor make sure that distressed clanmates always have someone to talk to.

      Cherylswan –
      Pretty, grey tabby she-cat with curling white markings around her muzzle, belly, tail, paws, and ears.
      Wise and level-headed, she is the voice of reason. She thinks before she acts and her traits are balanced out. She has a well-rounded personality, but she can be jumpy and is very reserved, keeping to herself. However, she is well-liked and gives good advice, which is why she became a medicine cat.

      Deborahchip –
      A large tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with a jagged scar across her nose and white paws.
      Talkative and extroverted, she finds it easy to talk to other cats, even if they’re from other clans. She makes friends easily, though she can be impulsive or unreasonable. Though her loud demeanor can drive others away, her cheerful, optimistic personality is infectious and she often make cats smile.

      Margotsplash –
      Sleek dark brown she-cat with white splotches and yellow spots as well as green eyes.
      A serious, determined she-cat who never wastes her time with useless things. Always looking to help her clan and to prove to those who underestimate her that she can be strong, despite previously being a kittypet. Can be offended easily and has a fiery temper, but is an excellent hunter.

      Karenfire –
      A brown-eyed she-cat with a thick bright ginger coat, a golden stripe, and a feathery tail.
      As a she-cat born to be a protector, she is never playing offensive when in battle, and instead always defending her clanmates and friends. Shy and paranoid, she often worries and is intensely pessimistic. However, when a loved one is threatened, she is like a wildfire—almost unstoppable.

      Crystaldawn –
      A small dark grey-blue tom with gradient on tail fading to pale grey-blue with soft blue eyes and a torn left ear.
      Sly and laid-back, despite his skeptical and sarcastic demeanor, when you get to know him, he has a certain charm to him—and when he talks, cats listen. However, his stubbornness and bluntness have gotten him into trouble before, but he makes up for it with his clever plans and sharp wit.

    • ~RITAROSE~
      look: a ginger tabby she-cat with redder specks and blue eyes
      personality: Ritarose has been a kittypet most of her life and she hasn’t quite fully adjusted to huntin her own food and fighting, yet she is very determined to prove herself to her clanmates that she will qualify

      look: a dusky brown she-cat with a black mask and electric yellow-green eyes
      personality: Cherylswan will always try to act like she’s better than you. She’s spunky, arrogant and can be rude but once you get to know her she gets nicer

      look: a foggy tom with ink black paws and tail tip. he has dark gray eyes
      personality: rude, bitter, strong, even if you get to know him he wont get better unless you break one rule of the code. the more rules broken, the nicer the tom gets. when is this dude gonna get exiled!?!?

      look: a golden tabby with a lighter underbelly and hazel eyes
      personality: kind, caring, S P E E D Y B O I

      look: a reddish brown she-cat with chili pepper red eyes and short cut hair(sound familiar?)
      personality: stubborn, bossy, VERY rude, arrogant, is VERY addicted to the code(more than Hollyleaf!) if you get even close to a mouse she caught she will fight you, and if you win she goes off crying like a little kit

      look: a silver tabby with sky blue eyes
      personality: kind, wise, well-minded

    • RITAROSE-A short-furred dark cream she-cat with ginger stripes. She is playful and a a bit reckless, quick to react, and doesn´t think things through.
      CHERYLSWAN- A white cat with blue-gray stripes. Very soft-spoken, but is very kind and generous. She doesn´t really like fighting and wants peace, but she´ll fight if she has too. She respects the older cats of the clan very much, and spends a lot of time with the elders.
      DEBORAHCHIP- A brown and white cat with tuxedo markings. Optimistic and cheerful, and gives good suggestions.
      MARGOTSPLASH- A dark red she-cat white black spots. Very playful and bright, but determined and stubborn.
      KARENFIRE- Plain golden she-cat. Very sweet and kind to her clanmates and is immensely loyal to them, but also very stubborn and makes her opinions known.
      CRYSTALDAWN-A pale gray she-cat who is strict but very caring.

    • Ritarose
      ginger she-cat with dark ginger stripes and amber eyes
      feisty ,loyal,kind,expressive
      light brown tabby she-cat with green eyes and white paws
      sleek fluffy white tom with blazing green eyes
      happy go lucky,calm,chill
      gray tabby she-cat with orange eyes
      rude,cold,sharp tongued,distant
      black furred she-cat with glittering ice blue eyes
      white with ginger patches tom with emerald eyes

    • Avatar 𝐵𝓁𝑜𝓈𝓈𝑜𝓂𝓅𝒶𝓌(𝓇𝑜𝓈𝑒)~𝐵𝓁𝑜𝓈𝓈𝑜𝓂~She says:

      YAY I got a point!!!!!!! Thanks, Vipes!!

      Description- Beautiful white she-cat with copper eyes, very fluffy
      Personality- kind and sweet but can be a bit blinded by her anger
      Description- Graceful blue she-cat with a silky pelt, golden eyes
      Personality- calm, cool, and collected at all times, loyal, the best candidate for clan deputy
      Description- tortoiseshell she-cat with orange eyes, short furred
      Personality- witty, loves apprentices and kits, sweet and caring to all the clans
      Description- orange tabby she-cat with amber eyes
      Personality- a mother cat, she cares for all the new kits in the clan, and their mother will help any pregnant she-cat in need of help
      Description- short/long furred, cream-colored she-cat with yellow eyes
      Personality- always wants to talk to the clan leader to complain about how bad things are in that particular clan, is always telling other cats not to be in relationships with other clans, very bossy, and will let you know her opinion at all times, teaches all her apprentices and kits to be just like her
      Description- silver she-cat with bright green eyes and short fur
      Personality- not easily distracted, has a love for all the clans and is constantly checking in with her friends from other clans at the Gathering, and during border patrols, very friendly and makes friends with everyone

      I had WAYYYYYYYY too much fun with this especially the Karenfire one I mean you were asking for it Vipes XDD (sorry not sorry)

    • Ritarose – Ritarose is a small, fluffy dark-cream colored she-cat with green eyes, white paws, and a fluffy tail. She is an adventurous, caring, and can be sharp and strict but overall is a nice cat that cares for others. Before she became a SkyClan cat, she was a rogue living with two other cats named Swan and Rain. She still misses them because they chose to not join her in SkyClan, but she vows to always fight strongly and give mercy to her enemies – just like any Clan cat would do.

      Cherylswan – Cherylswan is a thick-furred white she-cat with blue eyes like a lake’s water. Cherylswan is a calm, peaceful cat that tries to solve problems with talking rather than fighting. Cherylswan was a warrior apprentice before becoming a medicine cat, and the life of one suits her better. She talks smoothly like a swan on water, and her eyes reflect the lake – the place she lives in now.

      Deborahchip – Deborahchip is a light brown tabby she-cat with white paws, a white tail, and green eyes. She is a sharp, stubborn personality that makes other cats find her annoying, but she is extremely skilled in battle and is respected by her Clanmates. Although she can sometimes yowl at apprentices and kits, she cares for each and every of her Clanmates and would give every last drop of her blood for her Clan – ShadowClan.

      Margotsplash – Margotsplash is a large dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes and a slightly flattened face. He is an aggressive but sometimes foolish and naive cat that can be quick to go into battle. Even though he can be clueless sometimes, he lives by the warrior code and would lay down his only life to protect and uphold it.

      Karenfire – Karenfire is a ginger she-cat with bright green eyes. She is an adventurous, smart, and hyper cat that is always enthusiastic for some extra training or some hunting. She always has energy and can fight every battle twice, catch twice as much prey for ThunderClan, and protect every single member of the Clan. She can be a handful sometimes, but she’s still gentle – and cares for ThunderClan as if it’s her own kit.

      Crystaldawn – Crystaldawn is a beautiful silver and white tabby she-cat with amber eyes like the dawn sky. She is a wise, calm, and shy cat, respected by every member in the Clan. Although she can be scared sometimes by other cats and creatures, she always has the skill to fight an enemy – sometimes even twice her own size. She would do anything to protect her beloved kits and Clan. Don’t mess with her – she might seem shy and calm, but when her Clan comes on the line, she fights like a lion.

      Physical: Sleek cream-furred she-cat with dark brown eyes, long legs, pale brown spots and paws, pale brown spots on her face, and a slightly fluffy tail with pale brown spots.
      Personality: Kind-hearted, can only do what she thinks is right, but is extremely dense.
      Physical: Silver tabby she-cat with ice-blue eyes, a dark silver tail, and white paws.
      Personality: Sharp-witted, cautious, but discouraged easily
      Physical: Golden furred she-cat with brilliant green eyes, a short tail, and a darker tail tip
      Personality: Brave, naive, and falls in love way too easily
      Physical: Brown she-cat with blue eyes, and lighter brown ears and muzzle
      Personality: Loyal to the warrior code above all, even though she was a kittypet at first.
      Physical: Ginger and brown tortoiseshell she-cat with a white muzzle and
      Personality: Snappy, arrogant, absolutely annoying, but is compassionate to the cats she loves
      Physical: White albino she-cat with red eyes
      Personality: Meek and shy, but is kind to kits and elders

      Edit: reading other people’s entries and their Karenfires sound pretty annoying 😛

    • Dawnpaw/petal (Glory) *Tries to think of something interesting to put in her name but can't think of anything, so she puts this in instead* Dawnpaw/petal (Glory) *Tries to think of something interesting to put in her name but can't think of anything, so she puts this in instead* says:

      RITAROSE – a fluffy pale ginger she-cat with dark amber eyes and two white forepaws. She is soft hearted and inventive, though if someone threatens her family or friends, she can get dangerous
      CHERYLSWAN – A super fluffy white she-cat with ice blue eyes. She has grey speckles around her muzzle. Cherylswan is a very defensive, quiet cat who became a stealthy hunter when she joined the clans
      DEBORAHCHIP – A sturdy dark orange she with white ears, white tail tip, and three white paws. She is a formidable fighter, and sometimes is pretty mean
      MARGOTSPLASH – A spiky light brown she-cat with dark green eyes. She has darker brown stripes across her back and on her head. A quick learner, she was very enthusiastic when training began
      KARENFIRE – A slim, light brown she-cat with a darker underbelly and muzzle, and dark green eyes. She was the quieter of the two sisters, her and Margotsplash, but still listens and will do what her leader tells her to do
      CRYSTALDAWN – A small white she-cat with dark blue eyes, she is a young warrior who doesn’t speak often. She gets along with Karenfire, and the two are often seen talking in a small corner of camp away from everyone else

      • Dawnpaw/petal (Glory) *Tries to think of something interesting to put in her name but can't think of anything, so she puts this in instead* Dawnpaw/petal (Glory) *Tries to think of something interesting to put in her name but can't think of anything, so she puts this in instead* says:

        Wow I was just looking at everyone elses Karenfires and then looking at mine Im like, what did I do to her?

    • RITAROSE- reddish brown and white she-cat with green eyes. Sneaky, nosy and bossy
      CHERYLSWAN- fluffy black and white she-cat with blue eyes and no intention of ever leaving the nursery. Loves kits, hates fighting.
      DEBORAHCHIP- sandy yellow she-cat with yellow eyes. Bossy, and goes out of her way NOT to work, hunt or fight. Likes sleeping
      MARGOTSLPASH- blueish gray she-cat with blue eyes. likes getting wet, muddy and loves hutning.
      KARENFIRE- creamy-blond with blue eyes. Snooty, bossy, and unwilling to give in until she gets her way. Very annoying. (sorta like berrynose…)
      CRYSTALDAWN- Pure white with amber eyes and a gray paw. Nice enouhg, though has an obsession with keeping clean.

    • Ritarose:
      Tan brown she cat with dark brown spots everywhere and green eyes- Personality: Loving and motherly and kinda clueless
      Rusty red, black and brown tortoiseshell with a fluffy tail and stubby ears-amber eyes
      Personaility: Lazy and loves to hang around sunbathing but skilled in fighting and hunting when she must be
      Plain brown with white splotch-short haired-Blue eyes
      Personality:Full of her self and not very pleasant but very liked by her close freinds
      Margotsplash: Long haired with flat face and is plain black with gray tufts-yellow eyes-Personality: very proper and polite, think she is higher then everyone else
      Karenfire: light tan and brown tabby, short haired with long tail and big paws and fiery red eyes-Personality: gets mad easily, bad temper, like to chitchat
      Crystaldawn: Plain white with black paws medium length hair and lighting blue eyes-Personaliy: Wise and sweet young but has the wisdom of a elder

    • Ritarose:
      Cream colored she cat with white splothches and warm green-blue eyes.
      Ritarose is the deputy of ThunderClan. She is very calm, quiet and reserved but will fight to the death if it means her clan will be safe.

      Black and white patched she-cat with bright blue eyes.
      Cherylswan is an energetic, fun-loving new warrior of RiverClan. She’s pretty goofy and loves her friends.

      Dark grey she cat with light grey flecks and blue eyes (no, not ashfur)
      She is just and ordinary warrior of SkyClan. She tries to prove her loyalty alot but always enddsd up failing although everyone already accepts her.

      Dark ginger tom with amber eyes.
      Margotsplash is a cat (with a Russian accent 😛 ) that is very serious. He hates kits and apprentices and he is an elder of ShadowClan.

      Pale ginger tabby she-cat
      This cat is literally a cat-karen (couldnt help myself) of SkyClan. I think we know how she is..

      White she-cat with a grey floofy tail, grey ears and paws.
      This is a beautiful she-cat of WindClan that all the toms are in love with. She is charming, oh so kind and lovely.


      A small she cat. She has sleek white fur with yellow stripes. She has green eyes. She’s fierce and fast even though she looks like she’s an aprentice. Ritarose still hold on to her kittypet ancestory since she doesn’t belive in Starclan.
      She’s a large she cat with blue gray fur and amber eyes. Cherylswan is a relative of the sister so she can see spirits and decided to be a medicine cat. Even though she’s large and powerful she’s very gental and loves kits.
      She has fox red fur and blue eyes. She’s really fluffy and her enemies always underestimate her but she’s always ready to fight and hates things being peaceful
      She’s a gental queen and loves being in the nursery caring for kits. Her gental deminer is her one weakness in battle but when it come to her kits she’ll kill a whole clan. She’s a brown tabby she cat with one blue eye and one green eyes.
      Karenfire was an amazing hunter but she lost her eye sight in a fire. She doesn’t trust anyone since her old twolegs had dyed her once bueatiful gray tabby fur into hot pink fur and she had amber eyes. Karenfire is rather daring and protective of the cats close to her
      A white and silver bueatiful she cat with green eyes. Crystaldawn is a med cat but hates kits and blood. She is warlike and didn’t want to be a med cat but had no choice since she had a bunch of dreams about starclan
      (please excuse all the spelling mistakes)

    • RITAROSE– A sleek, dark brown she-cat with ginger stripes and amber eyes, long legged. They are well known as spunky and passionate about their beliefs as well as having a love of adventure.

      CHERYLSWAN- A fluffy pale golden tabby she-cat with white patches and socks. Xe has blue eyes. Xe is generally calm but xe love life and get excited about their niche interests and can ramble about them for hours.

      DEBORAHCHIP- A white she-cat with black patches and tail tip. They have dark brown eyes. Fey are an old soul and they love telling stories and climbing trees.

      MARGOTSPLASH- A fluffy grey she-cat with white swirls, messy fur and silver eyes. She is very playful and protective of those she cares about, she finds herself on the path of a medicine cat and works hard to find her connection with StarClan and prove she belongs.

      KARENFIRE- A yellow she-cat with a burst of ginger fur across her under belly. She fancies herself the next Mousefur of the Clans. Being a stickler for tradition but also a teacher for the young. She throws herself into learning and has fought for her place in the Clans.

      CRYSTALDAWN- A golden tom-cat with gleaming yellow eyes and a white star on his forehead. He is very calm and patient but when his temper shows, it is fiery. He lives in the heat of battle, bottling his fury or annoyance only to release it methodically there. This has helped him rise to the ranks of a respected Warrior quickly.

    • RITAROSE— a fluffy, dark ginger she-cat with deep amber eyes

      Ritarose is a bubbly, kind, enthusiastic warrior. She loves kits, but does not have any of her own. She always is encouraging the apprentices and cheering them up when they are down.

      CHERYLSWAN— white she-cat with ginger ears and paws and green eyes

      Cherylswan is bossy, sassy, and loud. It is not hard for others to be quickly annoyed with her, but if you get to know her you will find that she has a softer side. She is the most loyal friend you could find.

      DEBORAHCHIP— dark brown and white dappled she-cat with blue eyes

      Deborahchip is kind of just there. She is nice, but not so nice that she stands out for being kind. She isn’t pretty, but she isn’t ugly either. She isn’t really that great at anything.

      MARGOTSPLASH— gray tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

      Margotsplash is an elder who is quite forgetful. She never fails to confuse every single cat in the Clan with one another. She has not once gotten a name right, but everyone loves her because she’s just so sweet.

      KARENFIRE— blonde she-cat with bright blue eyes

      Karenfire is… well, she’s a Karen. She despises kittypets (even though she once was one. Hm) and she tattles on everyone. She has two kits, a she-cat and a tom, and a former mate who left her. No one likes her because she’s the best at being the worst.

      CRYSTALDAWN: graceful white she-cat with green eyes

      Crystaldawn is the kind of cat everyone can’t help but to love. She’s always helpful, but sometimes overlooked because she can be very shy.

    • Ritarose- a short pale cream she-cat with large, wide amber eyes
      Personality: bold, determined, but quickly backs out of arguments

      Cherylswan – slender dark gray she-cat with white splotches resembling the wings of a swan and pale yellow eyes

      Personality: reluctant to trust others, reasonable, sensible, resourceful, chatty and friendly with cats she trusts

      Deborahchip- pale golden-colored she-cat with a plumy tail and blue eyes

      Personality: very trusting, a bit too quick to trust cats from other clans. Cheerful, passionate, friendly

      Margotsplash- silver tabby she-cat with sparkling green eyes

      Personality: extremely hostile, resourceful, trusts no one, but still follows orders

      Karenfire- pale ginger tabby she-cat with orange eyes

      Personality: hostile, untrusting, will speak to your leader (get it?)

      Crystaldawn- silky-furred she-cat with golden streaks in her pelt and shimmering blue-green eyes

      Personality: passionate, loyal, honest, but has somewhat of a temper and is a slow learner

      cream she cat with one blue eye and one hazel eye, hazel tail tip, paws, and ears

      sweet but quirky, always ready to help

      old, plump brown she cat with one white paw and dark brown eyes

      a bit cranky, but caring on the inside

      hazel she cat with sleek pelt and green eyes

      wary of the world around her, a suprisingly good fighter and doesn’t like to be smothered or helped.

      silver and white spotted she cat with bright blue eyes

      energetic and young, curious and eager to learn.

      flame colored she cat with dark green eyes

      stands out as a leader, but can be bossy or snooty.

      brown she cat with white star on chest, tufted ears, and pale blue eyes

      kind, sweet cat. a good hunter and fighter, but always ready to help another cat in need. Prefers peace over conflict, selfless.

  • Game suggestions: quests that warriors emoji(this ones popular) phrases fill in from the warrior cats book.

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